Exclusive: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend IS on the Croatian Trip

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So I woke up this morning to a hot exclusive in my email about the Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen trip to Croatia. (Special thanks to Jarenov). Sometimes, boys and girls, we don’t get what we wish for. It seems that Ben Maisani is on the Croatian trip with Anderson after all. In the video above you can clearly see Ben as well as Anderson, Andy, Kelly and Mark aboard the super yacht Princess Iolanthe in the city of seaport of Dubrovnik, Croatia. I know, I know, not what we were hoping for. Update: Apparently the Diane Von Furstenberg was also on the trip. What a group!

It appears that the Croatian paparazzi (who knew?) got a bit to close to the boat and Mark Consuelos opted to jump off the fancypants yacht and chase them away! One of their crewmen (the captain?) runs behind him.  How macho! It appears the bushes were full of paparazzi as the group attempts to get a taxi. After unsuccessfully attempting to get a taxi  the group heads back to the yacht. On the way back several tourists and some paparazzi approach the clan with iPhones and TV cameras respectively and  ask how they are enjoying Croatia. None of the group responds despite a voice begging for “just one sentence.” Later in the video, the reporter is heard discussing the fact that Anderson Cooper recently came out publicly as a gay man and that gay marriage is illegal in most of the US. (This is my translation and I don’t speak Croatian. I do know a little Romanian, which is not even remotely similar… so take it for what it’s worth)

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21 responses to “Exclusive: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend IS on the Croatian Trip

  1. Kelly

    Diane Von Furstenberg owns the boat, her and her husband. They would be in the master suite no doubt. The others would have taken the other rooms.

    Diane tweeted yesterday that the vacation was over. Now she is back in NY. Seems AC is also as he’s been tweeting this morning.

  2. Kelly

    OOPs, didn’t see it was charter yacht. BUT Diane was there and they went to vacation with her on the boat. She tweeted pics also from Croatia before they joined her and after.

  3. It must have been a really slow day for news in Dubrovnik if they are chasing Anderson Cooper. Does anyone in Croatia even know who these people are? I feel kind of sad for Andy Cohen, he always seems to be alone, when will he learn that I am only a tweet away. The thought of spending a week with Kelly Ripa would drive me to jump off the boat, she never shuts up. She would drive me meshuga. And poor Mark Consuelos schlepping with all the rich and successful stars and the guy probably hasn’t worked since I was born (1984). But maybe Kelly lets him hold her credit card so it looks like he is really paying for dinner.

    • Everyone in the WORLD knows who Anderson Cooper is. EVERYONE.
      And shut up about Mark. He’s hot.

    • Will

      Don’t talk about Mark Consuelos not working – what about Ben Maisani? Clearly he hasn’t worked a day since he met Anderson. Pretty sweet deal Ben has – he gets to sleep around and still gets this lavish lifestyle courtesy of Anderson Cooper all without having to work.

  4. Kelly

    The link between Barry, Diane and the rest is Anderson Cooper and his mom Gloria.Vanderbilt. Gloria took Diane under her wing when she first got into designing clothes and helped her make it in the business. So Anderson has known her all of his life. He introduced Diane & Barry to all of the rest of them.

    • Good Lord woman, isn’t he like 70? And you describe him like that tiny gay guy from Designing Women. lol.

      Full Disclosure: I think Hugh Hefner is kinda cute and crushworthy.

      • “Tiny” Gay man from Designing Women, lol…really Anthony kind of struck me as rather large…oh Anthony wasn’t gay…oh…really…?

        Oh & thank you Tamara for keeping my dream alive. Andy is still single, the universe is working right again. Phew.

      • I’m not sure my tiny gay man was on Designing Women. I know y’all would know who I am thinking of, I just don’t know his name. He’s oldish, very petite, white guy usually in a suit and maybe a bow tie? Sigh. I hate not having a memory.

  5. Are you thinking of Beverley Lesley on Will & Grace Karen Walkers Arch-Nemesis?

  6. smooches

    was told that Ben and Anderson were on vacation together when the pics came out…soon as he found out about said pics Anderson put him out

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