Kash Kade Biermann Has Arrived

The Biermann family took to twitter just a bit ago to announce that Kim had the baby today. I’m sure the Life & Style exclusive is forthcoming. Although I wanted to believe it was a red herring, it appears that the child is actually named Kash Kade. I’m just saying if my tagline was “I’m not a gold digger” and people were speculating about me marrying an NFL player for the money, I would not have named my child Kash. That said, if I weren’t in that situation, it is kind of a cute name.

All the Biermanns remain in the townhouse and the girls started school in St. Johns this week. Hopefully, Brielle’s problems with some of the students at her old high school won’t be a problem there. She has old friends there from before the move so she should enjoy being back.

So um, yay for another Biermann in the townhouse?


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22 responses to “Kash Kade Biermann Has Arrived

  1. Whatever

    Lol @ “in the townhouse”

  2. Not trying to be funny but my yorkie’s name is Kash!

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Kash? …jeez what an obnoxious name by a gold digging skank…

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Kash is right, as in Kroy’s. While I love me a fat little baby, I just see Kim jumping for dollar signs.

  5. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Brielle had problems with girls at her old high school? Do tell Tamara.

    • Brielle was popular at her old school with a diverse group of friends. Around the time Kim and Kroy got married, and especially when she changed her name, for some reason a group of mean girls appeared. I don’t know the details, I wasn’t there. Perhaps she got a bit full of herself when Don’t Be Tardy for the Party was filming and Kim started styling all her kids. I don’t know. But toward the end of last year both Kim and Kroy went to school to discuss Brielle’s being bullied with the school. Kim tweeted about it. From what little I know, Brielle seems to be a sweet, beautiful girl with lots of financial perks. Even though she was in a district where that is common, she was unhappy at school for several months. It happens to everyone. But it was probably worse for her given her “celebrity”. I think Brielle is a good girl, but still a typical teenager. :)

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Wow. Thanks. That’s why I don’t think I could ever do a reality show. I care about how my behavior will affect my child, in situation. Most of these women don’t.

      • Real Housewife Of Mississippi

        What & how can these 2 Girls change their last names with their biological Dad(s) are living???? (Even though he is in Jail now!)-As usual with anything involving Kim-It is strange, suspicious & questionable!!!!

      • Whatever

        I think Brielle has been bullied the whole time she has been at that school. I figured it was due to Kim’s relationship with Big Poppa and the kids at school were taking it out on Brielle. I remember Kim tweeting about having to go up to the school when Brielle first started attending there and it was about some girls who were messing with Brielle. I too think Brielle is a nice girl. She has a smart mouth and seems immature, but at the same time seems clever and quick like Kim. She is definitely her mother’s daughter. With Kroy there he seems to be mellowing Brielle out and doesn’t seem to allow her to run off at the mouth too much.

      • Whatever

        I also got the impression a lot of those friends Brielle was hanging with at her new school were using her. I think her friends loved coming over to that big house and helping themselves to all the food, soda, snacks candy, video games, and fame they could get.

  6. Cleo

    Kascade? Like the dishwasher detergent? LOL

  7. One of my twitter followers just told me she had a grandchild whose middle name is Cash. I tried to explain that if you are not a glorified hooker then naming your kid Kash or Cash is fine. She got very offended and unfollowed me. I wonder why?

    • Whatever

      I’ve always liked the name Cash too. When I heard it along time ago it was a boy’s name short for Cashious or Cashous. But it does seem to take on new meaning when someone like Kim uses it. Lol.

  8. Buck Henry

    Yea I was wondering that myself, how could the girls change their last name. Did the dad give permission from prison or does prison nulliify that. And wow Kroy you have 4 kids now and they have your name too.

    • Who knows if it is a legal name change or not but both girls began using the last name Biermann not too long after the wedding. That coincides with when the alleged bullying began at Brielle’s school.

    • Whatever

      A girl I know was married with two kids until her husband became abusive, started committing crimes, and going to jail. She divorced him and had to get a restraining order against him and lay low for a while. When he finally got locked up for good, she got remarried to a really nice guy and changed her name and both her kids names to her new husbands last name. If you didn’t know she was married before you would think the kids belonged to her new husband. I figured she had done the name change because she wanted to be rid of any reminders of the first husband and also felt guilty about the demise of the marriage which left her kids without a father and a safe home to grow up in. When she found this second husband she probably figured this was her chance to give her kids a real home and didn’t want them to have to face the stigma of having different last names from her and her third child she has with her new husband. I think because her first husband has a long criminal record and her restraining order against him, that may have persuaded a judge to allow the name change so they could move on with their lives. I think Kim and her girls are like my friend and just want to create the family they never had and move on with their lives and be happy. But I believe Brielle and Arianna have different fathers. One is in jail, the other doesn’t want to have anything to do with Kim.

  9. justwrongItellya

    Just as you said glorified hooker regardless Kash and Kade both with K’s you should have went with one or the other two trailer park names from a low class high budget no style prostitute is having no consideration for your child and mentally abusive because she is guaranteeing he will have many issues. Somebody call the DFCS and save those babies now. Does Kroy have any thoughts in this process or is he just as dumb I thought someone said his family was less trashy.

  10. stillawhore

    I don’t think you have to go to a judge to have names changed you can name or call your child by whatever name you want. It will not change legal matters…whatever is on the birth certificate or social security card will be what they will have to use for legal purposes for school they can hyphenate the name like kim’s on the paperwork and only use biermann. but drivers license ect will go by legal documents It does not mean the father has given up legal rights or custody or responsibility. But since they were not doing anything or involved with them before I doubt they would make a fuss. Brielle damn near 18 anyways in 2 more years she can legally change her own name. There has not been any mention of Kroy legally adopting them and that is the only time they would have to go to the father for permission. If they were to divorced tomorrow he would not be legally responsible to pay child support on them…morally perhaps but not legally. Kim is just trying to erase all traces of her whorish ways. She is still trailer trash prostitute whore. Why have none of her castmates/friends congratulated her on the birth? Wendy Williams, Bravo, and Teresa Guidice did. of course do not expect Nene or Cynthia to do so. We are not suppose to know about the new housewives and their involvement on show all though they are in beaucoup pictures around town. She said Kandi did not call her one time while pregnant with kroy.jr..still salty she has not received her tardy part pay check (can’t blame her) so do not expect it to be any different with this one. but where is Phaedra…Sheree?

  11. Tc

    She needs to calve (kalve) again and have a girl she can name Kari. Cause Kash and Kari has a certain je ne sais trash.

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