Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on Vacation Together!

Mark Consuelos in Croatia with Kelly, Anderson and Andy

Remember the pictures of Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend, Ben Masisani, kissing some random dude that I posted the other day? Well there have been a few developments.  First of all, I said when I posted the pictures that Ben’s smoochmate seemed to be looking into the camera in most of the photos. As if he knew the photographer was there. The pictures were also taken in a very public park. This raised a lot of suspicions for me.

Here’s what I have pieced together. According to Naughty But Nice Rob over at Huff Po, Anderson and Ben were spotted working out together on the Saturday morning before the pictures were released on Sunday, but they were not doing much if any talking. Sometime later, either Saturday afternoon or Sunday, Anderson left on vacation with…ARE YOU READY? My ex- BF Andy Cohen! (read about our break-up here) I know! I am so excited! This is the relationship we have been hoping for!

While some sites are reporting that Anderson was with Ben, or that Anderson is on a group vacation, what I have determined is that the group is a foursome. And that the foursome is Andy and Anderson (/swoon) and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.  Anderson and Andy both posted the same Croatian sunset on Instagram yesterday and then Anderson posted a pic of Andy right afterward saying, “Guess who just posted the same sunset as me?” YAY! Andy and Anderson viewing the sunset together. Anderson also tweeted a pic with Kelly Ripa. I chose to post a pic of Mark Consuelos here because well, my Lord, how lucky is Kelly Ripa to be with Anderson, Andy, and Mark! I die!!!

So do you think that Ben’s pics were released as an F U to Anderson for going on vacation with someone else? I dunno, but I’ll keep you posted when I do.


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7 responses to “Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on Vacation Together!

  1. Shawn

    Holy Crap!!! Makes total sense now.

  2. 2 bottoms are totes looking for new guys in Croatia, thanks for keeping us up to date on this weirdness. I did read yesterday that Ben was with Coop in Croatia but this makes more sense.

  3. Mocha_2009

    That doesn’t look like Mark. It actually looks like Ben.

  4. I cannot breathe. I just felt a cold knife through my heart. Both Andy & Anderson have been in my top three picks as gay husband (Tom Ford being #1) . I think I now know what 13year old girls must have felt like when Justin Beiber came outta that lesbian closet with her girlfriend Selina Gomez…slight gutted Tamara…slightly gutted. :-(

    • Did you click the link to my love letter with Bravo Andy, J? You’ve got to be care with that one. :) Anderson just needs love.

      • That was genius. And so clear eyed. We don’t get the WWHL here in Oz (Australia, not the Wonderful Land of) so my affection is still very much in place (that said I see your point on RHoBH). Lord & I LOVE Chef Roblè & Co (is that ever coming back for a second season do we know?). Oh well at the very least my heartbreak is a little bit less for making me giggle. 😉

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