What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Edition

So, I was over at the Daily Mail and I saw a series of pictures of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who are vacationing in Hawaii. The only thing that has even remotely tempted me to cover Kimye is the fact that Kim has worn black leather pants in approximately 85.67% of the pap shots that have been published since they got together. It’s summer. Leather doesn’t breathe. This grosses me out. Let’s try not to imagine what is happening down there. But I’ve restrained myself from blogging about Kim K until now. Certain major entertainment sites seem like they are getting paid by the Kardashians hellbent on presenting stories of Kimye being happy as pigs in shit lately. They want to have babies as soon as possible! Kanye wrote Kim a love song! They are exchanging expensive presents! They are soooo happy!

This picture was from a series of several where the spin was “Look at Kimye! In Hawaii! Dressing like normal people! They are just like us!”  But in every single picture they have the same stank expressions on their faces and there is a lot of space between them. Are we just supposed to pretend not to notice how utterly miserable these two look, in Hawaii? Thoughts?


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12 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Edition

  1. Tc

    They just worked out and they are out of breath, hot and smelly. What I can’t let pass is his black socks.

  2. fern

    They’re in Hawaii…probably tired of being stalked by the paps…esp after a workout.

  3. TC they have the same exact look in every picture. Later (or perhaps earlier) in different outfits slumming at the grocery store. Same sour pusses.

  4. gigi

    yawwwnnn!!! lol

  5. Tc

    He looks like someone just told him chicken and waffles were outlawed.

  6. soncee

    Finally, a REAL photo of Kumberly, minus the air brushing, the pancake make-up, eyeliner, powdered hair, and butt implant…Thanks Tamara, I can ALWAYS count on you to give the unfiltered, real-deal.

  7. I just found your blog through WetPaint & am already deeply in love… I will say it once, I will say it again. Kimye are bestest girlfriends in all the world. Like all good girlfriends there is always the occassional disagreement. If we can’t see this for the front it is…Per-lease. 😉

  8. WD

    Kanye always looks like he just farted. Kim’s just smelling it.

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