Danielle Murphee: The Best Big Brother Houseguest Ever?

Danielle spends a lot of time in the house practicing her smile in front of the mirror.

UPDATED: With a whole new level of crazy. After I posted this last night, I was told that another blog had claimed my material as their source. I went to the blog and read her post, and it was clear to me she had talked to the same source based on some of the more salacious things the source had told me being in her blog, that I had not shared with you guys on this one. Now that blogger is losing her mind despite the fact that the source she used has explained to her and some other guy that she was the source for this article.  You can read her ridiculousness in comments. Hope that clears it up. And I thought the Real Housewives bloggers were the craziest.  Based on the vicious tact she took with the information, I guess this is not surprising. I tried to point out Danielle’s lies without all the vitriol as much as possible. Carry on. :)

So I am just a little bit obsessed with Danielle, who is currently a houseguest on Big Brother 14. I may have even tracked down some people who know her and had some conversations. For the record,this does not make me crazy, I was crazy before. I believe it quite likely that Danielle is still crazier than me, but the jury is still out. Danielle is a way more interesting crazy because she has absolutely no idea anything is wrong with her. She is utterly and completely delusional and sees the world completely differently than you, or even I do. This makes her the best houseguest since Rennie in my opinion.

I’m going to try to consolidate what I learned about Dani today, most of it you will already know if you watch the live feeds. I found it really hard to ask people questions other than, “OMG, Is she really crazy?” and “Tell me what crazy things you have witnessed!”  I was assured that she is indeed legit crazy. Click to next page to see what they said.


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  1. Tc

    Does she have a twin cousin?

    • tonilost

      You know what is so obv after reading a lot of these comments? Is that for people hating and saying it’s gossip, they hate gossip, etc, well, why are you here reading? How would non gossipers even know about a gossip site? Gollygee, think some frau site gave out the link for them to come and bombard this place as well as IHBB?

  2. she crazy and scary, great combo for a nurse.

  3. I’m still getting familiar with WordPress. When I went back in to clean up some spacing issues it somehow ate part of page two. I had to recreate it from memory and notes so, if it is a little different than before that is why. I hope I got everything back in there. :)

  4. #bb14 Danielle Murphree of Big Brother 14 is a liar! Enclosed is a long list of her lies. Lets start with the fact she said she is a RN = a charge nurse and that doctors rely on her for prescription advice and that she herself can write prescriptions. According to Alabama nurse Lic board. Dani is a LPN NOT a RN. According to a classmate Dani flunked out of RN nursing program. Dani earned her LPN Oc 14, 2011 and works at Glen Haven which is a nursing home.
    Dani told stories about being a youth ambassador to China, a professional dancer, a model, jeweler, claimed that gypsies tried to buy her from her parents when they were vacationing in France . said she was kidnapped, in addition to her supposedly being anorexic, an alcoholic and coming from an abusive household.
    She admitted to Wil that the sister that she keeps referring to isn’t her real sister, but her god-sister, when just last week someone had made a remark about them looking alike while looking at her HoH pictures and she played along with it at the time. Dani has a brother and no sister. And what about Trey Gorman her supposed boyfriend outside the house? FACT: just days after Dani said they dated, Trey on Twitter said that he’s never been involved with Dani and that she’s nuts! Trey has a GF see his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/trey.gorman

    Dani said she told her parents she was kidnapped before coming on the BB show.

    She’s begging Shane to ‘mount her’, telling everyone she’s a traveling nurse, speaks Chinese, is a model, an acrobat, is one step away from being a doctor, has abusive and alcoholic parents, has a sister, can’t drink ‘dark liquids’ due to kidney problems but will guzzle wine, She is working on three degrees, Dani has said on the feeds she is a cashier, latin dancer, nurse, model, actress.
    Dani on the live feeds states she had a broken back, renal failure, battled with anorexia. Danielle’s parents are abusive, Former Summertime Anorexic. IBS Sufferer. Miss Alabama Contestant. Nurse Genius. Endurance Beast.
    Dani former roommate says Dani thinks every guy she meets is in love with her and that Dani is needy and clingy to men.

    • tonilost

      I thought it was the trey wade https://twitter.com/Trey_wade

      • My sources indicated that it was neither. While some of them know Trey Wade, the do not know Trey Gorman. The consensus was this entire relationship is completely imaginary.

    • greeneyez1432

      This chic is really pathtic..She is in need of mental health therapy.Oviously Shane on BB14 has told her many times he willl NOT have a showmance and she keeps pushing for it hard It does scare me she is in the medical field..She is a LPN and i would not doubt if she tries to do more then she is trained to do .
      She is a really pretty girl too bad her pathological lying makes her so ugly,,,
      Ihope she gets some much needed help.

      • Jen

        she said it was her god sister , but she calls her her sister because they are so close..and the crazy one is that lady up there “stark”,,, she is obsessed w/ this Danielle story..obsessed!! lol Obvi Dani is needy and insecure but she is a model and a nurse, her parents are military and strict. i dont think she is as crazy as these people are making her out to be. But I still dont like her as a player,lol

    • Jennifer

      The chick is nuts!! I don’t believe 1 word out of her mouth. Shane….run away

    • roxy

      you can absolutely believe this by watching the feeds.

    • JK

      She is pretty, has good body, period. What else is important? She proved on Big Brother that even though with strong body, she was the dumbest player. I just loved to watch her stalking Shane.

  5. Miss Fizzy Pop

    If she’s “almost a doctor” then she’d be a nurse practitioner, not an RN.

    • tootsie

      She’s not almost a doctor. She has a Nursing degree, which makes her a Registered Nurse. She has a second degree in Pre Med, and is planning to enter Med school as soon as possible. She is a qualified Physical Therapist. She oversees eight Practical Nurses at a Rehab Clinic in Alabama. She is also 30 yrs. of age, not 23, as she has stated. Shane also graduated with a Pre Med degree, but has not pursued the medical field.

      • Not a word of that is even remotely correct. She got her LPN liscense last October. Her degree is in health and she took the LPN coursework at a community college. This is all public record in the state of AL. I’ve also talked to some of her sorority sisters. She is also not an ambassador to China, by the way.

      • Doc McStuffins

        There is no such degree as “Pre-Med.”

  6. sara

    hahaha OMG I am living with a chick who is just like Danielle.

  7. BravoCueen

    The “Trey” he is referring to is the correct Trey Gorman cited above. She is on his friend’s list but he clearly has a girlfriend. She’s three flavors of cray cray.

  8. This article is nothing but a reprint of another blog that is total B.S. All you have to do is watch the live feeds and several of the things are misquotes taken from conversations and information that is completely inaccurate.

    • This post is from an exclusive interview with people who know Danielle. Any similiar articles were posted AFTER mine and have been pointed out to me. One of my sources may have spoken with other bloggers, or other bloggers may not quote their sources. This is entirely my work. But thanks for stopping by.

      • So you quoted the same people and passed it off as truth,I hardly call that award winning information. All of your stories seem to be recycled ones from other websites. I could say I’m besties with the Pope that doesn’t make true. I guess you shouldn’t expect professionalism from a site that calls itself Tamara Tattles.

        Did you consider why people that are supposed “exbff” would even subscribe to a LF and watch someone they don’t even care for? That in itself should have thrown up a red flag for you on biased information. I think you are just another person willing to believe anything thrown at you because you know it’s of popular opinion and will probably get you extra views. Another example of what’s wrong with society today..jump on the bandwagon pass judgement on people you don’t know and enjoy tearing someone down and laughing about it.

      • Melissa

        Actually the website that I saw this on was posted before yours. Too bad you jacked it from them.

      • bbfan1

        my question would b why is tamaratattles so obsessed with danielle? Its funny that none of these so called sources will give their name..fyi and lpn is a nurse…i know i work as one.and in a nursing home and Lpn can be a charge nurse..give the girl a break i know she is a little nuts but noone is perfect and the constant bashing of her and fat jokes and the like is ridiculous …get your facts completley straight before you run your mouth and if the “sources” want to run their mouth then they should back it up with their name.

      • Tom

        get a life, Is this the first girl to lie on BB, No its not. I’d be telling them whatever they wanted to hear. Its just a smear campaign and you should be ashamed of your self for categorizing your name with the rest of the media trash

      • tonilost

        they are posting the same shit on IHATEBIGBROTHER, I think it is the same 2 women, I wonder why they arent taking care of their own kids and hubs. Instead they are defending a crazy bitch who is slandering her own parents on TV.

      • marie

        I just want to say this to the “other” LPN on here. Yes she may be a LPN like you but, she pretends to be much more. I for one worked very hard to become a ARPN and hate when people pretend to be more. Go to school like I did get your masters and then brag but, not before. I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a LPN but, 10 months of school vs. a masters is a football field away.

      • Staycee

        Nikki, you got a smart ass mouth boo boo!!

  9. Lynn_in_NC

    It’s been pretty obvious from watching her on the live feeds that she’s clearly got some major issues going on. How do these loonies get cast???

    • Raelyn

      What concerns me is she works in a Nursing Home, with The Elderly who cant speak up. or is they do , they are quickly accused of havng Ading issues. She is a DANGER bto anyone she has contact with,, I wish nothing Bafd for her, sje needs help, BUT I would v=be tempted to contanct her Nursing Home cuz I think she is Dangerous..
      I guess the question is, Would you want your grandma, or parents in her care ? I know I wouldnt….

      • She dangerous based on what? She lies on a TV Gameshow? Whoop Dee Do it’s called playing the game. She could say she has tourettes,smokes weed and plays the banjo who gives a damn it’s not real life. Grow up!! You act as if you know her personally when in reality you don’t know her at all. She seems to have a great life outside of big brother, a successful career a happy home life and good friends. Not one thing on this show justifies anyone contacting her job..and if you feel that way you need to check back into reality,step away from your computer and get a damn grip.

      • I entered facebook to see if I could find some friends who believed as much as I do that Danielle has serious problems and should not be on the show. Now that I have seen all of this, up front and in my face…I see I am not alone. Whew! That girl has some serious mental health issues. Why did you forget that she was calling herself a kindergarten teacher first…she had to hide her occupation because she is so gosh darn important.

  10. DJ

    I don’t actually have a fav’ other than the coaches, however, this game is all about lying…… The ‘sources’ who are making these claims not only say they are “no longer friends” but want to remain anonymus???? Kinda’ appears to discredit their credibility, IMO………. Lies & more lies, perhaps due to envy……. Regardless, ‘it is just a game’ & lying is ‘allowed’ just as ‘bouncing checks are allowed in the ‘BB’ house’…… Last quote was Mikes’……….:) This story is BS filled with alot of envy…….
    Let’s not have another case of the loony toons out there as with Shelly, Amber & Maggie just to name a few…. That’s just crazy!!!

  11. Jules

    This sounds like someone’s a wee bit jealous of Danielle. Any BB fan knows “lying” is part of the game. She doesn’t owe these people anything, especially not full blown honesty. Not about her game plan or her personal life.
    I think the writer’s just jealous of a lovely, sweet, smart young woman. Boohoohoo.
    Go Danielle!

    • Daniellle is the writer’s favorite player by far. I did not post the worst of the things I was told. Only things that are already fairly obvious to live feed watchers. I hope she wins!

    • Tc

      Lying is part of he game when it actually furthers your game. Lying about things hat don’t matter either way (ie: nurse or teacher or I have a sister) is just randomly pathological acid crazy.

    • Trina H

      Sounds like someone is not watching the feeds. Danielle is soooo delusional, I have never seen anything quite like it. Typically when people lie, they go into the diary room and poke fun at all of the lies they are telling. Danielle does not do that. All she talks about is being fat and is always seeking approval. Last night she asked Ian who America would vote for in a bikini contest between her and Janelle. Ian said Janelle. Then she asked who America would vote for in a bikini contest against her and Ashley. Ian said Ashley. She was seeking some kind of validation from Ian and did not get it. Look out Ian, the bunny boiler is coming for you!!!

  12. Susan McDonald

    She has modeled, she will be on Harley Davidson’s Heart of Dixie 2012 calender. She may be lying about certain things but she has modeled. Just do a search for the cover and you will find it. She definitely is needy that’s for sure but I have been watching the feeds and I would like to know when she said her parents were alcoholic?? I know she has said that they were very strict and tried to control her life but never heard anything about the drinking.

    • Tracie

      It was in the beginning either when Kara was still there or right after she left. Her father was the alcoholic. She was alone with Dan telling him all this. She also said it to Wil about 4 or 5 days ago.

      Also, I believe she has said that she herself was an alcoholic about 2 days ago. I wasn’t sure if she was talking about herself or her father at first because I missed the first part, but in the end it sounded like her.

    • coco

      She has said that her dad was an alcoholic. She also said that she was a Nurse Practitioner and she could write prescriptions and went on to say a NP was just like a doctor. I heard her say those 2 things. I did hear her say she was a model and I did see what appeared to be a heavily airbrushed picture of her and a motorcycle. She also said that she was suppose to be in a country music video but her contract with BB interfered. All I can say is I hope her family forgives her and Bless her heart

    • Amy

      She started telling people that the day they showed up in the house. I heard her tell the same story to multiple people in the first week of the feeds. The way she brought it up was completely awkward.

    • Tc

      She said her father was an abusive alcoholic who terrorized the whole family when he came home drunk. I heard it. On BBAD. Maybe the first week or two. She just randomly blurted it out. I think to Dan. It was weird as hell.

    • SoHoNo

      Just to set the record straight, Danielle didn’t model for Harley Davidson (national company) but for a Harley Davidson local dealer – HUGE diference

  13. amanda leigh

    Dani seems like the type of girl who when someone tells a story she has to tell a bigger story to be the centre of attention. Some people say these stories are not true as no one leaves their name but a lot of what is said she has also said on feeds. The other night when i forget who was talking about injuries dani chimes in oh i broke my this of i broke my back. We know she has stated her nursing when she is not the title she says. Dani is a very troubled girl who i think believes her lies. At the beginning of show i remember her talking about trey and she said , well he didnt ask me to be his girlfriend so i dont know whats going on, yet in another feed she says my boyfrined trey. This girl needs some help regardless if this story is true as she has a very bad self esteem problem. Dani is in for a big surprise when she gets out of house , i do feel bad for that though as she is already so insecure that when she reads how bad people think of her and call her psycho, she may break down. Please, friends of danis stick by her and get her the help she needs.

    • I agree that she needs some help. Some of the other things mentioned by those I interviewed lead me to believe she may have had some abuse in her life (though not the type she claims). I wonder if her parents were aware of the depth of her problems and that is why they did not encourage her reality TV pursuits. I hope that she can get the help she needs. She seems deeply troubled.

  14. Jan massey

    This article is made up of information that has no basis of truth or merit. Most of it comes from things dani referred to, but was taken out of context or completely twisted. Take the Trey thing. She never said he was her boyfriend, only that theyd gone out a few times to mall,movies,etc. When she left, things were up in the air and she didnt know where they stood. It logical that he could have a girlfriend now, it has been a while since the kidnapping by bb. Speaking of that, never did she say she was kidnapped, she was referring to when bb comes and takes them for sequester. Not once did she say she was abused by her parents. She said they were gone alot when she was kid and she was partly raised by her godparents, thus a godsister. She clarified to Will in that hoh that she has only one actual sibling, her brother. But that she was close with god sister. As far as the nurse issue. Ive never heard her say she is an rn just a nurse practioner. She expressed an intrest in going to a med school but never said she did. As far as the shane thing, she clearly has a crush. But its not just her, shane flirts and makes innuendos as well. Ultimately, they are good friends in that house. They always got each others back and have formed a bond. She does not display any more psychotic behavior or tendancies than anyone else in the house. Oh, and I gaurantee, if you rounded up everyones ex bffs, exes and enemies, they would have nothing nice to say to about them either. Until her parents come out and say this or that then the dani bullying should just stop!

    • james

      Thank you for paying attention to the feeds actually spreading the truth instead of the lies that the haters keep telling.

    • Excellent Post. It’s about time someone put these horrible people’s rants in their proper perspective. My gut feeling is they are simply more Janelle Freaks that are still whining over her ejection. It would seem the people that post here bashing Danielle tell more lies than anyone in the BB house

      • Chesh

        If she said she is a nurse practitioner thats even worse JAN… Nurse practitioners are above RNs even .. a Nurse practitioner is almost a doctor and an LPN is no where close to an NP

    • Cameron

      “She never said he was her boyfriend, only that theyd gone out a few times to mall,movies,etc”. Not true. I’ve been watching the live feeds and she’s said multiple times that she doesn’t know how things will work out with Trey when she’s out of the house, and doesn’t know if Shane will take precedence over Trey.

      “Speaking of that, never did she say she was kidnapped, she was referring to when bb comes and takes them for sequester.” I didn’t see this one personally but have heard about it from more than one person. She was referring to the email she sent to her parents (who told her not to try out for reality shows) prior to being picked up by BB that said she had been kidnapped.

      “Not once did she say she was abused by her parents.” Yes, she told Dan in Big Brother After Dark that her father was an abusive alcoholic who would come home and “knock the whole family around”.

      “As far as the nurse issue. Ive never heard her say she is an rn just a nurse practioner.” This is true- however she is not a nurse practitioner. That requires a master’s degree, as opposed to the 1 year community college degree that she has.

      “She expressed an intrest in going to a med school but never said she did” She’s said multiple times on the feeds that she was in med school before she had to leave for BB.

      “But its not just her, shane flirts and makes innuendos as well.” That’s true, but despite Shane’s obvious reluctance (telling her a hundred times that he didn’t want a showmance) Danielle kept coming on strong, grabbing his hand and placing it on her breast, asking him to “mount her” while in bed, etc.

      The fact that the parents HAVEN’T come out should tell you that Danielle’s stories are lies. Why would they come out and embarrass their daughter, who they love (despite Danielle’s stories)?

      Great work Tamara! Very well written and investigated. I’ve done my share of Danielle’s-stories-Googling myself and found almost all lies.

  15. i can’t wait to see the zingbot zing her wednesday 😀

  16. prettyplainjo

    Way to completely plagiarize my article at ihatebigbrother.com. Which was published just hours before yours. Just enough time to re edit. Get your own stories.

    • Tc

      Way to try to drive traffic to your site. Shooo!

    • Actually, mine was posted first. I felt the same way when I went to read yours after it was posted in the live feed thread at sucks. I noticed that you chose to publish some of the things that my source told me that I felt uncomfortable putting on the web. I get the feeling that you asked my source after I did and she just cut and pasted from the email she sent me to you. If you email her, I am sure she will explain that. I can tell that this happened because your article posted some of the information I chose not to post worded exactly the same way as it was in the email. I chose not to say anything to you about it, because it was a matter of a source giving information to someone else after I asked for it. I didn’t ask her not to do it, because frankly I assumed I was the only one obsessed enough to care. :)
      It doesn’t appear to be intentional on anyone’s part.

      • Matt

        According to the timestamps on both sites’ feeds, this article was posted about 50 mins after prettyplainjo’s. The earliest comment time here was also after their earliest comment time.

      • nancy

        Get real and a life! Your site is
        fine and it is ludicrous to have
        to defend it as not copied or plagiarized. Not much chance for a Pulitzer here so grow up
        anyone who goes there

    • Riley

      Who are you????? Sounds like you are as crazy as Danielle. Our Tamara has never copied someone else. Maybe you are jealous that she does it better. This is me again, commenting on an old post to help out the best damn blogger out there.

  17. Oh and TC, I don’t mind her posting her site here. She has an article from the same source. It’s relevant. And I can understand her being upset. However, it was merely a matter of me getting a source and then that source sharing our interview with others. The Internet is big enough for everyone. :)

  18. prettyplainjo

    First, your story has no timestamp, but your first comment is from 10:30pm. Mine was published in the afternoon/early evening. You have no way to prove your story posted first (because it didn’t) and all of the evidence points to you completely ripping us off. You know that there are rules on wordpress, right? Get ready.

    • I have my email interview with the source. I’d be glad to share that with wordpress. Or you could just email her and ask her if she gave the interview to me. Or you could have a hissy fit. your choice.

      • prettyplainjo

        Good thing you have the email then because I choose legality.

      • And you know I have it, because I just talked to the source who said she already told you and Ryan that she was the source for both articles. I have that email too. But carry on with your “legality”. Be sure to read the part about the consequences for misrepresenting yourself as a copyright holder.

  19. prettyplainjo

    To be perfectly clear as per the terms of wordpress, I’m advising you to remove your content. Perhaps you were simply unaware that you were breaking the terms of service you agreed to with wordpress. I am going to proceed in contacting them if this content is not removed.

    • Rex

      Get a freaking life plainjo. Jeez. Bad enough u have nothing better to do than write about gossip for other peoples lives, but this too?? Get over yourself.

      • StopTheInsanity

        Amen to that! PrettyPlainJo, do you have the funds for “legalities”? What “work”? Retyping an email? Multiple newspapers print exact interviews daily. It’s a long process to prove “copyright” on a little Internet blog posting. A “cease and desist” involves more than a “comment” of “I’m advising you to remove your content”.

    • Riley

      To be perfectly clear. Go fuck yourself. Seriously. By the way…..after all this time, I see that the post is still here. Guess you didn’t scare anyone. What a joke.

  20. Heather

    I saw the article on the ‘original’ website. When one hovers over the date of the article it says 2012-08-11 T21:15:46-0400. Since I’m guessing that means 9:15pm., I’m not sure how afternoon/early evening really applies here. The first comment on that site was at 9:36pm. Now I’d say based on the name of the site likely it gets visitors more quickly that this site(not meant to offend in anyway, just when big brother is in the title one would assume). That tells me it’s entirely possible that this article was posted pretty much at the same time and could even have been before and just wasn’t commented on until after. If you are going to attack someone on their own site who I might add had total respect for you being here, you might want to be sure all the truth is there aka the time stamp on your own article which clearly isn’t in the afternoon.

    That’s how all the types of things mentioned in that article get started too. Only telling half the story. Thanks for letting me say my peace and I didn’t mean to get in the middle, I just really don’t like it when people only tell part of the story. :)

  21. marie

    mean mean mean to be spreading gossip and stories about others. karma is a biatch!

  22. Tc

    I don’t care for you when you are reasonable.

    • Well, if you read the comments from this Jo person, she out crazies me by so much, it just makes me look sane. It doesn’t happen often, but it is glorious when it does. I even had to put another update on the front page of this story in recognition of her crazy. I enjoy a good psychotic break in others. :)

      • PrettyPlainJo is quite a character, one who has lingered on the fringe of the BB community for years. We go way back. You may think she’s insane, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Checkout http://www.colettelala.blogspot.com Yes, it’s my blog. But, feel free to edit or delete this post, my motivation here is not to drive more traffic to the site, but to confirm your already spot-on perception of her.

      • LOL I enjoyed your blog so much I left the coupony link in your response as well. I’ve been online for years. I recognize batshit crazy quite easily. Again, a relevant blog link to the discussion. :) Hope you stick around. I post all the crazy comments. :)

  23. Tc

    “mean mean mean to be spreading gossip and stories about others. karma is a biatch”

    Why are you here then? How did you stumble upon a gossip site and what prohibited you from looking away? Did you google “tell me nice things about little dani” and forget to switch off the opposite switch? Or we’re you looking at dirt and just decided to suddenly like cow shit but boonton horse shit.

      • Staycee

        Nicki your MOUTH is in everything, don’t you have a life! I can’t read thru these comments without seeing your dam name and stupid azz opinions popping up. Mind your business….everyone has a right to their opinions. MS SHARP TONGUE!!

    • Speaking of cow shit. Have you stopped washing your hair with it yet? How about Anonymous pays you a visit and digs up digital facts on you and disorts them in any way they want? would you still feel the same of your support for smearing someone you don’t know with half truths, falshoods, and outright lies? I think not. But hey, why don’t we find out!

  24. Tamara Omg this is heelarious….

  25. justright

    You know, when a story ends with “No one wanted to have their name associated with this story.”, it usually means the story is bulls#!t.

  26. Colette

    Danielle might be insecure and as annoying as hell and her voice might be extremely grating, but it’s going a little far to accuse her of being psycho and dangerous. This is a person with feelings and she has a family and posting this stuff only shows what a bad person *you* are.

  27. Dorothy

    Wow. You can clearly tell there is some things off about Danielle. I hope she gets some help when she leaves thr BB house. Im afraid that she could be very emotionally hurt by all the things that have been said about her; whether they are lies or not.

  28. prettyplainjo

    Yo. Okay okay so I believe your article is truly legit. Sorry I bugged out, but if you google parts of my article you will see that it had been plagiarized word for word on several different websites. So obviously when I saw yours I kind of just assumed the same. You are right in saying that there is plenty of room on the internet (for all legitly original articles) and we should just focus on the important things. Like Danielle being batshit crazy.

    • chitown shelley

      wow tam. i believe this is an apology. let me go on record as saying this whole drama on your blog has been way more entertaining than anything i have seen on bb so far this season. carry on!
      chitown shelley

    • Hmmm looks like Tamara has herself an apology of sorts. Too bad it comes AFTER it was already pointed out the many errors of her ways in her thought process. Being kind calling it an error, but a time stamp of 9:15pm versus early afternoon is more like an outright lie. The pure hubris to think that she is the only blogger with an exclusive is a little cray cray. When the gremlins come out of the woodwork to rat on their former friend, what on earth would ever make you think they were only going to share their tidbits with you.

      Me thinks you might be a little jealous ‘cuz Tamara writes with such a snarky and riveting style…should I go check and see which article pulled more comments? Nah not worth my time.

      Great article Tamara as always, by the way when I googled Dani, it brought me right here so way to go on really getting noticed!!!

    • tonilost

      Jo, glad you see that, I didnt know you were thinking TT stole your article or I would have spoken up. I like you both and since crazy Steph and the other bugger are here posting you both have the same enemies. Tamara, beware of coupon fatso, she will single white female you too. She is dumb as shit and posted that fake blog all because she wanted to be a co writer with Lala and Lala cut the bitch off and banned her from the site. In retaliation Stephie assumed her ID and wrote a blog, real normal reaction, right? Then she does this with out knowing blogger shows the ID from the last blog you had, so the nut was outed AND from that you could see she had her whole virtual life online for all the public to see. Of course being a people person I commented on her blog to make fun of her idiocy, after that she removed most of her info from the world wide web. You cant make up this type of stupidity, but I saw it all myself. By the way she carefully never allowed one comment on the blog to show up, that’s the one smart thing chubs did.

    • Staycee

      Hmmmmm….wonder what made you change your tune???

  29. WD

    I love that Tamara brings the crazies to the table.

  30. “This person” said “this”. “That person” says “that.” Gossip is such a nasty business. That’s ALL this is. Gossip. Gossip and jealousy.
    Get a grip people. This is a reality TV show. Lying is part of the game. Have you ever watched BB before? True some people are better at it than others, and equally true when the lies come out, you end up losing because no one will trust you. But to set out to destroy this young woman, just because she’s caught up in the game, that’s incorrigible. You don’t know Danielle, and people claiming to be her “friends” who talk trash about her, certainly are NOT friends. I have a suggestion, why don’t we all take a look at our own lives, work on being better our selves, and stop trashing someone we really don’t know.

    • Tc

      Destroy? Seems like I’ve seen a few people saying she needs help and they hope she gets it. Have’nt seen anything fitting your melodramatic “destroy” description.

      Anyone who signs on for a reality show knows they are in for discovery. They should be prepared for it. But you have fun with that introspection that is bound to take a lot of your time. So you won’t have much opportunity to consciously hunt down gossip and then complain that it’s too good.

  31. First of all, BB14 is not a reality show, it is a game show. You do whatever it takes to get to the finish line to win. So if Danielle is playing the part of the damsel in distress, so what. If she really is a nut case, so what.
    As for who got their blog up first, I tend to think it is TamaraTattles due to the fact that this other “blogger” appears to be an even bigger jackass than Danielle.

    Now for the definition of an LPN, it is the following:Licensed practical nurse (LPN) is the term used in much of the United States to refer to a nurse who cares for “people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled under the direction of registered nurses and physicians.

    Now can we move on to more important issues such as, me.

  32. Jaime

    She’s a sweet and attractive girl she just is in desperate need to love someone and to be loved apparently she didn’t get enough attention as a child. But man did zingbot get her on Wednesday, I’m sure it’s not the first time someone has hinted to her that she is too clingy.

  33. As I predicted she was the first to wipe out on the slip and slipe challenge and immediately tried to grab the ropes to pull herself along. lol. This will make for a great night of feeds!

  34. All im gonna say is on a site thats named Tamara Tattles, even if this is all true, this has 2 b an absolutely horrible source. Seriously, Danielle is the 1st person, much less female, 2 lie about her life in the Big Brother house? Lets b fucking real here ladies & gentlemen, the house is a house of lies, always has been, always will b. If shes getting so much slander like this, then so does every other contestant on every season of Big Brother. Grow up with this nonsense

  35. John

    that Danielle girl is crazy. I’m not quoting some anonymous source by saying that, i’m telling you what I see with my own eyes everyday I see her say or do something. And I think it’s fairly obvious she lies (about many things) but I think the most obvious is her saying she’s modeled and been in pageants (and finished 2nd in a major one from what I remember her saying at one point)…anyone who looks that bad without make up is NOT good looking enough to be a model…and if you want to use the excuse that she looks good with make up, well then the cellulite is all the proof you need- this crazy bitch ain’t placing anything better than last place in a pageant. And I the only confused by the fact she always acts like she’s so concerned about her weight but eats cookies,chips,choclate,candy,all the time?

    • She does seem rather pathological with her lies. She has done some modeling pictures. I was going to post one in comments but I can’t figure out how. lol. I’ll use it in another story. Danielle is a cute girl at times and I think people like you would be kinder to her about her looks if not for the pathological lying. She clearly has some issues stemming from a need to be found “pretty.” As for pageant looks, you’d be surprised what most pageant winners look like in the morning. :) It’s not her looks that make her interesting, it’s her mental health. Which sadly is a serious issue. And yet, I can’t help but be amused by her potato stories and other bizarre things that come out of her unhealthy head. Unfortunately, she is going to be in a very bad place once she leaves the house.

  36. AnonfromAL

    As someone who knows her outside of the show, I can personally say she is a very sweet and kind hearted person. However some of the lies she has told on the show I have seen her tell in real life outside of the show. So she is not lying for the sake of gainin some kind of advantage on the show. I honestly think it comes down to an attention seeking thing. She’s not crazy, she’s not delusional…she just desires to be the center of attention. She just wants everyone to like her and admire her. And who deosn’t want that?? I am worried how she will react to seeing all the negative response to her once she is done with the show. Again, she truly is a sweet person – just with a low self esteem.

    • stoptheinsanity

      Danielle has already admitted she’s worried about how life will be when this is over. She said she was unaware of the “flashbacks” on the live feeds. Her worries I’m afraid are due to all the “personal” lies she has told.

      I’m over everyone saying BB is a game and lying is expected. While this statement is true, there is no reasoning for the depth of Danielle’s lies. They have absolutely no benefit to her gameplay.

      Danielle presents pathologic narcissisim – attention seeking behavhior. She is also obsessive compulsive regarding her weight snd appearance, yet she does not present typical s/sx of anorexic behavhior- as she claimed she once battled. She needs serious psychological help once outside the house.

  37. Ok, today she topped all te other lies and sunk to a new all time low. She told Dan she has implants, and she had a mass around the implants and that she had to have radiation before entering the house. Then she made the comment that she would be going through chemo right now if she hadn’t had the implants. She is a pathetic piece of crap. Wait until all the other houseguests find out that all summer every personal thing she has told them is from her psycho crazy mind and none of it is true. I would hope someone is smart enough to figure out this psycho.

  38. Johnnie Goodwin

    She reminds me of Casey Anthony! Not sure why though but I am not referring to her looks!

  39. jrdz

    Any of the people that think BB is a game of lies, or that dani has been taken out of context, or any of other excuses I’ve seen here are not watching the feeds. I, and many others have been watching and the lies printed in the TT’s article are all true….she said them all on the feeds. There r update sites that can give you flashback times to any lie you want hear.

    It’s been said but bares repeating, yes BB is a game of lies and manipulation but none, and by none I mean zero, zip, not 1 of her lies has been told to advance her game….some have been told to cover up previous lies but never has one of those lies been motivated by game strategy.

    If another HG is complaining about something or whining, Dani’s favorite phrase, as soon as they take a breath, is “YOU, what about ME”…and then go on to talk about something completely off subject. I have never seen a person ask “How did I look when I…….fill in the blank” so many times in my life. i have never seen someone check themselves in the mirror so many times, and I have seen someone twist something that was said to her so much almost no truth is left when she is done retelling whatever whoever said or did.

    My fav. example of her lies was a couple/3 weeks ago she, Shane and Joe were talking on the BY couch…..not sure how it came up but joe and or shane were talking about her being a kindergarten teacher (and the lies she’s told about that fake job are enormous….she even works with a gay teacher, she tells jokes that her”students parent’s’ have told her)….anyway, joe went in and dani told shane not to bring up the teacher thing but i couldn’t hear why, shane asked her some questions about being a nurse and in the span of no more then five minutes this what she said to him…I am paraphrasing here…but i flashbacked twice at the time because I could not believe these things came out of her mouth. basically she said…..She is an RN charge nurse AND a trauma nurse that works in a rehab center with geriatric patients and the worst thing she ever saw as a trauma nurse was , after shane asked her , and I quote “Oh my goodness, so many things…ummmm…ummm. I saw a lady once with a potato up her vagina and it was sprouting”

    I am not a nurse but consulted with one on this nonsense andthere are so many lies in just what she said there, my friend laughed and said where do I begin. but a few things…..trauma nurse would say a potato up a vag was the worst thing they ever saw, charge nurse….even RN’s are not 23…..unless u r Dooglina Howser……rehab’s and geriatric center’s are not trauma centers…and it is not possible that she be this person because no such person could exist.

    I have said since early in the season she needs help, and I sincerly hope someone that loves gets her ASAP when she gets out, and gets her help and does not let her google herself.

    And one last thing…if these sources had not been anonymous, people would have said they were just trying to get their 15 minutes…..if I was a friend or ex friend of dani’s I would have stayed anonymous too….I am not sure what she is capable of (she did threaten dan by telling him her dad would kick his ass) except what I saw in the house….and the lies she told about other people were amazing to watch….she managed to get a few evicted with her lies (sort of)….the problem was her goal was never eviction to further her game, her was motivation was jealousy, pure and simple. if it was to further her game, none of the lies were needed…..jani , for ex., was enough of a threat, she didn’t need much more…and btw…jani went home because dan and boogie decided to send her and then dan told her what to do…dani wanted jani out from the second she won HOH, but dan wasn’t going for it so she wasn’t going to do it…..it went back and forth a few times and everytime she did what dan said…..her lies might have gotten people evicted but only because it also benefitted dan’s game.

    Oh one more last thing….the fact that she continues to do what dan tell’s her to do is so telling about how needy and attention craving she is……after the stunts he pulled on her, no sane woman with an ounce of self esteem would be still listening to him…for God’s sake, an hour after he evicted shane, she threw him the 1st part of the HOH comp. nuff said

    watching dani’s lies is difficult to avoid if you watch the feeds and want to see the game being played….she is or was on camera constantly because she was always with dan and he was running the house for the most part….or she was with shane and BB wanted a showmance. or she was with brit who got a lot of camera time…….

    again, i sincerely hope she gets the help she needs, she does seem sweet sometimes and is obviously a smart girl, in some ways….but there is a real mess going on there and i’ve never seen anything quite like it on BB…not worse or better, just never this.

    • I have to agree with most of what was said about Danielle. The only thing I do not agree with is that she couldn’t be an RN at age 23. Yes she could and you don’t have to be a brain to do it. Most RN speciality classes take 2 yrs. Most 17 and 18 yr olds can take classes that will give them high school credits and college credits at the same time. Alot of people are getting their rn by the time they are 21. All you need is an associates degree and your RN classes.

      • I am not approving any more nursing debate comments. (this is not directed at you mutter, there are many) Danielle received her LPH liscense last October, she is lying about her qualifications. She is lying about everything in the world. Enough with the debate about nursing degrees. This post is about Danielle’s lies not nursing programs.

        Again, not aimed at you mutter, it is aimed at people who are repeatedly commenting about the various types of nursing programs. Those comments are not being added anymore.

  40. brbgrg

    I love this post!! I can totally see why someone would want their identity kept private as a source, I would! That is a whole lot of instability locked up in that girls head!

  41. LOL no post since 09-21-2012- Are you all in the crazy house watching Danielle out your bars..lol

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