What’s Wrong With This Picture? Rihanna Edition

So we all know that Oprah has been in Barbados interviewing Rihanna for her Next Chapter show on OWN.  Meh. Whatever. If you watch Oprah’s show on OWN then you know that Oprah has stopped trying to be Barbara Walters and has decided to be an entertainment report instead. She brings in someone like 50 cent and has some transformative interview where just falls in love with the person she is interviewing. You can expect the Rihanna interview to go something like this:

Oprah: Gee I thought Rihanna was some out of control musician who likes tweeting nekkid pictures of herself and dating guys that beat her up, but no! She’s a lovely church girl whose grandmother died recently and through this experience she has grown as a person and she is totally responsible and spends her spare time feeding the homeless adopting orphans.

But Anyway, that’s not the point. I am going to need y’all to help me to understand what is going on with Rihanna’s forehead in this picture. I seriously do not get it. Is there something on her forehead or is that really her forehead???


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18 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Rihanna Edition

  1. I've always said Rhianna's head was shaped like a Saab. I'm tired of Oprah. She's too damn phony. She goes from one extreme to another. She goes from interviewing and worshipping in church with Joel Osteen at his house, to the home of the Kardishian sluts, then to the home of two gay men, Neil Patrick Harris and his man. She needs to make up her mind what type of audience she's going after. She's got God, sluts, and gays all together in one pot. That's not cohesive. You don't know what you're getting when you turn on her "network". Now she's going to try to convince us that Rhianna is cool and that we should all be following and looking up to a girl who openly smokes weed and allows men to beat her. No thank you Oprah. I have Jesus as my lead. I don't need you or the Saab.

  2. Like cadillac kimberly said…oprah is no longer being celebrated, she's being tolerated. And doing anything to stay relevent! Smh

  3. all i see is money in that picture…

  4. @Anonymous 1:44 am Anyone who quotes Caddy Kim deserves to be kicked in the face she's a loud idiot who will do and say anything to get attention!

  5. Forehead??Correction: Five-head

  6. Ugh, I can't stop loving Oprah. The "Oprah Builds A Network" special was fucking epic. She has this incredible superiority complex and inferiority complex all in once. It's mind fucking to watch her. I can't quit her.ANYWAYS, what I'm most excited about this interview, besides what you pointed out, is if we'll get White Oprah or Black Oprah. PS- loving your blog, as always, even if I don't agree on certain things. You're a doll.

  7. when i see this photo, all i think is how far the mighty have fallen. clearly oprah will do anything to keep her latest venture from being tagged as a failure. even if it means contradicting herself at every turn. fame and ego are terrible drugs.chitown shelley

  8. chitown shelley, you are right on!

  9. Reminds me of some of the Star Trek foreheads…And I got over Okra 15 years ago…

  10. Wow how mean Tamara…. I am disappointed because usually you have more class. :(

  11. lol at Anon 7:24 you must have me confused with another blogger. I'm still not convinced the half acre of forehead just above the top of her glasses is actually her skin. It looks like a plastic sheild or a bandage or…something. She needs to donate about three inches of forehead to Teresa Judy-Shay

  12. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, I see you switched from Blogger to WordPress. I use WordPress and to me its a million times better than Blogger. Better themes, fonts, etc.

  13. Tc

    Just checking to see if this is easier.

  14. Yay! I have officially moved! Now I will try to get back into the blogging groove!

  15. I am just testing the new comment area as per your request. It is much better than before when we had to give our SSN’s .

  16. chitown shelley

    hi tam. love the new look.
    chitown shelley

  17. true shades

    Hmm take a closer look at the pic, tis is Oprah: Can’t wait to get away from this S*ut and bank in on this one. Rihanna: exhales ….. feels good to finally talk to someone that trully.. gets me! Marilyn Monroe’s voice.

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