Jackson Family Drama: Randy is Tweeting, and Janet’s Motivations are Revealed

Randy Jackson is back on twitter linking to this blog saying this is why he is worried about his mother. Howard Weitzman, on the the attorneys for the state has sent the following statement to TJ Jackson as co-guardian of the kids regarding the whackadoodle faction of the Jackson family.

“Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, and in order to protect the children and Mrs. Jackson, the Executors believe that it would not be appropriate to allow the following individuals to enter the residence or its grounds and we instruct the security to preclude the following from entering the residence or the grounds: Randy Jackson and any of his children, Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson and any of her children, Jermaine Jackson, his wife and any of his children, Janice Smith, or anyone else who was involved in the recent events that led to Mrs. Jackson’s separation from and inability to communicate with Michael’s children, or any agents or representatives of any of these individuals,” There will be no other security or drivers allowed on the property except those employed by the Estate of Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is precluded from entering the property. Howard Mann who is in litigation against the Estate and is working with the Jackson siblings that wrote the “letter” should also not be allowed on the premises.”

Randy considers this a nefarious plot by the estate to endanger Katherine. Dude, the people listed as being unwelcome on the property are the people that kidnapped her last week. How is this unreasonable?  Janet needs to come take your iphone.

Today the New York Post has a lengthy article written by Stacey Brown, a longtime friend of the Jackson family, that claims a Jackson sibling as a source. That sibling attempts to explain why Janet is on the wrong end of this mess. Again, it’s a money issue.  Apparently, just like Michael, Janet doesn’t want to have to support the other family members either.  See the very interesting excerpts below.

“Janet’s last three tours have failed to sell tickets, and she’s cut each of them short,” the sibling says. “She hasn’t had a hit record in more than a decade, and she no longer has a recording contract.” This family member says that Janet’s net worth is estimated at $100 million but that “she only has money going out and nothing new coming in. Janet has nothing to do,” her sibling says. “And she is devoted to any cause Randy takes up.” It was Randy, says this sibling, who hatched the plan to remove Katherine from the Jackson home, challenge Michael’s will, remove the children from Katherine’s legal custody and ultimately gain control of the estate.

“Randy thought that if they were to publicly show that [Katherine] was no longer capable of caring for the children and no longer able to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the house, then Randy could take her position. It is a fact that the primary reason Janet got involved in Randy’s plan,” says a sibling, “is because she wants to see her brothers control Michael’s money so they won’t come to her anymore.[The children] will probably never let this go,” says one sibling. “They certainly won’t forget it.” And the ones the family members tried to paint as bad guys are the very ones those children will always see as protectors.”

The NYP goes on to say about TJ Jackson, “TJ’s mother, Dee Dee Jackson, was murdered in 1994 by a man she’d begun dating after divorcing Tito. Michael took TJ and TJ’s two brothers under his wing. He was part of the Michael Jackson-inspired music group 3T. As such, TJ is inclined to take the side of Jackson’s kids in disputes and said either Rebbie or Janet had a fake doctor persuade Katherine to leave California.”  For the full article, from NYP READ HERE.

What I find most interesting from the article is that it is a sibling giving the scoop to Stacey Brown. Are we finally hearing from La Toya? Or is this one of the boys?  There is some stuff in there about Marlon taking money from Janet and Randy and Jermaine taking money from the estate, and Tito’s kids being raised by Michael after their mother died, the only sibling that comes out clean in the story is…La Toya. However, she has been trying to keep the feud out of the media. Did she finally crack?


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  1. Why this sounds liek it could be true, I dont believe this…Janet is worth 100 million and is currently dating a billionare, she's not hurting for money anytime soon and she has no kids to worry about leaving it to. She's not pulling in the money she's used, but I'm sure she's definitely getting some type of royalty checks…I believe she stepped in because Katherine is old and it is probably starting to become tiring seeing after the kids. I watch my 83 great grandmother go from great health to death in a matter of a year in a half because my aunt left me 2 teenage kids in her custody… Its too much for an older woman to do it all alone. She is raising teenagers so Im sure they are no angels ALL THE TIME. You can just see how disrespectful Paris is… Michael NEVER had anything bad to say about Janet, at least not publically but that dosnt stop Paris from disrespecting her.I trully believe Janet is looking out for her mother while the brothers may have ulterior motives…Because if they do get control over Michaels estate, the brothers will just burn through it and run back to Janet AGAIN, so that can t be the reason… Its still a big chunk of this puzzle missing!

  2. I agree! There's still pieces missing!

  3. I believe after Boobgate at the Super Bowl Janet Jackson was blackballed.out of.the.music industry. Maybe thats why she returned to acting,.because the.industry was not giving.her good producers or songs or collabrations. I think.finacially she has money and it.not.hurting. I think she does not want.to.be.in the same.position as Michael, being a sponge finacially for his siblings. I think that is.why.she keeps her distance from some.silbing..I agree there are some missing pieces.

  4. I believe that when they originaly brought the plan to Janet she was all for it becasue she thought it was all about helping their mom. I'm sure they painted the picture that Katherine was tired and the kids were running all over, so she stepped in. I doubt if Janet was in it for the money but no doubt that Jermaine and Randy were. that's why Tito stepped back. Things were too out of hand and he realized Jermaine and Randy were only after the money. Not sure why or if Janet is still sticking by Randy and Jermaine. I would hope that she has figured out her brothers were and still are up to no good

  5. Sometimes the comments I read after I post a well-sourced article where people make odd speculations not in evidence, I go back and reread what I wrote to see if I wasn't clear. Did I point out that the NYP author has known the family for years and this isn't a random "sources close to the family" article? Yes, yes I did. Did I include the parts where Janet has no money coming in? Yes. Is it somehow reasonable for the average reader to think that having a $100 million in the bank allows someone to comfortably be the breadwinner for 3-4 siblings and the child support on the eleventy billion kids? Maybe. Perhaps they are thinking of things on the level of regular sibling expenses and not tens of thousands a month for child support alone. Do most people not understand that grandparents and great grand parents and elderly aunts in the south raise their grandchildren all the time without the support of nannys, security, and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month? maybe.I can't believe that any of you would think that Katherine was "tired of raising the kids." So she skipped out on the and went to a spa. Did I not mention in other posts she was planning to go on the tour with the OTHER sons?Did I forget to mention that Janet and Randy, as the two youngest kids are very close and that Janet listens to Randy no matter how stupid his ideas are? I don't get how many more "pieces" y'all need. The NYP article made it all quite clear to me. The fact that Randy and Janet only follow each other all of the sudden make it CRYSTAL clear. SMH

    • Wallace

      Me being in he music industry and knowing for a fact that , Janet has plenty nough money coming in through publishing checks alone! Janet Jackson’s has more than much more than $100million dollars! Hell her residence in New York is worth ove $10million ….. Janet doesn’t have to ever work again and can still maintain! Feedback wasn’t her biggest hit but itvwasntba flop either,and it’s not the industry who gives her good songs,producers and or collaborations.

  6. Thank you Tamara!!! I was thinking the same thing….It's all.about the MONEY people…100 Million can't support Randy n Jermaine an pay off all the child support continuously, but a MJ's Billion Dollar + estate that is still making money can support they sorry asses for yrs to come..Think!

  7. I think the author of that piece was a friend of the jackson family but has not been for awhile so some of it is speculation. Anyone who puts my business on front street is no friend of mine…and while I believe randy and janet are close, why didnt she cough up $ for his back child support? Marlon is not broke…so I dont believe janet supported him as much as ms brown says she did. Randy and jermaine..yes. Marlon…no. Also, the executors did not automatically give r and j child support…they said no. mrs jackson got the $ and slipped it to them. I remember when michael died, all these people came out the woodwork as long time friends, etc and he clearly had not spoken to some of these people in decades. So im sorry but her story doesnt completely wash with me.

  8. Yes Tamara, your post is very clear. Here's the deal… When people feel like they've known someone for a long time, like we feel we know the Jacksons because we grew up watching them our whole lives, people become bias and deny that the person they feel they know could do something they think is out of character. Just because we all love Janet doesn't mean Janet is not a snake. I've always thought the character she played in Poetic Justice, the scene were she told Tupac "Yo nails is so dirty" was the real Janet. I believe she is rude and mean like that all the time in real life. I knew Janet and Paris were going to soon butt heads when I watched them at Michael's funeral. The way Janet rushed to soothe Paris after her speech was fake. Period. Go back and watch the video on youtube. When Paris started to cry, all the siblings rushed to put their hand on her to console her, but Janet literally pushed everyone out the way, hugged Paris without emotion, and immediately took her away in a controlling way without letting any other siblings hug her. I remember thinking, "Janet is a fake. A phony. She hugged that girl in a malicious way. She's going to manipulate her. That's going to end bad." I did not like Janet's body language towards Paris at all. Janet seems emotionless like Jo Jackson was towards his children. It's all about authority, and no love. Janet was always the youngest, cutest, most likable, now there is a new girl in town (Paris) who may unknowingly remind Janet that she is no longer the youngest fresh girl. In the beginning of all this I thought Paris was being a smart-ass brat as well. But now, after seeing how Janet tried to snatch that phone from her, it makes me think Janet does not like Paris. After what those kids have gone through, losing their only parent, it seems like there would be so much more compassion towards them. The whole family needs to use a much lighter approach in how they deal with those kids because those kids did not ask to be put in this situation and they probably feel they have no one to trust except Katherine. They were probably scared to death when their grandmother was suddenly gone and they are not allowed to know where she is or speak to her. Blanket is only 11 years old. You don't do that to an 11 year old. The kids need stability. The siblings, including Janet, probably ARE after money. Family will do a lot of horrible, unimaginable things to other family members all in the name of money, greed, envy, jealousy, bitterness, you-owe-me, etc. And simply because they take family for granted. They think family will always be there so it doesn't matter how they treat them. We all know those other brothers have probably always been jealous of Michael since he was the one who had the most successful career. They probably feel like Michael OWES them something for having such success while they didn't. This is a way for the siblings to get what they feel they "deserve". I believe the siblings had plans to remove Katherine from her home with intentions on confusing her. Once she was far from home and manipulated from knowing what was true or false, she would ultimately make the mistake of unknowingly saying she was not capable of raising the kids, and then the siblings would say, "See, Mother said with her own mouth that she is not capable. Give us custody". But what I'd really like to know is, what is the point of a will if it can be contested? I could see if Katherine was lying, cheating, and stealing in her role as guardian, then of course she would have to be removed from guardianship, but there is no extreme situation here as to why the will should be questioned. Isn't a will supposed to stop this type of foolishness dead in it's tracks? The siblings saying the will is fake is just sheer stupidity. Why would the will be fake? Because they aren't in it? Bwahaha.

  9. A blind man can see that the motive behind Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy is greed. They're contesting the will because of the value of MJ's estate and the fact that MJ left his siblings NOTHING. Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy need to get jobs…you're adults DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIVES!Janet…girl you need to be looking into other income ventures.With the recent behavior of MJ's siblings you have to really think that MJ knew what he was doing by leaving his siblings NOTHING.If I had siblings like that I'd leave them NOTHING too…money and greed can bring out the worst in a family.

  10. Tamara, When you include a hyoerlink in your post, it should open in another window. You are doing yourself a disservice to remove traffic from your own website. Because I like this site, I come back later on in the day to see if you posted anything new. But there may be those who wont because there is something on the NYP site that has taken their attention. Just a friendly suggestion!!!

  11. Thanks for the great comments this morning. Anon 6:02 you make a lot of good points. If I remember correctly (which is unlikely) It was Janet, Jemaine and Randy who rushed to Paris when she was giving her speech at the funeral. Even then Paris had major guts to get in front of all those people and defend her Daddy. And 1:06 I think that links used to always open in a new window. I just tried the NYP one and was shocked to find it is not longer working that way! Thanks for the heads up. Blogger keeps updating things and so many things keep changing. I REALLY want to move to WordPress, I just haven't felt like dealing with the hassle. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the heads up. Anon 10:02 I keep needing to make a will but as the youngest sibling, it seems odd to leave money to my siblings. Maybe some sentimental items but money would be left to the next generation not this one. I don't understand why siblings would expect money.

  12. People have done more with way less money at stake. It's a shame and a disgrace at how they are behaving. It's like they believe they are "owed" something. I admire Paris for speaking out. If my caregiver was missing and I didn't know where she was, I would do the same thing. I don't like mouthy kids either and I don't think she is or deserves to have her teeth knocked out. I hope TJ does right be the kids. They have been through so much .I'm glad I'm an only child.

  13. YAY! I think I fixed the links back so that they open in new tabs. Let me know if it is still not working. :)

  14. BJ

    Hmmm @ Tamara I see your point however you didnt mention to know exctly who this close source is… You yourself even speculated LaToya… Honestly I could be that close source and just have made some stuff up…Janet as stated above is worth 100 million and even as a millionaire thats well off ESPECIALLY when your dating a billionaire who Im sure if footing the bill for eveything!Not to mention her royaty checks from movies, albums, tours, song writing… I am sure Janet is good financially. You dont hear about her selling property or getting repo'd.Im from the south myself and was raised by my grandmother but I saw the hell my brother took her through and it really took a toll on her overall health trying to keep up with him and him running over her. Yes, grandparents raise kids all the time but that dosnt mean its easy.Sometimes they need a break, and if I am not mistaken Katherine left instructions on caring for them.Lets not just act like these Jackson kids are so innocent, they are spoiled and do come from THE JACKSONS… So I am sure they are a handful to deal with!Honestly I DO NOT believe Janets intentions behind this is greed, maybe her brothers but not hers.I agree with the people above, there is still somethng missing, not quite sure what, but its a part of this story that hasnt been told yet and maybe thats Janet's side… Because the Jackson's are known for their greed and drama but when have you ever seen Janet involved in it…?WHERE IS LATOYA TO SPILL ALL THE REAL TEA!!!!

  15. How is Latoya the sane person? As much flesh as she done cut on her body? All of them Jacksons (including the momma) done lopped off their noses like the sphinx and got chins like dudley dooright, but Latoya and Michael are the ONLY ones who took plastic surgery/skin lightening to that level. Man, I think them kids is like "Village of the Damned", some Mkultra mind control assasins — bring "our Grandma" back so we can kill her type sht. Momma Jackson probably woke up in the middle of the night with Blanket standing over her with a meat cleaver…

  16. Good Golly Tamra, you are so defensive…people can think and flesh out their own ideas based on a reading…no one is a sheep and u are not the end all be all for gossip…yeah u said what u said but the poster has their own qustions…that's what the forum is for, do u always have to go to the defense? U are always a crazy defender, and most times it's not called for…do u just want sheep readers that cosign and agree with everything u say? cause this is the real world baby and that ain't happening

  17. Janet seems to have a close relationship with Randy, and takes an active role in family drama. According to the book titled "Family Values" written by Jermaine Jackson's former wife:"The next day Katherine went to Joe Jackson Productions on Sunset Boulevard to make certain Gina knew she meant business. She was not alone. She had brought backup in the form of Janet, then age fourteen, and Randy, then eighteen. They meant business as well.Randy is said to have entered the office first, asking several employees to leave so that he could speak with Gina alone. When they complied, Janet joined her brother and got into a heated argument with Gina about her relationship with their father. When Katherine entered the office, Janet grabbed Gina's wrist to hold her in place. Katherine attacked Gina, pulling her hair and screaming, "I told you I was gonna get you, bitch."There are several versions of this story, hut all of them end the same way. Randy knocked Gina to the ground, and all three dragged the woman from the office, beating her about the face and head. People in the building heard Gina's screams and came to her aid. They were first told to stay out of it. "This is family business," Janet is alleged to have said. As more and more bystanders gawked in disbelief, the Jackson trio made a getaway down the elevator and disappeared."Thus, from the book, it appears that even way back then, she and Randy would work together to take care of family business. Maybe it is the same dynamic at work here?PS: You really should read the book. Jermaine Jackson is a real piece of … work.

  18. Wow. Thanks for the comment. I think a lot of people are mislead by Janet's baby voice. No grown woman or man (Michael) actually speaks that way. It's some put on that they held over to adulthood. Sorta like Madonna and her British accent. :) That is an interesting excerpt. Is this the wife that Jermaine and Randy shared? THAT wife certainly needs to write a book. I have a backlog on my bookshelf at the moment or I'd order that.

  19. No, the book was written by Margaret Maldonado Jackson. When she left Jermaine, Jermaine moved on to Randy's squeeze — Alejandro — who was living in the Jackson estate with her two kids. Apparently, Randy was very upset about that. The book had some interesting insights into the family. Although, as a devout Jehovah Witness wife, Katherine was very subservient to Joe, as the children grew to hate and exclude Joe from their lives, the power shifted from Joe to Katherine. I also found it very strange how the brother would keep bringing out-of-wedlock children (Jermaine's and Randy's) to be raised within the Jackson estate. Most other families usually try to ignore such illegitimate offspring.

  20. I don't think the woman who wrote the book Famil Values is the same one who was recently living with Katherine and the kids. I could have sworn I read on TMZ whne she was aske dte leave teh compund that she was told to sign something saying she wouldn't write a tell-all, but with a lot of stuff you hear about this family you honestly don't know what to believe

  21. Here we go…. I found the part in the book that talks about how the Jackson family power structure evolved:"There had indeed been a change of guard at the Jackson house. Years before, when Katherine had joined Joseph in California, he was in total control, so much so that he didn't even want her to learn how to drive. Her job was in the home, scrubbing, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. Katherine was from the school that believed a woman's role in life was to give birth, nurture, and die. The concept of getting involved in business was foreign to her and Joseph never discussed the family business dealings with her. Only later, as the children matured, did Katherine come into her own. She's a savvy woman with wonder fid natural instincts and possesses a certain logic that transcends education. As the children grew up and rebelled against Joseph's tyranny, they all turned to Katherine, their rock in the storm.While Joseph had tremendous drive, he had no business sense. The children saw that repeatedly, even as kids. It was Joseph who had allowed them to sign off on their Motown contracts and royalties. And, as Joseph aged, his business practices became even more suspicious and plunged the family into lawsuit after lawsuit. Joseph's wheeling and dealing eventually turned into such a legal mess that he couldn't receive any direct income in his own name. Any money he was due went to Katherine. The woman who was told not to take driving lessons was not totally in the driver's seat, and it was a role she began to enjoy."

  22. Dose the book mention Joseph's other daughter?

  23. Yes, it includes a little info on Rebbie, and substantially more on LaToya.

  24. No I mean the one that they claim he had with another woman. The rumor is she lives in Oakland,CA

  25. Another baby?! Well, "Family Values" is an old book. It came out sometime in the mid-nineties. So if the other daughter was brought into the household after that time, she is not included in the book.The only baby mentioned in the book that likely belongs to Joe is Dante. According to the book:"Another new face at the Jackson house is an eighteen-month-old baby named Dante, whom Joseph brought into the family one day from Las Vegas. While no one in the family is claiming paternity, he calls Jermaine "Daddy" and Alijandra "Mommy" despite the fact that Alijandra has not recently been pregnant. Joseph remains silent on the issue."(PS: Alijandra is the woman who has children by both Randy and Jermaine. Jermaine divorced her some time ago, and is now married to a Muslim woman.)

  26. "I also found it very strange how the brother would keep bringing out-of-wedlock children (Jermaine's and Randy's) to be raised within the Jackson estate. Most other families usually try to ignore such illegitimate offspring."In certain powerful families throughout history, the bloodline is paramount, even bordering on incest (cousins).

  27. Didnt Janet just sign a multi million dollar deal with nuetri-system?How can she ever be broke with no money coming in?As a matter a fact didnt she cancel a sold out world tour a few years back? Why would she do that if she was hurting for Money?Janet is the type of artist that will always be able to tour and make money.. She's an icon in her own right…Isnt this the first time we've ever seen her publicly involved in Jackson drama.

  28. Hmm

    You know how Beyoncé can do no wrong in some people's minds/eyes? Well, that is how I feel about Janet. I'm 29 and I have always loved Janet. So I have nothing negative, maybe even objective, to say.However, the relationship between siblings is one of the most complex, beautiful and potentially lethal relationships that can happen. Siblings often think alike, reason alike and have an uncanny sense of perception and justice with regard to each other.It is easy to see why Janet bands with Randy, whether or not she should be. This issue is at least in part about money. Janet needs the family to have other sources of revenue other than her. $100-150 million may sound substantial, but when you start supporting extravagant lifestyles for several siblings and tens of their offspring it does not go very far.Janet should remove herself from this mess and just accept the outcome. She is an icon and has the potential to make millions more. For example, she could host American Idol or X factor, which would bring in a $5-15 million. She could do another smaller tour with only a few shoes in select destinations. She could spend time and sift through hundreds, maybe even thousands, of songs to find just the right ones and make another hit album. Her possibilities are really limitless and endless. There are many people who have a fanatical devotion to Janet Jackson; that in and of itself translates to million. Ka-ching!

  29. Hmm

    Also, I've done a bit of fact checking as there seems to be conflicting info about her tours.Janet's recent tour, The Number Ones, that was canceled was mostly sold out or nearly sold out. So the notion that her touring does not do well is false.It was never really clear why she abruptly canceled the tour other than she was "ill."So while money may be only 'going out' as it was put by some, she can bring money in if she wants to.

  30. For those expecting to hear from LaToya, you might as well let that one go for now. OWN television has made an announcement that she will have her own show to add to their program line-up: it'll be the standard middle aged female fare about starting a new phase in your life, trying to balance out different hats (in Toya's case, life between Vegas & Los Angeles, her C list-products-spokesmodel business that she's made into a mini-empire over the last 15 years)…and I doubt she's trying to bring the family tomfoolery too deeply into her circle of influence now that she's going to operating under the Oprah stamp of approval.

  31. oprah prob called and said save it for the show so la toya's holding her tongue for now. lolbtw: i saw earlier someone said about latoya lightening her skin–if you look at older pics of the jacksons when they were teens, she was ALWAYS the lightest of them all. she almost looked mixed so its possible she didnt do much skin lightening as we think..

  32. btw Tamara, TMZ has a story right now that Katherine is now saying that she was duped into going to Arizona, she doesnt say who, but unnamed parties, tricked her..I find myself feeling like if she is so easily duped, she is probably better off not having full custody of the kids..sweetnessnbubba

  33. "she almost looked mixed so its possible she didnt do much skin lightening as we think.." So you saying she didn't do none at all? That's like saying bbwh smoked a little bit of crack! It's the same exact thing… Katerine and Joe bit themselves in the behind, they raised those kids (Michael and them) to think "white is right" and now they are paying for it. Caucasian people don't like the idea of African-americans raising those kids anyway, plus they got that music publishing?!! As soon as TPTB get a lock on who got those rights? Watch those Beatles jingles commercials coming out the woodworks!!!

  34. Ok, why if a black person is light they must have either lightened their skin or they're mixed? I have neither lightened my skin and both of my parents are black. I get so sick and tired of black women asking if those are my real eyes/hair and then when I say yes, they assume one of my parents are white. And some black men are the worst. I think they actually think they're complimenting me by oohing and ahhing over how light I am…you look white. As if that makes me some prize. When they say that I know there's some real self-hatred going on and I get out of dodge. But I do know many women who fall for that nonsense as if it makes them special that they have a lighter complexion. We come in all different shades and we all know why. But what does it matter hell I'd hoped the days were over when we were so caught up in the complexion of someone's skin. It's not "white" ppl who have some plot out against us it's our own ignorance. And just who are these "Caucasion people who don't like the idea of African-Americans raising those kids"? They aren't their kids so why do they give a good darn, I'm black and don't care who does or doesn't raise them. It's none of my business.

  35. Will there ever come a day in my lifetime where we can talk about some family drama, which is a universal issue that all of us might experience without it become a racial issue?I'm SOFA KING over it. Why are we blaming a racial group for this? What are we blaming a racial group in the Nicola Furlong posts?WHEN will we realize we are all people? We all have problems. Every family has problems. When some of you get older you unfortunately likely see shit go down with your siblings you never expected. Everything is not about skin color. Why are y'all so focused on that?

  36. "The case gained worldwide attention shortly after it developed, due to her claiming that a black man stole her car and kidnapped her sons.""They hit me over the head and yelled 'dirty black'. Then they put handcuffs on me and shoved me out of the door, as Aleksandra pulled Davide away, screaming.""Storro described her alleged attacker as a black woman, prompting a stream of racial comments in response to online stories on the case. At one point, The Columbian shut down comments after being barraged by posts linking to white supremacist websites.""Police said they don't know why Storro chose to describe her attacker as African American. Before they suspected her story was false, officers stopped several women who matched the description, Cook said.""Massive outrage across Miami followed the news of Rene Betancourt Jr.'s brutal beating at the hands of 'three to five black men.' But surveillance video from the scene of the incident showed that Mr Betancourt wasn't attacked – he smacked into a wall while skating in a parking garage – and he may face charges for fibbing."Amadou Bailo Diallo/Abner Louima/Sean Bell/Ousmane Zongo/Johnny Gammage———————————–"Everything is not about skin color. Why are y'all so focused on that?"BECAUSE EVERYTHING IN/INFLUENCED BY AMERICA IS BASED ON SKIN COLOR. But thanks for clarifying WHO YOU ARE. Do your thing dude. GET MONEY. It does cast an interesting light on your criticisms of certain housewives though… I am gone, won't be posting here again. Thanks again for the info on Richard Hinds/Nicola Furlong.

  37. The family drama the Jackson's are going through has nothing to do with who lightened their skin color or what race Michael's kids are. This family drama is about MONEY. Plain and simple. It's ludicrious to suggest that the race of Michael's children, or the lawyers, have anything to do with what is happening. The Richard Hinds case is a completely different situation. But here, in this thread, its about money. Not whether La Toya or Michael lightened their skin color.It's an issue of greed. Which is pretty universal.

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