Adrienne Maloof’s Husband Paul Files for Legal Separation

Is this even really news?  Didn’t Brandi make some comment at the reunion about Adrienne’s marriage being…I forget how she put it but she made a comment that implied that Adrienne’s marriage was …less than ideal. Just from watching the show, you never see Adrienne being affectionate toward Paul. She seemed to have at best a cold indifference to him. Rumors are all over the Internet that Paul and Adrienne have an open marriage.  There are all sorts of marriages in this day and age. Particularly in marriages that have financial entanglements that are difficult to tease apart.  With Paul filing, it says to me that perhaps one of his other relationships has become emotionally committed and he wants a more traditional sort of marriage with a deeper emotional component.

Adrienne recently went all Taylor Armstrong on Brandi for bad mouthing her on twitter by getting her lawyer to send a cease and desist letter to Brandi.  For the most part Brandi is just repeating the rumors circulating that Adrienne and Paul’s marriage was not a traditional marriage. A few months ago Brandi accused Adrienne of planting false stories about her.  Adrienne apparently made Brandi the target for all the conversations going on in their hood. Everyone is entitled to have whatever mutually agreed upon situation they’d like with their spouse. But people will find out eventually, and you can’t control what others say about your arrangement with lawyers and intimidation. Refusing to travel or film with your cast is not a good look either. Especially, when the other person who followed that path this season was Taylor Armstrong.

Adrienne is now saying that she has to do what is best for the kids. I would think it would have been best not to mention them at all, rather than make it seem they are the cause for the divorce. In fact, I would not have suggested making a statement to Radar Online, or any other media source. Taylor just made a statement that her daughter is happier since her father’s suicide, and now Adrienne is saying that she is divorcing for the sake of her children? These two must have really gotten close while the rest of the cast was in Paris. They are like two peas in a pod all the sudden.

One thing is for certain, this will be a long an complicated divorce. The Maloof side of the investments have been losing money and in disarray for a couple of years. I don’t know what Paul has a stake in but he’s going to need to do some legal maneuvering to get out from under the investment losses. Perhaps that is why Adrienne agreed to let him file. The 50/50 divorce rule in CA applies to debt as well as assets.



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16 responses to “Adrienne Maloof’s Husband Paul Files for Legal Separation

  1. I love that picture of Paul. He looks like he's saying, "come here you sexy beast". LOL

  2. Ive always thought Adrienne was weird towards her husband. Like she was never affectionate like Kyle or even Lisa. But it sucks all the way. And they have like 3 kids , BOYS. I hope they figure it out and are cordial. PS: Call me crazy but Paul is a handsome guy.

  3. You're not crazy:) I also think he's got something going on!

  4. Adrienne has always seemed to be a cold fish and Paul seems desperate for affection… Does anyone know if she had the boys or paid someone to carry them for her? Radar Online said he lives close as to be with the boys daily – hope they can all be happy… Also that the bitchfest is being filmed this week – pretty sure that will be brought up – even if A doesn't want it to be…Taylor saying her daughter is happier with daddy dead doesn't surprise me – really hard to guess what she's telling her – ruining any good memories the child may have of him… she is in desperate need of a stable parent & a therapist…

  5. Maybe Paul finally figured out Adrienne is Lebanese. NJB

  6. I am by no means a fan of Taylor's but what I think she means is that her daughter is out from under all the horrible stress of her parents rotten marriage and can be a light-hearted, happy child.No, you are not crazy, Paul is Hot Tamales!Adrienne always seemed irritated with him no matter what they were doing.Remember the dinner party at their house when Paul was being his playful self, trying to entertain their guests and Adrienne jumped on him like a monkey on a cupcake!All I can say is, Run Forest, run!

  7. SHOCKED!!!! Well, maybe not. Wasn't there a rumor that a surrogate mother was used for their kids? Was it so the ice princess didn't have to get…icky??WD

  8. Yep. There have been lots of rumors that are negative toward Adrienne. Brandi repeating them seemed to really piss her off. Down here we say a hit dog will holler…

  9. LOL at NJB. Adrienne is actually Lebonese for realsies. And well, rumors persist that your urband slang use of the term may also be correct. 😉

  10. I find it so strange for Adrienne to say divorce is for sake of kids. Kids don't benefit from divorce unless it removes them from unstable parent or lots of fighting and stress in the house. If that is the case (the stress) than don't lay that blame on the kids. Kids always feel it is their fault so why would any decent parent publically say that. Just say that we can be better parents to our kids by being apart so we can be positive in front of the kids, then own up to working hard to behave in best interests of kids and keep it amicable.Wonder if Adrienne's attacks on Lisa have to do with jealousy over Lisa's marriage? Lisa and Ken do at least come across as playful whereas Paul was playful but Adrienne never was.Still always sad to see a marriage end especially with kids. Paul seems to spend a lot of time with the boys, hope he can continue that.

  11. I really thought they had a good marriage, but I don't watch the show that often. It is well known here in LA, that the Maloof family, is going broke. Paul has ask Adrienne to cut back on her spending, but she refused. Maybe this is a way, for Paul to save his business and separate himself, from his wife's money. This could possibly be another Nene and Greg.

  12. Have you seen pictures of Paul when he was young? He was HOT. Now he just looks like Bob Pinciati (google it).

  13. Vp

    On the season 1 reunion Adrienne said they've got a prenup. I'm sure it's iron clad and addresses issues of debt and assets.

  14. PESTILENCEPretty funny…Bob Pinciati could be Paul's cousin…Paul still has some hotness left – not sure Bob ever had any… Let's make him Paul's odd cousin… Don't think Paul will be lonely much longer, hope he gets someone without the icy rod shoved up her ass – he deserves to have fun in life – once your dead it's forever – he needs to be happy…TAMARAHow's you very bouncy dog doing?

  15. Couple of things: Paul is definitely HOT!!! You know how a woman behaves towards a man that's really getting on her last nerve or she just doesn't like him too much? Well that's the impression Adrienne gives me, for whatever reason she just wasn't that "into" Paul anymore so even his shadow irked her. It happens, people fall in and out of love/like all the time especially if they confused the two from the beginning. As for the children benefitting from their divorce. I think many ppl might not understand how damaging it is for children to be in a household where the parents argue, dislike each other or are just dismissive. It teaches them this is how relationships are and this is how the cycle of dysfunction begins. I work with Psychiatric patients everyday from adolescent to adult and trust me in some cases it would have been better had the parents divorced. Too many ppl think children aren't aware of what's happening around them but they are more aware than many adults give them credit for…they see and take in everything. No child benefits in the long run from being reared in a home where the parents are obviously not in love/like anymore. As for refusing to film with cast mates etc. it wouldn't be a good look if Adrienne relied on her RHOBH check to fund her lifestyle but since we all know Ms. Maloof doesn't need RHOBH she can do as she chooses and let Bravo decide if they want to deal with it. I wish the two of them would seek counseling before finally pulling the plug on their marriage, they might find their issues aren't as insurmountable as they think. Good Luck to all of them!

  16. Women will love Paula, he is very nice and a handsome gentlemen. Maybe he wants to come to Dearborn, he will be okay, she is somewhat materialistic.

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