Richard Hinds To Be Tried as an Adult in Tokyo

Two preliminary court proceedings were held in Tokyo this week. On Thursday, the family of Nicola Furlong, including her parents and her sister, attended court to give  victim impact statements. Nicola’s father gave the statement to the court outlining the tragic impact Nicola’s death has had on their lives. When Andrew Furlong gave his address to the court the defendant, Richard Hinds, was seated well in front of him with his back to the courtroom and family. The family did not come face to face with the defendant.

On Friday, the court made the decision to try Hinds as an adult, despite being considered a minor, at age 19, under Japanese law. If found guilty, the maximum penalty under the adult court system will be life in prison, as opposed to five years for a minor. In addition to the much greater penalties, the court proceedings in adult court will be much more open giving access to the public and media. The video above shows the parents positive response to the ruling as well as pictures of the hotel where the death occured and the courtroom. I’ll keep you updated as I find out new information on the case.


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  1. Well, as the source said previously, with a dead body in the room, he wasn't going to be going home anytime soon… We all know how the Japanese love to save face, and Japanese governmental authorities need to save face even more… there is only one way I see to end this and get ol' boy out of trouble (if he is really innocent)…

  2. I do know if he is innocent or not. But I hope the police tell us or show us what they have. There appear to be no family members making public appeals for help through the media. For me this is telling. If I had a relative in this situation I felt was innocent, I'd be standing in front of every TV camera I could begging for help. The Memphis media doesn't so much as mention him. He doesn't have supporters here anymore. It seems everyone has accepted the fact he is guilty. I'd like to see Hinds make some sort of a statement but that is unlikely to happen.

  3. Memphis news only mention something if they can make a minority look bad – which is why Channel 5 was about the only station to report anything at all (they sensationalize a baby pooping in his diapers). If someone got shot in North Memphis and then ate the body, they would report that in detail all day. There is also the possibility that the family may think its useless to appeal to the public, cause so few cared when the story first broke (or their Memphis lawyers just aint sht – we have seen that before – look at Brian Banks)? Have you heard anything more from Mr. Hinds' supposed girlfriend? From years of going to Memphis churches, I purely thought the dude wasn't heterosexual to begin with, hence my assumption that he was babysitting the female from the get. Thanks for the info! You are reporting more than BT is, and all of them live there!

  4. He has a lot of support in Memphis. There just staying away from media.

  5. Why would they not want to speak to the media? I assume that to mean they now believe he is guilty, and have spoken to him? Otherwise why would they not be seeking out the media…

  6. It might be because there is a lot of racial hatred going on in the Midsouth this election year. Right now there is a big controversy on the Commercial Appeal's website, because a lot of racial comments were being made regarding the schools(?), and attorneys have now subpoenaed the Commercial Appeal for the posters' identities.

  7. The Memphis media is so busy covering the Election that they missed the Memphis music community rallying together for a benefit concert for Richard. WE believe in him and believe God will work this situation out! WE are continuously praying for him and his family and giving them the privacy they have asked for.

  8. Twitter hashtag: #inRichwebelieve will lead you to exactly the event I'm talking about.

  9. Thanks for the info. I just tweeted. Any info on the benefit, pics, etc would be appreciated at

  10. I would have gone to that! I usually avoid Memphis music concerts/events cause of the last record release party I attended (three girls and 300 guys). Ah well. Glad to hear about it now, will be checking the for more info as it develops.

  11. Does anyone know how much was raised? Strange to see that both families are doing exactly the same thing.

  12. Don't worry about Nicola's family getting the money. The same people that are paying for George Zimmermann's lawyers, etc are kicking some money their way too, rest assured (my observation, per watching the candy-coated way the media is treating that Colorado shooter).

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