Randy Jackson Done Lost His Everlovin’ Mind, Y’all

Randy has been tweeting for the past few days like a mad man. In his latest twitlonger complete with number points, he claims that the Estate is trying to isolate Katherine from her family so that they can kill her.  Also that the estate is using the media to spin the family drama. Oh and also that the bad people around Michael are the ones the estate is trying to keep around Katherine.  Um Randy, that would be you. You and your three siblings are the ones that took Katherine to the Arizona desert and holed her up with no contact with the outside world for ten days. You are the one that sent the quackadoodle doctor out to diagnose Katherine with…the need for isolation away from the children she is raising. You are the one feeding stories to X17 that make no sense and that no one believes. That’s all on you, Randy. If anyone is trying to kill your mother, it’s YOU.

Meanwhile, thanks to you kidnapping your mother, Randy, an investigator has been sent to the school to pull Paris, Prince and Blanket out of their classes to be individually interviewed about who they feel comfortable living with so the judge can decide what to do about Katherine since you finally got her home after a nearly day long ride presumably on a horse and buggy across three states. Good job, Randy. Now the kids school day isn’t even protected from this ridiculous family feud.

I never thought I’d be typing this, Randy, but listen to La Toya and just shut up. She is right, you are dragging the Jackson family name through the mud. You should be aware that your family name was not particularly pristine before you began this vendetta. Y’all get all excited that Paris tweets that her grandmother is missing, and yet how many stories have you put on  X17? How many Good Morning America interviews have you granted?  Newflash: your spin on this story isn’t flying with anyone.

It seems that Katherine has agreed to let TJ do the heavy lifting when it comes to raising the kids and Katherine can be a co-guardian in charge of being a nurturing grandmother. Why does that bother you so much Randy? All the parties involved are in agreement, what’s it to you?

In other news, your ridiculous stunts have now made there was to Conrad Murray in solitary confinement. He’s added Katherine to his visitation list because he thinks she might need a friend.  Sure, he sorta kinda killed Michael, but he’s still a step above you. You are trying to kill your own mother. So go back and read your twitlonger again, Randy and replace the names of all the people you are accusing  of things, with your own name.


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21 responses to “Randy Jackson Done Lost His Everlovin’ Mind, Y’all

  1. FYI, from southern California you can directly enter Arizona and vice versa – not cross three states:)

  2. It really doesn't sound all that crazy. Maybe it's just me but it really sounds plausible.

  3. I've never wanted a twitter account before all this Jackson madness. They are really going at it! But seriously, they really need to stop twittering – twatting, etc.Whatever their intentions, they mucked up trying to keep Katherine hidden and in the dark.

  4. All those brothers and sisters thinking they can come and go as they please in the home the those kids live in is crazy to me. They are Micheal's siblings, they actually have no rights legally. If my brothers or sister did that to me… oh hell no! My husband's siblings thought they should have a key to house..lol. We would never even think about wanting a key to theirs! All those Jackson's just want a piece of the piece cuz they are all broke ass. A lot of people think that family should always take care of family… and it is usually the lazy/poor members that feel this way. I say once you reach a certain age, you are on your own!

  5. Now I know the feeling of wanting to kill a loved one, especially when there is a lot of money involved, but one should do it privately, not step by step on Twitter. Regardless my heart goes out to those 3 precious petri dish children, Prints, Tokyo and Wet Blanket. When it comes to a point that Latoya is the sensible one in the family, it's time get the kids the hell away from the whole damn family. NJB

  6. Anon 4:09,Clearly the went the long way. :)It was like an 18 hour trip.

  7. they went the long… the better to get the drugs out of her system, and work on her with the story…where is Latoya chatting about this stuff, I have been working all day.. I hate when that happens!sweetnessnbubba

  8. Blanket is homeschooled…fyi

  9. found Latoya on tmz.. thanks for the heads up that the drama is still rolling along..Who knew that LaToya would be the voice of sanity? Sweetness

  10. The question that needs to be asked: Randy, you back smoking that stuff?

  11. Well, we obviously have a different opinion, cause I think homeboy may actually be telling the truth… Did anyone watch that ABC special yet? Watch the special! I don't know why you all are tripping about him driving all that way — If I thought people were trying to kill me, I wouldn't be flying on no plane either! You all are looking at them coventionally pretty caucasian kids and be like "awww… they need their money…" If Katherine Jackson dies within a year from now, we will know why, and that none of us did anything to prevent it. Shout out to Sherman Helmsley, another coincidental demise this year…

  12. I agree…the story is believable. The people around Katherine her business partner the estate lawyers all seem shady. They are opportunist who want MJ money just as much as the family. If the money is going to be blown threw which these lawyers will inevitably do then it should be kept between Katherine.. MJ's kids and siblings only. I believe the will is fake…so what if the judge held it up. People can say what they want but white folks don't like to see black folks have nothing and that judge was not gone let dem negroes control a billion dollar estate. MJ took care of his mom and all the brother's and sisters and sister's in laws that lived at the house with her for years up until his death. I believe though he may have separated from his family before death because of drugs and paranoia and wrong people in the right ear. Now they are doing the same thing to Katherine trying to keep her from her family. When Katherine dies who would get the kids and control of the estate then? Janet may not have MJ money but she has her own money. Reebie has never been fame hound like the brothers. I don't know if they are trying to actually kill her but a woman that age under this stress and pressure it will not take much. The kids are young they are being brainwashed by the people over the estate who they trust because they are the ones who were with Michael and the kids in the last years of his life of paranoia…They trust them because he trusted them…but they are trusting the wrong people.

  13. This isn't about money for Janet. She has always been the first to run and fight her Mom's battles– even since back in the day (when Papa Joe used to cheat she'd be doing drive-bys with Mother Kate). Janet just got caught in the cross-fire of a good-plan gone bad. That is Joey (Janet's long-time bodyguard) in the pic playing UNO with Rebbie, Mother Kate and family. Have you wondered why he's there? Perhaps to watch Mother Kate and act as a mediator while Janet was in L.A. She is far from broke. She's frugal (her Birkins and Louboutins are given to her as gifts), she just got off tour and her dude has major stacks. Her brothers on the other hand are crumb snatchers. Randy's lazy ass has refused SEVERAL opportunities to make money (he wouldn't participate in the reality show or the tour). He should be the first to practice their two-step considering he shares a baby-mama with Jermaine and hasn't paid child support since the kids were in diapers (his daughter is an adult now). What people fail to realize is that the executors over Michael's estate are getting a salary just like Mother Kate. She's old and tired. I wouldn't be surprised if she suffers from a mild case of Alzsheimers; Joe does. Prince and Paris's biological mother is a money grubbing leech who wants nothing to do with them unless they're attached to a paycheck. As smart as Michael was, it's shocking that he was poorly advised on how to legally sever ties with a surrogate in this country. His children should've been legally adopted–regardless of whether she was paid to have them and had a contractual agreement or not. I don't know if you guys remember but Mother Kate had to fight for her grandchildren although Michael had a will. If she's proven to be incapable of caring for them, Debbie Rowe's attorneys and the executors will moonwalk all over their asses. Perhaps the family knows that her health is failing and thought it best to start the process of finding another guardian before the court does. The kids are indeed old enough to say whom they'd like to live with, however the executors have the man power to fight for Debbie Rowe, giving them even more control of his estate and his money. Please pray for the children y'all. Michael's brothers have always tried to capatalize off of his success; this is just another example of how they did it the wrong way.

  14. "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer" That security of Janet's could have been there TO WATCH THEM, not watch for their safety. And how is Janet going to be your model of family sanity? This woman done let JT pull her breast out on national TV (cause ABC told her to) and then was castigated as a ho (they always stereotype sisters as hos, brothers as criminals and dope dealers) for it. Plus Justin Timberlake didn't even get into trouble!!! And I am not even getting into his clique of Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera… I would say yeah, its crazy for them two to have the same baby mama, but I know that their reality is much more different from ours. People come at these folks sideways 24/7 – they don't know who to trust… Maybe that was the safest procreating gucci available to them within 3,000 miles? I don't know. Remember how the song 'Billie Jean" came about?

  15. I'm still not clear on what is going but this I know for sure…that little girl is too grown acting and she is putting TOOO much out there via Twitter. If Janet is trying to put her in her place, I don't blame her. Them kids done drove that poor lady crazy! She clearly needs some Big Mama, Madea type help with them kids!

  16. but don't blame the kids.. it's not their fault.. janet needs to sit down and stfu.. she lost points for signing that protest against the estate.. girl bye!

  17. This madness is coming now because Randy and the others know that their mother is 82 year old and the handouts that she is giving them each month will come to a stop when she passes. I don't know how this works but the 40% of MJs will that she was receiveing goes back to the trust.I am only 50 years old and I can tell you I would not want to be raising a bunch of teenagers at 82!!!The Jackson family were very talented but they never were very intelligent or educated.

  18. If Joe Jackson was such a bad father – I am not saying he wasn't, for leaving his son alone with Quincy Jones (forget that the man has been married to several trophy females, look at the later actions of his "proteges"), WHY would Michael name one of those kids after him (Joeseph)?

  19. There are 3 sides to every story. I'm with those that don't alwaysfollow and believe what the media wants us to believe. They have away of spinning and twisting things to make people look crazy when in fact they are very sane. It's just that the truth is so "out there" that when they try to tell it people who are following the spun lies call them crazy, which is the plan in the first place.Everybody thought LaToya was crazy and now they are calling her thevoice of reason and wondering where she is so she can shed some light.

  20. Michael's middle name was Joseph. The kid is named after himself not necessarily Papa Joe…This whole situation is insane. I wonder why the siblings aren't attacking the second-to-last version of the will as well. They're not in it either…

  21. The whole family is crazier than a box of fruit loops…brothers sharing the same baby momma. Can it get any worse.I'm #teamparis on this one. The shiftless lazy siblings (Randy, Rebbie, Jermaine, Janet) filing agaist the estate need to go get JOBS or better still have a seat. Randy and Jermaine want the money because they need help paying back child support and are trying to avoid jail time. Rebbie…nuff said. And Janet…girl get back into the studio and make a CD. Bunch of lazy leeches!Momma Katherine is the guardian of these children and for the siblings to think they could just wisk her away – without telling anyone and not allowing Paris, Prince and Blanket to talk to their grandmother is JUST PLAIN WRONG!!! I knew something was funny smelling in the water when Marlon said he wasn't allowed to speak with his mother either. WHO DOES THIS CRAP?!?!Maybe Paris shouldn't be airing out family business on twitter, but neither should Randy's broke azz! And who does Janet think she is for trying to snatch Paris' phone…why didn't she snatch Randy's since he's so busy tweeting too????All this nonsense makes you think that maybe, just maybe MJ was in his RIGHT frame of mind leaving absolutely nothing to his sibling. I'm just saying…

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