Kile Glover Laid to Rest in Atlanta This Morning

Kile Glover, son of Tameka Foster and Ryan Glover was laid to rest this morning following a service at Wieuca Baptist Church. The arrangements were made by Willie A. Watkins funeral home. The service was a top of the line production that would have made Phaedra Parks proud. Hundreds of mourners attended the service in formal attire. The casket was removed from the church in a processional that included trumpeteers.  Pictured left in a gray suit, is Kile’s father Ryan.  Tameka Foster can be seen behind him with her surviving children. Kile was 11 years old.

Nene Leakes and her Boo Gregg returned from LA on the redeye to attend the funeral this morning. Cynthia Bailey and hubby Peter were also said to be in attendance.  This surprises me. I would have expected Kandi and Phaedra to attend. So far I have no confirmation of that.  Update: Phaedra was there. I am not surprised given her obsession with funerals.

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8 responses to “Kile Glover Laid to Rest in Atlanta This Morning

  1. So sad…my thoughts and prayers go out to Tameka, her ex-husband…and their respective families.

  2. Kandi is not friendly with Tameka. Tameka publicly made libelous claims against Kandi concerning something with Usher and Kandi subsequently responded with a heated message of her own via a radio interview. Anyhow, this entire situation is tragic. No parent should have to bury a child and I don't even want to imagine the anguish Tameka must have felt when trying to explain her son's death to her younger children who can't possibly grasp the concept at their ages. I'm praying for everyone involved.-Jay

  3. Thanks for the info, Jay!

  4. I appreciate you referencing Kile Glover's Dad, Ryan and not referring to him as Usher Raymond's step-son as so many other media outlets have continued to do. Shows class and respect for a difficult situation. If you were to feed into other websites you would think that he was an absentee father which is not true. Tameka left him for usher and took the kids. When usher left her she tried to go back( so he could not have been all bad) but he was already getting/or actually remarried. While usher played an important role in Kile's life for the 2 or 3 yrs together and afforded them many "red carpet opportunities" while married for the year or so his father was also very present in he and his brother's lives. Prayers go out to Tameka and Ryan and all of the family including Usher who will have to help Tameka help their children understand loss at such a young age…but again Kudos to you for acknowledging Mr. Glover who in a way lost his son three times. 1st in divorce…then to the media…and now in life.

  5. Thanks for acknowledging Kile's father. I saw a picture on another blog of Phaedra at the service. As the previous person stated Kandi lashed out at Tameka because called her loose for saying Usher was her celebrity crush. My thoughts and prayers to Tameka and Ryan Glover and there family on the loss of the love one.

  6. phaedra was looking pretty sharp

  7. Phaedra looks snatched.

  8. Concerning Phaedra, When I see her dressed I always wonder how the next size up would look because it always looks like she brought the wrong size. Maybe that is the size she USED TO wear and she is in denial. Phaedra sweetie…let it go and get the next size up so you can breathe. The picture of her coming down the steps you can clearly see that dress is too small.

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