The Uno Picture WAS Taken at Miraval

I can verify that the Uno picture was in fact taken at Miraval Resort. It looks like Katherine was in Villa 16. You can match up the lattice work behind Rebbie’s kid. I research this because a commenter suggested that Katherine could have been brought to Miraval today for the news conference.  The villa rents for about $2,000 a night and is over 3,000 square feet inside with a large area of about the same square footage outside. This explains why the marketing director for Miraval was there. Clearly they worked a publicity deal to pay the nearly $20K in costs. I wonder if they had the TVs taken out to keep Katherine from seeing the news.

Click throught to see Uno Picture.

Also Alan Duke was on Dr. Drew tonight around 9:30 p.m. EST and Katherine was “still traveling” home. I wonder if she will be home by the time I wake up tomorrow.


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7 responses to “The Uno Picture WAS Taken at Miraval

  1. so she had time to play uno at the spa with rebie & co but couldnt be bothered to check on the kids shes been entrusted with by her dead son??? how lame is that. i watched her rambling interview (a part from tmz)..her assistant was checking in on the kids..really??? what kind of guardian are you?#TeamTJ

  2. I just wanted to know why her kids looked so menacing in the interview. janet looked like she was gonna hurt somebody. Another note–I have never seen Mrs. jackson reading from a notebook before, what is that about?

  3. Janet must be broke too. Why else is she trying to ride the Michael train? I thought she was pretty financially set, but obviously not.WD

  4. I don't think its about money for Janet. I think something is going on behind the scenes that hasn't come out yet. I also believe it involves Trent and that Janet was really trying to protect her mother from something.Completely weird way of doing it by whisking her away and denying the kids contact.I keep hearing that the cooks and housekeepers were let go by presumably Trent to try to prove that the kids were left to fend for themselves. I'm definitely waiting to hopefully hear the whole story at some point.

  5. I believe Trent is the scapegoat for the greedy siblings who got themselves into a big public debacle. TJ has said nothing negative about Trent and has as far as we know left him in the house. I think the greedy siblings are jealous of Trent because he essentially works for the estate and gets paid to watch over Katherine and the kids. Trent probably has a financially easier life than they do. Mostly because he has a J-O-B.

  6. trent jackson is tj jackson…

  7. No he isn't Trent is Joe Jackson's nephew,(amd Katherines) he is the sone of Joe's brother (either luther or laweremce) TJ is Tito's son,Katherine and Joe's grandson. They look nothing alike. TJ is very attractive ….

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