Katherine Jackson Is Back Home With Prince, Paris and Blanket

Last night after midnight, Paris tweeted that her grandma was still not home.  Marlon was also tweeting that he still had no idea where his mother was and why she was not home at 12:39 a.m. At 2:51 a.m. Paris tweeted that Katherine was home and that she has been up for 23 hours. Then Prince Michael posted the following on twitter at 4:31 a.m.

I would first like to start off this tweet by thanking the fans that have always stood by me and my family, my dad really appreciated your support and I still treasure it to this day. As I am sure everyone is well aware of the events that have been going on. I have been holding off on backing up my sister and her tweets avidly because I was waiting for the time to reveal my side. As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways. Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt. The following image is of a group chat I had started to several family members. This group text message I had started was replied to but they didn’t know that I could see the responses. For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. “If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth”

-Michael Jackson Jr.

 There are a lot of interesting things about this tweet. First, notice Rebbie is “Aunt Rebbie”  but Aunt Janet is “Janet Jackson.”  It also seems that Prince was waiting on his grandmother to get home and talk to her before he started putting people on blast. He makes a point to show us that Janet, in particular, is behind separating Katherine from MJ’s kids. What on earth is going on with Janet? While Randy and Jermaine have a history of this sort of thing, Janet’s behavior is surprising.  Also, as a former teacher, I’d like to give Prince an ‘A’ for making his point with clarity and a lack of escalating language.  Also, since when does Prince call himself “Michael Jackson Jr.?”  Part of me wonders if this was written by a 15 year old boy. If so, he seems quite intelligent.

It is obvious that the kids were kept from Katherine just as the siblings not in on the nefarious plot were.  Paris says she is going into hibernation due to lack of sleep, and who can blame her. I hope Prince continues to keep us updated from the Calabasas camp as the story continues…

UPDATE: Suspicions continue over whether Prince actually sent that tweet. It was sent shortly after Paris went to bed (4:02 a.m.).  Just after 2 pm today, the tweet was removed. According to Alan Duke who is a CNN reporter with close ties to the story, a tweet was then put up claiming Prince’s account was hacked. Then that tweet was also removed. WHATEVER DOES IT ALL MEAN? :)

Breaking NEWS: The kids are back on their twatters! Prince has regained his account and put the above statement and photo back on his timeline. This is great news for me because they give the best dirt!


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17 responses to “Katherine Jackson Is Back Home With Prince, Paris and Blanket

  1. It's official, the Jacksons have broken twitter. I can't get on to tweet this. If anyone can tweet this, I'd appreciate it. Just mash the little t at the end of the article. Thanks!

  2. oh my… this is really getting exciting!!!!janet??? oh really… hmmmmmthanks for the updates :)

  3. This was a set up frm the begginning. Get Katherine on vaca, tell her she is going to not have to have 0 to worry about, tell her to surrender her phone (what you tell ur spouse when ur on vaca) Then make Rebbie look like the hero, take her to a nice spa, call the spa ahead of time and tell them to take the t.v. away etc.Then Greed Leaders, Jermaine and Randy contest the will, make it look like Katherine is abandoning her Grand kids, (smh) LIE say she had a stroke ( go Paris, tell the truth)THEN the circus began, it's out there the events since then. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

  4. Can we all agree that the ENTIRE family needs therapy. All of them. And also there is enough blame in this situation for everybody. Kids should be kids and not be putting their family business on the internet. Thats just disrespectful. But the adults should be acting like adults as well. Its all a mess. But to this text message. It just seems fishy to me. First off why is 2 of his family members full names in his phone? Not a single one of my family is in my phone like that. Its all Aunt Nina, Uncle Joe, etc. Weird. Also clearly that isnt the entire conversation. And clearly whatever 'Janet' supposedly wrote was not done. It was only the 1st line of the message. Why not show the rest? There is always 3 sides to every story. We need to see all 3.PS: Even if Janet said Dont let them please, why would she send that to prince? It just seems real fishy and odd to me

  5. He prob changed it to show it was janet on his phone or he was pissed so he didnt want to say aunt or janet might just be janet while rebbie is aunt rebbie…my relatives are not uncle aunt this on my contacts either. But it is weird how adult this message sounds. Either hes really that mature or someone else wrote it

  6. Those children have always been very smart. Michael always kept them in school, therefore I would not be surprised if it were Prince that wrote it. As for Janet replying back to Prince, when you reply to the text when it is a group it sends it to everyone in the message. She probably did not know that and mistakenly sent it to him.

  7. Remember when the weirdest thing about the Jacksons was Michael's nose?

  8. What mature, responsible adult leaves three minors to look after themselves for ten days? Perhaps there were employees in the house (Though Katherine herself said several people in her absence, including the housekeeper, had been fired) they are not the childrens guardian.Okay Miss Janet, we finally get a reeeeel glimpse of you through this mess.Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet, stand down. The gravy boat has sailed and your names are not on the manifest.Here's a thought…..pay your own way through this life and not try and leech off Michael and his children!

  9. According to Michael he was close to Randy, Marlon, Jermaine, Janet and his mother. According to Michael himself, he, Janet and Randy were close b/c they were close in age. He and Jermaine were close b/c he was the big brother and looked after Michael. I can see them, Jer an Mic growing apart b/c of Jeramine's age and philandering ways. I can see him and Randy growing apart b/c they both had substance abuse issues. I can see him and Marlon growing apart b/c Marlon has made a name for himself in the business world and worked to take care of his family. In fact, Marlon is the one family member aside from Rebbie that supports their family w/o cashing in on the Jackson name/fame. Regardless, why the disrespect of their aunt Janet? Do they really think she is after their money? Please. Sad. Michael and his sister Janet were as close as Janet and Randy are today, which is probably why Janet is involved in the mess to support Randy. In any case, all of this could have been avoided if Michael had not been an ass-wipe and wiped the entire family out of the estate with the exception of those adopted kids and his mother. It's a shame this is all about money but let's face it, it is. They are broke. I imagine Jermaine is not the only one in trouble for back child support in that family.Not one to pick on the dead but what person, with that kind of wealth, disregards everyone with the exception of his mother? It's not like there wouldn't have been enough to take care of those bratty ass little kids? Some of the wealthiest people alive are leaving their wealth to charitable causes, IN ADDITION TO FAMILY. Michael leaves his fortune to his adopted kids at the expense of his broke relatives. It's his money but he should have realized the potential hazards of this occurring. Why would he even want to burden his elderly mother with teenagers and have his siblings hassling with one another over his money? He must be laughing in his grave right now, freak.On some weirdo, strange level, I can see the siblings wanting their share of the money. Even if it's not their money!………………Cut your abusive father out of the will, your drug addicted brother, etc. but EVERYONE but your elderly mom? When she dies, then what? UNGRATEFUL!…Peace,P

  10. Ms. Jackson is 82 years old, I sure would not want to be stuck with a bunch of teenagers!!!

  11. from watching some of the news shows and reading yesterdays very good Daily beast article, it appears that Randy and Jermaine had been using MJ and katherine to pay for their child support and living expenses for years. The reason why this is happening now, rather than when MJ first died is that MJ died half a billion in debt, but the estate has managed to pay most of that off, and are rolling towards the black, Suddenly giving siblings more reason to contest..As far as Janet, I doubt she is in it for the money, my guess for her its about control. She has tried to control whether Paris went into show business, and is from all accounts very old school about punishments and such.. I would guess (and its only a guess) is that she feels Granny is too lenient with the kids, and wants to put the smack down on them.. From the sounds of it, Tito and Jackie were about the only ones who never asked Michael for money, but MJ didnt like how much all the various brothers acted a lot like Papa Joe (who was abusive to MJ) with their own kids.. He didnt want that for them..\SweetnessnBubba

  12. Glad Granny is home. Now, maybe Janet will stay in her place. paris was right to post everything on twitter. if she had not done so then her aunts and uncles might have been successful in there plans to steal from her and her brothers. she knew that once the media got wind of the scheme to remove Katherine from the grandchildren that everyone would be outraged and the jackson siblings plans would be revealed. that young lady is media savvy! and michael jackson junior is extremely well versed and mature for a 15 year old. everyone who claims that they should respect their elders shit also remember that they are not the typical teenage kids these children are billionaires and they have no mother or father to look out for the best interest. I respect the fact that paris and prince have the gumption to stand up for themselves against anyone who tries to disrespect them, their interests, or the grandmother.

  13. I too am glad that Prince, Paris stood up to those greedy relatives. rspect their elders…pFFFFttt NO Katherine's greedy manipulating grownass kids are going to be the end of her. they are stressing the 80 + year old too much.Prince is 15 , lawyer up and emancipate yourself and take care of your sister and little brother

  14. I think either that kid didn't post that or someone (some group) put him up to that. But we will see. I would like to ask HOW is it wrong for dude to not give his addict relatives some money? Too much money is never enough for an addict, although I suspect the real reason why they had substance abusers and also why Michael turned out the way he did. Diana Ross did the same thing to Chico, BTW…

  15. Janet wanted control? That's so 1986.

  16. I think most people are jumping to conclusions way too quickly. None of this makes sense so I'm going to wait until the details are ironed out. The reporting on this is all over the place, don't know what to believe. Our society continues to support disrespectful behavior from children for any reason. No wonder the kids today don't have respect for authority.

  17. July 27, 2012 9:01 AM Especially pretty caucasian children! Shoutout to Creflo Dollar and his daughter also. When Bill Cosby said to Theo(?): "I brought you into this world, and I will take you out!" I remember my parents laughing and applauding. Of course, I didn't think it was funny at the time (to me) at all…

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