Nene Has a New Bra, But the Same Old Do-Boy

Nene Leakes is in LA promoting The New Normal at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2012.  Nene has been photographed several times lately showing off this black bra. Apparently she is quite proud of it. As usual, Gregg is following in her wake fetching and stepping like a good little do-boy.  According to The Hollywood Reporter while speaking with the press on sectional sofas, Nene summoned Gregg over to her, said something and he returned quickly with a pink Cosmopolitan and faded back into the woodwork. In true Nene go-getter fashion, she was one of the very last people to leave the event working everyone in the room. The New Normal is being boycotted by the same crazy homophobes that boycotted JCPenney for making Ellen Degeneres a spokesperson for the chain. I don’t understand why people don’t just turn the channel if there is something on the TV they don’t like.


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7 responses to “Nene Has a New Bra, But the Same Old Do-Boy

  1. You have to admit Nene has hustle. Doesn't mean I want to hang out with her…WD

  2. I wonder if "THEY" laugh at her hair when she isn't around. Lose the blonde Nene. I see you sneaking trying to go lighter and lighter..looking like a fool.

  3. Tamara, do you know if the Bravo cameras were following her, since NBC owns Bravo?

  4. She needs something different

  5. oh listen to the armchair stylists.. hating as usual! lol

  6. Once again, Gregg was with her. He was with her on every trip. And now we know the RHOA were there!

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