Katherine Jackson Slowly Inching Home While Everyone Gets Their Stories Straight

Is Katherine Jackson walking home from Tuscon? If I recall correctly, this whole fiasco began when Randy sent some quack doctor to her home and told her she needed to fly to Tuscon to rest rather than taking an RV.  This morning, Randy said she was on her way home. How long does it take to get home from Tuscon?

Alan Duke just told us on HLN that Katherine has a cell phone and is in a car riding home and is talking to people. She is realizing for the first time that she was the focus of international news and seems shocked and confused. Perry Sanders, who is Katherine’s lawyer, says he spoke to her in the car and she sounds fine and dandy and this is all a big misunderstanding. Sanders doesn’t seem have any problem with Katherine up and leaving the kids and just brushes everything off as a non-event. Sanders says Katherine is totally competent to raise the kids. Sanders met with Janet and Jermaine in Tuscon yesterday but he was not able to see Katherine.  He doesn’t seem to think that is weird, She was just on a vacation. Nothing to see here.

Marlon told HLN he had a plane on standby to get her home today. She talked to all her kids this morning. Marlon said Randy told him his mother was at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon and he later found out that was not the real location. Apparently someone from Team Randy decided to drive the 82 year old five hundred miles home rather than let Marlon fly her in.

TMZ is reporting that the phone call that distressed TJ last night occurred at 2 a.m. and again at 4 a.m.  and that Katherine was demanding Trent and the entire security team be fired and replaced by Janet’s security team. The biggest mystery of all is why Janet seems to be on the wrong side of this war.  Maybe Janet’s finances are not what we believe them to be? It just seems to me she would be on Jackie’s side. And Jackie is reportedly FURIOUS at Team Randy.  TJ claims that Katherine sounded drugged and was not speaking in a normal fashion.  So she was up all night drunk dialing people on whatever they have her doped up on and today she is just fine and healthy in a car?

In other news, we knew it was bound to happen, Joe has arrived at MJ’s kid’s house. TMZ says he was seen there yesterday and today. I guess he is waiting to see if and when Katherine will turn up. It seems odd to me that Katherine is not home yet, even driving. It’s about an eight hour drive. Again, why would you put your mother in a car, when a plane is all gassed up and ready to go? Are they waiting for the drugs to wear off? Speaking of drugs, Joe apparently had some sort of medical professional pay him a visit at the kids house. Wonder what his problem is? Good Grief.

Meanwhile, La Toya, who is in LA, is tweeting about the Colorado shooting, and the earthquake in Marina Del Ray and her usual “love, light and positivity” stuff she always tweets. I picture her with her fingers in her ears singing “la la la la la I’m not listening la la la la”.

This just in, Katherine Jackson called into ABC to let us know she is just fine and dandy. She told ABC News “There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped, I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine. My children would never do anything to me like that.” She says she “gave up her phone and didn’t want to have any phone calls.”  And that she is “devastated that while I’ve been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I’m coming home.”

So twelve hours or so after Randy says she is on the way home, she is still “coming home” I ask again, is she walking? hitchhiking? riding in an ox cart? What?

And yes Katherine, it makes total sense to go on vacation without telling the kids you are legally responsible for or any of your children who were not in on the kidnapping vacation that you are leaving, or where you are going, or how long you will be gone for. When you abandon children in your care for days and days, they get taken away from you. You’ll be lucky to be allowed in the house, as it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the estate, which is essentially the kids. You may have to shack up with Joe in Vegas or something until you get clean from whatever it is you have been on during this time. You did have one of Michael’s crooked doctors caring for you. Jackie needs to take you to your real doctor and demand a drug screening.

And that’s the latest episode of All Katherine’s Children. Thoughts?


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12 responses to “Katherine Jackson Slowly Inching Home While Everyone Gets Their Stories Straight

  1. Is Papa Joe a squatter because the Encino compound belongs to the estate? And no disrespect but why would they allow Randy of all people be in charge of Katherine. Didn't he crash into a pole and lose a leg and have some type of brain injury? This is sad all around. Makes my life not bad at all drama free.

  2. Tmz cleared it up. Joe is at the Encino house squatting. katherine & co live in Calabasas. Two different locations. Good for La Toya for just not talking about it–smartest thing to do at this point.

  3. i am devastated that these ppl had me worried about their mother who in all intents and purposes is fine and well . i dont get it. why all this drama. what was the letter thing. what was the doctor visiting her and he aint her real doctor thing. what was the leaving michael's kids without telling them she would be gone for days thing. what was the randy taking over the estate thing and for god's sake why was raisin tweeting and doing maintenance while toya was worrying about colorado and her mom is missing and janet slapping and cussing with paris thing. and why did the mom call and fire everyone and sound like she was out of sorts. and why didnt they get her home so guardianship wasnt taken away. without even a phone call to her lawyers. what?????????? who am i here? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. Ah thanks for explaining the Encino/Calbasas thing. So why aren't the kids on the compond that is owned by the state rather than in Calabasas which it looks like they are renting? Is it for school?

  5. Tamara, read Allison Samuel's 7/25 article at The Daily Beast: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/07/25/the-family-battle-over-michael-jackson-s-millions-and-his-three-children.htmlEssentially, Katherine rented the Calabasas house for her and for MJ's kids. The rest of the family feel free to come and go at the Encino house. The woman who has four children by two of the brothers was actually asked to leave (after one of her kids ordered a stun gun online), and she refused to relocate. So Katherine rented someplace else and left them all.

  6. The Encino house is being renovated. TMZ was wondering how Joe is managing to live there amidst all of the renovation dust, and everything.Katherine says she went away voluntarily. Why would a guardian leave three kids under 16 years old alone for over a week without any contact? She's lying to protect her kids, and that means she has a conflict of interest as far as the welfare of her grandkids is concerned.

  7. The illuminati want that Sony Music publishing! They tried to make Michael Jackson go broke to get it. Not that I feel sorry for him, or his family one way or the other. They all worship caucasian people and that is why their behinds are always in trouble with lawsuits?! Then again, Michael Vick got in trouble by his boys also… If I ever get a million dollars, I am leaving this country behind. Maybe move to Okinawa…

  8. And those kids aren't alone, will people stop saying that! It isn't like Joe Pesci chasing Kevin Arnold around his house. They (the kids) probably have oodles of servants to snitch on their every move and waking moment… I am just waiting to see if any of them turn out (in later years) like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, as sex toys for the ultra-rich and powerful. I see sitautions like these and thank the Supreme Creator that I am nobody.

  9. Lord none of this is funny but I almost choked on my water a few times while reading this. It all still seems so unbelievable & sad.

  10. ok tam. so now we are finally starting to get down to the nitty gritty of the story. long travel time was needed to get mama j on board with what they need her to say and to whom. joe has been dragged in off his death bed, presumably, to add his two cents. family is now split into two or three factions, all at odds with each other. true agendas for all the sibs are becoming clear. possibly janet hasnt been the shining star everyone always thought her to be. tito and jackie are looking more and more like the only ones who can be trusted. just how many decisions has mama j really been making over the last few months? now the court is involved, and looking closely over everyones' shoulders, which is just what the family didnt want to have happen. now they are all about to get exposed, big time. hold on folks, this sad saga is about to get even worse. thanks tam for following this trainwreck, and keeping us up to speed. i cant wait until the estate throws joes greedy ass out on the street. all those hangerson are the reason why they had to rent the calabasas house in the first place.chitown shelley

  11. I was team Katherine yesterday. But now I don't know bottom line. Its not about the adults the focus is the kid's. Bottom line MJ did not want his money grubbling siblings to have his kids. If the average mother would have left her kids unattended all h##$ would break loose. KB

  12. just wanted to clear up a few things i see wrong here. First, Encino and Calabasas are two different cities…Second, Randy and Jermaine baby mama (same woman) moved out of the Encino house–she was ordered by the Estate and Katherine to do so. It was a huge drama a year or two ago…the estate is paying for her to live in another location (also owned by Michael/ MJ Estate) in san fernando valley. She is no longer there. Third, the Encino estate (Havenhurst) is being renovated and Katherine said on the Oprah special (own featuring Paris) that she loved the Calabasas house they decided to move there during renovation. If anyone is living in the Havenhurst compound (which is paid for by the way) they are totally squatting or given permission by Katherine and not the estate. Now that this is cleared, here is my speculation…Joe and LaToya havent said anything b/c they are already getting a free meal ticket, room, board, etc…why ruin it? Randy and Jermaine are behind this b/c they need the $$ the most. And..i dont believe Mrs Jackson was at the "spa" the whole time..that's why its taking her so long to get from AZ to CA. I think she made it to the spa to do that press conference–but tell me how do you go from playing Uno with family to the spa. Get your stories straight, moochers!

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