Katherine Jackson Has Been Stripped of Guardianship

A Los Angeles judge just granted TJ Jackson temporary guardianship of MJ’s three kids. The judge stated that through no wrongdoing on Katherine’s part she is unable to perform her duties.  The judge stated that Katherine was prevented from her duties by intentional acts from third parties. He also suggested that TJ needs to file for permanent custody. The judge stated that Diana Ross and Debbie Rowe should be notified. The kids are not to be taken from the state of California. The estate was told to give TJ access to funds to care for the kids and provide  for their security.

TJ choked up when testifying before the court about an odd phone call with his grandmother last night. According to TMZ:

TJ’s lawyer said TJ had a strange phone call with Katherine yesterday and TJ said, “I’ve never heard my grandmother talk like that.” TJ added, “She wasn’t sharp. The pauses, choice of vocabulary … she has not used certain phrases like that before.” TJ thought she was talking in code. 

It looks like Randy deciding to rush Katherine back home was a day late and a dollar short. Team Randy needs to have a seat and accept the fact they are not going to get at MJ’s money no matter how hard they try. The kids were in school and did not attend the hearing. Their lawyer fully supported the petition to make TJ their legal guardian.


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9 responses to “Katherine Jackson Has Been Stripped of Guardianship

  1. Tamara let me say this I'm glad you are back to updating your site. I really missed you but understand everyone needs a break. With that said I love money want money need money. But too a certain extent I would not sell out my family for it. Randy need to focus on his non existent career and adult children. Why wasn't he apart of the tour so he can have pocket money?

  2. Wow! What a wild story. What a wild family. Thanks for posting this. And by the way, I am not a robot. 😀

  3. When Katherine dies, all money goes into a trust fund for the kids. Which means that Randy & Co. can only get money so long as Katherine is alive. There’s alot of money available to the administrator of MJ’s estate. Currently, Katherine gets $70,000 per month ($840,000 per year). Randy & Co. were hoping to get the trustees out of the way by accusing them of misconduct. Once the trustees are out of the way, they could work on increasing Katherine’s allowance to millions of dollars. If Katherine gets millions of dollars, Randy & Co. can milk much more money out of her. After all, no mother is going to refuse a request from a desperate son (like Randy, who is broke and needs to pay child support) when she has access to millions of dollars. The only thing that's driving me nuts is, why the hell is Janet involved in this scheme? She's fine money-wise, right?

  4. I dont think its about money with Janet–they probrably put the bug in her ear that "mother" was being mistreated and that's where she was coming from.

  5. Tamara….any word on where Latoya is?

  6. I am shocked that Janet is a part of this ugly business. She had record contacts worth over a hundred million dollars. How greedy can a person be? Even if she isn't after the money, she's helping those who are trying to steal from Michael's children.As for Katherine Jackson, she failed Micheal in life and now she's failing him in death. She allowed Joe to beat Micheal without mercy and now ahe letting her other children try and still from Michael's children. I have never had any sympathy for her. She gave birth to Michael but she was not a mother to him.

  7. Paris posted that it wasn't Janet … so who knows what is really going on? I tend to think also it isn't about the money with Janet…she's probably bombarded with noise from her brothers…and she is concerned about her elderly Mother.Katherine was TOO OLD to begin with, watching those kids – and I wonder why Micheal even put that burden on her. He should have been more responsible picking a guardian better suited …not his elderly Mother, no matter how much he loved and trusted her.I don't think anyone will ever know what is really going on .. so I'm taking it all with a grain of salt.Janet has her own fortune … I doubt seriously she wants or needs any of that money.I think the entire family is bizarre..and the brothers especially are greedy, shady moochers…and they would do anything to get their hands on the money.

  8. I think all the siblings are out to grab as much of Michael's money as they can carry away.Yes, Katherine is too old to be the kids guardian, but Michael had precious few people to choose from.Haven't heard a peep from Diana Ross through all this. Debbie Rowe's only interest is dollar signs. Michael knew that or he would have left the kids with her.Sorry to say but my own family is the same way. I would not leave my goldfish with any of them, let alone a child.

  9. I was just watching the broadcast on TMZ. The question about why Janet Jackson is involved in this came up (Charles, the black guy with the dreads, was just as confused as I am about why Janet is involved in this mess). Harvey Levin said that, according to his sources, Janet has always been very involved in the family infighting and drama. This episode has revealed her nature to outsiders, but that it is not unusual for insiders who know the family. I guess that answers the question that's been bugging me.

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