The Fight at the Jackson House Was Between Janet and Paris!

It seems I was right about the whole Uno thing being a ruse for the Jackson siblings trying to hide out Katherine in Arizona. There is footage on HLN this morning showing Janet screeching into the driveway yesterday afternoon and going after Paris trying to take her cell phone.  Janet is insisting that Paris stop tweeting family business on the Internet. Paris did not give up her phone and all of MJs kids had to temporarily be removed to a safe location to keep them safe from Janet and others. It appears Jermaine and Randy were there with Janet.

From Radar Online:

“Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren. Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson have not heard from their grandmother since she left their home nine days ago to attend a series of her sons’ concerts on their Unity Tour. She never made the shows. Despite efforts to interview Katherine Jackson at her current location in Arizona yesterday, Los Angeles County Sheriffs confirmed that they were denied access to Mrs. Jackson by security for one of her children.”

Janet, Jermaine and Randy have been barred from the family home.  Paris and the kids have contacted their lawyer/guardian ad litem  who may be going to see a judge today for a protection order.  Meanwhile, Paris just tweeted “9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay.”

Looks like we will have another full day of drama. I have lots to do today but will try to keep you updated. ROL is claiming that they wanted to bring the kids to Katherine for pictures that they could put up on Randy’s favorite website (X17).

See surveillance video after the jump.

Why the heck are Janet and Randy video taping the kids with their phones? This whole thing is crazy!

It looks like Tito’s son TJ age 34 is trying to file papers to get temporary guardianship. TJ is close with Paris. Let’s hope that works.

It is now clear that Janet, Jermaine and Randy waited for Prince, Paris and Blanket to get out of school, and followed them home to ride in behind them to get inside the gate.  Between that and all the slanderous things they are saying about Trent over on X17 and the ugly things they are saying about Paris there, their behavior is despicable.


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  1. I hope their GAL is a strong person who will fight for these children. I hope their money is in a trust where greedy people cannot get their grubby hands on it. It never ceases to amaze me when family members allow money to become a source of discontent and strife. RVA

  2. Tamara, you are really pathetic…Janet is on a boat in Sardinia with her boyfriend and has been for days now…You are so simple it's laughable…Again, close this mess down or get some writers who are passionate about being messy bloggers who will research and distinguish between fact and fiction….Or better yet just stick to posting pictures of Sheree's house…You do that well…Uggh – you make me sick.

  3. The "let me videotape you with my phone" aspect is extremely creepy… What in the world are they trying to do to these kids?!

  4. The footage you're referring to is the "edited" version. Perhaps you should view the entire sequence. Question: for what reason would Janet want to cause harm to her MJ's kids, she doesn't need the money. I think it's all a mess, Katherine is 82 & too old to care for those kids. Not saying other of Michael's sibling don't have a hidden agenda. But conversely the executors "gain" a lot more influence over those kids & their money if help create a wedge between all of them…divide & conquer so to speak. This has all gotten so ugly, it's a shame.

  5. as i predicted, this situation continues to deteriorate. everyone involved is fighting for power over either ms. katherine or those kids, cause if you have complete access to either, you potentially have access to all the money. ms. katherine is being discredited, either rightly or wrongly, so that she can be replaced. g.a.l. investigation could wind up hurting all factions, but will be the best possibility for the children, as everyone has to answer all her questions, and provide proof of anything she asks. she is the lawyer for the children, period, and reports only to the court. everyone else has an agenda and is just telling what they want folk to know, for their own benefit. the only person in the family who has been clear in the past that they were not interested in the money, is rebie. is that still true today, who knows. im sorry, but nobody knows what janets real financial situation is today. she may be in need of cash as well. the only protection those kids have, again rightly or wrongly, is to keep their cell phones on, and tweet like crazy. at this point they dont know who to trust, and everybody is in their ear telling them something different. i also hope ms. katherine is really ok, as i suspect there has been some lying about her condition as well. i really feel sorry for her and the kids. sometimes money can be a curse, and this would seem to be one of those times.chitown shelley

  6. The fight was between Randy and/or Jermaine and Trent. What they are calling a "scuffle" was between Janet and Paris, not the fight. It was two separate altercations.

  7. Trent was not in a fight with anyone. X17 is simply a mouthpiece for Randy. X17 has misidentified the security guard as Trent. Randy is trying to make Trent the bad guy claiming he is abusive to Katherine.(after saying she was fine and also after he filed the missing person report). LAPD has made several statements that Trent is not under investigation for any wrong doing, but that others are under investigation for attempting to intimidate Katherine.I'm glad TJ is asking for temporary custody, I think that is the best thing right now. As for Paris' tweets being somehow unruly behavior, HER GRANDMOTHER HAS BEEN ESSENTIALLY KIDNAPPED, it's exactly what she needs to be doing. Paris is not a problem child, she is very active in school, attending summer school now so that she earns a free period for the fall term, and is probably the most responsible person in this situation.

  8. Also, aren't we fortunate to have a troll who comes her to let us know that Janet is in Sardinia. If only there was a video showing her trying to snatch Paris' phone out of her hand… Oh. Wait. Yes,she is just a blathering, foolish, troll. Who is STILL HERE at this horribly inaccurate blog! How amusing is she?

  9. Radaronline should definitely not be your source of what's really going on. Too much of what they've written has been discounted within the mainstream media, CNN, LATimes, ABCnews, etc. As far as X17online being Randy's mouthpiece, I highly doubt it. Blogs have no responsibility to actually publish facts. It really seems as if they just throw stuff out there and see what sticks. That's fine, I just hate when they claim to be stating factual information.

  10. There is definitely a snake in the garden so to speak. That footage was taken from is camera that was filming from inside the home–unless paps have access to Jackson compound now. If you look closely you can see that someone is taping the footage that is seen on the camera on their own phone so this is an inside job..who knows what Janet and/or Randy were doing with their phones but someone in the house is not trustworthy for sure. If its Trent, maybe he was also the one that leaked katherine's mini stroke to the press–even Paris denied it so the closest person to her (ahem, her "caretaker" Trent) would know this as fact to leak. Just sayin'

  11. Now TMZ is reporting that Janet slapped Paris and Paris slapped her back. Also, that Trent scrapped it up with Jermaine and Randy.The reporting is getting ridiculous and people are eating it up as fact. Do you really think that if Janet or any one else slapped Paris that the police wouldn't have arrested her. Also, like the above commenter said, there were cameras EVERYWHERE. That footage would have been on the net for sure!

  12. What the Heck is going on? The one thing MJ tried to shield his children from is tearing the family foundation down. The media is not to blame for the stories being told. There is more than one source that is spinning these stories. And keep in mind reporters piece stories together to keep us all entertained. My question is this when did Janet get back in the US? And I thought the other Jackson was on tour?

  13. Everyone is free to critically analyze their news sources and draw their own conclusions. For me, it's clear that X17's source is Randy Jackson himself. Radar on Line is not the most credible source across the board, but they do have good sources on some things, like RHOBH for example, and in this case the Jackson story, all of their information has been corroborated by the police departments and Attorneys for the Jacksons. I consider them reliable for info on this particular story. TMZ is consistently accurate on nearly all topics with only minor erroneous information. The LA Times is a worthless publication for the most part full of errors and irresponsible reporting. I read their take on things and see how it aligns with the facts. If you read all the blogs and news stories on a particular topic, it is quite easy to see who is full of crap and who is getting their info from where. In this case, Radar Online and TMZ generally have the most factual info.

  14. The Jackson children are a bunch of selfish humans beings. Putting Katherine Jackson through this emotional roller coaster ride. She is old going through this shame on them. The courts and judge should step in and investigate. MJ had a reason why he raised these kids this way. Greed is a Evil word.Katherine should be somewhere enjoying her time with all her kids. Not dealing with this. Where is DCS when you need them. This is a lesson for all us regular folks plan aheadKB

  15. When it comes to Katherine's safety, I don't think the siblings that have her, particularly Rebbie will harm her. I think they have told her some sort of story, perhaps that Janet took them of vacation or something (though they are all in summer school at the moment) but something perhaps that the doctor said she needed to be away from the phone and the stresses of raising the kids and that they are fine and she is to take a couple weeks in seclusion to focus on herself. I'm quite sure Katherine has no idea the world is so concerned about her, or that he children are being dirtbags. We had a similiar situation in my family with my father and if you so much as hinted that his eldest was up to no good he shut you right down became angry at the "good" sibling for bringing it up. Parents don't want to believe that their own children don't have their best interest at heart. This whole story is rather heartbreaking.

  16. You are correct we all have those trolls in our family. BTW you are doing a wonderful job keeping us posted on what's going on in the news. No matter if its funny or on a serious note. Readers should know how to put the stories in perspective. KB

  17. what if Mrs. Jackson just really doesn't feel up to the task of raising those kids any longer & is letting the chips fall where they may. It's a passive-aggressive way of coping with all of this but it could be the situation. I'm not speaking about the ongoing fiasco that's erupting between her children, grandchildren, estate executors, other relatives, & attorneys because right now who really knows what is or isn't true? I don't think anyone is holding her against her will…just for arguments sake. What if she is just doesn't want to deal with any of it anymore? Hell I know I wouldn't want to be raising kids when I'm 82.

  18. just a thought, what if mama j is unable or unwilling to continue as guardian for the children for whatever reason, and all of this is part of a plan to set someone up to replace her. but all of the sibs are not in agreement about moms replacement, and paris thru a wrench into everything by turning the spotlight on the family before they were ready. none of them wants to be under the courts' microscope at this point.and personally, i dont think mama j is 100%. all these grownfolks should be they are running scared over who is likely to get the children. this whole thing is just so sad.chitown shelley

  19. btw…paris posted on her instagram in 2 places that the janet slap never happened. so tmz did get it wrong.

  20. Does Instagram verify celeb accounts? I don't think they do but I don't Instagram. And Shelley, Radar Online reports that Katherine had a physical just last month and passed with flying colors. She looks quite healthy in the staged Uno pic as well. Even so, the siblings would have no say whatsoever if she were unable to parent the kids. The will states the kids got to Diana Ross in that event. Their attorney is essentially trying to strip her of her guardian ship based on abandonment and TJ (Tito's son) is asking the court for at least temporary guardianship. Ultimately the courts will make the decision, not the siblings. Thanks the Lord.

  21. tam, i agree with you, but two things, if mama j had some sort of stroke or other episode, she could well be in a very different place now than she was last month. she still doesnt look great to me, and those sibs are hiding something, i just dont know what yet. and diana ross said she was not interested in having the children right after mj died. so if mama j is ruled unfit or incompetent, someone else will need to be named by the court. in all probability, it would be another relative – hence the drama. family crap is the worst. now they are all taking sides, next they will be lying, pointing fingers and turning on one another. thats when the real secrets are gonna start coming out. just sayin…chitown shelley

  22. Paris posted it on her verified twitter in answer to a question from another tweeter.."Paris, did Janet slapped you"Paris: NOPE

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