Marlon Has A Breakdown On National TV, Tito Has a Change of Heart, And Randy Seeks an Ally in Al Sharpton

Marlon, Tito and Jackie, or as I like to call them, the more stable Jackson siblings were doing an interview with The Insider tonight when Marlon broke down and left the set over the situation with his mother. I find it odd that these three have not had any contact with their mother either. And Marlon acts like he doesn’t know who is behind all this (Randy and Jermaine). 

Meanwhile, Randy tried to find solace in the arms of the Reverend Al Sharpton on MSNBC tonight claiming the will is forged.  There are so many problems with Randy’s story. First the will is not forged there were several witnesses to the will. Secondly even if he got it thrown out every other iteration of the will has the same executor and none of the siblings are mentioned in any iteration. These siblings have to understand they are not getting Michaels money and are only causing damage to the family. Radar Online refutes all of Randy’s bizarre claims from the interview here.

Tito, who was the fifth signature on the letter from Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie has now completely reversed himself saying he does not want to be a part of this nefarious plot anymore, according to TMZ.

TMZ has more details on the fight inside the house yesterday:

Our sources say at one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris’ cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, “You’re a spoiled little bitch!” We’re told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!”

At the same time, we’re told Trent Jackson, who was at the house, tried to stop an aggressive Randy and Jermaine. We’re told Trent put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth.

I’ve clearly chosen a side and I am liking this Trent Jackson more and more. Tito’s reversal is probably coming from talking to his son, TJ who is trying to look out for MJ’s kids by taking temporary legal guardianship while Katherine is kidnapped by her greeding scumbucket children enjoying a luxurious Uno playing vacation in isolation.

Radar Online, says that the attorney for MJ’s kids is filing to strip Katherine of guardianship of the kids. What that will mean is unclear. MJ’s will stipulates the kids go to Diana Ross if Katherine is unable to perform the role, yet TJ is offering to take responsibility. The kids being uprooted and sent to Diana would not seem to be in their best interest.


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16 responses to “Marlon Has A Breakdown On National TV, Tito Has a Change of Heart, And Randy Seeks an Ally in Al Sharpton

  1. Tamara you know me, I am not one to get involved in other peoples bizness but I feel I must speak out on this matter. Since Katherine raised all these nutty kids, maybe they should take Michael's kids away from her. Why does Paris have a twitter account at her age? Why are these guys wearing sunglasses for an indoor interview? Where the heck is Latoya? The one sane Jackson. Perhaps the kids should go with Diana Ross, or even with Sheree. She does have a new home and plenty of air mattresses. NJB

  2. NJB, Your Sheree idea is splendid! She could get at that money and buy some FANCYPANTS air mattresses, and a couple of Birkins for being such a good parent to them.OTOH, you are sort of a stick in the mudd regarding Paris. Plenty of kids have twitter. I don't see you complaining about Kim's Zociak's daughter having a twitter. Do you have a problem with (sorta) black kids having a twitter? Clearly you are a racist. If the kids go to Diana Ross I DEMAND a Bravo reality show.

  3. All the Jackson brother are looking for is Michael's money. They are upset because theydid not get a slice of the pie. Now doesn't Michael look more sane now.this why Michael stayed away from the family as much as he could too much fighting that's what he hated the most" conflict"

  4. Wow the saga continues. I am agreeing with another blogger. Maybe this is Katherines way of relinquishing custody of the kids and they can live with D Ross.KB-Birmingham

  5. Listen, I think people can do what ever they please with their property. However, I can see why the family would be put off by the fact that so much money was left to non-blood relatives – b/c let's face it, those kids aren't black in any manner, shape or otherwise – but the man left it to them and his mother so they should just move on. Clearly, their own blood relative didn't think enough of them to leave them a dime or to secure their future(s). He left everything to those kids basically. They've had all this time to get over it….Janet, though, I have a hard time believing is involved in this bull. For what reason would she be involved? Except maybe to support her siblings? She is supposed to be the closet to Michael and Randy. Regardless, I thought Paris was close to her aunt? She sure has some balls speaking to her aunt in that fashion or even posting the family business on-line regardless if she likes any of them or not. And who in the hell is the little tart threatening? She might be rich b/c some black guy that wanted to be white adopted her, but whose ass is she going to kick? How can she make someone pay? Paris needs to know her place. I suspect the only story here is that the mother probably is no longer capable of caring for those kids. Whatever the story, it's a sad one. Now, onto more important topics…ummm…Peace,P

  6. Diana Ross would have been a better choice in the beginning. But now she is enjoying being a grandmother. Those Jacksons I'm sure they regret taking those kids mask away now. And giving them a taste of fame. As I stated before all what MJ stood for they went against and now all kinds of foolishness is breaking out. You know why Jermaine and Randy is going full steam ahead? They have two things in common an ex wife and greed in common. Sad that they would do this to their mother. They are truly a chip off of old Papa Joe. Hey has anyone heard from Papa Joe?

  7. Somehow this all seems like a publicity stunt to me. The Jackson family loves to be in the tabloids. After all, any publicity is good publicity, especially when your career is in the dumps. No one in this family would have been successful if it were not for Michael, except Latoya, the true talent of the family. NJB

  8. I am Team Paris all the way! She told Auntie Janet right! First of all, Janet wouldn't be slapping that child if Katherine were there–secondly, Paris is right, her father left that money for her and her siblings and grandmother. She's no fool and can see that her aunts and uncles are being sneaky. That house is more Paris's than Janet's or Randy's and she should have called the police on them! Janet just got a check from Jenny Craig, didn't she? She should share her wealth with her brothers! Michael's wishes with regard to how his kids were going to be raised (i.e. masks, etc.) are null and void because he got himself addicted to prescription drugs and wouldn't receive help to overcome his addiction. He shouldn't have died of an overdose if he cared about how his kids were going to be raised. Sorry superfans–that's what you'd say if they were Sheree's kids. (and you know it!) So, I'm on Team Paris. These overgrown children (her aunts and uncles) are bitter and spoiled. Funny how they all coddled Paris up at the mic at her dad's funeral to speak about how great a dad he was (so that Katherine could maintain custody and the inheritance) and now that Paris is speaking up again, they say she's a spoiled bitch. Shame on these has been brats!

  9. Prince, Paris, and Blanket were all sired via anonymous sperm donors. That doesn't make them any less "family" than a child who is adopted. If Michael wanted to leave his wealth to his "children", so be it — his wishes should be respected. Especially given the shameful conduct of some of his siblings.

  10. Paris denied the whole Janet slap, "Spoiled B**" rumor..on her instagram account. This part did not happen.

  11. I still believe they 'kidnapped' Katherine, she is 82! for crying out loud, she is supposed to drink tea on the porch like Tamara does 😀 Anyway, Tam thank you so much for ur updates regarding this story, I hate going to TMZ or any news outlet because they just spill so much rumors, plus I like your writing, by far one of the best in the blog world, thanks!

  12. WHERE IS MRS. JACKSON ! ?I am amazed at the comments that say Paris should not be on twitter and putting the Jacksons and their dirty business to get at MJ money on blast to the world.Paris is Exposing them for what they are What have they done or put Mrs. Jackson? why did they physically accousted the children?the age of minor emancipation in California is age 14, Paris is age 14. Go for it Pais emanciapte yourself and get out under form the Jacksons

  13. @ Anon 9:52a Remember when they (including Katherine) plotted to kidnap LaToya from her husband back when she was married to the caucasian(sp) dude? They said she had been brainwashed. They openly admitted planning to kidnap her so maybe you're right. Something hat she helped plan for someone else could be happening to her.

  14. cbs is reporting that temp guardianship was given to tjchitown shelley

  15. Wow! S**t has hit the fan! Guardianship has temporarily been stripped from Katherine Jackson, and TJ will apply for it to be permanently stripped. Just wow!Randy and Jermain (and for whatever strange reason, Janet) really overplayed their hand on this one! Now they've made enemies of the kids, and they still can't get at the money. Sweet!TJ seems like a really nice guy. Really cute, too. I'm really surprised that Janet's involved in this mess, and that LaToya isn't (sorry LaToya).

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