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I’m barely keeping my head above water with all the news on Katherine Jackson. Here is a LONG synopsis as of about an hour ago (editing etc takes time and things are ever changing) New info is edited in using red font, check back for updates in red.
Let’s look at the timeline as reported by 8 New Now a Las Vegas affiliate of CBS who has a statement from Sandy Ribera, the Jackson family attorney. Again it raises more questions than it answers. Quotes are in italics with my thoughts following.
Family attorney Sandy Ribera said earlier that Mrs. Jackson was preparing for a road trip in a recreational vehicle her son had bought for her. She was heading to New Mexico to watch her other sons perform in their Unity Tour. Before leaving on her road trip, a doctor was brought to her home and told her that her longtime physician had sent him. Jackson agreed to meet with the doctor, who then ordered (her) to fly to her sons’ concert, instead of drive because of health concerns.
Okay, where was the security? Who the hell is between Kathrine Jackson and random “doctor” (Dr. Allan Metzger) showing up to the house saying he was sent by her doctor. Why didn’t security check this out since clearly they were not expecting him. Why would flying be preferable? You can get off an RV and get medical help much faster than you can on a plane. I’m assuming Katherine doesn’t fly commercial, so who chartered the plane? Apparently, the RV was to be driven by Trent Jackson, the nephew who filed the missing person report and who is now accused of elder abuse—-see more at end of this article.
She decided to follow the doctor’s orders and left Michael’s children, of whom she is the legal guardian, in the care of an adult grandson.
So Katherine says, “Hey grandson, watch these three kids for me, I’m going to fly off to a concert, I’m sure they might like to go too, but let me just leave them here with you for now. See ya on the flipside. Also could you tell them I am leaving? I don’t want to go through the whole ordeal of them wanting to go with me. Thanks a bunch.”

After not hearing from Katherine Jackson for more than 24 hours, which the family lawyer said is unusual for the woman, her grandchildren became concerned for her welfare. Jackson did not attend any of her sons’ concerts, which she had said she was looking forward to attending, the lawyer said.
“Prince, Paris, and Blanket are the light of Katherine Jackson’s life, as she is to those children,” Ribera said in the statement. “Out of concern for Mrs. Jackson’s well-being and in an effort to ensure her being safely reunited with her grandchildren as soon as possible, a report was filed on Saturday with the Sheriff’s Department who will be investigating this matter.”
Even if the story makes sense to you thus far. Grandma never made it to the rock concert. A concert tour that ends a few days later in Los Angeles a mere car ride from the Jackson compound. It would seem that if Grandma was having health issues that restricted her from riding in an RV, that the better choice would be to wait until the tour arrives on her front door.  But that is not what happened.
Enter random nephew (not the adult grandson who is in charge of the kids, it seems but another family member) who files a missing person report.  Add in frantic tweets from Paris that she hasn’t heard from Grandma in a week. The police are investigating and suddenly Jermaine decides to let people know that Grandma’s “doctor”,who as it turns out was not sent by her real doctor, has her on bed rest “away from phones and computers” but that “no one has been blocked from speaking to her.”
I see… and yet…
Michael Jackson’s children told the attorney that they were told by other family members who were believed to be with Katherine Jackson that she was not available to speak with them.
Edit to add this from a CNN report that says Janet was supporting Rebbie in not letting Paris talk to Katherine. “When Paris Jackson called her aunts Rebbie and Janet over the past several days to find her grandmother, she was told each time she could not speak to her, Ribera said.”
The office of Katherine Jackson’s longtime physician confirmed to the lawyer that a doctor had not been sent from that office. According to the lawyer, the doctor who went to Katherine Jackson’s home has been publicly reprimanded by the California Medical Board for fraudulent activities and has ties to Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was sentenced to four years in prison on involuntary manslaughter for Michael Jackson’s death.
So a doctor connected to the trial of Conrad Murray who lied about being referred to her by her real doctor is now treating Kathrine Jackson in seclusion at an undisclosed treatment facility in Arizona. But everything is fine and dandy?  This is supposed to make sense to people and cause them not to worry?
The only reports provided to the family have been conflicting and confusing, especially those pertaining to the status of Katherine Jackson’s health, the lawyer said. When Michael Jackson’s children last saw their grandmother on July 15 she was in great health physically as well as mentally, Ribera said.
Yet, she is suddenly unable to attend the concerts she allegedly was excited to go to, so much so that she could not wait a week to see the show in her own hometown, and yet has been unable not just to attend the concerts but call the children she has  legal guardianship of, and everything is fine and dandy?
Even more curious is that reports today say that Paris Jackson was at the Unity concert where Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, and Marlon were performing at the Greek Theater in LA. Just last week Paris called Randy a liar regarding statements he made about Katherine’s health. (edited to add: Randy was not at the concert.) Jermaine continues to tweet everything is fine, and yesterday Paris retweeted Jermaine’s statement.   Edited to change the venue where Paris attended the concert from Vegas to the Greek Theater in LA. Which makes me feel slightly better about her care.
It is unclear whether the “grandson in charge of the kids” and “the nephew who filed the report” are both terms referring to the same person. However, X17  has an exclusive report this morning saying that charges have been filed against “the nephew”  Trent (I assume last name Jackson) regarding elder abuse. It seems the Jermaine/Randy camp is now saying they removed their mother from her home and took her away from the kids to file these charges against Trent.  Trent apparently lives in the Jackson home and is a caregiver for Kathrine.  According to X17:

There is a pending investigation with the LA County Sheriff’s Department for elder abuse naming Katherine Jackson as the victim. Those being investigated include her nephew Trent Jackson, estate executors [for Michael Jackson’s estate] John Branca and John McClain, and Jackson family advisors Lowell Henry and Perry Sanders, Jr.

Trent Jackson, the son of Joe Jackson’s brother, currently lives with Katherine Jackson at their Calabasas home. For years, the family has suspected that Trent has been profiting from stories surrounding his cousins … Paris, Prince and Blanket, even selling exclusive photo opportunities and stories to a tabloid website.

According to X17, the Jackson family released the following statement: (Though X17 doesn’t specify who it was made to or when) :

    “This fallacious missing persons report was created by the very person and persons we are trying to protect our mother from. We feel that there is a conspiracy to deflect the attention away from a letter we wrote asking for the resignation of executors, John Branca and John McClain, as well as some of her “advisors” and “caregivers.” We believe there is strong evidence that supports the falsification of documents in order to takeover and profit from the estate of our beloved brother, Michael Jackson. We want answers. 
    The only feud that exists is between the Executors of the Estate and this family. This is being handled by the proper authorities and due process will take place.”
So, they were trying to get Katherine away from an abusive nephew, by leaving him in charge of Michael’s kids. Oh I totally understand all this now.

“Team Paris” (and it seems they are also on Trent’s side) claim that no such investigation is underway against Trent either for filing the report, or for elder abuse and that “Team Jermaine/Randy”,which also includes Rebbie, Janet and to a lesser extent Tito, is making all this up after the fact.  Team Paris also claims that Trent was Katherine’s caregiver well before Michael’s death. This edit is based on twitter and is unsubstantiated.

HLN is reporting that the lawyer is bringing in the FBI because the LA Sheriff was denied access to Katherine (apparently in Arizona) by Randy Jackson’s security guards. This was apparently prior to the “phone call” that the police say they had with Katherine.


This is the latest “Exclusive” from X17 many on twitter are saying this is Jackson propoganda and not true. I’m not buying it either. She can’t be around MJs kids but she can be hanging out with family in Arizona playing Uno and eating at the table with Rebbie’s family? Nope. Not buying it.  But I’ll post an excerpt from the X17 story for you here you may want to hit the link to see the awkardness of the story, and you decide:

The law enforcement official who interviewed Katherine Jackson for 30 – 45 minutes also spoke with X17 exclusively and gave us a first hand account of the visit:

“When I got there, Katherine Jackson and her family were at the dinner table and had just finished a game of Uno. In fact, their dinner plates were still in front of them. She seemed like she was having a good time. She was happy, safe and healthy. Basically Mrs. Jackson was vacationing with her family here in Arizona.”

We’re told Mrs. Jackson is currently staying with her daughter Rebbie, her granddaughter Stacy and also her great grandson, London. The law enforcement official tells us “this was strictly to check on Mrs. Jackson’s welfare.”

I do believe this latest report from Radar Online because it matches up with CNN/HLN reports.

“There is no elder abuse investigation going on involving Trent Jackson, or the executors of the estate. That report is absolutely false,” Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells exclusively. 

As previously reported, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives were turned away at the house where Katherine Jackson has been staying since because they didn’t have jurisdiction and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department had already determined that Katherine was safe. The detectives were told Katherine was safe, and are on their way back to Los Angeles without having made any contact with her.

Here is a photo X17 is posting that they clearly got from a Jackson family member they claim is proof that Katherine is at “a resort” (as opposed to doctor ordered bed rest, or at Rebbie’s house, both of which claimed previously) happily playing Uno where she is healthy and happy.  I’m not buying any of these X17 stories. What are the stack of papers with a pen? Who needs that for Uno? If you want to take a picture of your family playing Uno, do you say “okay everyone hold up some cards so everyone can see what game we are playing?  This is all very strange.

X17 is posting exclusives from the Team Jermaine/Randy in AZ.

Radar Online is posting exclusives from Team Paris/Trent/whoever is in LA.

VERY conflicting info between the two sources. One says everything is fine and that Paris knew her Grandma was going out of town. 

Other side says it’s been two weeks since Paris has heard from Grandma.

TMZ saying very, very, little (which is really odd) especially about the Trent stuff.  Stay tuned.


Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on Monday responded to reports of a fight at the home of Michael Jackson’s mother, with officials saying the fight involved various family members.
Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, said deputies took a report but that no arrests were made.

“Lost Hills deputies responded to a family disturbance at the home of Katherine Jackson in the city of Calabasas. Deputies determined that a physical altercation had occurred, a battery. It involved members on the Jackson family,” Whitmore said.
He did not name those involved.


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  1. tell me more… where is joe jackson?? :)

  2. I've been wondering the same thing. Doesn't Joe live in Vegas where the concert was last night?The interesting thing is that Trent Jackson is the son of Joe Jackson's brother. I am constantly updating this article with red edits.

  3. I need Papa Joe on line 1 STAT !!!This is crazy Michael is dead you can't get money from him. So now you hold Katherine for RANSOM ! ! This is rich folks problems. This would be comical if Ms. Katherine wasn't a respectable woman

  4. There does seem to be a lot going on & one part of it appears to be that just perhaps Mrs. Jackson is being stressed out by a lot especially "need to keep her ass off twitter Paris". I think some of her children have been trying not to hurt Paris' feelings by telling her point blank…you're getting on Mother's last 82 yr. old nerve. And truthfully @ 82 she shouldn't be anyone's legal guardian. Hell truth be told she probably needs one herself. Dealing with numerous attorneys, unscrupulous physicians, a few money & still chasing long lost fame over grown azz kids, as well as leech azz distant relatives and now to add to her stress a smart mouth, talk too damn much grandchild! I would disappear too & relinquish my guardianship along with the money. Get myself a little one bedroom apt. and mind my own business. Mrs. Jackson's kindness is going to kill her…:(

  5. This has been absolutely confusing and of course, we're not privy to all that is going on.Money is undoubtedly at the root of all this mess and I believe that in their own Jackson way the siblings are trying to protect the Mother from Trent. It seems like the last minute change from the RV to a plane with Rebbie could have been to prevent her from traveling with Trent. It was also suggested that perhaps Trent was behind some of the tweets that came from Paris' twitter account. This would explain why she was partying at her uncle's concert last night. I believe I read that it was their concert at the Greek Theater in LA that she attended – not the Vegas one. It would also explain why the tweet went out from Paris about not knowing where her grandmother was and not being able to reach her by phone. (Although, I think her lawyer backed that claim up.)X17online posted pictures of Katherine sitting at a table playing Uno with Rebbie and her family. She certainly didn't look distressed.

  6. Hello, did anyone think of just firing this Trent guy. What is all of this about the kids keep in touch with Katherine at least once every 24 hours, isn't she the one taking care of them? I have a feeling this could just be a publicity stunt to raise interest in the Jackson Bros. tour. Where is Latoya in all of this, she can't keep her mouth shut about anything. NJB

  7. LOL, the pad and paper is probably to keep score. First one to 500 wins:)

  8. I use to like Tamara's blog me and my friend would actually visit her site daily but recently her blogs has been less and less about anything ATLANTA…..Love and Hip Hop: ATL should be featured but she would rather talk about BIG Brother well I guess me and my friends will have to read somewhere else. I actually enjoy Tamara we all do we just wish she would remember what she started with ATL and its becoming more Hollyweird. SMH

  9. I'm not sure why you and your little friend need to tell us goodbye in this particular thread, let alone what you think I need to feature, or why you read here, or why now you have to read somewhere else. Are you on some sort blog reading sentence for juvenile probabtion? You and your imaginary friends are free to go, without further comment. There are many good bloggers out there blogging about Love and Hip Hop, my favorite is, Sandra Rose has a great Atlanta blog, rather than trying to make my blog fit your desires (which ain't going to happen) why not get the fuck out of here, and find one that already posts about things that interest you? And just so you know, it's not necessary to announce your departure from there should you find it not up to your standards either. It's kind of… well odd. Toodles!

  10. This is all so funny to me!! Basically, Katherine is visiting the same members of her family…LOL…and the cuckoo crazy branch of the family are shitting bricks that Katherine will stay.I don't believe any of those reports…I firmly believe if ANYTHING was going on with Katherine Jackson – Janet would be flying back to the states.I think this is all for publicity for Jermaine, Randy and the rest of the loco Jackson clan.

  11. I meant she is visiting the SANE branch of the family…and does anyone really think Joe Jackson wouldn't come out of his crypt kicking some ass if anyone was doing anything to Katherine – especially his silly sons?? I think Paris was mad at Randy for whatever reason and posted that nonsense on twitter. No way they didn't know where Katherine was.

  12. I disagree. I want to know what Jackie has to say! Also, Janet was in on the whole dragging Mother off to get a talking too from the siblings that want to contest the will. Jackie has to make some sort of a statement. He is the sanest of the bunch I think. Meanwhile, I like, NJB fear Latoya may be dead. I mean she is ALWAYS running her mouth about things. Why so quiet about this? Does Randy have her tied up in his basement?/waits for people not to get my humor.

  13. even for the jacksons, who clearly are in the running for most dysfunctional family in america, this is some weird crap. first off, there are way too many grown-assed, able bodied adults living under one roof. and too few gainfully employed grown folks as well. second, everybody in the situation has got an agenda, and im not sure if any one of them has anyone else's best interests at heart. and lastly, there is way too much money at stake. this is lose your mind money, so even if you start out as a normal human being, this much money can take you right over the edge. this whole situation is just a disaster waiting to happen, especially when you factor in folks with nothing to lose, a senior citizen guardian in declining health, and uber rich teenagers getting used to calling all the shots, while living in a family that believes that the rules dont apply to them. this is not going to end well.chitown shelley

  14. I'm pretty sure Rebbie is the most sane of the bunch, and yes this is weird even for the Jacksons.

  15. reports are now coming out that one faction of the siblings showed up at the house and tried to remove mj's kids, but were not allowed to take them. this supposedly led to the fight where the police were called to the house. who is even capable of sorting out who is lying, or who is telling the truth? and considering all thats going on, does anybody even care about what the truth really is, or are they only concerned with which side is most likely to win? sort of makes it clear why mj steered clear of the whole lot of them, except for his mama. and not tryin to start nothin, but who plays uno with the dishes from dinner still on the table in front of them? doesnt that make it that much harder to play? im sorry, maybe its just me, but that photo looks fake as hell.chitown shelley

  16. Ok–this is the problem to me–enabling moochers! this trent has probrably been mooching in the family for years and reporting info back to dear old joe. any minute now, old joe is going to join the press conferences..give him some time to close the vegas cart and he will be on his way. Jermaine was irrelevant years ago and has been riding the "Michael jackson brother" train for decades. Never mind the whole I got my brother Randy's gf pregnant while she already had kids from my brother and while we were both living up under my mother's roof bit..he's just trifling anyway–a whole room of kids that someone else has always taken care of …Jermaine..just take a damn seat. I never liked this man and his tired ass perm. Randy? No job. Latoya–no job…although to her credit, she is not even getting involved in this hot mess and Janet? Those are not your children. Take a seat as well. Even if Michael changed his will a million times, he never put Janet in any version as his children's guardian. I just dont understand why katherine didnt call or dm paris–isnt dm a private tweet–through one of these various family memebers with her on twitter–that she's ok and shes sending the aunts/uncles etc to come get them. How are they just going to show up and go "come with us?" uh no. doesnt work like that, honey.thank goodness those kids are smart enough to know their own minds.

  17. tamara–I like your blog–ignore the hate.But why no Aurora stories?? Just out of curiosity..

  18. Dear Prince, Paris, Prince 2:One word: Emancipate!

  19. I dont think this is about Paris and her twitter feeds..its about $$$ and greed. Mrs Jackson is probrably tired of all those hungry open hands that claim to be family. Shes tired of people pressuring her to challenge the will so they can get more from her. I think she loves MJ's kids with all her heart-she just had to make a plan to leave the moochers behind but if she took the kids with her, the moochers would follow so she was sending for them later. The problem is she didnt let them in on her plan.

  20. Whew! My goodness. They sure put the D in Drama do they not? Whatever is going on, we're seeing a bit of a hellcat in Paris. She is pretty outspoken and not afraid of her family. Daddy taught her well! I think the reason they're all ticked is because they can't control her. I'm surprised at Janet because she is the mother of "Control." (bad joke I know….) Anyhoo, I thought this was done when the AZ police went out there. Guess not. And you all asking for Joe? Why? Joe would be worse working on a record deal since he has everyone's attention. Leave him where he is. He's there for a reason. Lord, I'm just praying for this family. All families have drama. This one just has the misfortune of being the most public family in the world. They get more press than the royals.

  21. I get & appreciate your humor – screw the naysayers…Papa Joe must be tied up along with LaToya… You can bet your sweet ass Joe would be in front of every camera yelling & screaming if there was a penny he thought he could get… he's such a disgusting human being…Someone may have glued – taped & stapled LaToya's mouth shut and then put a chastity belt on there & she can't figure out how to get it all off…Thank you for the time line & coverage because I can't be the only one confused by all this…Keep up the good job Tamara – oh – and keep doing the coverage as is – not everything happens in Atlanta. Sometimes you have to look elsewhere…

  22. I'm not her "little friend" but I agree with Anon 7/23/12 9:19p, it looks like you're all into Big Brother. Your Blog description says it's about Atlanta so you would think Love and Hip Hop would be here. She has a legitimate point but you being so defensive can't see it or accept it. You're right as well, there are plenty of other blogs out there that cover Love and Hip Hop but your writing style is far above most and your pages aren't so cluttered so one would prefer to come here but if you want to blog about Big Brother no biggie…I know how to find my way to the X in the top right corner. I usually visit about 6 blogs I consider my favorites each day. Yours used to be near the top but now you're the last stop I make. This is the http://WWW…the first two Ws stand for World Wide so suggesting that someone "…get the F out of here…" is not only immature and unprofessional but useless.

  23. I say it is a GOOD thing Paris is not letting her aunt ( I though Janut had enuf money of her own ) and her uncles Not push her or her brothers around. Its all about the $$$$$$$theres a very good reason MJ stayed away from his brothers and sisters.La Toya was the family member that the Jacksons portrayed as crazy., she actually is the sane one. La Toya was the family member that did the funeral arragnements for Michael. ( correct me If I am wrong ) Latoya also did not sign that letter that wants the Atty replaced

  24. I still think that there's so much more going on than we're privy to. I don't believe Janet is in the middle of this fiasco for money. I believe that they REALLY believe that Trent is somehow manipulating Katherine and their initial goal was to get her away from him. The confusing part is why not take the children to Arizona when they took Katherine? Why not let her call them and reassure them that she's ok? If they wanted to grab the kids and take them to Arizona to see their grandmother, why not have her call them ahead of time to make arrangements? Just plain weird.Paris does need to clamp down on tweeting their business. The bottom line is that she's a 14 year old girl and should be monitored like all other 14 year olds.

  25. I have a 14 yr old and if he were tweeting my family business – he'd be in a world of trouble.Paris is only sowing that Katherine Jackson has no control over them – and MAYBE 84 years old IS TOO OLD to watch those bad ass kids.If I were the judge, I would re-examine the custody issues and TAKE THEM OUT OF THAT HOUSE until I was satisfied that someone competent was there to watch them.I think Rebie is sane…and I think because Janet has her own career and her own money – that she is the most trustworthy. All the rest are feeding off of Micheal Jacksons estate – and they are fueled by GREED…not caring about those kids.If I were the judge – I'd put the kids into foster care until that crap was resolved.

  26. Those kids will never be in foster care–to much $$ and too many family members.

  27. People seem to forget that MJ's will states that if Katherine dies the children go to Diana Ross. That may be what they're contesting because whoever gets custody of those kids will be PAID!! IJS…..

  28. Marlon and Jackie are the most stable minded of brothers. I am wondering why neither one of them has spoken out in all this.TMZ is reporting that Tito's son TJ is petitioning to be the kids legal guardian. I'm surprised that Prince and Paris' biological mom Debbie Rowe hasn't stepped into the fray. Nor Diana Ross whom Michael named guardian should anything happen to Ms. Katherine. People can say what they want about Michael, but when it came to them children, legally, he knew exactly what he was doing. As for Jermaine and Randy, I can't trust those two as far as I can throw them. How can you take seriously two brother who have children by the same woman! Your kids are not only sibling but cousins as well. That is some sick mess right there.

  29. The Jackson siblings ambushed Paris and Prince because they were embarrased by her tweets. According to ROL, the Jackson siblings claim that Katherine Jackson needed time to rest as she was "stressed", and had a minor heart attack. It probably wouldn't have been long before the siblings claimed that she was doing so poorly, they needed to take over from her in overseeing the MJ trust. Unfortunately for the Jackson siblings, Paris started tweeting about her missing grandma, and causing all sorts of trouble. So they wanted to take Paris and Prince (forcibly, if need be) to Arizona where Katherine Jackson is located. They were going to take pictures of the big, happy family, and release them on the X17 website that Randy and Jermaine Jackson like. (The X17 website posts favorable stories about the Randy and Jermaine.)So, long story short, they were trying to kidnap Paris and Prince so as to have "family photos" that prove that Paris' tweets over the weekend were unfounded fears. That way, the Jackson siblings can quietly continue in their hunt to get MJ's money. They can't do that if the world's spotlight is shining on them due to Paris' tweets, now can they?

  30. You can't see me, but I am giving Anon 6:37 a standing ovation in my living room and giving him/her a gold star for critical reading skills! I love commenters that actual get the implicit points of a post. Please stick around!

  31. 6:37 Anon is a "she". And I'll definitely be back (I have your site book-marked). :)I can sorta see what the Jackson siblings are up to as I have a mildly similar situation in my own family. The oldest is a vulture, just waiting on "his inheritance". Family dramas. Ugh. Stay strong, Paris.

  32. Someone needs to call the fbi cause latoya n papa joe have been kidnapped or killed… how katherine, a grown arss adult, needs to b removed but leaving 3 kids unattended or in the care of the alleged abuser is just fine n dandy…wtf….greed.

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