Kile Glover Removed From Life Support This Morning

Tameka Foster and Ryan Glover’s son, Kile Glover, was removed from life support this morning at Egleston Children’s hospital. Kile sustained serious injuries while tubing on Lake Lanier with friends and family two weeks ago. TMZ reported that Kile was declared brain dead within days of the accident, and many presume he was brain dead when he arrived at the hospital due to the fact that a personal watercraft ran over Kile’s head. The Glover family has been struggling to accept this tragic loss since the accident occurred saying only that God is in control and that they were praying for a miracle. It is believed that while Kile was on life support, there were several long discussions between doctors and the Glover family urging them to consider organ donation. Children’s organs are very much in need and we can hope that perhaps the family allowed other children to live as a result of this terrible accident. Twitter is full of Atlanta celebrities tweeting their condolences today.

According to a TMZ source, the family friend whose personal watercraft ran over the large tube/raft that Kile and his 15 year old friend, Jordan, were riding on, simply lost control of the jet ski. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident. No charges have been filed against the jet ski operator. Our thoughts and prayers go to him as well.
Jordan, who sustained a broken arm and some head lacerations, is expected to make a full recovery. Jordan is the daughter of Peaches Chin who is the business partner of Kandi Burruss. Peaches is the manager of Kandi’s Tags retail store in Smyrna.  The funeral arrangements for Kile are underway through Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home though no information is available at this time. Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home has been featured on the Real Housewives of Atlanta as part of the “Phaedra Parks fancies herself a funeral director” storyline.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that the investigation into the accident which took the life of Kile Glover is ongoing. This is true, DNR has done a number of computer reenactments of the accident and has not closed the case. However, what I am hearing is that the person on the PWC “lost control” of the vehicle. It’s not clear from my source whether there was alleged to be something wrong with the PWC or that the driver himself was unable to control the PWC. For there to be an increase in charges to the PWC operator, the driver would have to have had some reckless disregard for the law. In other words he would have had to intentionally violate the 100ft rule. I don’t really see that happening. Stay tuned.


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5 responses to “Kile Glover Removed From Life Support This Morning

  1. Rest in peace Kile..Lorri KY

  2. Our condolences go out to the family. We're terribly sorry for your loss. May God continue to comfort and keep you all in days, months and years ahead.

  3. It is times like these that make you recognize that the things you were arguing about really aren't that important.Praying that God sends his healing power to Tameka Foster, Ryan Glover, Kile's siblings and other loved ones – no one should have to bury their child.RIP sweet Kile – your family loved you, but God loved you best.

  4. This is so sad .. my heart and prayers go out to Tameka and Ryan and their families. I can't imagine the unbearable sorrow and pain. :(

  5. My heart goes out to all concerned.Such a tragedy.

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