Exclusive Update on Chateau Sheree and Upcoming Court Battles

My sources are on fire today! Thanks to one and all!  These photos were taken exclusively for Tamaratattles.com today from the worksite of Chateau Sheree. This picture is of the back of the house. See that white building on the right bottom corner? That is her over the back fence neighbor’s house.  Sources from the neighborhood say they are none to happy about this monstrousity being jam up on neighboring properties. That is the backside neighbor’s mailbox and driveway, not Sheree’s!  I wonder if that is even legal? Apparently there will be no yard for the kids to play in.

This is the front side of the house which is practically parked on the stop sign at  the busy intersection.   I mean you could kiss the stop sign while standing on the front porch! In addition to taking up most of the property leaving pretty much no yard at all. Chateau Sheree is three stories tall!
She better hope there are no accidents at that busy intersection or she will have a fancy car inside her house!

Here is another angle of the back of the house showing how jammed up Chateau Sheree is on to their property. Can you imagine that sort of construction happening right on your property line? See those nicely trimmed hedges? They belong to the neighbors! It’s unbelievable! At least the unethical contractor Andrew is not on site.
Progress is certainly happening and the site was busy with workers this morning. But one has to wonder with Sheree’s enormous debt and no steady income, how will she keep the lights on? Last I heard, her kids were still sleeping on air matresses and the Rent-A-Center TV had been reposessed!

Bob continues to take Sheree to court and they have a full blown trial coming up on August 27th now that all of the status hearings that they have had for a year now have failed to reach an agreement by both parties. In addition to Bob trying to have support reduced due to drastic changes in his income, he is also asking the court to find Sheree in contempt of court for her misuse of monies she took from Bob as well as her stripping their old residence of thousands of dollars of furnishings.
If you are just getting acquainted with the history of Chateau Sheree this is the article to start with.

Meanwhile, it looks like the roller rink and liberry are coming along nicely. Thoughts?


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  1. I feel bad for the neighbors that back up to her property. They used to have no visibility to the house on that lot. Now they have no privacy whatsoever!I'm amazed at how slowly this is going and that she is able to keep the progress moving. This ought to be interesting to see play out.

  2. I have driven my this house many times. You are right Tamara, it is way to big for the lot. I am surprised Sandy Springs signed off on this. I hope she puts a really strong iron fence around this property to keep cars from crashing into her front door.

  3. You really needed this post, as your blog was becoming (and for the most part, still is) extremely lackluster. So I can understand the bitchy undertone you HAD to write this update in…It's ok – we know that you'll get about 60 comments that are evidently needed, thanks to Sheree…I'm not even going to call you a loser hater because I know it's just business to keep the bill paid for keeping this blog from being closed down. But thanks for the update – let the Sheree hate start…We know these pics have probably ruined quite a number of folks' day.

  4. You sound like you could use a hug. Would you like a hug? I give great hugs.

  5. In my county, we have a website that can give you an arial view of a property and the dimensions.. Is it possible Sherri has this house jammed up in one area, but has some room elsewhere? If not, I am also amazed it got signed off by the town.. Most towns havea certain percentage the house size can be, in relation to the lot…or at the very least, have a certain amount of setback from the property lines that you can build.. for example, in my town the house has to be at least 25 feet from the next house, unless its in a townhome subdivisionsweetnessnbubba

  6. Anon 4:47 How could pictures of a house being built ruin someone's day? I didn't think this post was bitchy, I just thought it was an update on what most people thought was a house that would never going to get built. Anon 5:02 Who needs a hug? Tamara… I am so sick of typing in those damn letters and numbers at the bottom! lol They are hard to read! How can your "regulars" get a pass!?

  7. Gosh, I had no idea this blog was paying my bills! I'll stop writing the checks immediately! I hope it doesn't get shut down! #nervousP.S. How does this blog know where to send the money and how does the blog get the money in the first place? Are there invisible ads here I don't know about?

  8. Poor Sheree, she is simply trying to house her chillen & everybody be jumping on her busted ass. I am sho with the profits from She by Sheree, & her fitness video,she will be out of the Projects and in her Chateau soon. Damn the neighbors, they should be grateful to be living next to a big star such as Sheree. NJB

  9. welcome back tam!!!!!! nice to have you back on the beat! also, i agree with anon 5:18; i thought i was the only one having trouble reading those stupid letters! stay on it, girlfriend!

  10. I think the comment from Anonymous # 3 is a certain science teacher. Just sayin. NJB

  11. Y'all aren't the only one … even with my glasses on – and the help of my son's "young eyes" … those letters/numbers are hard to read.That house is HUGE!!!…I think I would have put less house and more yard for the kids.

  12. air mattress and rent-a-center… ha!clearly she has SOME money. i aint mad at her. go sheree.. haters gonna hate.

  13. The house was finally transferred to Sheree. She paid $1. There is something about this home that is strange!! Maybe homes are built differently in Georgia. Yes, this home seems enormous for the space and the architecture is nothing like the other homes in the neighborhood. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  14. I don't think this entry was "bitchy". If anything, it was informative and conveys the disbelief we are all probably experiencing. It's a miracle this monstrosity is being built it! Isn't it one of the signs of the Apocalypse? If you want bitchy, I recommend "Stoopid Housewives".

  15. This post wasn't 'bitchy'…it was an update!For those who aren't in Atlanta, or lived there – the huge homes on tiny lots is a BIG thing. It's a big problem, but for whatever reason, it's allowed. The money folks come into older, intown, neighborhoods like this one, demolish the existing house and build huge homes on the lot. The term McMansions applies here.

  16. Hello I am not here to hate I would just like some proof that Sheree owns this property. I thought at one time the property was for sale…I believe I see a house being built but, I need some hard proof this is Sheree's home. IJS

  17. Whoever this home belongs to is absolutely foolish. You put this oversized home on a corner next to the stop sign and in your neighbors back yard. You have got to be kidding me. This is straight disrespectful to whoever lives next door. I've seen some new homes mixed with older homes but never this close to the next house. If those hedges are the neighbors that house is way close. What about her two children…Where are they suppose to play? At the stop sign? Come on…Get it together *IF this is even her residence. IJS

  18. Tamara – thank you so much for the update – had been wondering about this…The neighborhood must be in an uproar – they know what happen at her last McMansion and probably fear a repeat… A stripped house – media all over – foreclosure folks all over and then however many years it will be on the market… Geezy Pete – how fast can they sale their own homes…Poor Thelma went out on a limb for her – hope she doesn't get this problem dumped in her lap…

  19. Lol half of everyone on this shit is jus hatin. Forget im gonna congratulate a BLACK single mother for owning a home however she got it.

  20. I agree with the person above…just hating on a woman doing something positive…Sideeye at people throwing their wack-ass shade…because we know that we all gave Sheree the money to buy this house, so we need proof that it's hers…Oh yeah those are our kids that she's raising so we need to criticize the fact that the house doesn't have a yard…Oh yeah and we all built the community that the house is on and paid for all of her neighbors homes too…And to top it off, we own Sheree so she doesn't have a right to her privacy – that's why it's ok to take pics of her home and post them on the internet. So yeah we have the right to comment…I swear the world would be a better place if people stayed in their own lanes and worried about their own lives…

  21. Hmm

    Huge Sheree fan here; will miss her this season.But, something seems off about this house. Like the frame and materiales seeem odd to me as though this is a mockup or scale of a real house that will be built.

  22. I Love my Sheree and respect her doing her own thing!!! If the neighbors dont like it thats a shame but there is nothing wrong with it!

  23. Guess she thinks bigger is better. A house that size needs to be on a much bigger lot. I couldn't see trying to buy or live in a house situated like that. If I were the neighbor I woullg get a nice fence put up. Those hedges are going to do nothing for privacey. Sheree is such an important person I am suprised she hasn't made provisions for her security by installing fences and a gate house for the security force she will need.

  24. maybe she doesn't want to have to maintain a huge yard. It's too hot for yard work.

  25. Sheree needs to learn the very first basic lesson about real estate………location, location, location!

  26. Two or three lots over… maybe on Burdett and 2 acres not 1.. would have been awesome. The location is not THAT bad, it's the size of the house on the lot. Maybe if more houses around it get torn down and renovated her house will "fit in" better. As far as privacy and security go, I am going to have to laugh about that. You don't buy a lot like that unless you want to be noticed! It is on a very busy road that gets about 1000 cars a day going past it. Sheree will most likely gate this… she will have too. Good Luck Sheree. Welcome to the neighborhood! Go Raiders!

  27. I'm not from Georgia but has it rained there recently? if that structure has be up like that without any kind of housewrap (i.e. Tyvek) or protection from the elements, Sheree will be wasting her entire investment.

  28. What is the address?.just hating on a woman doing something positive…What is positive about being a golddigger that marries and divorces an NFL player. Then uses the money that was provided for her to take care of her kids on shoes, bags,cars and houses she can't afford.

  29. In response to Uh Huh said….it has been raining off and on for over a week. The site is probably so muddy the workers are tramping mud into that nice new house.

  30. It's not the mud that's the problem… The framing was up for months in the weather and now the plywood… Warping – rot – mold – etc – is the issue now… You can't leave construction sitting for months unprotected…

  31. It's not the mud that's the problem… The framing was up for months in the weather and now the plywood… Warping – rot – mold – etc – is the issue now… You can't leave construction sitting for months unprotected…

  32. You have to use real wood for the frame. It looks like all ply wood, with no protection. I wish Sheree the best !

  33. That house looks ridulocus. It's way to big, for that lot. Why did the city inspector's approve this. Plus there are so many beautiful homes in Altanta, why did she built this. I heard Deshaun Snow house is up, for sales, her house is beautiful. Thanks, for making those number/letters clearer.

  34. She's building this monstrosity in Sandy Springs? I thought it was out somewhere in Gwinett. I'm really surprised the zoning laws are allowing this.

  35. I honestly dont think this is sheree whitfields house. When I see a pic of her on the property that might convince me

  36. I wonder who paid for it. Because you know she ain't got no mpney. And since it is only framed out will not pass final inspections for not staying in designated footprint and will have torn down. And it took hr two years to get it framed. Now it will sit like an eyesore for another two until she finds someone to pay to finish it

  37. The home is in Sandy Springs… So I think she has that down…

  38. I like the house yes it is alot of house on a little property but its hers so let her live her life, also its not like she has babies her kids are teenagers or about to be teenagers so I dont think that they need swing sets and slides outside I guess the recreation is inside the home. Sheree hatas are gone hate do you and have fun doing it.

  39. So Bob has to have some money stashed somewhere that Sheree can't get it. I'm appalled that he can't pay child support because of his "decreased income" but he can muster up money to buy that Atlanta blogger a nice size ring. I'm glad Sheree is building her dream home. Maybe she will finally get all of her money when they go back to court.

    • Dylpeyt

      Ummmmmmm you should really read more instead of only getting your information from a damn tv show! Everything you just said is wrong wrong wrong and I am to busy to teach you. So seriously read baby it won’t hurt you any!

  40. McMansions go up all the time in place of a smaller house. Doesn't mean it looks good. I'm sure Sheree got a great deal on the lot so she was able to add the skating rink!!Am I the only one wondering if the money is coming from mystery man? She's not unattractive and if someone that looks like a heshe can hook for bags and shoes – so can Sheree.WD

  41. For the ones on here who says "sheree haters" you can not hate on someone who came on national television as " a strong black mother", who did not depict anything positive none whatsoever!! Everyone downplayed NeNe when actuality is the highest paid housewife in the whole franchise!! Sheree was a trouble maker, a liar and just plain "bitchy"!! I have no sympathy for anyone like her!! Blogs does this,constantly update!! If she was so fabulous then she wouldn't be begging for child support!! Now continue…..

  42. I just hope she can keep her dream home.

  43. Honestly some ADULTS are still acting CHILDISH….People go through things in life that they can't change change the things that they can,and knows the difference,maybe Sharee has did all she can,now she's doing what she has to do……ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE HER…..SO ALL YOU BAD PEOPLE WITH YOUR NEGATIVITY…..LET HER LIVE HER LIFE!

  44. how bout brick or stone, I hope it's not gonna be vinyl or wood siding

  45. OMG, LMAO, I so wanna use one of these as my Twitter avi. I don't understand y she would want that big of a house on a dam corner lol. Where'd always making an ASS out of her self. Lol lol remember season 1 when she had al that "help", what the heck was it for? Remember when she was on the phone and Sheree said, "everyone wants me to come up" LMAO little did they know she didn't have money to go out. I'm surprised no one realized on the episode where Phaedra has that party and Kim takes Sheree outside and asks her to be a bridesmade,remember that whacked hair style Sheree had? Up in that sloppy ASS bun with them hairs sticking out on the side? Oh, what Atlanta Blogger did Bob buy a ring for? Getting

  46. Dam, what is up with my I phone. Sorry for the sloppy ASS coment.

  47. Having a house built is one thing, but keeping the monthly payments (excluding utilities, insurance, property taxes, etc…) is an entirely different story!!!!!!!!

  48. Look, I am not hating on Sheree for no reason, or actually anymore than I hate on any of them. Kim Z has me blocked for my posts on her getting evicted. It is what is it. Sheree is in debt up to her eyeballs and has spent all her money on rented handbags and Astin Martins while her kid is sleeping on a blow up mattress and her rent a center TV got reposessed. Those are facts. She's a fitness expert feeding her kids a bologna sandwich on national TV. She's a poser who is way more interested in trying to present a false image of herself than taking care of her own kids. If you think she is the poster child of a single black mother supporting her children, you are screwed up in the head. Bob does WAY more for those kids than she does.

  49. Amen Tamara, you said it all – and very well at that…I honestly didn't know you could rent a handbag but nothing surprises me now…

  50. Tamara, when you show proof that Bob does more for those kids then I'll believe you, when you show proof that her handbags are rented I'll believe you, when you show proof that her tv was from Rent-a-Center and got repoed I'll believe you, when you provide us with a list of creditors that Sheree owes then I'll believe you…The real FACT here is that you are simply writing an editorial about rumors you've read somewhere else and reiterating them on this shitty ass, lackluster blog…Give it a rest already….Until you produce any documentation to back up your claims I will continue to see you as a hater with stalkerish behavior…..You're pathetic….You've only produced one slither of proof regarding Sheree since you created this so-called blog and have provided none-zero-ziltch-nada since then…A hater is the appropriate word for you

  51. I'm not sure how you can watch the show and not see THE GAPING EMPTY HOLE WHERE THE TV ONCE WAS and to get that someone came and picked it up. Personally, I live in the ghetto and still manage to BUY a TV or two. No one can come repo mine. The kid sleeping on an air mattresses was on national TV. It was even mention by Marlo in the ridiculous fight scene in South Africa. As for Bob, it's public record. I've published it all here before, you will just have to go back and reread. Bob gave Sheree 400K he didn't have to early so she could buy a house for the kids. She bought an Astin Martin that was taken by her divorce attorneys for not paying her bills. (PARTIAL PAYMENT for her attempts to go to supreme court for more money) She caused the house to taken by the bank because she refused to pay a mortgage. When the court evicted her she stole EVERYTHING right down to the fixtures. Bob took her to court and WON. Every time they go to court, Bob doesn't even need an atty to win because her behavior is so egregious. Sheree owes EVERYONE in town. These are not things I pull out of the air and make up. You can see a list of people who have sued Sheree for money by going to Fulton County public records. Though I a doubt you have the intelligence to do that on your own. She's bounced checks, forged checks, and been arrested since before Bob. There is also another upcoming court date. She has not won a single judgement. Bob wins every time without a lawyer. Why do you think that is? Sheree had to put the purchaseo her house in her mother's name and then buy it back for a dollar. Why do you think that is? It's all public record. And that is why she got fired from the show. Bravo doesn't like it when their fake wealthy people are exposed in such a public way. I am debt free and happy. I can't say the same about Sheree. I'd say it is pretty pathetic for you idolizing a loser.

  52. Interesting that while Sheree is living her life there are so many miserable people – most of which probably live in Atlanta as this is clearly a local blog that few outside of Atlanta read – who feel the need to comment on unproven statements regarding her personal life….I swear if folks would stay in their lanes and focus on improving their own lives Sheree and her home wouldn't even be newsworthy.

  53. Still no proof – You're good at posting records when they exist bitch. Simply post all of the records that you mention or better yet bitch post the proof that lists your REAL name with your bank statements since Sheree is such a loser and this, that, and the third. You're probably some bitch on disability or some other form of government assistance living in a house you inherited from a relative. I'm not interested in looking up records on Sheree Whitfield honey – that's your pasttime so get to work and post them ma'am since all of your allegations are known facts. Boom!

  54. You seem very angry with me. I wonder why that is? As you say, I am just a tiny little blog with no readership to speak of (this is true, but I am often linked to by the big bloggers. I am actually a bitch. Why is it so hard to understand that I own my home outright because I live in a home within my means. Not all of us feel the need to pretend to be rich. Sheree had 400K to buy a home with and chose not to. And she has kids, I don't. I pay cash for vacations, homes cars, etc. I do not live in a McMansion, things are cheap and easy down here if you are not interested in impressing anyone. To me, time is more important than money. I want to work less and travel more. A skating rink and a liberry and handbags and shoes are not important. I prefer lots of travel and the occaisional nice piece of gold. To each their own.

  55. I don't think Sheree is ever going to live in this house. She probably has to get it finished in order to sell it. With no income she can't possibly afford to live in this house. I think her mother is probably paying to get it done and get rid of it. NJB

  56. well it is interesting to me that she had her mother buy the house and then bought it from her for a dollar. Why is she hiding money yet her kids have NOTHING? It's certainly interesting enough for me to follow up on.

  57. No one's angry at you Tamara – if anything you're a sad excuse for a person…and that's true…You spend your time writing lies about people that you don't know and never will know as a hobby instead of improving your own life. Moreover, you rarely – if ever – post proof of your "factual" information. I simply requested proof of the allegation of Sheree "owing everyone in Atlanta money, proof that her tv was rented and repossed, proof that Bob took of their kids more than she does, proof that she bounces checks and has been arrested for check fraud. We know that she was arrested for shoplifting when she was a teenager in Cleveland, so that doesn't count. Proof that she rents her handbangs and you have yet to provide it…Hell, if you can't provide proof of Sheree's life that you seem to a ringside seat in observing, at least show us proof of your own net worth, home/car ownership, vacation receipts, etc. since you're the cat's meow and Sheree is the loser you seem hellbent on repeating each week with a new blog post about her house. Ok – I'm done, you won't provide it and will continue to be miserable dogging her while your life revolves around your dying dog and sources who seem to never be right…Good Luck Tamara – I'll keep you on my prayer list and I promise never question your Pulitzer-prize winning journalism skills ever again…We know that you have a direct line to Sheree Whitfield's checking account and life history – how naive of me to question it…Carry on….

  58. I'm starting to think you are sheree's lesbian lover. Because you are way to literate to be her but OTOH you are dumber than a box of rocks. Do you really like lapping her pussy that much? /shrugs I've given you public records and BRAVO has given you further proof by axing her after there air mattresses debacle. Yet you are here, lapping at her gaping crotch. WHY? If only you were done posting here. I say you are not. And will continue to give me tons of hits by your stupidity. You follow me on twitter and are ALWAYS her. Why? If i am such a horrid person giving Sheree a bad rap, why are you so invested on defending her? I hope you don't go. You are an idiot, and I love the ratings you give me while we all laugh at you. Please stay and keep up the drama as you say, I have a dying dog and really can't get it together for a post right now. But thankfully you are a big draw.

  59. I think the enormous size of this house is in direct proportion to the enormity of her many psychological issues. The house is like a big pimple. Given all of her problems, which she has helped to create, it doesn't make sense to build such a large home in the face of everything that has happened. I see a crash. I mean we all see it. I think Sheree has not yet become aware internally. She's still faking it. That's when the change comes, when she finally faces reality–and she will and it will not be pretty. It's inevitable. Now we can sit back and judge others, but I think anyone in the public eye, and who has displayed the behavior she has on RHOA, opens themselves up to court of public opinion. I think that's why I'd never want to become Bravolebrity! It just can get ugly.

  60. If you take the address to this property and do an aerial view on Bing maps, you will see the foundation of this structure. It appears to match up with the shape of the building shown in the above photos. That said, the lack of space between homes and proximity to the stop sign are nothing more than a trick of the eye as seen through a camera lens. While it appears to be a large home, it appears to be properly placed within the lot on which it is being built, and does not appear to hug the stop sign.

  61. Please share the address so we can see the aerial view.

  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. I find the image on Bing Maps to be deceiving. I have driven by this house/lot many times. It is to me as the photos show. Very close to the road and Very big for the lot!

  64. Sorry, I don't give out addresses to people's homes on this blog.

  65. But yet you post pictures of people's home on this so-called blog…Chile – get a hobby….

  66. Tamara is correct. You can search the Fulton County Public Records and find out about the law suits and things like that which have been filed against Shereee. To be clear, Sheree is/was the Defendant and not the Plaintiff.I believe that Tamara has provided solid information and continues to do so. Like Tamara said, all you have to do is search for yourself if you want "proof" to change your opinion. Tamara has also provided links many time in previous stories.

  67. Sorry, my bad, Tamara. Easy enough to find online for those who want the aerial view though. I'm surprised to see it's actually coming up, and look forward to continued updates of the status! Great work, as always, Tamara and contributors!

  68. okay anon is hilarious…I think it has to be Sheree or clearly one of her friends. They are asking Tamara to prove what Sheree said out of her own mouth…She admitted the Astin was repo by her lawyers…I mean clearly no reason to be redundant because the blow up mattresses and missing t.v's were filmed. Not sure if it was rent a center or pawned but none the less a disappearing act. The funniest though is the irony. Sheree signed up for the a show for exposure as all of the housewives on all of the franchises do.So the fact that all of these blogs have been created and have followers is what Bravo…and the housewives call a success. Her mother must have envisioned what type of person she would be because she stopped just short of naming her Charade…which is something she could no longer keep up. Funny that Kim blocked you she is another liar… she may have the money she claims but all the lies she has been caught in… the cancer… kissing the man with lindsey lohan's dad on t.v…her client they stayed with in Miami when (nene almost choked her out) who kept talking about them sleeping together…but yet she accuses Marlo of being an escort…because game recognize game..fast forward to big poppa furniture Andy Cohen called her out on and so many other lies in between and up to the eviction. You can not believe anything she says and even when you have video/written proof she will deny deny deny. I will admit I am bored with nothing else to do.(Stay at home Mom who lives with in her/husbands means so I can afford to be at home and still send the kids away to camp and take vacations) but for anon to keep claiming others have no life while they have time to carry on a 2 day 20minute conversation attempting to defend Sheree only convinces me it is someone from her team…oh wait she could not afford to pay a team that is why she could not negotiate a new contract..so I am convinced it is prob Sheree herself. Oh and I am not a Atlanta local but I am a big fan. Tamara sources are rarely wrong and when they are acknowledges and corrects it. Keep doing your thing Tamara maybe it will become your main source of income…Like Perez and Necole bitchie everyone has to start somewhere.

  69. I agree with everything Ella said…Those anonymous posts has to be Sheree or someone close…But anyways, keep up the good work Tamara. I love ur blog

  70. I feel for Sheree'! She's not sooo terrible, she's just confused.She's really all alone and trying to be an example to her children, but her ideas are beginning not to make so much sense. I hope, as a housewife I've watched since the show started (and I might get bad publicity on this one), that she gets the child support coming to her that he didn't pay her before he hadn't asked for a adjustment and he just quit paying. She should be entitled to that and them his modification should be put in place and I know he owes her a pretty penny.

  71. really? you can't go off what BRAVO shows. LMFAO its a TV show. They have producers that edit months of footage and most times things are out of order and out of context. Im not saying Sheree is an angel, a good business woman or even a nice person. AND I'm not saying you are a bad person either Tamara. But I used to live in the "ghetto" and no one stays there by choice and people are too concerned mofos will break into their home to travel for any extended period of time. LOL! I don't live in ATL but I've been to your blog a few times by way of Straight from the A I believe TIPS: #1 Get a professional to redesign your blog. #2 Get some sponsors. Being Messy for free just seems ratchet. ESPECIALLY when sponsored blogs are linking to you. Be Easy :-)

  72. Rod

    I saw a story online about Sherree being fired and I did a search on Chateau Sherree to see if she ever built her house and I found this blog with pictures. I don't normally read this, and I have to say, I agree with the reader who is calling out the owner of this blog for pushing rumors as facts they find online. For the blogger to come out and say that it's obvious that her TV got repo'ed by Rent a Center because you can see a blank space where her TV used to be on the show, well that's just plain ridiculous. Come on, it's one thing to push gossip, people like gossip, but dont try to defend yourself as pushing facts when even your defense screams otherwise. Anyone that puts themselves out in the public eye is asking for attention and you get the negative with the positive, so those who think Sherree is horrible, a bad mother, building a stupid house, whatever, you have the right to think and express that as much as anyone saying anything positive does too. One does have to consider the source though, and in the case of these pictures being up against the neighbors house, if the county allows that, the neighbor knows that, and we are only seeing the back side of the house in these pictures, who's to say that she doesn't have a nice lot on the front side? Maybe she doesn't, but who cares, good for her for being able to build such a big house no matter how she's doing it…you can't build a house without money, and you can't get that much built on IOU's. Anyway, blogger, I'm not hating on you, I'm simply saying I don't think you should represent yourself as something you aren't, i.e. you are not Barbara Walters and this is not a New York Times article publishing facts that you spent time researching and verifying. This is a gossip blog and you are showing things that people obviously want to see, so good for you, but they are rumors or you would have concrete backup quoted,which you do not. Carry on.

  73. Well, "Rod", aren't you the little arbiter of fine journalism. While you clearly didn't take the time to read the numerous other fully researched articles on this site, and just happened over here eons after Sheree got fired for the fifth or so story on Chateau Sheree, I can understand how you arrived here so clueless. I would think though that the picture of the front of the house kissing the stop sign at the intersect might have clued you in. I'm not sure what sort of sources you require,"Rod" and I find it humorous that several different posts with pictures of the progress of the property that began before the previous house was demolished and are current right up to the date of this post are not enough evidence for you regarding her yard. Nor or are the posts from those who frequent the subdivision, then well hell I don't know how much more Barbara Walters, who is apparently your idea of a journalistic icon, could tell you. You seem very mistrusting of the public records that discuss the numerous financial issues Sheree has had in court, and the countless evidence of her history of renting things she can't afford. So perhaps you just don't trust government records. Or perhaps, "Rod" you have a more personal reason for coming to a gossip board with such horribly sourced information that is so clearly not up to your standard. Whatever might that be, "Rod"?We're here to listen and learn. You seem super smart and well educated. I feel like I might be receiving a copy of your degree at any moment. Thanks so much for explaining everything so clearly. I'm going to give you a seat here with a little plaque right next to the people who recently decided there should be boating laws. Please feel free to a have seat,"Rod".

  74. First of all there are ordinances prohibiting building on top of a property line (usually its 6' from property line) unless you apply for a variance and ask for the city/counties permission and that is permission of adjoining neighbors and you have to be so many feet from the center of the road, building inspectors should know this as they had to apply for a building permit and had to submit there plans….too big for someone who is banking on getting money from her ex per her own words

  75. Sharee is a back stabbing 2 no 9 faced chick!! I could care less about her house! I don't like fake people!

  76. This whole conversation is sad … and the Tamara person she being praising Sheree .. seems she's made your blog worth reading .. how pathetic

  77. Yes, all the Sheree fans do give my blog a BOATLOAD of hits. Thanks for contributing. While I wish they were reading some more interesting things like where the RHOA are vacationing this season, we are all here. Wanna know why? Cause Sheree Stans are HYSTERICAL and I really can't believe any of you are serious.

  78. Nope not a Sheree fan but certainly a RHOA fan … I think Sheree's persona on the show comes off a bit whack but she's building a beautiful home and somehow you've turned that into a negative… that's the definition of hater right there .. I'm from Detroit so no need to come at me about possibly being Sheree of her gay lover .. but even if you do I recognize that the truth hurts .. just suck it up and try to write about something positive.. "be well Tamara"..

  79. You're right. I must just have it in for Sheree and be a hater. Actually BULLY is the term that gets the morons attention these days. I am bullying Sheree because she stole all kinds of money from her ex, didn't use the 400K he gave her to put a roof over her kids head but bought an Astin Martin that was seized by the court, stripped the marital home of all appliances and finishing and was held in contempt, had her kids sleeping on air matresses on national TV while half her furnishings were repossessed by a rental company and then got fired. I guess in Detroit that is doing good for yourself. Down here, not so much. I'm not trying to write about something positive, I am just writing what is. Sheree is likely to do jail time if her ass keeps getting called into court. She's even dragged her own mother into this house stupidity. It's a clusterfuck of epic proportions. How do y'all make that positive in Detroit again?

  80. LOL .. I expected nothing better Ms. Tamara ..

  81. Wow and wow! Here's my unsolicited two cents – I personally try to find the good in people. They don't always deserve it but wow, people that are on here trying to say something positive about this woman are being vilified. How is it right to start graphic rants about a commenter being her lesbian lover because they defend her. People also need to realize that perhaps Tamara is perfectly happy with this blog as it is with no sponsorship or advertisers. Even with all her reckless and juvenile rants she's getting hits and has a good following.

  82. yes Its got to be Sheree or one of her family members.

  83. Tamara,I liked Sheree at first. But I believe she cares more about what she want than what she needs. I hope she wake up soon

  84. At this point it isn't even about whether anyone likes Sheree or not though. 1) I have NEVER seen a house that was literally do close to a stop sign that you could reach out the window to touch it. There are permitting processes in place to avoid this so, I'm going to assume that it is the camera angle in the pictures. 2) as I stated above, the vehemence going back and forth between the blogger and commenters is amazing. Tamara, I think when you state as fact that the tv has been repo'd and point to the fact that there is an empty space where it used to be as proof, it takes away from your credibility. Yes there are public records of lawsuits and very public seizing of her Aston Martin and equally public airing of her dirty laundry during these ridiculous divorce proceedings; I could probably go on and on, however, when you start throwing conjecture in with facts it dilutes the message.

  85. This blog is such a joke….I'd like to know what proof this lady has about all this stuff that is public record…Yes there are a few things that are documented as with all of the other ladies that were or are on the show but most of the junk this girl is talking about is nowhere to be found…And Tamara you might want to start including "allegedly" in some of the stuff you report…I know Sheree is too classy and uninterested in this foolishness but I'd hate for you to get sued for the little bit of change you do have to keep this chitlin switch blog running…

  86. All this judgement from a woman – or man who runs his or her blog under I'm sure a pseudonym, has no pics of his or herself anywhere, can only show proof of Sheree's mistakes via a court record, is rarely right about anything, is late on reporting almost everything that's been reported on six blogs already…Your claim to fame is Sheree honey…if it weren't for her house nobody would know who you are…

  87. Rod

    Tamara, who do you think I am? LOL, you kept my name in quotes, it's Rod, not "Rod". I am not here to attack the blogger, I was just giving my opinion regarding this blog and all the comments that seem to be running rampant off of "rumors" and not facts. I am not connected with Sherree or the show, I live in DC actually and am just a curious person who wanted to see her house, no need for paranoia. You have a small blog with a small group of people that read, good for you, I just think it's responsible when you're attacking someone to speak in facts when its being presented as facts. Obviously you disagree Tamara. This is America, you are allowed. This one blog story has gotten you more comments then ever it seems, good for you! Carry on!

  88. Of all the stuff y'all do believe about Sheree, it's the TV being repoed that has your back up? Really? lol. Okay let me try to find something positive to say about Sheree… hmmmmmm what traits does she have we would like our kids to emulate?…. still thinking…. um sorry. I got nothing. Also, people who say positive things about here are not being villified. They're just being mocked for their stupidity. I am sure they are used to it, and apparently enjoy it because they come here every day for it. Some days I have more time than others to satisfy their masochistic needs. I'm a giver. And "Rod", welcome back to the blog you never read. How kind of you to count my comments. Let's shoot for 100 today, shall we? I'm glad you like your new seat. :) Stick around there is plenty to argue about here. And actually way more interesting stories than the size of Chateau Sheree.

  89. Wow……this blog is off the chain. I believe the blog article is a bit much. Slandering Sheree…she has problems. Ok everyone does at some point at life. She has financial issues, most people run across those in their life. But what I think is sad…..is the blogger. Get your life and quickly. Doing an update on this woman's home like that seems like you are suffering from a dose of being a Hate-r. So sad……….

  90. Yes, it's true. I am hating on Sheree because I want to be just like her. She has it all! bwahahhahah.8 more trolly troll posts to 100 DON'T LET ME DOWN!

  91. She may not have it all but she has something – She has a lot of people that spend their time commenting and criticizing her life left and right…Looks like Bravo made a mistake letting go the woman that everyone just seems to love to hate….You're probably her biggest cheerleader, "Tamara". Keep on hating dear while Sheree is living her life you get to throw shade about hers and don't even get paid to do it.

  92. Keep doin' your thing, Tamara! And I agree: why admire a broke gold digger and hold her up as an example for others to strive for? I LOVE the blog but I really think you shouldn't allow anonymous comments. You don't need to deal with all these cowards and their absurd comments. Bravo! (pun intended) ;)

  93. Lets go Tamara…..lets show these trolls just how popular you are…only a few more until you hit 100 comments!!

  94. It's good to hear from "Rod" again. I didn't know they could use Twitter in correctional facilities. NJB

  95. SweetnessnbubbaOh my Lordy, Tamara! The trolls done went crazy from the summer heat! who would have thought that some pictures of Sherees half done home would set up this much of a fuss..

  96. For the life of me I can't understand how you can argue about someone you've never met. Why do "anon and rod" feel the need to validate Sheree? I can only speculate that they are someone close to her, so I'm guessing her daughter decided to defend her mom (anon) as she should, and Damon aka rod also took to the blog to defend his future mother n law. I say kuddos to the both of you……

  97. Just in case you didn't recognize the sarcasm, (rolling my eyes) good job Tamara. People take things way too seriously that they come to a blog and argue over facts they don't no anything about Soooo here's hoping that its a family member fighting on her behalf.

  98. This is what you open yourself up to when you go on a reality TV show and call yourself a designer, spend $1,000s of dollars on a party to announce she has arrived, When you commission museum size pictures of yourself, when you buy a Ashton Martin (I had never heard of this car), Porshe and walk around with $10,000 purses while your kid is sleeping on a dog/air/mattress you should expect the critcism.I rather live below my means than to live above it and have to stuggle to maintain that image.Sheree is an uneducated idiot.

  99. ANON 7-26 5:51 PM"Sheree is an uneducated idiot."AMEN…

  100. This sounds like Sheree

  101. Dang….why are yall comin on this woman's site talkin trash to her like that??? If you don't like what you read move the hell on and go to another site…..BOTTOM LINE Sharee is a bum bitch that needs to focus on her kids instead of what other people are thinkin… I guess it was really embarrassing the way she got fired off the show, the way she was potrayed on the show, the way Nene shined on her HARD at the reunion show….you know she had to do something to keep people guessing by building this GINORMOUS house….It's just a show….yall know she aint got no money…..But only time will tell for sure right???

  102. This done, but I must add. We can all agree Sheree is an idiot and has no credentials to even begin to support her habits. Her lack of concern for those children is a little disturbing. However, for the readers posting negative comments about Tamara and her blog, why? She clearly enjoys "mocking stupidity", and calling anyone with an opinion other than hers a troll. Let's be real, we all enjoy the tea. But Tamara has stated that she lives in the ghetto, doesn't work, and blogs…why argue with someone like that? She's not apart of any "elite" circle, a mover and shaker,she's just reporting what she gets. She enjoys emerging herself in the reality of other people, and we benefit from it.

  103. ruth boyd

    i really think sheree is crazy why would you want to live soooo big. i think she think of herself than the kids. get help girl, you are losing your money. you going to end living with your mother. calm down and spent wisely. if you last when you get old are you going to be able to get your old ass up those stairs. go bob.

  104. rainy

    I thought it was a little odd that when she asked her daughter if she would miss her when she went to spend time with her father, her daughter paused for a long time. That says a lot, and why did her mother kiss her ex in the courtroom? If he was such a bad father I wouldn’t think mama would have greeted him with such respect. I’m really concerned about her children. Seems she is only thinking of her money and image. I just wish she would face it and realize she doesn’t have what it takes to be a diva,,,,honey take care of your kids

  105. vanessa williams

    It is really sad to see a woman (no matter what color) trying to live way above her means. The role in housewives was a once in a lifetime gift. Instead of embracing it so that her character would be renewed , she thought that she was worth more than the network was willing to pay. Nene may be loud and sometimes over the top, but she has been able to become a brand. You missed your opportunity Shree.

  106. I feel sorry for the poor neighbors. You’d think there would some kind of restrictions or building codes in that neighborhood. Sheree is one of the most narcissistic women on all of the housewives shows.

    • lovely leo66

      Wow!! Now that’s a huge house! It is really not that serious!! Sure, a big mansion is fine as long as you can afford it and if it is a good fit in the neighborhood where you are building. Clearly, this Chateau Sheree is too large for the area where it is being built, and since the homes in this area are well below the price range of her house being built, she will never get the amount she put into building the house for whenever she has to sell it. All because she is trying to save face and live well above her means. What good is it to have a house that you cannot afford to furnish and pay the electricity bill? That’s not even counting the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes.

  107. Peggie

    I feel sorry for the neighbors. Sheree is only thinking of herself as usual. Maybe someone need to remind her she has kids if what is written is true, and she needs to realize that NeNe does have more money than her. It is clear now and everyone can see NeNe really is rich, real, loved very much for being real and still seen on television. NeNe takes care of her kids, Sheree needs to do the same.

    • LOLOLOLOL at you people who think Nene is rich. RHOA money is her big money. This Glee gig and The New Normal gig are GREAT for Nene and her resume. The (non paid) Vogue picture is awesome publicity. But Nene doesn’t make squat on Glee or The New Normal. She’s paid scale like every othe new actress happy to get a role. RHOA is her gravy train. She’d be smart to ride it out.

  108. clarence andrews

    yall dumb ass people need to get a life and quit worrying so much about other folk. let sheree be sheree what ever the fuck that might be. how n the fuck can yall dumb ass people be writing bull shit about someone none of u know personally. get a job dumb asses. n no im not related.

    • I read your last…I guess it could loosely be termed a sentence as “No, I’m not retarded.” My guess is you are both related and retarded. Clearly, Sheree is not the first person in her family not to graduate from high school.

  109. Kelly Stephens

    God forbid if she trys to sale that house…she is going to see no returns on it if she build the biggest house in the neighborhood. You don’t go build a 7000 sq ft home in a 2000 sq ft neighborhood.

  110. Barbata

    That house is ridiculous for someone wit no money. She need to b paying more attention to those kids and how they look. She walking around looking like a million and when we saw the kids and even the mother on the show they looked a hot mess. I would never allow my mom or my kids to look like they did while I looked like I was rich. Shame on u Sheree.

  111. Sheree you need your head examined!!! You should be ashamed of yourself. You are taking advantage of your mother, by having her build this house for you. You should have built a house that you can afford and still be able to take care of your children. Stop focusing on yourself and spend your time and money on your children!!! Live within your means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Sheree seems like a pretty ‘level headed’ person in most instances. However like most, seemingly, wealthy individuals in Atlanta looks can be very deceiving. It seems as though Sheree has significant debt, appears to have no clear source of income, expensive tastes & equally expensive habits. My concern is that she trying to maintain a lifestyle that her former husband’s career afforded her. Sheree doesn’t appear to have adjusted her lifestyle all that much & if anything, has increased her spending to make it appear that she is amazingly wealthy. Basically she’s fronting in my view. Who knows maybe she is that wealthy (I doubt it) but I think she’s full of sh… quite frankly!!!

  113. Lisa

    I was reading some old comments and it seems funny that Rod always ended his comments with carry on and then there was a comment that was anon that ended the same way. Hummmmm………..js

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