Tameka Foster’s, (Ex-Wife of Usher) Son Declared Brain Dead

Tameka Foster, ex-wife of Usher is by her 11 year old son’s side at Egleston Children’s Hospital tonight after her son, Kile Glover was run over by a jet ski while tubing on Lake Lanier yesterday. Kile is in critical condition. It is being reported that the jet ski ran over the child’s head and that he was non-responsive when pulled out of the the water. An unidentified 15 year old girl was also taken to the hospital in critical condition. Both children were being pulled on inner tubes behind a boat when a 38 year old man who was part of the group ran into both children on a jet ski.The group was out on a rented pontoon boat and a rented waverunner. Kile is the child Usher is holding in the above picture.
UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that Kile has been declared brain dead. Both Usher and Kile’s mother, Tameka are at the hospital. No decision has been made about removing the child from life support. Kile was non-responsive upon being pulled from the water and has shown no brain activity while a patient at Egleston.  The other child, a 15 year old girl is reportedly in stable condition, it is unclear if she remains at Egleston at this time.


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  1. I wont go too hard here but what on earth are an eleven and fifteen year old doing on such dangerous waters in an airtube? Money can sure cloud people's judgement and common sense. Safety above all else is how we protect our children. Very sad. Prayers going up for these two very innocent young people. Praying for better days for us all!:(!Lannette

  2. His name is spelled Kile. All kids tube on Lake Lanier. Money had nothing to do with this. It is a sad tragedy. I would like to know who the 38 year old man is that did this! I am hoping it was not the boys father Ryan.

  3. Such an unfortunate accident. I don't think that money had anything to do with anything. A day on Lake Lanier is hardly expensive and is actually pretty cost effective, even with boat rentals. The lake does get crowded in the summer, especially on holidays. I personally avoid it for that very reason, but I'm prone to worrying. About a month ago there was a boat wreck that resulted in 2 adolescents dying on the lake. If the lake wasn't safe enough for them to be pulled behind a boat then the adults that were in charge should have stepped in, so I'm assuming that the conditions were safe… Then again, it was one of these adults that accidentally ran them over. I don't think Tameka should be blamed for any of this, she wasn't even there. It was great to read that Usher immediately made a jet available for her so that she could fly back ASAP. I'm happy that even with their ongoing battle he was able to do the right thing.

  4. Stop judging. It was an accident. A freak accident. Our family is praying that this child recovers completely and that his parents are strengthened in the days ahead. This is an incredibly scary time for all involved. God bless this child

  5. I dont argue, period! Howeever, I will ALWAYS call a situation the way that I see it….an accident, without a doubt, but young children on plastic in deep water with water-mobiles weaving in and out…NOTHING but UNSAFE!!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!! I have no interest in the comment "all children do it"…so what!This and other deadly events that have happened on this lake in particular, maybe somethings need to change. Nothing more to add. Enjoy going back and forth with one another. Take good care. UNSAFE!!!!! Praying for their recovery!!!!!Lannette

  6. Lanette, I don't think you understand the situation. The group had rented a pontoon boat with inner tubes and such as well as a jet ski. The tubes were being pulled by the pontoon boat. You will see this all over the lake every day. Somehow the man on the jet ski hit Kile. The 15 yr old girl was not nearly as seriously injured and was part of collateral damage from the hit to Kile. And Anon 12:19 the man on the jet ski was with the group, but not related to either injured child according to local news. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident. It was an accident, just like getting hit by a car or being in a car accident. Boating accidents happen, that doesn't mean people should not be in the like on inner tubes and jet skis and Pontoon boats. Don't be so ricidulously judgemental. Accidents happen.

  7. Children on rubber holding a string being pulled by a boat with high powered water-mobiles weaving in and out…is still UNSAFE, no matter how you look at it. Eleven years old???? And the fact that many children are doing this, the jet ski's should not be allowed to intertwine and be on the waters within so many feet of these "many children". He accidently ran over his head! This is more than obvious to me where the danger lie despite their tradition. Thanks for the clarification but I think I am clear on what makes this danger regardless of the number of times it has happened! Hopefully there will be new rules so that it never happens again!UNSAFE!Lannette

  8. A pontoon boat is made for swimming off of. Most of the time they are stationary. Kids have been relaxing in lakes on inner tubes since inner tubes were invented. But you go on and start a petition against… um tubing, or pontoon boats, or jet skis. I won't sign it but… it might make you feel better. Actually, I wish I were on a tube tied to a Pontoon boat about now. With a nice cold beer.

  9. Excuse you Tamara!!! Me… ridiculously judgemental…LOL. LOL, People are so quick to jump and stand with the masses in light of common sense…now that's RIDICULOUS. I guess I aint speaking no common sense here. Thanks!Lannette

  10. To be clear, I never directed my post asking for anyone support. Let's be REAL clear, I post to state my opinion on the topic at hand and thats all. I have never asked or eluded to needing your support to make my point. I really am not sure where all this is coming from. But I dont post here to be right or look right, all the time. If I make a mistake, I will concede without it being a big deal but what I really dont appreciate is your comment. I never have sought your signature on anything that I have ever posted. I hope this is clear with you. It is still my opinion that someone should look into changing rules in light of recent events on this lake…that's it, we clear????Thanks!Lannette

  11. Clear as mud. What rule exactly would you like to change?

  12. Lannette,You have no idea what you are talking about. The tubes are not made of rubber and the kids do not hold on to a string, they hold on to built-in handles on the tube. And, a Pontoon boat does not go that fast… maybe 30 miles per hour at most. Tamara, please post a photo of the type of tube the kids were on for Lannette.

  13. I have never done this activity myself but I would think the jets skis should not be allowed to weave in and out around the children on the tubes. That said, there should be mandatory distance requirement away from the children. We heard about this one because of who it involves but we know there have been others. I dont think there would be any harm or any fun taken away if the jet ski's were backed up off the children. A picture would be great to more inform my opinionThanks!Lannette

  14. TMZ just report Kile is brain dead. So incredible sad.

  15. So sad. And no I'm not going to confuse Lanette with any more facts and information, she seems quite sure she knows everything she needs to form her opinion.

  16. Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about the family today. My prayers go out to them. Incredibly sad. The decisions that need to be made in the days ahead are not easy. I pray for their strength and a miracle for the child.

  17. Wow very sad! Prayers for the family! I hope changes are made on this lake so that this accident doesn't happen again, one lost is too much. Just sad!:(!Lannette

  18. Sooo condescending and rude…. Thanks!Lannette

  19. This is just horrible. There are just no words to express how terrible I feel for their entire family. Only God's Grace can comfort a parent when they lose a child.

  20. Lannette please get off the blog. You are wretched person. Trying to prove your opinion — facts be damned. You don't know anything about this situation. If you had any sense, your thoughts would be focused on strengthening the family and praying for this child's recovery. My heart goes out to Tameka's entire family and I will continue to pray for them.

  21. When did they say pantoon boat?

  22. Many prayers for this family. No matter the situation or how it came to be, this family is in turmoil over such a devastating accident. I'm sure we can ALL agree (without further comment on who is right or wrong) that the family needs prayers and support right no. God is able to do all things and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much!

  23. Your right anon 918 this is not about anything else but the family and I never lost sight of that although my initial comment was harsher than it should have been looking back I should have sought a different source before speaking. But I still contend until the investigation is done there are safety issues here more than it being just an accident but thats for later. Some people here have gone too far. When did I become dumb and stupid and when the heck did I become wretched? The reactions are sooo telling. I seen others start off with a certain tone and a point of view then change up as things become more clear and I dont need to point these many instance out, although I could. But you keep throwing your stones, I could easily show you when and where you have errored!!!!!!I love all these anon posters! Glad I dont mind taking a stand and being accountable…by signing my real name. Prayers for the family as always with anything this devastating! Thanks anon 918 for bringing some clarity and balance to this very sad issue. Thanks!Lannette

  24. Lannette, this is your last comment on this topic. I will delete anything else you post on this particular subject. ENOUGH. Please. This is a serious topic.

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  26. My heart goes out to Tameka and her family. This is going to be very difficult in the days ahead. Still praying for this baby.

  27. I can't imagine what Ms. Raymond and her family are going through. How heartbreaking. :(

  28. I know people will think I am a nut, but I think this is another one of those Illuminati sacrifices. Why are so many celebrities dying this year, why are all these natural phenomena with creatures dying happening… I am so sad for the children, they never have a choice in these matters. If there is a supreme creator, may he take care of them in their next life (if there is one).

  29. This is so sad. A child should never die… I'm pretty sure having to stay away from others while driving a jet ski is common sense – indeed accidents happen… I'm sure the 38 yo driver is devastated – imagine walking in his shoes for a while…Not sure where the conspiracy theories are coming from – natural disasters – animals and celebrates dying happen every year…Tamara – please keep us updated on the 15 yo…

  30. critter, the 15 yr had a broken arm and some head lacerations. I think she is going to be fine;however, one station says she was a bit worse than they first thought. It seems like she is expected to have a full recovery though.

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  32. I really detest reading stories like this. As a parent, you instantly just want to hug & hold your child(ren). This life we live can be so fickle…This is just tooo sad.

  33. My Goodnesss!As a parent there is no greater hurt, than when your "baby" (regardless of age) is hurt. Thank you Tamara for such an insightful, informative, report of what is happening. I especially like how Usher, came thru for his ex in spite of their custody battle–what a guy! As far as boating lasw, and on the water accidents are concerned, I don't have enough informed information to make/ pass judgement, I will leave THAT difficult decision to the professionals. However, I will say, I think it a most unfortunate "accident" that could have happened to "Anyone" regardless of race,or economic background. And as we all know, money can't buy everything. My thoughts, and prayers are with Tamika, Usher, and their son, Kile,now before someone calls me out on Kile's paternity, I am aware that he's not Usher's biological son, and I do believe he Loves him LIKE his own. that's all. I also extend my prayers to the 38 y/o gentleman involved in the accident, I could not begin to understand what/how he's feeling right now…Again, thank you Tamara, for keeping us all abreast of what is happening in this very sad, and tragic accident.Have a wonderful day All

  34. It is very sad for everyone. And the child belongs to Ryan Glover. I imagine it is difficult for him to be disregarded in the news as well. :(Meanwhile I can't comprehend why I would have to delete posts by someone who has said the same thing NINE TIMES in the comments here and tries to make it all about her. Clearly she has no idea about the situation but wants to continue to make this post about her very misguided understanding of the issue. I apologize for her intrusion on those who are greiving an serious accident involving two children. I don't understand why people do such things. SMH

  35. I'm praying for a different outcome. I understand the news. I just wish the circumstances were different for the child and the family. This is a very difficult time. I hope that the family knows that so many people care and wish them well. We're praying for Kile and everyone who loves this child. God bless

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  37. Tamara: Thank you for that. What a disturbed person. Such a sad story – my prayers are with the family. When I get home tonight, my baby is getting an extra tight hug.

  38. Let's all pray for the family that's it no judgement

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  40. Lannette, please go away. Your constant spamming of this blog reeks of a mental illness. Most of us are saddened by the outcome of an accident. I regret letting you post NINE TIMES in this post. I don't like moderating comments. But you don't come in guns blazing full of fingerpointing when someone is losing a child.Please find another blog to post at. This one is not for you. Not only have you apparently never been to a lake, but you don't seem to understand I can tell it is you each time you post. FUCK OFF. Is that clear enough?

  41. The ny daily news just gave an update on the preliminary information related to the accident. Let's continue to keep Kile in our prayers and uplift the family. These are trying times for them and they need support and love to make it through.

  42. hey tam, just wanted to add my condolences to all the family members of young kile glover. this is an awful tragedy, and a horrifying accident. this young man had his whole life ahead of him. summer had just begun. he was enjoying a beautiful day with family and friends. and it ended in a fashion that could not be more sad. his poor parents are facing some tough decisions in the days to come, if the reports on his condition are true. my heart goes out to them. i say prayers every day for parents who have lost a child. i hope they find peace.chitown shelley

  43. Praying for Lannette in her fantasyland where kids are wrapped in mattresses and kept safely locked in closets.I can't imagine what an awful time this is for the family. Nobody should ever lose a child.WD

  44. There was nothing on Entertainment Tonight or the E! news channel . .

  45. I have sons, and i shudder to think what must be going through Tameka'z and Ryan's minds. My thoughts are with them. I have a 12 year old and I will hug him tight. I'm sorry Tameka and Ryan. My heart hurts for you…

  46. This is such a sad & confusing time for the family…What bothers me is the father is bearly mentioned – what a shame…How long will they keep him on life support or is there a chance he will wake up? I've read conflicting reports on the net…Tamara – do you have any updates for us?

  47. I would think that the last thing on Mr. Glover's mind right now is whether or not he is being mentioned in the news as Kile's dad. My thoughts and prayers are going out to Kile and everyone who loved him!And, it would be nice to get an update on the 15 year old girl!

  48. Anon 1:43Put yourself in Mr. Glover's place…Your child is in this condition and all you hear is he's your ex's step-son – kind of takes away from you being the parent…But your right, it is the least of his problems, I said it bothers me, not him…

  49. At critter… I did put myself in his place and I have almost lost my daughter before. (I spent about 20 minutes thinking my daughter was dead). At the time, could care less about what else was going on in the world because my world at the time was my daughter…that's it. I wasn't watching the news, on the internet, ect. I was in the hospital with my daughter praying for her life and begging God to take me instead.Look at it this way, if it puts more attention on the dangers of armatures at Lakes and on Jet Ski's then so be it. When you lose a child you almost don't want it to be in vain. If Kile's tragedy can help make changes on that lake with PWC then let's help Kile do the job God has meant for his beautiful little soul to do! Too many people have died on that lake. The rental rules need to be regulated! It bothers me that this is happening again. I was upset about this before they gave the victims names. We canceled our week long vacation on Lake Lanier because of this and the other loss of lives earlier. Let's focus our energy of peace for Kile and not trumped up angry that might not even be occurring! xo to you Critter!

  50. Let me first say I do not know anything about this particular lake, not from Atlanta, never been to this lake. However, after reading some comments on this sad tragedy, I understand the call for safety and the concern. I do think we sometimes get so caught up in our quest for answers as to why things happen that we tend to present questions and concerns in a more aggressive way than we normally would. I also feel sometimes we need to take into consideration the loved ones of the injured, allow them the time they need to try and wrap their minds around this unbelievable life change. There is a mother and father that now have to say goodbye to their baby ( no matter how old they get, they are always our babies.) As a mother I can’t even begin to imagine how these parents must feel. But if this lake has suffered the many accidents and deaths as some other posters have stated, regulations do need to be implemented to make it safe….. Just because it is the norm doesn’t make it wise. SN: There was a lot of back and forth from several ppl and we are all not going to have the same opinions and/or views; which is why most intelligent decisions are the results of discussions that have the participation of many. Let’s keep this family in deep prayer……………outside of a miracle, nothing will restore this family. RegardsDr. OpraPhil 😉

  51. Anon: July 11 @ 6:13 pmI'm so sorry about your daughter, this indeed must bring back memories that hurt…Making changes in the rental rules would be a good idea, but I don't think it will help, people are still going to be careless – it's common sense to stay away from people when on a jet ski, boat, etc… a rule would not have prevented this, only common sense would have… think of all the traffic rules we have, people still get tickets every day…As always, Kyle is in my prayers…Peace to you Anon…

  52. You guys, there are state laws on a lake just like there are on the road. Jet Ski MUST idle within 100 ft of any boat (unless they are overtaking) swimmer, beach, bridge, pretty much anything but other jet skis while on the water. The laws are statewide and all boaters, PWC operaters etc know them. They are also explained when you rent vessels. The guy could have been learning and accidently gunned it. And yes, just like on the road accidents happen. They are investigating the accident and will file charges if they feel it necessary. Once again, we should be focused on the families involved.

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  54. i continue to be astounded by the people who have no idea what they are talking about trying to lay blame in this circumstance rather than praying for the children. Isn't that what you proclaim in your twitter profiles? Where is all your Christianity now? Did God tell you to start pointing fingers?GO AWAY.

  55. eg

    Whew! I am so glad you shut that person (Lannett) down.She was beginning to sound like she was in a "loop". I am praying for all of the families involved, and I agree no matter what signs, rules,or whatever are posted/enforced, accicents can/will happen.I know God will see them through this terrible time.

  56. Yes, the Raymond/Glover family need our prayers and so does the other victim who was involved and the guy that was driving the jet ski. I'm sure there will be people who will disagree with what I'm about to write, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am going to state mine. I agree with previous posts, jet skis should be far away from swimmers (children and adults) for safety reasons and to prevent another accident like this from happening again.

  57. Tmz is now reporting that the family has made the decision to remove him from life support because his injuries were too much to overcome. RIP and my sympathies with the family at this difficult time.

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