Nene Leakes Son Bryson Bryant Arrested Twice in Two Weeks

Y’all are determined to make me investigate this latest mug shot for Nene Leakes son, Bryson Bryant. Here is the real story. Bryson was arrested on June 25 for driving with a suspended license. Bail was set at $700. He bonded out and went home.  Then on the evening of July 4th he was picked up again and booked in on a probation violation. Looking at the public info, it appears that it was related to the previous driving on a suspended license charge. Apparently, when the driving charge made its way to his probation officers desk, his PO had him picked up and thrown in jail. Public records indicate he is still incarcerated. Meanwhile Nene and Gregg are at the Essence Festival in New Orleans so he’s just going to have to sit there for awhile. 

Bryson has had two mugshots in the last two weeks. The blue shirt one is from June 25 and the black shirt one is from July 4th (technically he was booked in in the wee hours of July 5th. Bryant was arrested twice in 2010 (pot, weapons,failure to appear) once in 2011 (the infamous Wal*Mart Shoplifting incident) and twice so far in 2012.  It seems that he is going to keep thinking he is above the law. The kid is barely 21 years old!

With mommy and daddy both out of town, there is no one around to bail him out this time. Oh wait! Maybe that chick that claims she is fucking Gregg can run over and get her boy out of the big house. Half y’all think Bryson is the one she’s involved with anyway. Should I go stake out the jailhouse? :)


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19 responses to “Nene Leakes Son Bryson Bryant Arrested Twice in Two Weeks

  1. Not a Nene fan … but on this one – Bryson is on his own. He is a grown man, and regardless of what he perceives to be the "injustices" or unfairness things in his life – he needs to suck it up and be a grown up. Many people have come from far worse circumstances and have gone on to do great things. He needs to grow up.

  2. What is wrong with this young man? If he keeps this up he will end up doing some serious time in jail.

  3. Maybe he is trying to build "street credibility" for an upcoming rap artist debut? I am being serious. But it needs to be pointed out that a lot of minorities are in jail for egregious offenses… jaywalking, parking fines that "some races" don't even see the courtroom for. His friends are probably as raggedy as he is…

  4. Get it together Bryson! You have no excuse that you cant overcome. No pitty here, get if together young man!Thanks!Lannette

  5. I agree Bryson is a grown man. His mother can't be the blame of his problems. He needs to grow up.

  6. I'm no NeNe fan, but when she schooled Sheree about Bryson and how him being in trouble is not a reflection of her, on the Season 4 reunion, was enough said. I don't hold NeNe accountable. I know people firsthand, who've been arrested so many times, gone to jail so many times, it's a no brainer to them. Looks like Bryson is going down this same path. Shame.

  7. Nene said Sheree doesn't have her priorities together. Well if she spent less time tweeting about Kim (which she did even though she denied it) and more time being a mom then her son wouldn't be a bum. She is still parading around with her ex. and her kid's 2nd home is a jail cell. She shouldn't be throwing shade towards anyone's else's life. Raise your kid right then come for everyone else!

  8. I think he is mentally retarded which would explain his poor language and communication skills. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  9. But for real, some black males don't know who they are. All these tattoos, the pants sagging, the outside-the-law attitude. And entertainers like Fantasia and Jennifer Holliday(sp?) do not help as they are terrible role models for young girls. That is why they act out and have this constant need for attention. It's depressing. I can see it in some of my nephews and cousins… I try to help them, but… Women have to make better choices for their father figures (for their male sons) and not just choose a sperm donor! Chris Brown's mama, I am talking to you!!!

  10. So our little Bryson is in the slammer again. What a surprise. I don't blame Nene & Greg for letting him sit in jail. Although in stead of trying to keep up with the Jones' Nene & Greg should tried to keep up with their kids. After graduating High School there is no way my parents would just let me sit around and loaf all day. They should have made him go to college, trade school or at least get some kind of employment. I can only pray that Alexis Bellino sees this article and helps him find Jesus. Perhaps Alexis could employ Bryson at their Jump For Jesus Trampoline Park. Sheree must be sitting in the Projects laughing her tush off. NJB

  11. He is a throwaway who will end up doing some serious time in the pen and will most likely get whacked by some thug in the laundry or get a shiv to the neck/carotid artery and die for dissing another wannabe gangsta in the big house. Whatever happened to the girl he knocked up? NeNe and Gregg are proof some people should never be parents. I will be little bro ends up in the same situation. NeNe is no parent — she is just a hood trash ho!

  12. It is amazing how folks can blame Nene and Gregg for this young mans poor judgement. He is a grown ass man and Nene has done her part. Once he turned 18 he had free will to make whatever decision he wanted to. The ignorance of some of these comments. Nene put Bryson in college HE decided not to continue or do right. We need to stop blaming parents for grown adults mistakes…… SMDH

  13. For once someone said the right thing. I have a 23 year old son, and if he was to get into trouble over and over again in no way is that my fault. Just like my son, Bryson knows the difference between right and wrong. NeNe nor Gregg is to blame he is a grown ass man.

  14. Bryson is an adult, and his mistakes are his own. It is sad that people are using this unfortunate incident, to poke fun at NeNe. I have a 26 year old son, who also had an absent father. My son never got in trouble with the law, but has lasting scars due to the actions of his father. Bryson does not have the option of struggling through his problems in private, he has to do this in the public eye. We should be trying to encourage this young man to get his life together, not gossiping about his mother. As a parent, you cannot shield your children from everything. A lot of young adults are doing the same thing Bryson is doing, they do not care what their parents say. You can not blame the parents of an adult, for that person's behavior.

  15. Nene needs to let this one go. After age 21 (I'm being generous) you are no longer a child and a 'result' of poor parenting. At that point – you're a result of your own poor decisions.WD

  16. I disagree with most of you. But then again, I am a male (surprise!), and am thinking logically and not emotionally. I thought his momma was an ex-stripper, and if she aint – ok, my bad, but she has some strange ways. If all she ever taught him was how to lose, then how is he all of a sudden supposed to say, "Whoops, I'm over 18! I gots to grow up now! No more weed smoking for me!!!!" Get real… You women can make all kinds of excuses for being raggedy – look at Brian Banks' accuser! She took ten years of that man's life away from him… and the dude (Brian Banks) didn't even get no behind in the deal! 10-to-1 that boy Bryson's momma did not teach him that this method of denying responsibility doesn't work for men, especially black men. And I meant Jennifer Hudson and her sister, not Ms./Mrs. Holliday. Sorry for any confusion I might have caused.

  17. And that post is "logical"? Ok then…..

  18. I have a cousin who for the 1st ten years of his life was mostly raised by my grandmother, my mother and our aunt. His father (whom his mother was married to) was absent from his life for the most part; he currently has an “earned” not “honorary” doctorate in music. Another cousin who had both his mother and father was raised pretty well, has had run in after run in with the law. It wasn’t until his father passed that he got his act together. Sometimes it’s not about what your parents did or didn’t do…. Sometimes some ppl just don’t want to work for anything in life and they are okay with it. And those are the one’s I don’t allow in my house…….they’ll steal the toilet seat while you’re sitting on it.

  19. It's not unusual for young black men to be arrested in Georgia when the White kids are given tickets and driven home.

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