Updates on the Nicola Furlong Case (New Charge)

James Blackston (pictured at left), a dancer from California who was arrested in Toyko for quasi-forcible indecency has been re-arrested and charged with a second case of quasi-forcible indecency in a separate incident. When I heard of the “re-arrest” yesterday it was unclear whether the arrest was a formality on the charge that occurred after the death of Nicola Furlong, whether it was an increase on that charge or if it was an entirely separate incident. The Irish Sun is reporting that it is indeed a second incident which occurred on April 21st in a hotel in Kofu.  A second source is reporting that Blackston had several pictures of the victim of the new charge on his cell phone. It is unclear at this time whether the second victim came forward after the media regarding the initial charge or if the police contacted the young woman based on the photos stored in Blackston’s phone. The latest victim is said to be a foreigner in her twenties, according to Japanese police. The police have not identified the new victim’s country of origin. The Japanese police report that the second victim was forced to drink large quantities of tequila before Blackston took her back to his hotel room.  The Irish Sun also reports that Blackston continues to deny all charges.

There is little information on Richard Hinds (pictured at right) who remains in Japanese custody, also on a quasi-forcible indecency charge, regarding his current arrest status with regard to the death of Nicola Furlong.  Just over two weeks ago the family of Nicola Furlong was told that an arrest for the murder of Nicola was imminent. The toxicology reports that it was assumed the police were waiting for have not yet been made public.  One of my commenters here, who claims to have inside knowledge of the case, claims that the toxicology report came back positive for drugs, but apparently not a date rape drug. I have no idea who the commenter is and cannot vouch for anonymous information. However, there has been speculation among some covering this story that the toxicology reports do not support the drugged theory the prosecution is building their case on. Hinds has confessed to Japanese police during interrogation that he pressed on her neck but did not intend to kill her.

The family of Nicola Furlong was also expecting a preliminary trial of sorts this week where formal charges would be brought against Hinds and that has so far failed to happen.

Thank you for being respectful in the comment section. Please be aware that friends and family of all sides of this matter are in either a state of grieving or disbelief.  I think that all sides can agree that they want the truth to come out and justice to prevail, whatever that may be.  Until we get more facts on this case, neither side can come to terms with a tragedy that has resulted in the death of one young woman and the sexual assaults of two others. I appreciate the comments, especially from those of you translating Japanese press, but please try to be respectful to the sensitivities of both sides of the issue.


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30 responses to “Updates on the Nicola Furlong Case (New Charge)

  1. Again I would like to say one thing.They don't have preliminary trial in Japan!Pls comment right things at least!

  2. Anonymous maybe she used that term to help us understand the process better. Relax!

  3. I'm from Japan. We don't want to pay their jail cost. We don't feed them. Hey James and Richard's families, pay their jail cost.

  4. Btw, Japanese singer AI said something comment for this case?I think she should take something responsibility.No comment?I think she is similar to her musician and dancer.How do you think about her act?

  5. All you Japanese posters, if you have any ACTUAL VERIFIABLE INFO, PLEASE post it… but you other Japanese people need to get off your high horse. Google Joji Obara and Lucie Blackman… we know you love a blonde-haired white woman as much as the rest of the world due to White Supremacy, but lets save the opinions until the trial actually starts?! Thank you!

  6. All you American posters,However you don't have any actual verifiable info, post it.This place is just a blog.And Joji Obama is not Japanese. He is Korean. I know you don't understand how different. Japanese looks like Korean and Chinese. But totally different. Actually we Japanese sometime can't recognize who is Korean though…as their looks is almost same to Japanese. Oh yes another similar case. Someone England girl was killed in Chiba area few years ago. I don't know the guy is Japanese or not though. Some people said he is also Korean. But not sure.In Tokyo there are lots of high crimes of Korean and Chinese. And also black American.Actually when this case was broadcasted we thought suspects are Korean American. Many Japanese blog said it. It makes me laugh…and finally some blogger joked these Korean Americans are black?!?Race doesn't matter!And…Prevailing view is prevailing view. And It makes rumor.You need to notice what is important when you talk about this case.Thank you.P.S. oh don't worry. As for this case you think Japanese police doesn't give us information much. It isn't needed. Cause this case is very simple. And Japanese police they are always silent. Pls read Japanese original newspaper source carefully at the news day. Not TV news source and not Japanese blog source.

  7. I think rumor is sometime true.Please comment any rumors in Tokyo!

  8. I am from China.If this case was here in China, it must be death penalty for both guys. Because the cost is low and we don't like American. Japanese government learn from us.Yes some Chinese go to Japan and do bad act there. But we are huge population. Do you know how much populatin China is? We are No.1 in this world. We don't know how many Chinese in this world. But it's sure we are No.1. So some Chinese are good and some Chinese are bad. But Japanese think most of high crime in Tokyo it is Chinese. But Japanese know we are huge population. It's tiny problems.

  9. Joji Obara is about as Korean as George Zimmerman is Hispanic! Joji Obara lived his life as a Japanese man, and enjoyed success as the same, with the Japanese police covering up for his misdeeds. GENERALLY-speaking, Japanese men are so perverted that Japan has "female-only" trains because the women were getting groped so much! They commit plenty of crimes, whether they actually get reported is another story. And I know Black Americans are ACCUSED of crimes in Japan, like Lynn Washington in Osaka, who was exonerated… If you want to talk rumor, how about the Japanese police have realized they also made mistakes in this case with Hinds, so they have paid/pressured some foreign female (Yakza-sponsored/pimped?) that Blackston did whatever with – to say she was "forced to drink liquor"… And I totally just made that up!

  10. Haha…I don't need to hear American rumor…what is the merit of Japanese police for the rumore you made…Anyway it's tottally different if he is Korean or Chinese in Japan. Our history is difficult for you American and foreigners…I talked about percentage…of course Japanese often did high crime…As for train it's for rush hour…just for one hour in morning…Anyway Japanese police is doing their job strictly even if they don't want to work such a silly simple job.

  11. Yeah you ate right.Btw, no news in this weekend. It means hinds case is proceeding. It seems Japanese police and Japanese media they are not interested in this case. Because they dropped lots of evidence there.

  12. Why Japanese police don't release any comments.It is so easy job for them? Not important?

  13. Hahaha…nothing comments from Japanese police in this weekend…it means they proceed.Hm I can't understand some people said Hinds was front seat, bellman wheeled girls, etc…why some people said such a lie?Last week it was something school problem case news in Japan…at that time some suspects families annoying comments on blogs…and they were attacked on those blogs…and those annoying comments suspects families put…it makes more bad situation for suspects…

  14. If this case was in the states, not so many such a liar comments on this blog.This case was in Tokyo. We American can comment more easily.That's all.Why people can say unofficial source on here? Are you Japanese police or Keio hotel stuff?

  15. News!Blackston might be rearrest again for third girl case within few weeks.And not only him!

  16. Korean Japanese is NOT Japanese!Chinese Japanese is NOT Japanese!Even if they are second or third generation!You are totally wrong!Japan is NOT the states!

  17. Hey there,I'm Japanese. It's not tiny problems! So…we don't like you Chinese!But…I maybe agree about the death penalty idea. It's good idea even if we don't know the truth. You Chinese idea maybe new century idea…

  18. Ichihashi is also Korean Japanese. They are not Japanese.In the states if he is Hispanic American he is Anerican. If he is African American he is American.But in Japan it's completely different.

  19. As for drug, it's tricky evidence.So…maybe Japanese police they won't use about drug evidence at the trial.If they don't use the drug evidence, this case will be more simple.

  20. I'm starting to believe the rumors that the toxicolgy reports didn't come back the way the police expected them. I assume that defense will have access to the reports. If they show recreational drug use as opposed to something like, a date rape drug, that would be useful to the defense. No drugs at all would be almost as useful. There has to be a reason the police are sitting on these reports and still have not gone to court for the prelimary appearance for charges (Hinds is as far as I know) still not charged with murder. Seems like they would have charged him as soon as the toxicology showed signs of a date rape drug.

  21. Shame about the dead girl ruining your canonisation of Blackston and Hinds.The complete lack of empathy fot the victim in this case is sickening

  22. Anyway as for drug thing if the police talked about it it will be minus for them. If Blackston or Hinds talked about it it will be minus for them. So…Japanese police want to find another case for Blackston…But maybe it's difficult…As for Hinds it was proceeded to next step in last week…As for Honda guilty was fixed at that night though…Don't worry Japanese police will do it perfectly for Furlong…

  23. A complete lack of empathy? Empathy is different than sympathy. Go read a dictionary if you don't believe me. "They are going to do it perfectly for Furlong"? Because they wanted to date her? I fundamentally believe most cases in Japan law are rigged against foreigners… sounds like they are trying to make the frame air-tight is more like it to me…

  24. Wow into conspirbeacy theories much?

  25. Frame? He was alone in a room with a dead girl who was strangled. Just who do you think is responsible for her death?

  26. Until the police actually give out some substantial information and the two (or three) accused are interviewed to give their side of the story, I wouldn't rule out the idea of her choking on her own vomit. I am starting to think these dudes thought they were going to play Sir Galahad and be all nice to the girls and they would all kick it while in Japan, and it backfired on them. And yeah, I am into conspracy theories, especially WHEN THEY TURN OUT TO BE TRUE, ie COINTELPRO.

  27. Black thugs is what they are. I am so for the loss caused by these two scum bags who most likely are both bastards with whore mothers.

  28. I don't believe Sir Galahad ever sexually assualted an unconcious woman in the back of a taxi. Sorry but they were out to take advantage of these girls.

  29. Black thugs? As opposed to White thugs? Or Japanese thugs? I thought about waiting for more info because the info released thus far is of such a contradictory nature, but I really want you to clarify your comments.

  30. Earl Turner

    This story is all about how two rape apes from America went to Japan, met two white girls from Ireland, and slipped date rape drugs into both of the white Irish girls’ drinks. Later, one of these American rape apes strangled one of the white Irish girls to death in a Japanese hotel. Hopefully, this story will end with that same American rape ape rightfully being lynched in a Japanese prison. Japan is a country which has a very high conviction rate in their criminal courts and capital punishment for convicted murderers.

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