New Big Brother Housemate Does Kim Zolciak Impressions!

I know that y’all have been wanting me to blog more especially about the ATL and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I’ve been trying to find a way to tell y’all that I am going to have a one track mind for the next couple of months. I am a DIE HARD  Big Brother fan. This means live feeds, watching the show 3 times a week, reading the transcripts of live feeds that I slept through. It’s an illness. So today when I found out this dude is one of the new housemates. I thought I’d share this video with you. His name is Wil (one L) and he does a pretty spot on Kim Zolciak impersonation. So enjoy!  And sorry in advance for the lack of posting during BB14 which premieres on CBS  July 12th.

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14 responses to “New Big Brother Housemate Does Kim Zolciak Impressions!

  1. I so know what you mean about the Big Brother addiction. If it wasn't for this show I don't know what I would do in the summer.I totally love the Big Brother After Dark on Showtime.Cant wait for the premier.So Excited!!!

  2. YAY! I will try not to let it take over this blog, but if this season is as good as it looks? I don't KAR-UR!!!! Seven more days!

  3. isn't this the same guy who paradied the Countess on You Tube? my daughter loves that guy!

  4. probably. let me look. I hope this means y'all will watch with me!

  5. Yes, it is. He does the Chic C'zest La Vie. It's too funny! I haven't watched The show, but I think I will now.

  6. I am also a die hard watch 3 times a week live feeds everynight Big Brother Fan. Been a fan since the 1st season.

  7. Definitely will be watching have not missed an episode since season 2, which was my all time favorite season. Loved loved Dr will. Next favorite was the one with Danielle the black chic season 3 I think, that lost because everybody went home and saw all the terrible things she really thought about them and what sneaky things she would do for a win but lost and was highly embarrassed. I liked her being embarrassed! Their reaction and not giving her the win, when she really did play the best game over Jason, was the entire reason for sequestering the jury. After that season nest favorite was Janielle BB6, loved Quasar and was really looking forward to seeing him mastermind the game, He is very intellectual. Loved Howie and and his relationship with Janie. Loved that play thing they had with one another. Loved when they did All-stars and brought back the gang of BB6 to protect Janielle. I hated Maggie and Cappy, that boring clan. What was everyone else's favorite season? I missed so many days from work over the last decade staying up all night for after dark. I dont know what I would do with a summer and no Big Brother. It;s like my fourth of july, could not imagine not having it.7 more days!!!!!LannetteWould love to see a big brother cast, I think, with RHOA, BHill and new Jersy girls. And bring sheree back and no Marlo, Nene and sheree would be a crack up and would probably have the house split right down the middle.I would love love to see that!!!!!!

  8. And to hear julie chin say, "And just remember everyone one, when I read the results, you will have 15 seconds to gather your belongs, with a vote of 12-0 "Kim, you have been evicted" and work her way down the list to eventually kicking them all out, LOL, too funny. They have all probably heard that word with the exception of Kandi, Pheadra and Vicki.Funny thoughts!Lannette

  9. Hilarious! love the dance scene in the 7-11. Khandi LOL! It should have been titled, "Don't be Fart'en at the Wedding, Oh Oh" Lol. I hope this doesnt affect his changes at winning BB14 with the other cast mates. Likely some will have seen this. Oops! But probably thought to do it appropriately on time rather than late like late-freight Sheree and her two-year late song, 'who gon check me boo'Thanks!Lannette

  10. Thank you Tamara, I needed that!I too Love Big Brother, but was wondering if anyone has seen the Glass House, on ABC? If not, please,please,please check it out you will not be disappointed.Anyhoo, Have a wonderful day all!

  11. You should cover BB on here! Did you hear about the twist that is supposed to happen this year? About the "mentors"?

  12. tam i am so glad to hear you will be following big brother. it is one of my all time guilty pleasures. my all time favorite player is stupid assed marcellus – do i need to remind anyone why? lol. let the shenanigans begin!!chitown shelley

  13. Why not post on here about bb14 especially about the mentors being Janelle, Boogie, Dan and Rachel

  14. omg I just found your blog..i'm a die hard BB fan as well…I've added you to my more day!!!

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