Ann Curry Leaves the Today Show

Well Matt Lauer, I hope you are proud of yourself. You too, NBC. Your treatment of Ann Curry was one of the biggest unprofessional blunders in the history of broadcast news.  Matt Lauer balked at his contract until he got a big raise and the stipulation that he would get a new co-host.  Leaks from NBC have been reporting that Ann Curry would be replaced for weeks and yet she had to show up on national television and do her job in a hostile work environment. And then she had to tell the world she was fired while sitting next to Matt Lauer as he patted her back and pretended to be sad. At the end of the video you can see her literally cringe as Lauer goes in for a hug. The whole thing is just outrageous and unbelievable. Good Morning America should just open their show tomorrow morning by saying, we’d like to welcome all our new viewers who are boycotting The Today Show over their crappy treatment of Ann Curry.


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  1. Lets face it Matt Lauer is the star of the Today Show. No one tuned in to see Ann Curry. She is boring as can be. WTH is she crying about, she's still got a job with the show, she's making millions, it's not like they are demoting her to the Craft Services Dept. There are a million bleeding heart liberals they can replace her with. My suggestion would be to replace her with Alexis Bellino, a well established anchorwoman formerly with Fox 5. Alexis would also be great for the coverage of the upcoming Olympics, considering she is very athletic and owns a Jump for Jesus Trampoline Park. I am sure everyone will agree with me. NJB

  2. I actually liked Ann. She was one of my favorites on the show. I think she was emotional because NBC is making her a scapegoat, the treatment she has received and because she has worked this morning crew for years and now, she won't be – maybe on occasional assignments but not everyday. It was her routine and it's obviously a routine that she will miss. Even though she won't be struggling financially, her speech was very heartfelt and made me teary-eyed. I certainly won't be watching the show again. We'll see how the new co-host does…predict she'll be the next scapegoat, if Matt doesn't like her. Good Morning America here I come!

  3. That'is funniest thing I have read in a while. I was rolled the @#$% over laughing…thank you!

  4. That was a mess and completely uncalled for. It was one of the most disgusting things on television, to see a journalist, a fine one at that, who has honed her craft, be let go like that. Meridth Vierra got a 2 hour send off, Ann got 4 minutes and some odd seconds.I sympathize with Ann because I want to be a journalist, but after hearing of her treatment, never getting the stories she wanted, after all those years at NBC, having to work with the likes of Matt Laurer, and other things, I may change my mind. I've never really like the Today Show, and can not recall one time watching them. I always watch GMA, and from the looks of things, I never will tune into the Today Show.

  5. matt lauer is a self-righteous bastard and one huge chunk of shite.

  6. My comment was deleted by mistake by me so instead of typing another long one I will make it short. The reason why Ann cringed when Matt hugged her and why she went to hug Al first before Natalie is the fact that Natalie has been wanting the job of co-hosting with Matt for years. So much so there is a substantiated rumor that she was the one he had an affair with a few years ago.

  7. Why is Matt Lauer getting paid $30Mil anyway? that was a big FAIL. Ratings are still going to drop b/c people are pissed the way Ann was treated…its not about the money, its about the respect. I dont watch Today but I did watch this clip and there was so much phoniness on ML's part and the woman next to him…i dont even know her name! Is that Ann's replacement? another FAIL

  8. Ann Curry was completely miscast. She doesn't have a morning show personality, she often appeared uncomfortable with the soft entertainment style interviews. I also think her stylist contributed to her down fall!

  9. TMZ is reporting the new chick will start TOMORROW because Matt is going on vacay next week. Another rude move NBC.

  10. Boring or not, it's about ethics. NBC could have handled the situation better. Truth be told, Matt isn't as engaging or handsome as he use to be. It's about time he retires as well.

  11. Speaking of ethics, word on the curb is that Natalie Morales the other woman (literally) on the couch with Lauer, is going to quit. She was up for Ann's job and didn't get it. Then ALLEGEDLY slept with Lauer and is still not getting Ann's job. All the while being BFFs with Ann. And you thought office politics was bad at your job.

  12. NO, Let's be truly clear. Ann Curry is a brilliant, talented woman who only deserves the best environment for carrying out her talents. The co-hosting position on Today wasn't the right spot for her. But, her public firing was immoral. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for betraying such a loyal journalist.

  13. Considering how bad CNNs rating have been, maybe they could make Ann a sweet offer to come to Atlanta.

  14. @ anon 1 & 3:Let's sit you in front of the camera for millions of viewers and see how well you do! It's soooo easy to be so mean & critical behind a computer screen. Lose your job in such a disgraceful way & see if you'll laugh at it.

  15. As much as I hate to see ANYONE lose their job, I am hoping Ann's new position, would allow her to be the professional, likeable, journalist she went to school to become in the first place. Anyone, would be uncomfortable sitting next to Matt Lauer, he comes off as a know it all ass hat, who beats his wife as a hobby. NBC, can go straight to hell!!that's all for now.until me we meet again TamTam fans.

  16. You can just tell that Ann could care less about Matt. She obviously was way closer to Al and Natalie.And that hug from Matt…gave me frostbite. So cold. It was horrible how NBC treated her. All these stories leaking and you have to come to work 5 days a week knowing people dont want you there. That must suck…..alot. Ann seems like a nice lady so hopefully she can get back to doing hard news.

  17. Tamara, I heard that Morales chick slept with Matt. Blind Gossip has been covering that for a while.

  18. Simpering moron. They shouldn't have promoted her in the first place.

  19. What an upsetting episode! I’m sad to see Ann Curry leave the Today Show. I hate that they let her go in such a way. I really enjoyed seeing Ann Curry on the Today Show and will miss what she contributed. I didn’t get to see all of this happen live, but I recorded the show on my Hopper. I was excited when my coworker at Dish suggested that I upgrade to the new Hopper system. When I watched this recording I was able to start watching it in my living room and continue watching in my kid’s room, it saved me a ton of time!

  20. I thought Ann Curry was fine as wine – really nice looking. I quit watching Today when I found out she was married – and they kept showing George Bush every ten minutes. I don't really have an opinion about network news that matters here, cause I think its all scripted by the Illuminati anyway. Mrs. Curry needs to start a blog about traveling to other countries – i would subscribe to that…

  21. Ok lets just get the story straight – if the Today show is losing ratings it's is BECAUSE of that phony, skin headed Mat who is the biggest bastard on TV. Ok now he got Ann kicked off so let's see who he thinks is going to make him look good (not possible). He sits there with his smug, condescending smile and does the worse interviews in the world. I hope his wife wakes up and realizes he's a two timing SOB and kicks him out. Will never watch the Today show again. Ann is lucky to be out of there.

  22. Warrior1

    Ann needed to go. Enough said.

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