Will RHOA Get Their Very Own Idiot Named Pam Just Like RHOBH?

I’m back! Sort of. LONG day of travel yesterday which didn’t really end until the wee hours of this morning so I’m going to be sputtering along for a bit until I get settled back in to my ghetto life again. Meanwhile, Y’all are asking me about this story over at Straight From the A.  Pretty much everything you need to know is over there but I’ll break it down for you from my perspective.

It all started with an email sent to @ATLien from “Jensen Gayle”.  I googled and found nothing but some mug shots for some girl in Florida with a cocaine record and some chicks with that name in Utah. I admit I didn’t really try too hard. I get random emails from people want me to run blog something about the housewives now and then. Most of them I ignore. Had I received this one, I would have ignored it.  It reads to me like it is from the Pam chick that Gregg is supposedly cheating on Nene with.  Didn’t we just do this last week with someone claiming to be fucking Apollo?  What the hell is wrong with these people? Pam claims to be a publicist who is “covered in the blood of Jesus.”  I know from experience on twitter that all of y’all you run around talking about whose husband you are screwing always do so while telling us all you are most favored by God. So, Pam, God’s favorite little snowflake is all over twitter talking about how much she loves Brice, Nene’s 23 year old son. Pam, by the way claims to be 38, but looks mid-forties and acts 12 on twitter. And she is a mother tweeting about arguing with Nene on the phone in front of her children. God sure has weird favorites. Pam Gayle Jensen claims that Pam is spending Mother’s Day with Gregg and Brice rather than with her own children. And Father’s Day the same way. I bet her kids understood that they could not see their own mother on Mother’s Day because she had to spend that time with Nene’s man and family.

One more thing. Some people are saying Pam has a boyfriend who is a foot doctor from Macon and an online talk show host. I have no idea if that is true but they do tweet each other a lot. In his twitter profile he calls himself a socialite. A man calling himself a socialite is right up there with a black woman calling herself a southern belle. I know lots of y’all think socialite is a gender neutral word, but it is not. Nor is the term southern belle racially neutral. End of pet peeve rant.

Pam looks like a silly bitch. But so did all the other women who have pretended to sleep with the RHOA men. What is odd about this story is that Nene is throwing gasoline on the fire. It makes you wonder why she is breaking character on twitter to adamantly deny that Gregg is cheating on her. Isn’t she supposed to be pretending that she and Gregg have divorced and don’t have that sort of relationship anymore? This twitter spat is really going to reinforce what everyone knows. Nene and Gregg divorced so Gregg could claim bankruptcy. They remain as together as they ever were.  Brice has a picture of him and his mother as his avatar on twitter and his description begins by saying he is Nene’s son. It’s pretty clear he’s not looking for a new mommy as Pam seems to want us to believe. So why Pam, who tweets about God and Jesus and positivity in between trying to break up Nene’s family wants to look so foolish is beyond me.

Oh wait. Idiots make for great laughing stock on reality shows. Without Sheree for Nene to kick around on RHOA, Nene needs a new punching bag. Looks like we might see this Pam character on RHOA for a hot minute. I hope God is okay with what Pam will do to be on TV.  Of course He is. Pam is covered in the blood of the lamb and all that. She better hope the blood of the lamb is the only blood she finds herself covered in.

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15 responses to “Will RHOA Get Their Very Own Idiot Named Pam Just Like RHOBH?

  1. What irks me the most abt this article is the fact that all these HW's are declaring bankruptcy yet get to still live the lifestyle's that they do. Nene, Teresa Giduce, etc. WTH am I doing wrong. Otherwise can we get some pics of this Pam. Oh, yeah welcome back, whatever. NJB

    • lori

      That really aggravates me too! Something very.wrong with that picture. Meanwhile, the poor slob with the small little house in a questionable neighborhood… well the bank would probably take their house! Right?

  2. what people will do to try to make themselves relavent,

  3. I think Pam is involved with Brice!! I know several people that have declared bankruptcy for different reasons. A lot of it is due to the economic times. You do not have to get divorced for a spouse to file bankruptcy. NJB you actually are doing something right!! You don't get to walk away 100% free from debt. It gives you time to put your finances in order and still keep your things.

  4. I knew I should have searched for my Bankruptcy for Dummies post but I was too lazy. When you divorces assets and debt are divided. If Gregg agrees to take the majority of the debt, then Nene is free from that debt. Then Gregg can eventually file for bankruptcy without involving Nene's income. That's the short version. Feel free to argue amongst yourself that these are not facts.

  5. I'm always surprised by all the typos on the ATL site. If Nene & Greg are divorced how can he be 'cheating'? OR – did I miss something? What a mess.

  6. Pam

    People named Pam should not be referred to as idiots. :p

  7. LOL I never think of you as "Pam".

  8. Tamara,First of all, WELCOME BAAACCK!I hope your vacay was both restful & eventful. Thanks for the hawt tea dahling, I was getting sick of some of the otha cold, re-heated tea I was getting from some of the other blogs. Moving on. Any new Zolciak/Bierman tea? Any chance MeNe, I mean NeNe is behind the (wink! wink!) Pam affair rumor? This would def. generate hawt tea for her new show–thoughts?

  9. Ebs

    Again like someone else said before i think Brice is smashing Pam!!! she acts like a kid, so of course she would be attracted to one..and great that it is the son of Nene Leakes therefore to draw attention to herself and become a public "Figure"….the ways that women try to be in the news these days..what happened to working hard and making a name for youself :\PS. to whoever said you want to see a picture of her…YOU DONT! she looks very Sheree-esque but with stronger Masculine features and fake boobies

  10. Hey Tamara, hope you had a great vacay.Oh, and NeNe really thinks ppl are dumb. Even Ray Charles could see her and Gregg were still together. That's why Bravo had to put it in at the very end of Season 4 that her and Gregg are officially divorced. LOL.

  11. Please don't forget Tamara Barney, her and Simon borrowed all that money on their house and bought Rolex, Cars, Cycles, remodeled the entire house with alot of expensive material and then couldn't afford to pay, for it. Now she is working on draining Eddie dry.So what Nene & Gregg is doing is pennies compared to some of these other housewives. Oh I forgot about jeana and Vicki will be next. Alexis, net worth 250,000.00 and driving a range and rolls, already lost their house. Kim and Opie will be next, I heard their having money problem.I think the eviction took her off her high horse. She should be embarrass. We all knew that house wasn't her's. I mean we could spend all day taking about these folks living above their mean. I have never seen, so many people pretending to be rich. I don't understand why, that is so important. I just can't be about phoniness. Hell, if I don't have it, I don't have it, so what.

  12. I luv NeNe. Glad to hope that her and Greg r still together. R the Gudice's reading this? Maybe this would help them and their major money probs. Sadly we watch it so it is not going away, only getting worse.

  13. Well it is kinda illegal to divorce for the purpose of filing bankruptcy, but you are correct Tre should do it. Juicy will prolly be in jail sooner or later. But she won't. Tre is not the kind to do that.

  14. People need to bless them and stay out of their business, everyone has some kind of problem in life

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