What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Biermanns

I’ll start. As much as they love keeping that baby in a hat, even indoors, why the hell does he not have a sunhat on? 


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22 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Biermanns

  1. Not sure how old Brielle is but her swimsuit is a little revealing.

  2. No life jackets on the kids either? Isn't that the law?

  3. I thought Kim would be bigger – isn't she around 7 months pregnant now…

  4. why is Ariana in the back? She is the most fabulous of the fam! ames

  5. why is Ariana in the back? She is the most fabulous of the fam! ames

  6. He look like he doing the whole family

  7. Anyone with any class would not be caught dead drinking Dr. Pepper.NJB

  8. Says the yankee Jewish knucklehead. Stick to your bagels and lox. We know what to drink down here.

  9. Dr. Pepper and Pepsi for me. Yum.Brielle is too grown.The baby needs protection from the sun.

  10. Why aren`t they drinking Coke?

  11. Also, that's Kim's real hair.

  12. They look so happy! Kroy need sunscreen.


  14. Kim is not wearing a wig!!!

  15. Ding! Ding! Ding! :) I thought it was rather brave and revealing of her to show her roots (can't dye when you are preggers) and reveal to the world.

  16. Well in that case, NOTHING is wrong. FINALLY, she's doing what's right for someone other than herself. Good job Kimmie-girl.Thanks!Lannette

  17. cns

    Kim looks prett good here. Without the wig she looks younger.

  18. Yeah she does look pretty here and younger, cns.Thanks!Lannette

  19. Kim's boobies are covered (a fresh change) and Brielle's (@ age 14) are not? o_0Kroy looks like a red lobster. Sun screen! Please!!!Love Kim's real hair look. I hope this family works well. Her daughters need and want the stability. They just seem like happy girls, sweet & cute.

  20. Cute family but Kim's bikini bottom looks like a "mini-pad tied with dental floss". KGT

  21. Kim's in it–that's what's wrong with this photo (LOL)

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