Quick Thoughts on Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Finale

That was probably the best made for TV wedding ceremony I’ve ever seen. I may have cried a bit. Mostly because of Kroy. You could tell how sincere he was. Colin Cowie did a magnificent job, and got a whole lot of airtime and  mentions. It was truly beautiful. It seems odd that he was the MC for the reception. Is that normal? Anyway, I really hope that things work out for this family. 

The reception was priceless. Even though we knew Kim’s mom was getting tossed it was still priceless. (OMG, Kathy is on while I am blogging and she says Kim’s mom has “meth arms.” OMG. I can’t. Kathy is killing her routine about the wedding.) Anyway, where was I? The most important thing is that Kim’s mom has GOT to be on the sequel. And her Dad, OMG. Drunk before the father-daughter dance and dancing with all the ladies? Making borderline racist comments about the multicultural guests? This is TV gold. Loved it!

I do have some questions for y’all. Am I the only one who was surprised she wore same dress for first dance?  Bridezilla’s with two dresses usually have one for the ceremony and one for the reception. I guess when you have to have three you spend your wedding in hair and makeup.  Kandi missed the ceremony? Anyone else think that was on purpose? Rhinestone press on tattoos? Have you ever seen anything tackier? All that money and she still manages to get some “white trash” in there.  Why was Kandi so bug-eyed when she was singing? Am I the only one who thought it looked like she had a thyroid problem or at the very least a case of the Ramona eyes?  Perez Hilton’s jacket was perhaps the most ungodly thing I’ve ever seen a man wear.  Did you see Patti Stanger “dancing”? OMG!

Okay, let me have it. What did you think?


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  1. Tacky for her to throw her mother out and why do kroy sound like kid don't get it and kandi

  2. She could had least let her mother used the rest room an kroy is ass hole . But karma is a bitch. She just dead wrong for that .

  3. When I heard it was one of her mother's sister's (ie Kim's Aunt) I was thinking it was an old person who maybe would have a hard time with a port-a-potty. When I saw "the aunt" I thought she and her mother were being kind of ridiculous. And why did they have to go upstairs where the baby is? How did they sneak past that many people and security guards? Why not just go to a downstairs bathroom there are nearly a dozen bathrooms in that house

  4. I loved the whole show until Kim had her mother tossed out of the reception. You can't let your own mother use the house toilet. Kroy says he was worried about KJ waking up, there's a damn band outside the window. Why did they put that silly hat on KJ, he looked like a cancer survivor. Kim's wedding dress was hideous, too overdone. It was nice to see Sheree, it's probably the last party she will be able to afford to attend. I still think Patti Stanger was born a man. NJB

  5. I could not believe how disrespectful Kim and Kroy were toward her mother. What comes around goes around. By,the way did anyone listen to conversation between Kims mom and her aunt. Very intersting.

  6. Brielle just posted this about Kathy's comedy routine about the wedding episode.Brielle Biermann‏@BrielleZolciakthere's a reason Kathy's single & her mom prefers to watch our show… she's trash. #havesomeclassSo much I want to say about that tweet. /bites tongue

  7. I think there is something seriously wrong with Kim's mother. So you can't use the house toilet? Oh well. Don't make a scene during your daughter's wedding.

  8. I don't want to say anything negative about Kim's children but I will only say that a lot of the things that Brielle says is inappropriate.

  9. Kims mother was trying to start shit! Her mom didnt even have to go to the bathroom her sister did! Then she was talking crazy to security causing a scene and embarrassing her daughter. Everyone knew the rules her mom sounds kind of jealous and it seems like she wanted to ruin the day for kim. Plus the shit they saud abt Kim and Kroy heard which was disrespectful. Im not saying I would have put my mom out however I dont think Id want to argue with her when she was obv drunk on my wedding day either. Not the time. So Kim would rather just enjoy her day, I get it. My mom can be a handful:) but i dont think she would do that. (i hope not!!)Bio Teacher

  10. I thought the same thing with Kandi's eyes. I really hope she doesn't have a thyroid! I did cringe that she performed that God-awful "Fly Above" song at the reception. She should've performed a newer and better song.As far as her mom goes she is bat-sh*t crazy! She was threatening to burn Kendra's house down! That would've been amazing if she actually did it!And I take it Sheree really did fire Lawrence? Cuz that sure wasn't him working on her hair before the wedding!

  11. Kim mother was NOT causing a scene until the aunt said she could not use an inside bathroom. C'mon you spend hundreds of thousand on a wedding, live in a lavish home and expect your guest to go to a portal potty. Find a wedding venue where your guest can use the bathroom indoors, please. Everyone knows Kim would have thought it was a disgrace if she was invited to an event like a wedding and the only option was a portal potty! I liked Kroy until this episode. The mother didn't disrespect him. He came up there threating to put her out before she could even say anything. My mother can be a little too much sometimes too but NEVER will I force her to use a portal potty. I bet his mother was let inside and did not have to use the portal potty. Obviously, Kim has major issues NOW with her mother. I would not have put my mother through that. Security, really? On another note, who puts a ring on your daughters finger. He could not think of something else to symbolize his committment to them like a necklace or bracelet? I thought that was REALLY strange.

  12. Cleary both of Kim's parents have major issues and Kim is a product of those two. I didn't see Kroy's mother raising a stink and she is there to watch her son marry into Kim's family. In fact you rarely saw Kroy's parents at all and you certainly didn't see them getting drunk and obnoxious as BOTH of Kim's parent's did. Kim's mother was jealous of Sheree for fucksake.I did think Kroy was a bit harsh with his In-Laws. He could have still gotten them out and been kinder. And I will give you that the whole ring thing for the girls was a bit unusual but I think he had good intentions. You have to remember Kroy is a VERY YOUNG good ole boy from Montana and just probably asked the jeweler dude or or someone what he could do to include them in the ceremony. Both girls have changed their name to Biermann (whether officially or not) and really have bonded with him.

  13. Kroy is going to go along with whatever Kim says he's a Yes man… Kim's Mom was out of line but to kick her out was Messed up… Bridezilla Say!!! Sn Kim's dad had himself a good time until he was escorted out of course..nakntt

  14. I'd totally agree that kicking her out was over the top if her mother had not been such a drama queen at every step of the planning process. She refused to show up for fittings, she threatened not to attend at all, she consistently wanted to pick bridal dresses as her dresses, she clearly wanted to be on the show, rather than support the wedding. The shoe thing ON THE WEDDING DAY was a total drama queen move. Nothing was her size until she got into the four figure range. She was wasted, it would only have gotten worse from there. The Karma is, women tend to turn into their mothers…

  15. I kinda felt like it was added drama for the show. *shrugs*

  16. Somehow Kim managed to turn a million dollar wedding into a tacky trailer park episode. All 3 wedding looks were over the top tasteless. We finally got to see that baby kj is bald in the back of his head, explains the hats in every scene. Lost respect for Kroy, both he and Kim know her mothers history of drama so her behavior didn't require a barrage of security and removing her from the festivities. Giving the girls symbolic rings was creepy. Kim's mother Has been the most entertaining part of the whole series!

  17. I didn't watch any of the episodes but from the comments now and regarding the previous episodes, I would not want to present my family like this. If your parents have drinking problems or whatever issues they have, you, as the daughter knows it. Why would you air this for the world to see?You should have some level of respect. Did this house not have a pool bath that you can access from outside? That could have been an option for guests to use. No matter what, I wouldn't throw my Mother out for the world to see. There are some things that should be handled privately and issues she has with her parents should have been handled differently.Besides, you know how your family is and you can make adjustments accordingly. I think it was more for the show than reality.

  18. Really watch an episode and you will not SEE Karen or others actually saying what you hear. It's all cut and pasted together to stir drama. Kim, nor her daughters have spoken to her mom since 11 11 11. Kim is and always has been a self-centered troublemaker. There was a recent fire at the house. Just watch, IF they can get another season, Karen will continue to get portrayed as the crazy mother. Kim is as guilty as Bravo for doing this. Drama makes money and Kim will do whatever it takes to get money.

  19. I just can't believe that anybody would try to justify Kim's behavior on her wedding. Kim's mom might be crazy and might be a diva just like her daughter but to be thrown out of the wedding just because she wanted to use the bathroom inside of the house is completely out of proportion. I wonder if Kim would had kicked Kroy's mom out of the house had she wanted to use the house's RR, she probably would had agreed, scorted her in, hold the door for her and wipe her behind. This is unbelievable, that anybody would try to rationalize this and justify it tells me that there is something very wrong in our society.

  20. First off Kim's wedding dress was absolutely awful! She looked like a perverted BoPeep with her boobs straining against the bodice of a dress that was too small. No matter how 'rude' Kim's Mother was, she should NEVER have been kicked, nay ESCORTED, off the property! I would never have insisted on my Parents and In-Laws being banned from indoor facilities just like the other guests. Agreed that Kim herself would have had a fit if she would've been invited to a wedding, gave a gift and forced to use a port-a-potty no matter how luxurious. That her Father would agree to Kim's 'Bridezilla' behaviour speaks volumes as to the competitive relationship that Kim and her Mother have. The Mom is treated badly by both her Daughter and Husband. How ironic that while Kim and Kroy's family were not to use the indoor facilities, Derek J, the photographer, make-up artists, producers and cameramen were probably pissing like racehorses all over the house!

  21. Kim's methy Mom is clearly BatS hiit! Saying such horrid things about your fat ass Whorey daughter and her Albino special needs husband is rude! Nonetheless, Short bus Biermen, Kroy made 2 giant mistakes:First- ya don't give "Wedding Rings" to you lil step daughters unless you're preparing the waters for a later rape/ pedophile dateSecondarily- ya don't encourage your sausage stuffed Bitchy Bride to through your bath salt sniffing motha in law outta da wedding… Very un-masculine and rude….

  22. Whether or not you agree with someone's wishes you still have to respect them. The mother did not have to use the bathroom at all it was her sister. The mom made a conscious effort to show that she was in charge and nobody was going to tell her what to do and she was wrong for doing that. Kim may have been a little over the top with her response. I mean, I don't think I would have had my mother tossed out but hey…we're all different. The ceremony was lovely and I hate weddings, especially wedding dresses but I though hers was nice. I didn't see anything wrong with her keeping on her weddind dress for the first dance but then changing twice after that. I liked KJ's little hat and I love the scenes with Kim talking to him. I think that's a nice touch added to the show.

  23. @ Anon 8:12am. Who said they were wedding rings. He just said they were rings. He wanted to do something nice to include them and make them feel special. How do you get a future rape/pedophile date out of that? Wow.

  24. Despite Kim's mother being a loud mouth poser too good to use the port-a-potty, I don't think Kim needed to have her escorted out of the wedding. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree is what I am thinking. But none of us know what their relationship has been like for all of Kim's life, and it seems as though Kroy also has a visible dislike for Karen so I think there must be more behind all the hostility than we are seeing. I was thinking that maybe Karen needs to eat a meal or two–that she would be a nicer person if she wasn't starved because she looks starved–NOT normal in the least (unless she is sick). She's a walking skeleton and needs an intervention.My favorite part of the wedding was how Kroy had Kim's daughters come up and he gave them rings….It just melted my heart. He's the best.

  25. @ Anon 12:41 a.m…Anon 8:12am…and Tamara….I've seen men give their step children rings as a "commitment" at weddings quite often. Not only are they making a promise to the woman they're marrying, but to the children as well. It's not strange nor does mean future rape. It's an expression of love. Broaden your horizons and stop being so skeptical.

  26. Kim planned her wedding the way she wanted. Everyone has the right to do that. Kim's mother was over the top the entire season. She seemed very jealous of her daughter. Her and her sister said some very nasty and mean things about Kim and Kroy that wasnt called for. I think Kim through her out because she couldnt trust what she would she would do next. If I hear you saying nasty things about me, why would I want you to stay at my wedding reception??? Kim went and told her father about kicking out her mother and he had no reaction. He simply said "What did she do? Why did she do That should let you know that this is not the first time that her mother has did something like this. Her father did no object to her being thrown out. The outside bathrooms were very nice. Everybody does not have a Clair Huxtable relationship with their mother. No matter how we feel about Kim and it was her wedding day.

  27. First off – that wedding dress was hideous… they could have gotten married under the huge ugly arch across the front… her other dresses went down hill from there – geezy pete… goes to show money doesn't mean class or elegance – IMOAlso – I can't see Kim squatting in an outhouse either – she would leave first and yell about disrespect…What I didn't get was Kroy & Karen upstairs yelling and the whole time there was a baby screaming – even back outside you could still hear it…Imagine they are right cramped in the condo… ROFLMAO

  28. cns

    Gee I wonder what Lisa Vanderpump did when her daughter got married at the house. Oh I forgot people with real money have onsite maid services that are there to tidy up the bathrooms in between their guests. Sort of like the bathroom attendant at fancy clubs and restaurants. After viewing this fiscal I think that would have had security in the home for security patrol and then had bathroom attendants for the downstairs guest bathrooms. People don't need to be wondering around the house being nosey. I think that is how classy rich people do. LOL.Off topic: How do you think things would have gone if Kim and Nene where still friends? Can you image Kory coming at Nene like he has done with Kim’s other friends? Talk about setting it off. LOL again.Btw, I kinda like the jumpsuit.

  29. I think everyone agrees that Kim's mother apparently has some issues. Regardless of Kim's relationship with her mother, she should not portray her that way. At the end of the day, that is still her mother.If her mother has problems, she could have arranged for an attendant to take care of the needs for her Mother and Aunt, which includes escorting them to the inside bathroom and back on the grounds.I think it was all scripted. In order for Kim to have the necessary ratings, a lot of this had to be scripted.

  30. The $58,000 dress was BAD… not in a good way. Marie Atlantoinette.The girls' rings were cute, different but cute… Haters. Kroy is like 16 years old and basically adopted these two kids.Y'all seem to forget Mrs. Meth Arms cursed out the groom a few times, Kim's aunt called her a bitch, and they threatened to "get violent" and burn down the house. She probably knew days ahead of time that there would be outside bathrooms, and she knew what would happen when they stormed the house and security like a couple of wrinkled, white, middle aged terrorist on a mission.With that said, I would have let her stay… on the other side of the room. And never talk to her again. If she was told to leave, she should have.

  31. She said, "I don't want to have to get violent with you." Also, she didn't say she would burn the hourse donw. She said another word that starts with a "D" but anyone overhearing could have mistaken it for the word "burn." Sorry can't remember what the word was but I heard it and then when I heard someone people telling Kim she said she was going to burn the house down I was like, "why do they keep saying that, that's not what she said.

  32. meant to say starts with a "B". She said, "bring" the house down.

  33. Pam

    For some reason this is making me crazy(er) today. The word is threw. Kim threw her mother out of the house. Not through. I can't wait to see how RHOA is edited next season concerning Kim and family's move out of the house back into the townhouse.Bwaahahahaha

  34. Anon @ June 15, 2012 8:12am said… "Secondarily- ya don't encourage your sausage stuffed Bitchy Bride to through your bath salt sniffing motha in law outta da wedding… Very un-masculine and rude…. I don't care what you all say, DAMNIT this was funny as hell. Also, I didn't watch Kim's show at all, so I don't know what happened with her mother. But the same respect most ppl think Kim should have received on her wedding day is the same respect she should have given Cynthia Bailey on her wedding day.

  35. Kim's mom should have respected what Kim said. Plain and simple. Can't a woman have whatever she wants on her wedding day? Geez, it's just one day out of her whole life. Let her have that. Her mom was wrong to say "F*** you" to Kroy's face on his wedding day. Now that will be something he will always remember about his mother-in-law. And it's on video tape. She acted very ugly towards Kroy when he has been nothing but respectful to everyone the whole time he and Kim have been together. She bad mouthed her own daughter to her sister like a teenage girl. "She thinks she's up here and we are down here. She forgets it's because of us that she's here." Only people who feel inferior to others say things like that. She probably expects Kim to share all her recent good fortune with her. The mother needs to sit back and just be happy for Kim. Why did she have to go upstairs and use the bathroom? Why couldn't she use the downstairs bathroom? That told me her mom just wanted to start some mess at the wedding and get attention by talking loud. She just wanted to show off while her sister was there to make it look like she was in charge of that big beautiful house. Kroy said KJ was up there sleeping and she didn't even care. The mother is the one who was being selfish on her own daughters wedding day. We all know what happens when you have a big party at your house —–> the toilet gets broke. We've all seen the movie House Party with Kid and Play where someone took a dump in the toilet and broke it. That scene was in that movie for a reason —–> cause a broke toilet at a party always happens. I was at a New Years Eve party a few years ago and my friend had a party at her house and guess what happened? One of the girls got drunk, locked herself in the bathroom, and when we finally got her out, the toilet was broke. Then everyone had to use the bathroom in one of the spare bedrooms. Meaning now everyone had to walk all through the house to go to the bathroom. My friend was mad as hell about that. When someone has guests over that doesn't mean they get to wander all throughout the house as they please. That's how stuff gets broken and stolen. And we know Kendra was already mad about her furniture not being paid for in that house, so if someone had damaged some stuff inside the house that would have been more drama between Kim and Kendra. Her mom was wrong. If she was really concerned about being a part of the wedding festivities, why didn't she throw Kim a bridal shower? That's what the mother of the bride does. Maybe if the mother wasn't so busy trying to be seen herself, she would of realized she should have been arranging a bridal shower for her daughter. Lastly, another friend of mine got married and her new husband gave her daughter a promise ring as well. So it's not unusual or creepy for a new husband to do that if his new wife has kids. Brielle and Arianna probably wanted those rings since Kim was doing so much talking about getting a big ring for the last year. Those girls are spoiled just like Kim and they copy and want everything she does and has.

  36. My thoughts:That dress looked like someone sewed all the greyed unbleached rags in the back of my linen closet together, badly.Kj is the cutest, happiest baby ever. I hope when kriy loses his position and she darts out after someone with money like the allycat she is, Kroy gets to keep his mini-me. The father's kisses linger just a couple of seconds too long always. Like the scene where he was helping her prepare for a night of sex, it sleeved me out. Something wrong about that man.Just let your mother use the inside bathroom. Honestly, if it were really the happiest day of your life and not a stage appearance, you would have let your rules fly out the window and ignored the woman at worst. The sound edited of the helicopter and baby crying were amateurish. There was no helicopter at the time of the ceremony. And the baby was not crying when the ruckus was happening. Saying the baby couldn't sleep early in the day because of the commotion? Um…yeah. If you lived in a shotgun shack. There was plenty of quiet real estate to be had. Did I mention how hideous that dress was?~guess who

  37. I have had family members break the "house rules" at some of my parties. They felt entitled to act differently because they were "family". Her mother and Aunt were guests at her wedding and they acted like little drunk school girls. I think Kim and Kroy were perfectly right for doing what they did. Kroy was defending Kim after hearing her mom and Aunt bash her. Good for Kroy for standing up for his new bride!

  38. I love Kroy's mom! When she told Kroy that she knew he loved Kim so she was gonna love Kim too… oh, that just got to me! If all mother in laws could be so kind. Luckily Kim is marring into what seems to be a normal family because her parents are a piece of work.

  39. Any one have the scoopage regarding all of those empty chairs during the ceremony?

  40. Btw, I love this blog! (found it through StoopidHousewives)

  41. I can't believe that people are on here defending Kim. There is no reason to treat your mom that way. I'm pretty sure her mom did overreact, but most people would when treated like a stranger by their own child. Kim has some nerve even expecting people to use a porta potty in formal wear. I don't care how nice it was porta potties aren't compatible with that type of attire. Her mother & Kroy's mother should've both been allowed to use the bathroom in the house. Kim has continously shown what a snake & liar she is. She doesn't care if your friend or family, she will stab u in the back when it suits her. Nothing to respect about her. Kroy's an idiot & I'm pretty sure he will learn exactly what type of woman he's with soon enough.

  42. The port a pottie looked like a bathroom. I dont think u saw it. Anon @12:29. Bio Teacher

  43. I actually did see it, but porta potties don't flush period! Also unless it had proper ventalation & air condition I'm pretty sure it was just as stuffy or uncomfortable as any other porta potty, just fancier. Escpecially when u consider the amount of traffic coming through. It would be different if she was having a cookout or something like that, but when people have on dress clothes that doesn't mix with a porta potty. Even still if that's what she wanted to do fine. She should never talk about anyone elses wedding though. Additionally, I still don't see any legit reason as to why her mother wouldn't be able to use the bathroom in the house. People who have respect for their parents don't treat them like that. The only thing Kim respects is a dollar bill so I'm not suprised by her behavior, just shocked that people are defending it.

  44. I didn't watch the season so I can only comment on the reviews and what I did see. Even though I think some of the happenings are scripted, still think Kim and her mom has issues for real. I said weeks ago that throwing her mother out was disrespectful. It's also taking advantage of an unbalanced woman and further risking their relationship…What if one of her kids grow up to treat her that way some day? I mean they dismantled the back yard, yet they were afraid of someone going into the residence to cause damage? Please. People Kim give Kim a pass and blame her mom for not respecting her wishes, when in reality – if that were another persons wedding – Kim's tacky ass would be talking about them. I don't get why Kim gets a pass. I heard her mom say F you Kroy. But, that wasn't until after he talked shit to her. I would have cursed his Opie looking ass out too. As for Kroy giving the girls the rings, lame. The idea probably came from Kim. Regardless, a bracelet or necklace would have been better. It comes across as trying to hard. I didn't see all her outfits but the dress I saw was hideous. Damn ugly for someone so into fashion and looking good….she looked like Dolly Parton and Elle Mae all rolled into one.I didn't see anything else. Since Kendra has now kicked Kim out of her home, I will reiterate what I stated weeks ago. KIM WAS LYING. I knew it and stated it then and this just proves it. See ladies, one can always tell when trifling people are trying to decieve. BTW – I wouldn't normally comment on a child since Brielle is 16/17, it's obvious her mother never taught her to stay in a child's place. So, I will comment.Her comment was stupid. Brielle doesn't know the difference b/w a woman that works at crafting a skill and a whore that lays on her back popping out babies to secure her man, wants and needs. Seriously, so Kathy should be ashamed for being single, while her mother, who cheated on her married boyfriend w/ her lesbian gf, and then cheated on her gf with Kroy – who in turn got her knocked up? I could go on but Brielle's definition of trash is different than mine. But, since she is younger than I am, I will let it go. In closing I will just say, her mother needs to teach her some manners and respect. Hard for a home wrecking whore to do I know but, she doesn't do much with her days so she has the time on her hands….Peace and Blessings,P

  45. Kim has neither money nor taste!, so none of this is surprising. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if this was orchestrated for the drama

  46. totally staged preplanned story arc…notice the happy looks on their faces on the golf cart? come on…..

  47. I've been to fancy affairs with luxury porta potties like the one Kim brought in. They do flush and have ventilation. They are very nice and not like the porta potties you find at a fair. The luxury one I was in even had an attendant. It was very nice. I did not see this episode but it seems like Kim's mother was just being rude full of drama but it does not justify calling the police on her.

  48. If Derrick J and his crew can use the bathroom in the house then it should be okay for the woman who gave birth to her too! I think people only give Kim passes because she appears wealthy. That's the kind of society we live in now. People keep making it seem like she's changed just because she's pregnant and married. But her behavior hasn't changed regardless of the pretty bow it's currently wrapped up in. Her only talent is using people. Nene gets wraked over the coals for every little thing she does yet she is no where near as nasty as Kim.

  49. Ivy

    I saw a photo of Kim's mom being escorted out (and looking pretty happy about it lol), and sure enough, that's going to be Kim in less than twenty years.

  50. Exactly Ivy. I dont think Kim was completely correct in putting her mom out. But honestly who wants to have a big fight with their mom on their wedding day?? Im sure all of these commentors on here would not have either. But im also sure their mothers would not have done anything like what Kims mom did. But either way Kim did what she wanted and she definitely does not care what anyone else thinks. Its obvious from the season they have problems, should she have shown that on tv probably not. But most of these reality shows are like that. Some people will do anything for money. Bio Teacher

  51. I would never have forbidden my mom to use the bathroom in the house so there wouldn't have been a disagreement to begin with. How disrespectful! Derrick J & his crew can use the bathroom, but not her mother. I think Kim enjoys making her mom feel beneath her. Even if this was staged drama it still shows how nasty of a person she is. I guess some people will keep defending her though. Hope Kroy is keeping a secret account that Kim doesn't have access to. If not serves him right for not looking into the type of person he was getting involved with. Kim has time to supposedly purchase a $400k bracelet, but she can't pay Kendra. Bravo really needs to get rid of her and stop glorifying trashy gold diggers like her.

  52. This had nothing to do with using the bathroom. Kim's mom, true to form, overstepped the boundaries. Just like they knew she would. Derek et all used the bathroom just like Kim's mom did before the ceremony when they were all getting ready for the wedding. Kim's mom wanted to prove she was something special and chose to escort her sister upstairs. This is why Kim made that 'no indoor bathroom' rule. She knew mom couldn't follow rules and would have made exceptions for anyone who asked, just to look important.Maybe you think Kim's mom should be that important but you're judging her by your own moms. This is Kim's crazy-unstable-made-Kim-what-she-is-today mom. No way she should be allowed to make decisions about who she can let in the house. Next she'd be giving tours and letting drunk people hold the baby.

  53. I agree this should be the last time we see of her. She doesn't belong on TV. She has become a vile and nasty person since marrying Kory. Also if he doesn't have his money separate from her's he is a fool. She will drain him dry. How dare she do that to her mom and dad. I wouldn't have never treated my mom like that. I can't believe she spent 56,000.0, for a wedding band, for Kory. Most men don't even wear their wedding band. They will be pawning all that jewelry soon.

  54. Regardless of who was right or wrong, Kim should have been MORTIFIED by the scene and had the decorum to let it go and freak out on her mother later. It made all of the guests feel uncomfortable and a hostess should NEVER take steps to intentionally do that. She has no class or pride. She gets it honestly through those parents. ~gw

  55. Don't be Trady for the Wedding The End

  56. Aside from the drama with her mom, I thought the wedding was beautiful. I LOVE the song they used for their first dance. If you didn't know, its called "Beauty in the Breakdown" by Seth Glier. I got it from iTunes.

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