Latest Updates on the Nicola Furlong Death Investigations

I’ve had requests from all over for a synopsis what happened in Tokyo that led to the death of Nicola Furlong. Nicola and her friend, let’s call her “S”, were Irish nationals on an exchange program to a Japanese school for their third year. On Wednesday, May 23rd, Nicola tweeted her parents that she was looking forward to going to the Nicki Minaj concert in Tokyo with “S” and they were hoping to go to the after party. Both young women went to the concert and at some point after the concert realized they had missed the last train back to their campus. Partying on, they met two men. James Blackston and Richard Hinds. Details here are a bit murky. Most reports agree that they were in a club  in a part of Tokyo called Shibuya where the alcohol flows and drugs are readily available. The foursome were social with other partiers. There is one claim that one of the girls was seen partying with “some white guy” and got very intoxicated while associating with him. Another report states that both Hinds and Blackston were drinking and carousing with other women.The relevance of this part of the story is that it is not unusual for young women to have their drinks spiked in this part of town. Any number of people that the girls were socializing with could have spiked their drinks, or they may simply have been offered something to try. Blackston and Hinds may also have had an opportunity to partake in drug use at the club. Some reports indicate that the girls were very disoriented at the club. Eventually, two girls left in a cab with Blackston and Hinds to go to their hotel room.

The two men are both being held in Japan currently on charges of “quasi-forcible indecency” which essentially means they groped one or both of the women while they were in a state of extreme intoxication and unable to resist. These charges stem from the taxi ride.


Once in the hotel “S” went to Blackston’s room and Nicola went to Hinds room. Again we have two reports as to what occurred. I tend to believe perhaps both things happened. First, around 3:06 am someone in a neighboring room called the front desk to report noise disturbance coming from Hinds room. It has also been reported that Hinds called the front desk himself around 3:20 am stating that Nicola was not breathing and requesting medical assistance. An ambulance was called and Nicola was pronounced dead.

Later that day, Hinds willingly went with police to be interrogated but because detectives couldn’t keep him in custody without charge for more than 72 hours, they provisionally charged him and Blackston with “quasi-forcible indecency” two days later. Inspectors can keep a person on that holding charge for 23 days then the person needs to be released or formally charged. The 23 day mark is Friday.

Nicola’s father returned from Japan very recently. He spent several days speaking to the Japanese authorities regarding the death of his daughter. He seems to indicate that the case is focused on Hinds and the investigators have a strong case. He was also asked for input on sentencing. It seems probable at this point that Hinds will be charged in the death. Blackston will either be formally charged in the taxi incident or released. It has been reported that the taxi incident was captured on the taxi’s surveillance camera. It remains unclear if Blackston will be implicated in any way for the death of Nicola.

The official police statement said that Nicola died by suffocation through cervical compression. This is widely reported as strangulation in the press. However, the same cause of death could occur from a fall on the neck or as more salacious news media has mentioned, rough sex play.

Hinds, who has only recently been identified in the US media is a keyboardist from Memphis. He was traveling with his brother and some other Memphis musicians as part of Japanese Hip-Hop artist AI’s tour. Blackston was a backup dancer with the tour. Recent reports out of Memphis indicate Hinds was very active in his church and very highly thought of in the community. Family and friends are adamant that he is innocent. Hinds has no previous criminal record in Shelby County.

Update: A new report out of Japan says that Hinds admits to grabbing Nicola’s neck, but he didn’t intend to kill her.  If this report is true, he might as well plead guilty and save everyone a lot of heartache. What a sad story this is.


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  1. " very Active in the church " and so ? he could'nt kill anyone ?why are you so interested in this case? just curious.

  2. I thought you were busy and even posted to demonstrate how busy you were …

  3. I've never said anything about whether he could kill anyone. I've said that he has no criminal record, is well liked in his community and is active in christian music in his hometown. I in no way am giving an opinion on Hinds guilt or innocence. That is for a court with access to all the facts to decide. There is very little coverage of this case here. I am admittedly interested in the case. However, I have no connection to the case whatsoever. I do not know any of the parties involved. And each piece of information (some more accurate than others) continues to sway my opinions. Anon 7:29 this is not the post for your trolling. You are free to say whatever you wish about me in the usual entertainment posts. This is a much more serious post and I will delete your off topic comments should you make the gross error in judgement and continue to attempt to disrupt these posts.

  4. hinds admitted strangling nicola, but denied his intention to kill her, which doesn't matter as she's in fact dead. there is a surveillance footage of him carrying unconscious nicola into his room on a wheelchair. the evidence against hinds seems adequate.

  5. I haven't seen that information anywhere. Can you give me the source of that info? Thanks.

  6. I found a media source for that and updated the post. That's awful!

  7. Also the following was posted anon in the wrong topic so I am reposting it here. *********************************Looking at the media reports today, it is saying that he admitted to pressing her neck, but insisted that he "did" try to kill her.I'm just wondering if it was supposed to say "did not". Most of the sites that I have seen today are using the same article.If he did it, I believe it is a case of rough sex gone bad. I'm not being humorous because I know the accused, but this could very well be the case.

  8. he has been charged with MURDER….. not "a case of rough sex gone bad"

  9. Any guy caught on video wheeling an unconscious woman into his room in a wheelchair has me pretty disgusted right off the bat. Who drugged Nicola? I don't know. But when Hinds wheeled her into his room in a wheelchair I don't think his intention was to play Monopoly or Trivia with this poor girl. It looks to me as if he intended to victimize her from the get go.Now maybe he did not intend to kill her, but he did intend the rest of it.

  10. I totally agree. This new wheelchair development is disturbing. I wish the police would give us more verified information. There is a whole lot of nonfactual info in the legit media. Perhaps when he is arrested tomorrow the Japanese police will give more details on what the have? From the very beginning of this story, details just don't add up. I think we may finally be closer to getting the true story. Obviously,regardless of what happened, if we ever find out, it is a major tragedy. I'm single and travel internationally by myself a good bit. In fact I am leaving the country on Wednesday if I can get things on the homefront under control. I plan to be much more cautious than I usually am. Maybe that is why I am so invested in this story…

  11. I think you should apologise regarding your comments on rough sex. This guy wheeled an unconcious woman to his room and attempted to rape her, when she resited he strangled her. There is a possibility that they also spiked their drinks. You should be ashamed of your comments.

  12. from previous linked source :"Hinds. who is being treated as a minor and is not named under Japanese law, has been captured on the CCTV of the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, wheeling the student to his room in a wheelchair at around 1am.According to the news agency AFP, the recording appears to show Wexford student Nicola unconscious in the wheelchair and police are continuing to work on the theory that her drink had been spiked. Toxicology reports are expected in about a week's time.The footage also appears to confirm that nobody else entered the room before hotel staff discovered her body in the early hours of the morning.Police said the suspect has admitted that he pressed her neck with his hands but insisted that he did not intend to kill the victim, Jiji Press news agency reported."

  13. 1) although Blackston was not charged with the murder, i can see him being a bad influence on hinds. if Blackston is the one who druged the girls, he should be charged with something as well. 2) given the situation, hinds will likely be convicted with 2nd degree murder.

  14. When I was a young girl in High School, the much beloved pastor of our large church was arrested for child molestation. It was very difficult for me to accept. At first I believed it had to be a mistake. As the evidence became available I was forced to come to terms that someone I held in such high esteem had done such vile unspeakable things. It was a very difficult process. Many of the people here who are hoping and praying this isn't true are going through that painful process. Many of them are teenagers learning some cruel life lessons. I don't think they mean in any way to be disrespectful with regard to Nicola's death. It's a horrific, tragic situation for many people.

  15. yes, you are right.. they are finding it hard to think that the person they knew would drug,rape and murder a girl….But that in no way means that they have the right to insult Nicola…The facts are there…. he did what he did and a whole lot more. More in fact than anyone would even dream in their worst nightmares…

  16. yes, you are right.. they are finding it hard to think that the person they knew would drug,rape and murder a girl….But that in no way means that they have the right to insult Nicola…The facts are there…. he did what he did and a whole lot more. More in fact than anyone would even dream in their worst nightmares…

  17. I am the one who made the statement concerning rough sex. I did not know that she had taken to the room with a wheelchair at that time. I wasn't intending on that statement being rude or offensive so I do apologize for that.I've read that the prosecution's case will be built around him killing her because she refused his sexual advances. How would she even be able to refuse or fight him off if she was so out of it that she had to be carried to the room?From everything that has been released, it appears that he did kill her, but there is to show to make one believe he intentionally did it.Some people that comment on these blogs totally trash talk the people that take Richards's side or speak good things about him. Think about if it was your relative or close friend. How would you feel if people all over the world were demonizing them into something you know (from your interactions with them) they are not? Most of you would do the same thing.I do commend the Furlong family. One of them stated that they do not want him to receive the death penalty because "he has family also".Yes I know Richard and all of the other musicians on the tour that are from Memphis. Even though it is hard, all of us who know him have to consider the (true) evidence and facts.My thoughts and prayers to both families because not one, but two lives are lost.

  18. You have read she refused his sexual advances… There was quite a time between entering the hotel and the 3 20am complaint from a neighbouring room… Did you even for a moment think that she might have woken up??? I understand that you know him but realistically how does anyone know anyone when they are under the influence? Time and facts will give you the horrible details….

  19. nicola was in her cloths, so they were not having sex yet. sinne she was drugged and strangled (both are dangerous acts), his "intention to kill" does not matter to be convicted with 2nd degree murder.he will not receive the death penalty for this in japan especially because he called for help when he found out nicola was not breathing.his sentence will be somewhere between 3 to 18 years.

  20. He did not call for help…. A neighbouring room alerted reception.. Know your facts before you try to give facts

  21. How do you know the facts? Were you in the room? I clearly reported that there are two versions of what occurred regarding the phone call. I speak daily with sources in Japan and in Ireland. Who are you getting your sources from? I will not tolerate attacks on me on this particular story. So if you don't like to read here, kindly fuck off. Bless your heart.

  22. Dear oh dear. Who attacked you? You do realise its not all about you don't you? I'm simply replying to previous threads….

  23. apologies. I read the comments through email individually and I thought you were addressing the point in my post regarding the conflicting stories. I agree that the person you were actually commenting to was incorrect about many things. Many Americans somehow assume that foreign countries have the same laws and sentences as their hometown. Please unfuck off. Is that a thing? :) sorry.

  24. In other news, there was no new information today which I found shocking. I thought the charges would be officially brought today with some sort of police statement. There is a lot of confusion regarding what happened yesterday. My best understanding is that he was arrested yesterday yet would be officially charged today based on Japanese law and their intention to keep him jailed as long a possible before beginning the next part of the process where they bring their case to the court. So nothing to add today other than it is amazing how many professional journalists are botching the holy hell out of the story. Amazing.

  25. As for the phone call, Japanese police never said two version.You have to pick the fact.

  26. The source on him calling for assistance is from an overseas professional journalist. He seems pretty confident it happened. That said, I specifically said two different stories that I believe BOTH occurred.

  27. You are blogger. It's okay you can't get the information from the Japanese police directly.But it's clear what is the fact and what is not the fact.Some journalists get the fact from the Japanese police directly and then news. But some journalists look like blogger like you.Japanese police never said two stories!

  28. Sigh. I never said the Japanese police said two stories. I also said I believe both things to be true. There are people in Tokyo right now who are journalists who have sources with the police. That is all I am going to say on the matter. I will be blogging information here as I get it and deem it credible. You are free to believe or disbelieve it. I really don't wish to change your beliefs as they do not matter to me. Nor should mine matter to you. Make of it what you will.

  29. Via CNN:“The 19-year-old man, whom police declined to identify because he’s considered a minor under Japanese law, was arrested on suspicion of murder, a spokesman for the Tokyo police said Friday.The man, a musician, had been previously detained on suspicion of improperly touching Furlong’s friend, but was not charged with that offense. The police have 20 days to decide whether to charge him with murder.The other American man, James Blackston, 23, has been charged with groping the friend, said Tsutomu Nakamura, his lawyer.Blackston, a dancer from the Los Angeles area, faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted. His lawyer said he is not guilty and will fight the charges.”SOURCEVia the AFP: “The suspect has admitted having pressed her neck with his hands but insisted that he DID NOT intend to kill the victim, Jiji Press news agency reported, quoting police sources.Police suspect that the man, who arrived in Japan in April to join a band, killed the victim after she refused his sexual advances, Jiji said.”Via NHK: According to reports, “The 19-year-old was seen on security video pushing Ms. Furlong into the room in a wheelchair.”According to Japanese news reports, here are some of the things the police are releasing:Nicola Furlong was choked but there is no clear indication (marking) showing how she was choked. The police determined that she was choked with a towel by the suspects arm, something soft.”Nicola Furlong went to a restaurant in Shibuya (with her 21-year friend and the two Americans) where she became very drunk after drinking four shots of liquor (vodka and tequila). SOURCENicola Furlong’s clothes were not disheveled and it is being investigated if the suspect choked her during a sexual assault.SOURCEVia the“A second man, James Blackston (23) is no longer a suspect in her

  30. 19-year-old American Christian musician has admitted strangling Wexford student Nicola Furlong in Tokyo last month — but insisted that he didn't mean to kill her.The keyboard player, who graduated from High School just last year, was arrested on suspicion of murdering the 21-year-old in a hotel room on May 24.As he is still recognised as a minor by Japanese law, his name has not been officially released.Police suspect that he killed Ms Furlong after she refused his sexual advances, according to Japanese news agencies.He confessed to pressing his victim's neck with his hands but said he did not mean to kill her, it has been reported.

  31. this has turned out to be a very emotive issue and without getting into flame throwing, i feel dreadfully sorry for the furlong family where their daughter's last moments have been played out in news stories worldwide. its goes without saying hinds is directly involved with her death but please try and respect that her family are trying to deal with her death in the most dignified of ways, difficult when such horrific details have come to light. irregardless of which, i hope justice is served and her family can find some solace in that. please spare a thought for a beautiful girl who lost her life in the most tragic of circumstances, thats the saddest part of all this.

  32. He didn't drug, rape or murder her!! Stop saying that. No offense to her or her family but honestly speaking she looks like an average party girl and I do not believe she was unconscious, she was just too drunk to walk on her own…if her friend went to the other room with the same agenda, why don't you guys believe they just wanted to have a "good time" that night and it turned sour. In flicks all the time girls are saying, "choke me, choke me"…why can't anyone believe this is the case. "rough sex gone bad" like one of the earlier commenters stated. and as a correction, it says he admitted to choking her, but did NOT intend to kill her. If y'all gone state facts make it TRUTH! and everybody stop being so nosey this has nothing to do with you people just worry about your own lives. and again, I feel sorry for the furlong family it must have been devastating receiving that call…

  33. This real life not a flick.So grow up and have some respect for Nicole and her family

  34. I hoped that nobody actually hurt her and then when we heard what had actually happened to Nicola that was worse than hearing that she was dead."This is a quote from Nicola mother.This is what you good christian boy did.

  35. To "He didn't drug, rape of murder her" .You are a sick individual. You suggest that she was too drunk to walk on her own and she was fair game. Anyone who has sex with a woman who is unable to consent has commited a rape. Her friend is unable to remember the details of her ordeal, that does not sound like someone who is capable of consent either. If you feel sorry for the Furlong family you should keep your sick opinions to yourself you sick fuck.

  36. To "He didn't drug, rape of murder her" .You are a sick individual. You suggest that she was too drunk to walk on her own and she was fair game. Anyone who has sex with a woman who is unable to consent has commited a rape. Her friend is unable to remember the details of her ordeal, that does not sound like someone who is capable of consent either. If you feel sorry for the Furlong family you should keep your twisted opinions to yourself you sick fuck.

  37. To "He didn't drug, rape of murder her" .You are a sick individual. You suggest that she was too drunk to walk on her own and she was fair game. Anyone who has sex with a woman who is unable to consent has commited a rape. Her friend is unable to remember the details of her ordeal, that does not sound like someone who is capable of consent either. If you feel sorry for the Furlong family you should keep your twisted opinions to yourself you sick fuck.

  38. I'm from central Tokyo.It was already confirmed he tried to rape her and killed her in the first day they are arrested. Most of shinjyuku area residence people know about it. Now Japanese police they are trying to fix about James guilty. It depends for some evidence and Richard.In Japan this is not main news in this month. Cause it's simple case for Japanese police except for the point both are foreigners. It take ages cause they are all foreigners. That's all.This case is not Amanda Knox case. These black guys left lots of evidence on every place. As James never thought Richard kill her. But seems James did suggest about spiked thing and rape thing to Richard. Now Japanese police they are trying to fix about it.

  39. Hey I'm living in Tokyo from the states. Yes you are right. But pls don't put the truth. This blog is for American we like gossip. It's early you to comment the truth for American! We can't chat on here after we knew the truth!

  40. OMG!Are you sure? I think so too.I'm new to Tokyo. I heared one rumor at Izalaya tonight. I don't want to comment here though.This case might proceed to another level.

  41. To " OMG! "Not Izalaya.Izakaya! It's Japanese style bar.Which area did you drink tonight? Which Izakaya did you go tonight?Depends on Izakaya I maybe want to know the rumor.

  42. I went to Izakaya name is Uwasa in Shibuya.It's small place just only they have 8-9 seats.The price range is 5,000-7,000 yen per person.

  43. Bhahahaha!You know? Uwasa is Rumor for Japanese!Pls don't make me laugh!I don't want to know the rumor.Thank you.

  44. Hi " OMG "Hahaha. I like this blog.Please tell us the rumor you got in Izakaya bar.Please!

  45. Hi "OMG"I also know one rumor in tokyo.Could you exchange each rumor?I'm interested in the rumor you got.Thanks

  46. I said NO WAY!Hm…okay let's exchange.You first.P.S.If the rumor you have about " AI ", I don't tell you the rumor I got!

  47. Okay.Yeah as for things of " AI ", I also know about it. It is not rumor it's truth.The rumor I know is about P***Y.You?

  48. Oh!It's same to you!Do you believe it? Did you see them?

  49. I don't know. And I don't see them up to now. But my friend saw them few days ago in Narita airport.

  50. Okay! I will research it.I go to bed now. N&T!

  51. Oh. Okay. Anyway I will research about it too.

  52. there is an outside chance that this teenager is not hinds as his identity has not been revealed under japanese law.

  53. It's definitely Richard Hinds ..‏@ramonsampson SHOWTIME #Sapporo Japan!! @C3prod @dannirogers @dmacsandoz @djpruitt89 @roccothaclown Let's get Rich so Call us King Tight!!AI.INDEPENDENT.TOUR.2012 @C3prod @FutuRICHstic @djpruitt89 @dannirogers @roccothaclown @dmacsandoz @IamKINGLAX #Aomori #JAPAN CRUNK TIME!!Hopefully @FutuRICHstic and @IamKINGLAX spend a lot of time behind bars paying for their horrible crime

  54. ABC News says he'll get 10-15 years, which is lucky for him, because he'll get life sentence for this in the states. needless to say he'll get graped in us prison.also the conviction rate in japan is 99.9 percent, which means you don't get charged unless they have something solid to prove your crime. the american teen was originally identified as Larry Perry, but now as Richard Hinds. does anyone know where the information came from? and who's Larry Perry?

  55. oh, i see. @FutuRICHstic and @IamKINGLAX were dropped from the show. the show must go on..

  56. First off you people are crazy, you guys get on here talking all this crap and don't know if you guys are coming or going. First off I send my deepest prayers to the Furlong Family, cause there daughter had a full life ahead of her. R.I.P sweetheart. Now James Blackston is my nephew in no way did he spike any drinks or rape anyone, these young ladys got over intoxicated before they even met up with my nephew, if they missed the train to go back home no telling who's alley, home, apt, they would have ended up at, now this young lady that went with my nephew (blackston) told the police they knew they was going back to the hotel with the guys, now that's what came out of Maher's mouth, now neither one of the guys should have been trying to have sex with the girls if they where intoxicated like that, now when the police arrived Ms.Maher was in the room sleep with Blackston, at that time she didn't say anything about being harm or anything until the started questioning her about her friend Nicola and she said thy just went out to have a goodtime and met the Americans is everything okay, and at that point they told her the friend was dead and now she don't remember anything, she told Police in the beginning before it even hit the states that her and blackston didn't have sex, but Now she doesn't remember, this is just a big mess, and at the end of the day someone loss there life , parents loss there child, siblings loss the sisters, come on people again Blackston is my nephew and my heart goes out to all familys involved, the truth of what really happened will surface and justice wil be served.

  57. I thought police said s Maher was really out of it and still groggy when questioned? Correct? No toxicology report has been released yet so it cannot be confirmed if drugs were an issue! Is there not CCTV footage of s Maher and Nicola furlong with blackston and hinds in the taxi am I correct in saying what happened inside the taxi warranted making a arrest? Hinds captured on CCTV pushing Nicola furlong in a wheelchair to his room! So if Nicola was intoxicated to this extent I'm sure s Maher was pretty much in the same situation wuld it be unreasonable to suggest that she may genuinely not remember much?

  58. I am depressed, I have been to Japan 31 times to get away from American racism, but these fatherless brothas (no man taught them how to act) go over there and mess it up for all of us. Google James "King Tight" Blackstone on the Japanese train アイルランド人留学生殺人事件 and watch the video of this idiot. typical sexually frustrated American male acting out. When that Nigerian american killed that taxi driver, vacationing in Japan was a nightmare. A convenience store worker (male) once screamed hysterically and literally ran out of the store yelling in Japanese – amerikajin killed taxi driver when I went in to buy some Option auto DVDs. For anyone looking for Japanese news accounts on their own, here is the katakana for the girl's name: ニコラ・ファーロング. also for Memphis news reports for Richard Hinds: wreg news, fox 13 memphis, wmc memphis, etc. My apologies to the Furlong family and their loss…

  59. I know/knew both victims and as much as i sympathise with the families of the two american men – no one deserves to go through this – i am devastated to see the amount of imbeciles referring to them as 'average party girls'. Everyone at this point knows that the girls were spiked – maybe it was by the americans maybe not, im not saying that. but they were taken advantage of. Nicola was heard fighting off the advances of a man while trying to stay consious after being spiked. I imagine he tried to suppress her voice, i do believe it was an accidental death. But that does not mean people should judge these poor girls. The second girl who survived the ordeal has no recollection of what happened, except for what happened to her in that horrific taxi journey. I just want people to show a little respect for two young beautiful girls who found themselves in a situation they could never have controlled. Rest in peace Nicola x

  60. To rapist's nephew,I knew James in Japan. I heared he sometime spike and rape girls. I think he taught to Richrad how to spike and rape girls but James never thought Richard kill the girl.If James isn't there at that night, it's sure nothing happened.Richard guilty is high cause it's the fact he killed the girl. But James guilty must be high as much as Richard.Unfortunately you just want to believe your nephew is innocent. But the fact and the truth is different. If you can proof he is innocent you should proof it to Japanese police right now.If you can't, shut your mouth.Your silly comment is minus for James in Japanese system.

  61. First off if you heard of this going on in Japan then why didn't you go to authoritys and let them know what you knew about James or whom ever that do this type of SHIT to young girls or ladys, YOU could have saved this person life but NO, you are the typical person that probably does the same thing in Japan. so what do this tell us about you JACKASS, unless u spike drinks and rape girls too, cause nephew or no nephew, its WRONG, and DUMB ass not one time did I ever say he is INNOCENT, so learn how to read, FAR as I see it reading your PoST u need to be in Jail right ALONG they ass for WITHOLDING information, knowing what he was doing ReAding ur PoSt……..So You the one that need to shut up before your Ass write a Check you damn sure can't Cash…..Now run and tell THAT.

  62. Someone has latest news?

  63. For the person that made the comment about knowing about James spiking drinks:Don't you think authorities are looking at this and other blogs for info? Since that is the case, don't you think they know who you are as well?THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT PEOPLE!!!

  64. It was already reported at some Japanese web site after they arrested soon.Most of people know it in Japan.I think James bad act was already reported to Japanese police before.So maybe Japanese police catch him quickly at the morning quickly as they revognized James is the guy.I totally agree that guys comment.If Hinds was not with James at that night, he didn't kill anyone.

  65. I'm from Japan too.Yes it seems Japanese police already knows that information.And it sure English news didn't report the detail much for first few days. The topic was another point in the states. They are backup dancer of Nicki etc…Why they are taking ages for James thing?It's simple. They are trying fix James guilty more high.

  66. I appreciate my readers in Japan keeping us up to date on what they know. There is virtually no coverage on this in the US and what there is is very out of date. Thanks for the comments.

  67. Nicola's Parents are Fundraising to be able to attend any trial that may occur. In the event that does not happen, the money will be for a scholarship in her name. If you would like to contribute. this is how.Nicola Furlong Memorial Fund. Branch: Bank of Ireland, Custom House Quay, WexfordAccount Number 97382577 Sort Code 90-67-18 Other than that, I've got nothing new lately. I will also be away quite a bit for the next week. So play nice please.

  68. They both look like party girls, and it's obvious they both had the major hots for these guys considering that they're dancers.The issue here is that some rough sex got out of control, and she ended up suffocating. Probably a combination of physical activity and excessive amounts of alcohol.It's pretty obvious those kids didn't have any murderous intentions. Why would semi-famous people living the life kill? They wouldn't (in all likelihood at least).

  69. Haha…if you look these girls look like party girls,I think these guys definitely look like killers and rapists.Looks and their act in their life is not important now. When it was happened the fact is important.Silly.

  70. Hey,Could you write right English?1. I heared about his act in Japan your after he was arrested.And I heared it was already reported to Japanese police.2. I thought you wanted to say he is innocent. If not what do you want to say?3. If James was not with Richard you don't think nothing happened?The CNN Japan news said few days ago James is in trial now. Is it true?Again this site maybe checked by their please act right person for your nephew. Your bad comment is really minus for him, if they are checked.

  71. Most of people have something opinion. It's okay and this is just a blog. You can say anything.But every people should understand the fact and the truth is one.And it's me too though…the people we put something comments on here we are poor people. We need to recognize about it.What the fact is? What the truth is? Japanese judgement will decide it.I think there are lots of american in here. You know. The cost for the time they are in jail Japanese people pay the cost by their tax, even if someone Japanese is low life.If you American have something opinion, first pay the cost!

  72. Eeeeee?!?How much is the cost?James nephew and James family can pay the cost? I think you guys should pay the cost.Hmmmm. American government could you change the rate on the double? Japanese yen is tooooooo high now.

  73. You seem you are right. But please don't attack to James nephew so much.He is just a poor boy.

  74. Huh?I don't want to pay such a cost!James and Richard should pay the cost!

  75. Rough sex gone wrong?!?!?!? She was fully dressed wen she was found strangled to death……

  76. I agree that if Hinds was not with James at that night, nothing happened!

  77. It's…it's sure it's strange Japanese pay the cost by their tax.I agree Blackston and Hinds family pay the cost.

  78. They both look like party girls!?!?!?! Wat exactly does a party girl look like????? Please please explain 2 me how u know its obvious they had the hots for the guys, they r dancers so bleeding wat, makes them no different than any1 else……. Very hard 2 have rough sex fully clothed as that is how she was found

  79. I saw the comment on another blog.James is married.

  80. Does anyone have a source on Nicola being found fully clothed? A link? I'm on vacay and must have missed some new info. Thanks!

  81. Jiji press reported it 14th June. It is Japanese language though.

  82. Basically James is 23 years old and Hinds is 19 years old. Of course James know Hinds is 19 years old even if nobody knows. It's ilegal under 20 years old drink any alchol in Japan. At this situation James have to take his guilty Hinds drink some alchol.It means James suggest to Hinds bad action basically.If Hinds was not with James at that night it completely nothing happend.I think this is important point.Of course Hinds killed her so he need to take high guilty.

  83. To James nephew,I totally understand your nephew must spiked them and rape her and he suggest bad act to Hinds.Cause his family like you. Your words and your idea is completely silly rapist.I also ask want to ask you.If Hinds was not with your rapist nephew, nothing happened.How do you think about it?You can't answer about it? Huh?

  84. James is married?!?Is it truth???He has his children???

  85. This site is interesting place. And we can think well.There are some american they say James is bad person in his life and Richard is good person in his life.And there are some Japanese they know this case well more than us American. They say James is bad person in his Japanese life. But never say Richard is bad person.Maybe it is hint for this case if we try to know the truth.I hope Japanese judgement they also recognized about this!

  86. I'm Japanese from Tokyo. Yes off course Japanese jail cost is paid by Japanese tax income.As for this case I wanna say James Blackston and Richard Hinds family should pay their jail cost.I don't want to feed them by the tax I paid.

  87. What is the latest news? I think there is a big cover-up in the music industry. King Tight was dancing for Nicki Minaj & she said she didn't know any of them. There's also been talk that they were framed in place of other musicians. Have japanese police charged any of them yet? Is King Tight going to go free?

  88. I'm the source of all sources. 1. CCTV shows the hotel bellman wheeling in both girls. Not hinds alone like it is being reported. The bellman laid nicola on hinds bed. 2. Nicola did not have sex, but played around. A friend of hinds called the room to check in on Richard to see if he got back ok. Nicola picked up the phone drunk and playful. So she was up. 3. Hinds pressured her neck ….as reported no marks or bruises. Police are saying they were drugged, attempted rape then killed because hinds didn't get his way. Now they are having a hard time proving it. Autopsy expert stated to the prosecutor that something soft was used because the hands didn't kill her…a soft object was used…the entire room was checked for DNA evidence…nothing….All eyes are focused on the toxicology which will show what was in her body. Blackston will get 3-5 years the CCTV shows him fingering SM for a good 15 min while she is sleep in the taxi.

  89. Execute the beast and its accomplice.

  90. I am happy if the above info is true. I thought this was just the fallout from 400 years of White Supremacy. Because any average looking brother (white or black -living in Japan) will tell you, it's VERY easy to find female companionship in Tokyo, they didn't have to go with these girls to get it. I am still mad at BT, because there used to be useful forum threads on what to do in Japan, where the English speaking clinics were, how to stay out of trouble… Now there's just a bunch of banner ads everywhere and links to youtube videos. This probably won't get posted either, but it had to be said – I thank the creator for this website.

  91. I'm an Irish man living in Tokyo, I've changed my mind a couple of times regarding this case. At first I thought it was a clear cut murder, then as developments move on wards I start to think it was a case of intoxicating two women and sexually assaulting and strangling poor Nicola. Then I started to think that the two young men picked two beautiful Irish girls out of the crowd at a club, they had a good time together and all decided to go back to the hotel and something went wrong.Now I have done full circle, the girls were partying hard and they missed their train, so they headed on to the clubs, they were having a great night in the capital a much needed night out from their studies and perhaps they drank too much, perhaps their drinks were spiked it's irrelevant a sexual predator had them in their sites a handsome hip hop dancer, I'm sure it might have started off as a harmless laugh but after being plied with more alcohol they escorted them to a taxi. I can imagine hinds being unsure and reassured by blackston "don't be a pussy" "we gonna show these white chick a good time" etc. Blacston then committed a crime in the taxi probably encouraged hinds to do the same, but he didn't not yet. They brought wheeled the girls to their rooms, Hinds layed a passed out beautiful white girl on his bed and his mind started to make suggestions, perhaps fueled by the idea that Blacston was getting some in the other room and would label him "gay" if he didn't do the same, he tried to have some fun, he went too far, Nicola who is in a happy relationship and heading home in 6 weeks wakes up, realizing she was not having a dream but a living nightmare started to scream and resist, she was silenced, forever.Hinds murdered her sad but true, his friend played a part in it I'm sure, he never set out to kill someone that night but it doesn't change the fact that he did, as for Blacston I hope you try dancing in my face on the subway I'll knock the shit out of you and stick your own balls down your throat your a bad friend and a poor excuse of a man, you had the power to prevent all of this.

  92. My condolences to you and the people of Ireland, for your loss. But tell me, WHO is the white dude that gave the girls the drugs? and WHERE is HE?!! It isn't like he can hide in Japan (of all places), so WHERE IS HE?!! And why don't the Japanese police have him in custody as well?!! I think your countrywomen knew they (Nicola and SM) were on some other drugs and she (SM) beat feet to get out of a deportation charge. If Japan come down hard on just marijuana users, I KNOW THEY going to put the whammy on someone using cocaine! Let's be real here…

  93. Where is he? He probably doesn't exist. There has never been a confirmed report of a white guy selling the girls drugs. I have not seen any evidense presented here or anywhere else to suggest the girls had taken cocaine.Until the facts become public you should refrain from jumping to conclusions. By the way Hinds is to be sent to trial as an adult, Japanese court decided today.

  94. Your source was wrong!You must be killers and rapist friend.

  95. To Richard and James families,Pay their jail cost!We Japanese don't want to pay it.

  96. The white man was rumor from James friends.

  97. Stats

    So what happened to Blackston and Hinds? Are they still in jail in Japan?

    • I believe they are both still in custody. Hinds trial should be soon. Not hearing much about Blackston. Since the Olympics even the international news agencies I was following have been pretty quiet.

  98. Tamara where have you posted my blog ,regards Phil.

  99. asas asasasa

    he is a rapist and murderer

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