Kim Zolciak and Her Brood Return to the Condo Big Pappa Bought Her

As I told y’all briefly here  the Biermanns have returned to their humble beginnings in Johns Creek returning to live in the townhouse that Big Pappa bought her in 2006. Kim tweeted yesterday that they have spent two nights in their own home. Kendra Davis tweeted “Adios Beverly Hillbillies.” It  is clear that we won’t see any more filming at the Davis rental.

Kendra provided TMZ with an email from Kroy stating that although they were interested in purchasing the home they needed to give notice on their lease that they would not be renewing. He did that in March causing the lease to terminate the last day of May. In the interim, something happened with the purchase. Kendra claims they never made an offer on the house. Kim claims the asking price of $3.25 million was way out of line and the Davis’ refused to negotiate. She also says the house failed inspection and recently tweeted that the house is full of bad energy. However, the house is on the market now for just under $3 million. As long as the house has been on the market you would think the Davis’ would be willing to negotiate even in this housing slump just to get out from under the payments.

I think two things happened. Kim has been proclaiming that house was her dream house and she was going to buy it for as long as she has lived there. Don’t think for a minute she suddenly stopped liking it. I also think Kroy could qualify for that house fairly easily on his own if need be. The problem may have occurred when the bank went to qualify to the loan and determined the asking price was out of line with the sale of comparables in the neighborhood. That meant that the amount of the loan was well above the actual value of the property. Despite what some of my readers think, reality stars don’t have special celebrity banks with special celebrity rules. It’s simple economics. All the bank cares about is income and credit history. But, those problems could have likely been solved with a motivated seller.

Which brings me to the second big problem. Kim bad mouthed Kendra both on the last season of RHOA and on her spin-off. While I believe Kim has been paying her rent on time the entire year she lived there, she herself admits that she did not pay Kendra for her interior design services.  Both Kendra and Kim agree the bill was for  $54,000.  Kendra paid upfront for some of the furniture involved in the design stage and the bill was due in early November.  Kendra states she has still not been paid. About that same time Kim planned a wedding on the property that had a high level of liability and considerable construction involved  without getting the permission of the Davis’ and then dodged them about it right up to the day of the wedding.  A wedding she uninvited them too. Basically, she pissed of the sellers to the point that they no longer wanted to do business with her. I think the comment she made on the DBTFTW about the house never looking better than when she moved in was that one toke over the line for Kendra. The next thing you know, they are not willing to extend them a short term lease, they are finished being nice and they want them out of their property.

So Kim began to lie and spin the story ten different ways. First, she took a page from Sheree Whitfield’s book saying she was building a bigger better dream house with skating rinks and liberries and it’s own private Pinkberry store. She claimed she was renting Buckingham Palace and going to live with the Queen of England for four months at which point Chez Biermann Castle would be completed. Then finally she said they were moving into one of the two houses that they already own while their castle was being constructed by magical elves.

Let’s talk about the two properties. Kroy’s house is in Hoschton, Georgia.  It’s a lovely house and certainly large enough for comfort but it is in the North Georgia mountains. In a tiny little town with no Saks or Neimans far away from the girls friends and well civilization in general. I don’t see all her hair people traipsing up there to style her wigs. I don’t see Kim shopping for groceries at the Piggy Wiggly or the Bi-Lo or whatever the local grocer is called. Also, when I searched the property records I could find no record of Kroy still owning any property in Hoschton. Their tiny little website is not really conducive to searching by name or street address though, so I’m not saying he doesn’t still own it. Tax assessor website property searches are notoriously difficult to search and often inaccurate. So that house, if in fact Kroy still owns it, is not going to work. Especially with Kim seven months pregnant. It’s too far from her OB/GYN.

So, they have moved back into the townhouse in an effort not to be homeless. It’s a temporary move to keep a roof over their heads while they figure out what to do next.  This is all happening while RHOA is filming. I believe that the fourth month lease extension that Kim asked for was not about waiting for a magical castle to be finished. You never know how long new construction will take, so a month to month request would have made more sense there. She wanted to stay in the house until RHOA filming was over and to give herself some time to figure out what to do next. Kendra was not having it. I wonder how Kroy feels about living in the house Big Pappa bought?

So now in addition to getting tossed to the curb from her dream house while filming a reality show for the world to see, she has another issue. It was almost guaranteed that DBTFTW was to be picked up for another season. Ratings were excellent. However, if there is one thing Bravo hates, it is a broke housewife. Just ask Sheree Whitfield, or Lynne from Orange County or any of the other wives that started having trouble keeping up the pretense of wealth and were not renewed. This could be the kiss of death for a sequel to the spin-off.

When DBTFTP started bringing the ratings Bravo was rerunning the show like gangbusters. It was on dozens of times a week. Now that Kim is making news with housing drama, the last two episodes of the show are being shown back to back tomorrow night rather than spread out over two weeks. What’s up with that?  Be sure to tune in at 9 rather than the usual 9:30  to see the wedding. You can expect to see the po-po show up to help show Kim’s mother to the door, as well as bottom feeders like Patti Stanger and Perez Hilton show up. Please note Perez’s attire. It’s hideous. Oh and helicopters show up. You will be led to believe they are paparazzi, but they are Bravo camera crews shooting all the overhead shots you will see on TV. Wedding by Bravo.


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45 responses to “Kim Zolciak and Her Brood Return to the Condo Big Pappa Bought Her

  1. Glad to see you covered this. Much love <3

  2. I'm surprised the Johns Creek townhome was still available. I remember when it was on the market. Maybe it didn't sell or she decided to keep it. Thanks for the update Tamara!

  3. There's no such thing as the Queen of England 😉

  4. Townhome has been on the market, and reduced the whole time. Nothing is selling in the ATL. And Anon, don't tell Kim about the Queen. Or the magical elves. :)

  5. Finally a interesting post! Girl where you been the past couple of days?

  6. lol. I am not allowed to say I have been busy! :) Sadly, there will be at least two weeks of spotty reporting.I still have great people sending me stuff and apologize for not getting it all addressed. I booked a vacay for a long weekend next weekend. and It looks like I may have to eat the cost as it is non refundable. We shall see what happens. It's sort of a comedy of errors at Chez Tamara right now.

  7. Scammers. Isnt Kim ready to have her 4th kid any day now?

  8. Her vag has got to be like a tuba by now.

  9. I think Kim has a bad habit of burning bridges with her so called friends. I think Kim has no value toward her friendship.She uses people such as NeNe, Kandi, and now Kendra. She has a habit of puting people down, but in fact she is doing the same thing as her castmates. Im glad everyone is seeing what kind of woman Kim is a user.

  10. I never really liked Kim – the side chic whore. I really started disliking her after the episode aired where she was introducing Kendra and her words were something like – y'all know Kendra; she's been upstairs slaving all day doing decorating – I was floored. Kim is a racist – I don't care how many black friends she pretends to have. She treated Sweety like sh*t and now Kendra because Kendra won't allow Kim to use her. I'm glad Kendra finally got Kim and her family OUT! Poor Kroy. What have you gotten yourself into?

  11. Ivy

    I wish the rest of the cast had grabbed some lawn chairs and parked themselves in front of Kim's house on moving day. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a second of this. :)

  12. Wait…why didn't Kroy buy a house and moving into a house that Kim's sugardaddy brought her? Nobody thinks that's strange?

  13. cns

    Hahaha, Kim's mouth wrote a check that her behind couldn't cash. She speaks abusively of and uses everyone but Kendra was not having it. Kroy needs to put a muzzle on her mouth. I think that if Kroy made Kim publicly apologize to Kendra she might have extended the least. I personally would let my house sit vacate before I let Kim live in it. Money is not the answer and some people really don't need the money. I have a feeling that Kim and family will be stilling living in the townhouse that Big Poppa built several years from now. Which is kind of disgusting considering all of the mayhem with previous lovers that has happened in that place. Btw, I really like Kim’s townhouse. Can’t wait to see how she spins this story.

  14. Tamara, reality stars are not celebrities.

  15. LOL I know that. But some of my readers don't. One in particular thinks that Nene can buy whatever house she wants even with bad credit because she's famous and the banks just give famous people loans without checking their finances. :) The celebrity part was me being mean to commmenters. again. 😉

  16. Tamara, since Bravo is still filming RHOA, how do you feel they will spin this move? What will they possibly come up with that fits in the flow of the filming to explain why Kim is mooving back into her townhouse from a Mansion. It looks strange they are not moving into Kroy's house or immediately leasing another mansion. The question surely has to cross their minds of how that will look. Would Bravo not think that show watchers will notice that Kroy's house is not discussed or that one will wonder if he owns a house? We would want to know where Kroy was living before marrying Kim. Will Bravo find another mansion for Kim to lease? The house would have to be larger and better than Kendra's.One more thing, Kandi has purchased her mansion that has not be showcased on RHOA. Is is possible that Kandi may allow Kim to use her new home?Thanks for the information. Thanks,Tracey

  17. Regarding the question of why Kendra would let the house just sit instead of getting out from under the payments, I would be willing to bet they have already paid off that house. They may have even paid cash for it in the first place. Take a look at her husband's salary while he was in the NBA. They have to be worth at least $50 million. Why wouldn't they have paid off a $3M house?

  18. cns

    Yes I believe the house was already paid off as well. The Davis's were not pressed financially. Heck they may just keep it as a family heirloom for their kids. Have you notice that most people with real money are not flashing i.e. Kandi and Kendra and the people without real money are over the top, i.e. Kim, Sheree and Nene. This is how I judge real wealth. I work at a family own investment co. and the father, mother and son are so low key in their dress and appearance. Sort of the Bill Gate’s style of dress. It’s like they want to blend into the everyday world and not stick out as multi-millionaires. Go figure.

  19. Kim burns sooo many bridges! Wow! LOL Its so funny how Andy asked her at the reunion "um… can you afford all of this???" This wouldn't be "news" at all if she would just stop bragging about what she has.

  20. I don't think they can spin it good. Because if RHOA for next season have been filming already it most certainly have them leaving the mansion and going back to the condo that Big Poppa built (lolollololololololl). If I was Andy I would definitely use that footage. You see your right they want to show case wealth, but with entertainment and reality they want to see the bad things most people do.They want to see the evictions and the broke stuff and the inflated mattresses etc. etc.. Ask yourself why they fought tooth and nail to try to film the Giudice's problems, it's because they wanted to see them evicted from their home and try to explain it etc. etc..

  21. I believe Kory finally, put his foot down and said enough is enough. He wasn't going to waste anymore of his money in that house. He was the one who sent the letter that they weren't going to renew their lease. He has a lot of work to do with Kim, I wish him luck. He also needs to stop all the wine drinking and smoking, crusing in the home. Kim has gotten totally out of hand. Her family deserve more respect than she is giving them. Moving in the house was a complete waste of money.

  22. Kim is such a LIAR. Bravo replayed the reunion earlier today and I couldn't help but laugh when Kim got so upset when NeNe said she was renting her "dream home"and when Kim made the statement that they were getting ready to close on the house. Plus Marlo's statement about the furniture not being Kim's was obviously the truth. LMAOAlso on the reunion when Andy asked her about her wine drinking, she said she never really picked it back up after she had KJ, but she did drink at the wedding. Another lie….on every episode of DBTFTW she has a glass of wine! I can't stand her lying ass!

  23. Nice blog… just a few things/corrections. Kendra did sign a contract with Bravos production company and if one would read the contract…you will find Kendra gave permission for Bravo production to film and build a film set…Kendra did not realize that giving permission for bravo production meant Kim was going to build a wedding set on her property but in fact the contract Kendra signed did indeed give such permission. Kendra also believed she would have more airtime and that this was an audition for Kendra to be the next RHOATL. Kendra was dumped again. Kendra also thought her design business n skills would be featured on tv….to help boost her new business/hobby. and lastly kroy already lived in the big pappa condo before….so why would this time be any different…??

  24. LOL please email me this contract you have special access to. I'd just love to see it! Bravo has been in trouble many times with property owners on a variety of shows I have no faith that they actually learned from their past mistakes, but if you have the contract, then… :)Kendra's business is not new. Kendra got a fair amount of airtime. She does not have time to be on RHOA as she is very involved with her kids one of which is on track to be a professional athlete. She a very involved mother, like the stage mom kind. Her business is successfuland she basically takes clients around her busy schedule because she enjoys design. She doesn't have the time to be on RHOA even if she wanted to.

  25. Kim is the text book definition of a narcissus and probably a sociopath as well. I feel bad for Kroy and those kids…Good God!

  26. excuse me, but what are "liberries"???

  27. When Sheree Whitfield was talking about building Chateau Sheree, her plans included a skating rink for the kids and a "liberry" for her to read the great works of Shakespeare or something. Because Sheree is a very learned woman. :)

  28. It's called a "dictionary".

  29. First of all thank you Tamara, for the tea; I can always count on you to serve it hawt! Secondly, has anyone else noticed how most of Kim's lies, are told during the reunions? Remember how she said she wore the wigs because of cancer, any yet, could'nt give the deets on the type of cancer she had. Another whopper, was last seasons RHOA reunion, when she "clearly" stated she & Kroy only rented the house because they were waiting to make sure Kroys stayed in Atlanta. She then went on to further exacerbate the lie, by telling everyone, she and Kroy were closing on their dream home soon. I use to find Kim to be entertaining, a little ridic, and quite harmless. BUT, after kicking her mother out of her wedding..not so much.Tamara, I'd like a second cup of tea please. Oh, and if you could make it hot, I'd appreciate it! 😀

  30. OMG you are killing me! Where do you live? Hoschton is NOT in the "North GA Mountains!" It is still considered a suburb of Atlanta and it only 10 minutes from Chateau Elan (Where Usher got married, and Lisa Wu Hartwell lived) There is nothing wrong with the area, and we have "civilized stores" like Publix. It is only a few miles from the Mall of Georgia for goodness sakes. All of that being said, YES you are right Kim would never live here! Side note, I find it very interesting NO ONE says anything about the fact that Kendra and Marlo are friends. Marlo made that very clear on the reunion, don't you think that might have something to do with the friendship going sour?Homeowner in the sticks AKA Hoschton.

    • Joan

      Wheeeee – touchy! I also lived close to Hoschton! In fact, I’ve lived all over north ATL – East Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, etc. I moved to ATL when living outside of 285 was “geographically undesirable” for any single woman…… IT IS near/in the N. GA mountains! Chateau Elan is at least an hour or more northeast of 285!!! And that’s with NO traffic, wrecks nor rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon trying to get over to NC or SC! Kroy couldn’t have commuted on a Sunday to home games….well, he could, but they’d have to stay in hotels downtown or something, maybe rent something close to the Dome, or maybe over by Grant Park?…. for the season….. Honey, you are too darn touchy.

      Besides all that – why in the world does it bother you to have someone say it’s north of the city, etc.?

    • AthGa

      Totally agree with you, Hoschton is definitely NOT the “IN the N. Ga. Mtns.”! A tiny hick town, yes, but never would I consider it in the Mtns!

  31. Dear homeowner, you might want to go to the northern side of your home and look out the window. Those big things you see on the horizon are mountatins! Aren't they pretty? Now go look out the southern end of your home. Do you see Atlanta? No? Try driving 20 or thirty miles south. Do you see it yet? No? Well in about 35-40 miles you should hit 285 the perimeter of the city. Now you are almost to Atlanta! Only 8 or ten miles more and you will be at the capital! A suburb is a community near a major city that is within commuting distance of the city. Try getting up Monday morning and hitting the road about 6. Let me know how long it takes you to get downtown from you house. Would you consider that commuting distance? Do the major of the people in Hochston make that drive twice a day ever week? If so you live in a suburb. If not you live in the lovely town of Hoschton. I removed the link to the home that you posted. There is some evidence to indicate that despite what the gospel of all that is true, Kim Biermann says, that Kroy sold that home. Because I have nothing to indicate that he is still the homeowner, I have chosen not to put the home or its address on this site. If people are that interested they can google it just as I did, and you did. I'm sorry you seem offended by me saying Kim would never live in Hoschton. It's a pretty little town.

    • Joan

      I have to say – I really admire that you keep everyone ‘real’ on here. For those who have never been to ATL, or lived there for any length of time, it’s just misleading. All big cities have issues. ATL’s uniqueness is it’s beauty, inner city green and beautiful women! Let’s bring disco back!

  32. Tamara-I hate to break it to you, but the closest mountain range to Hoschton is just as far is the perimeter of ATL. You are correct in saying that it is far from Atlanta, but this home is not to far from Flowery Branch, which is the training site for the Falcons. Thank you for schooling me on what a suburb is. Yes, in fact MANY MANY people in Chateau Elan do commute to Atlanta daily for work. Unfortunately for you, my husband does get up at 6 and it only takes him 45 minutes to get to his office in Sandy Springs. I have the luxury of working from home, maybe that's why I think it's a suburb? 😉 Do you live in Atlanta? There are so many people in Gwinnett County that do this every single day. I won't go so far to say that all of them do, but most of the corporate people I know actually work in Atlanta. You just get used to the drive. Kroy actually did own two homes in Hoschton. I won't post the link, as you have asked me not to do, but you are right, there is a home with his name listed as a resident in Auburn that has been sold recently. Not sure it he is the owner until the Gw. Co GIS starts running I think they are doing maintenance. And I am not offended at all that Kim would not live here. I don't blame her, it is not a gated community and it's probably far from her friends and family and what she is used to. I can't get the Gwinnett County GIS to load right now, but maybe check it with the address I sent to see if his name is on the property. Love your site and just trying to help! Hoschton is not for everyone- it took me a while to get used to!! This is so funny because it is a hot button topic in my family, literally TODAY, I am trying to get my in laws to move up here and they say it is to far (go figure!)Only posting anonymous because I am "working from home" don't need my boss snooping around 😉

    • Joan

      ROFL……………. seriously, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages – from your home to Sandy Springs @ 6am in 45 minutes? WOW – how come no one else can even get to JCB from your area on any work day morning unless they leave at 5am or so? Oh – I GET IT… Helicopters? Now it makes sense….no sitting in a parking lot called Westbound 285 that, despite being, what 8 lanes wide now, is rarely able to sustain over 35 or 45 miles an hour on Mon-Fri drivetimes? Of course, there’s the usual wreck, 18-wheeler jacknife trailer that makes the commute 2 hours from day to day. Yeesh……… Not hating on you – but come on….

  33. I have to say that i visited the Chateau Elan area and they have an awesome winery–love the summer peach wine! anyway, Kim wouldnt be in this mess if she wasnt always trying to front. Stop acting like youre better than everyone else, kim and people will like you more. Im all for a happy ending but I just cant feel happy for HER. Stupid Kandi–why would I even bother singing (FOR FREE) at that wedding when this chick owes me thousands of dollars??!! She owes Kandi more than Kendra. lol.


  35. Anonymous, why are you screaming at everyone? Take your p.m. meds, grab a cup of lukewarm tea, find a seat & chill the h@ll out. Goodness. ** No more HW Tattles for you.

  36. she used sweetie and now her fascade is crumbling. kim is racist so is kroy and her father. sweetie was with her for years and she had no loyality to her.

  37. Anonymous

    Johns Creek? That’s 45 mins from MPES which is where her daughters (well only Brielle now) go to school with my children.

  38. lisa

    I used to like kim, but I started to dislike her after I watched how she treated her mom. No one is perfect however she is down right nasty and spoiled. Recently, I watched her walk through Kandy Burresse’s , new home well deserved and earned by Kandy herself. And all Kim, was doing was bashing the neighborhood and the amount of space. I knew she was a jealous bitch. Because at the spinoff regarding her wedding it was all about her. Who were her real friends?. That woman who did not want to be her maid of honor?. She is so so immature. She should be worried about her children than her dream home. She spends money as if it is coming out her ass so now the seeds have been laid for her . You reap what you sow. I mean who does not let their own mother, The woman who bore you took care of you. Supports you at your wedding (regardless if her mom is a pain in the ass) you dont do that. Also if the woman wanted to meet Colin Howie or Cowie , whoever he is why not give her the respect of meeting him. She acted like a 15 year old in front of him she is addicted to power and money. That is why she picked big ole poppa . The happiness is resonated when she is on top . Now she has some competition little Kandy who has been collecting all her nuts for the winter packing and packing them a way while the grasshopper thinks she’s a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away Come winter, the squirrel is warm and well fed, but a social worker finds the shivering grasshopper, calls a press conference and demands to know why the squirrel should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others less fortunate, like the grasshopper, are cold and starving. Well she used all her money 58.000k on her wedding dress etc….so the government says ok you can live in your condo while we pay your rent, food, etc………….and thats how a star is born………………..

  39. 1bmorehottie

    i just want to know since the show was taped months ago are they in thier “dream home” thay was going to be ready n 4months?

    • Katrina

      No. According to Kim they are building one block at a time. It was wishful thinking to think a brand new 10,000 square foot or bigger home could be constructed in 4 months.

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