Richard Hinds in Jail in Tokyo The Next Amanda Knox?

Some of you are wondering how the story on the two guys arrested in Tokyo is getting so much play on my blog. Here’s the deal. My friends and I like to talk about reality TV and also court cases. It was through that connection that I learned about the situation in Japan. Early reports on the case indicated that the suspects may have been part of the Nicki Minaj entourage. So I decided it might be relevant to the blog since it was connected to entertainment and posted about it. Prior to posting, I read every single thing that the media puts out there. I keep up with the story every day. And the more I read the sadder I get.

It’s easy to make judgements when you think you know what happened based on “media reports.”  A beautiful young girl “has been strangled” and there is a guy “standing over her body not calling for help.”  Two men are arrested for sexually assaulting someone in a taxi that has “video of the incident.” But, the more I look into this, the more I wish I had not reported the story at all. I read dozens of stories a day and I see so many misstatements of fact.  I get annoyed when y’all misstate facts about the fucking housewives. But there are people’s lives on the line here. It’s serious. And the misstatements are in major newspapers overseas!

Also, while Japan was protecting the name of the 19 year old suspect, one (wrong) name was being published in newspapers as the other suspect. Other places are listing the name of the other girl who is allegedly the victim of sexual abuse. There are so many things heart breakingly wrong with this “story” I posted as if I had all the answers. I regret perpetuating the name of the first “likely suspect.” I will tell you that several sources were posting the name of another musician as the second suspect. I did not. Why? Because I found him on twitter posting away like a choir boy. It took just a few minutes to check. As it turns out that kid who is basically everything any mother would want their kid to be, gifted, spiritual and  hardworking, is friends with Richard Hinds, the actual 19 year old in jail.

Today I have read about each of the band members from Memphis who are on the AI tour. Rich had a brother who is also a keyboardist on tour with him. He is touring and I imagine filling in on keyboards while his brother is in Japanese jail. The guitarist and a hand full of other musicians from Memphis are carrying on. I can’t imagine how hard that would be. There is nothing else they can do. But they are all very religious and putting it in God’s hands. What remarkable young men they are. This is my blog, and these are my opinions but I don’t see Rich Hinds having the intent to harm a fly. My mind could change with more evidence, but I don’t expect to see anything that ties him to the death of Nicola Furlong. I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there. I regret my assumptions.  But now that I know who the 19 year old is? I don’t believe he did anything to harm Nicola. I think Rich made a bad choice to hang out with James Blackston. What 19 year old hasn’t found themselves in a bad situation? I feel like maybe Rich was trying to take care of Nicola who some reports say got wasted and/or drugged in the bar and found himself dealing with a dead girl in a hotel room in a foreign county alone at age 19.

I wish the media would give this case as much attention as they did Amanda Knox. This kid appears to be a great person. I would like to apologize to the commenter that came in to defend him even before we knew who the “19 year old” really was. It’s just such a sad situation. I feel bad for almost everyone involved.  The Memphis crew seems like really shining examples of fine young men. I hope that the media and the government will defend this young man and bring him home. As a trial watcher, I am sad that Memphis has to go through another battle for a young man falsely accused.

Am I the only one who cares about this?


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  1. I am just happy that you made this. I have been in tears since hearing about this inncident. Im from Memphis, and a former ex girl firend of Richard Hinds. This guy would NOT hurt a fly, and this is coming from someone who dated him for over a year, and has known him since elem. school. This guy comes from an amazing family, and I have been feeling so guilty because there is nothing I can do but wait and watch. I pray every day that justice is served, and im so sorry this young lady also lost her life. Memphis will do everything we can do, and it hurts that all these stories get out like he's a bad guy, when honestly no one knows what happened. I just want Rich home….

  2. I am just so sorry you and everyone in Memphis is going through this. It's very sad. Thanks for your comment. If there is anything I can do, email me at

  3. Thanks for posting this blog. I'm a musician in Memphis and I have performed with him a few times. A talented and great kid is all I can say about him. My prayers to all involved.

  4. i can't imagine what y'all are going through knowing him personally. Thanks for commenting. I feel so badly for assuming based on media reports. This kid is in a very bad place. Someone needs to help him. Maybe this blog can bring some exposure to his situation.

  5. like i said before something is wrong with this case

  6. are you all for fucking real???? i saw nicola's body. tell me this, did she murder herself? did she put all them bruises all over herself??? i think not. we all now richard hinds is a murdering rapist. i really dont care who this hurts on reading this as i have seen a family mourn their daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece/cousin. i hope to god justice is served for nicola. i hope to god that her murderer really gets what he deserves which is to be thrown in a prison and to never be released.

    • There is so much anger in Ireland at this poor girl losing her life. So Young and innocent. You have to bear in mind that evidence is now showing that both of the girls were drugged. Both girls were carried out of the taxi by hinds and his friend and were so drugged that they had to use wheelchairs to get them to the rooms. Did anyone hear the audio of both men talking in the taxi or the video of them abusing one of the girls. These men will most definately be getting the death penalty. Richard Hinds said that poor Nicola asked him to choke her? She was knocked out for god sake. He would not be safe if released free and wont be released when further medical evidence is heard in this case

      • Peter, the articles I have read say that the Nicola only had small traces of Xanax which she held a script for, and Lidocaine which was on the implement used to try and open her airpipe. Do you have a link showing the drug evidence you saw? Thanks.

  7. I don't think there is anyone who does not want justice for Nicola. There are very few facts leaking about this case. I'm curious as to how the cause of death was released so quickly yet the autopsy report has not been released. If Richard Hinds is, as you believe, a murdering rapist, then I agree he should be imprisoned. I want to know what happened. Because my nosing around into Rich's background shows him to be a good honest kid. I hope that all the loved ones of Nicola get the answers they deserve. And that if she was murdered or raped that the right person is imprisoned for a long time.

  8. your true crime does not belong in this blog because the subject matter do not combine well togehter, perhaps you should set up another blog focusing on crime.

  9. From Anonymous#2 to Anonymous,Settle your little punk ass down and watch your language.I know nothing about this case, but saying you know this young man did it because you saw her body is ludicrous.Japan is a first class nation, they also believe in innocent until proven guilty, you should too.

    • arty

      I date raped her, brought her to my hotel room and strangled her ‘lightly’….oh but im innocent… yeah right. Lock im up throw away key

  10. I'm from Memphis…. I know sure for that Richard is not the monster the media is portraying him as…. I'm praying for the Hinds Family ….. May God continue to console the Furlong family as well…… best article I've read so far on this matter

  11. Yes an amazing family…. all we can do is pray, and Remember that God is in control…. he takes care of His own

  12. Hi Tamara! Like you, I'm very interested in true crime in addition to reality TV. I mostly focus on our justice system and through years of reading books and online articles I've definitely realized that our justice system is flawed in so many ways. I'm not familiar with the system in Japan but hopefully the case will be decided by someone with no ulterior motive. I'm not very familiar with this case, haven't read about it outside of your blog. I know that you're doing a lot to try to draw much needed attention to the case. One thing that I think would be helpful for me and others linking just to this story would be if you could provide a summary of the facts with links to the original source (and how the stories have changed). I clicked on the links that are currently in place and that helped fill in more of the story but a short, factual summary might keep newcomers that don't want to take time looking around from jumping ship. Also, giving more support as to why you think this guy is wrongly accused would be helpful. As far as I'm concerned he's innocent until proven guilty but if his main defense is his character then that's not much. Criminals are the ultimate con men. John Wayne Gacy was a clown that loved kids. The bath salts guy in Miami that attacked a man and ate his face always carried a bible (was at the scene) and wouldn't hurt a fly according to those that loved him. Those are obviously extreme examples but we always hear how out of character violence is for those busted for the first time. "So-and-so is so sweet and kind. He loved his wife dearly, I can't believe he'd kill her. " – quotes like this are all too common in post-verdict news coverage. I agree that on the surface it doesn't seem likely that this guy would commit this crime. Since he seems genuine I hope that he didn't and I hope the real person is caught. I'm hoping you can help me fill in the blanks… As for this topic being on your site, here are my thoughts… It's your site, post whatever the heck type of stories you want! The original post was entertainment related. Just because the content evolved doesn't mean you should drop it like a hot potato. If people don't want to read about this crime, they don't have to click the link. I'm just happy you have a site that I care to read!

  13. Moxie,I will do just that.This post is blowing up the site. I am currently in the midst of some real life stuff and can't do the post justice. Hopefully tomorrow.:)

  14. Tamara what a turn around of opinion now that the suspect is a model citzen from Memphis Tennessee look to the facts of the case it Is irrelevant whether the suspects are from south central LA or Memphis Tennessee when you thought the suspect was Larry Perry you were out guns blazing now that the suspect is Richard hinds Christian choir boy it's not possible that he would have any part to play in this appalling crime. Fact hinds was found standing over Nicola furlongs unconscious body both he and blackston have been CHARGED with sexual assault of Sarah Maher there is a saying don't judge s book by its cover please take a look at the following websites

  15. I have removed two comments. One gave the name of the alleged rape victim. We do not identify victims of sexual crimes in this country. The second comment contained simply a link. I have the ability to operate google news and am familiar with the available links. Should you wish to publicize a link please do that on your own blog. And yet, as I have stated, I do not find this case to be as cut and dry as I once did. In part because of the character and reputaton of Hinds and also because I hearing conflicting stories as to whether Hinds himself notified the front desk or if security was called to the room to investigate a noise disturbance. I have a lot of questions regarding this case. I have made no claims regarding the guilt or innocence of either man who was arrested. I have said that Hinds seems an unlikely suspect. That does not mean he is innocent, it simply means we need to wait until some evidence is released before we convict in the media.

  16. It is just a your opinion. The fact and the truth is important. Even if most of his act was good in his life, it is not important. Cause if he mistook his act just only one time, he need to take the responsibility by himself for his act. Japanese police is strict and great especially under such a case. As it is not just a Japanese domestic case. They will find the answer and it's almost the fact and the truth. You don't need to try to get the fact. It's no means.

  17. I just can't believe Japanese singer AI doesn't release any comments about this. It's really bad act.

  18. Ms. XulaCould you send me an email to please?

  19. Do you know Richard Hinds in a personal capacity you refer to him as "Rich" in your blog you are also requesting that a ex girlfriend of Richard Hinds emails your personal email. You are addressing this issue true Ross tinted glasses and some of your points are extremely insensitive you said and I quote this kid is in a very bad place someone needs to help him maybe this blog can bring some exposure to his situation. I apologise but I believe this choir boy is arrested on suspision of murder and you make it sound like his car just broke down and he needs a lift home!! If you are personally link to the suspect then my dear this is a conflict of interest and I suggest you cease blogging about the murder of Nicola furlong

  20. Hey Tamara,it's me again! :-) I'd like to apologize to you for the other day as well.I really wasn't trying to troll your page,just wanted to get as much info as possible.The whole story was unsettling when I 1st received the news from Japan.Like I said before,your site came up first(during my google search).Since I knew the info was wrong,I was trying to let you know as much without naming names and giving details.It just probably came across wrong.I felt really bad about how that went down.There are new details and it's looking much better than before but,we're not out of the dark yet.I'm just praying things work out like they should.His brother isn't subbing by the way, :-) they were on tour together with AI.The guitarist is actually from Japan but lives in L.A. Since I'm on the same professional circuit,I happen to know him as well.I just hate the video of that train incident got out because it definitely cast a shadow on the whole deal.The timing was absolutely horrible!Of course Mr. Blackston is not part of the Memphis crew but,when tours are put together,the band and dancers can be from anywhere…they just have to form a bond on the fly.Hopefully James and Richard can learn from this to be more professional in the future.Only thing is,this might cast a shadow on them ever getting work because they put themselves in the worst possible position.I sincerely hate a young woman lost her life and as a father of a daughter going off to college this fall,it worries the heck out of me! I pray for her family because that has to be the worst feeling in the world! I know I'll get flak for that but,until everyone gets the full story,they just won't understand.Forgive me for the long note and I promise to stop trolling! :-)Take care!

  21. I just thought about it,when you said guitarist,you're probably referring to the bass guitarist…he's from Memphis…The lead guitarist is from Japan.haha! My bad!

  22. hey can you email me at I have some info I am not sharing and would like to share with you. I have not dog in this fight and just want justice. However it works out.

  23. I know Richard Hinds personally from church. He would never do something like this because he is a great guy, and gave me much advice on helping to improve my musicianship as a young and upcoming musician. I played with him every Sunday at 12:30 and he was awesome. The other band members aren't bad guys at all either. But in God's hands all things maybe aren't probable, but they are possible.

  24. I have received several emails with the same sentiment you shared with me here, Unknown. On one hand I have the friends of Nicola and on the other hand I have some very personal stories from people who know Rich. It's heartbreaking.I regret to tell you though that if the evidence I am receiving is true, it looks very much like Rich is guilty. At least of manslaughter. I am sorry that you and so many other people are hurting over this. I am trying to report it as straightforwardly as I can.

  25. Maybe all you claiming to be Hinds friends will rethink your position now that he has being charged with murder and seen on cctv wheeling Nicloa to his bedroom in a wheelchair. Yeah he is definately innocent (not)

  26. Very very sad story…heart breaking for her family and in particular for this young beautiful girl to lose her life so cruelly – she was so looking forward to going home to Ireland this summer to be with her loving family and boyfriend who have been left utterly broken after this tragedy.It's also a very difficult time for Richard Hinds' family but IF he was on something that night it's irrelevant that he is a "nice choir boy"…alcohol/drugs are mind altering substances…they can change people 360 degrees…he was captured on CCTV wheeling her in to his bedroom in a wheelchair while she was unconscious (presumably still alive) but he did not alert the authorities at that time…surely not the actions of a sober loving Christian? The footage also appears to confirm that nobody else entered the room before hotel staff discovered her body in the early hours of the morning.Whatever the case may be I hope justice is done for Nicola…that is what matters most. May she rest in peace.

  27. I live in Tokyo and I can tell you, this guy has a VERY long road ahead here. Japanese police are know to literally torture confessions out of suspects. Even if they didn't commit the crime, they will sing like a canary that they did. this includes sleep deprivation, food or water being withheld. It's no joke here.Also, when you're arrested in Japan, it's not like back home, where you get to one phone call to your lawyer. They can hold you for up to 2 weeks without a reason. None of this ''innocent until proven guilty'' or prisoners' rights. And if he's found guilty, he will do some serious time or death penalty. Here the death penalty is by hanging.And unlike the States, you kinda know when your execution date is set. Here, they don;t tell you. When you're sentenced to death, they just come in and say ''Okay , it's time to go''. I pray for justice for this poor girl. I hope he didn't do this.

  28. This guy is a piece of murdering scum and all you people saying what a good guy he is are insulting the memory of this beautiful young girl.Hang him its what he deserves. Jim Byrne. Ireland

  29. im absolutely appalled at some of the comments and sentiments expressed in this blog… this girl was taken in a wheelchair, unconscious, into Hinds hotel room (this has been captured on CCTV footage), hours later she's found dead. There is nothing 'christian' about this man. Hinds robbed a family of a beautiful daughter in the most heinous of ways. Such a sad story, I hope her family get justice for what happened to her, may she rest in peace.

  30. I'm an atheist who would never wheel an unconscious person to my room and "accidentally" strangle her, so please quit with the "good Christian" BS already. Being a Christian means nothing, most killers in the US would infact have been called Christians prior to their killing someone.The guy admitted to "pressing on her neck," in what way would her death be accidental? She was in a damn wheelchair being wheeled into the hotel by this piece of shit "human," who does that? Seriously, have you ever seen a scumball wheeling a drunk/drugged person into a room? And after that there is a loud noise and she's found strangled with him standing over her? But he's innocent, right, because he was always such a "good Christian boy." Give me a freakin' break.

  31. The police have this sick c*nt on video wheeling the poor girl into the hotel room in a wheelchair cos she was unconscious. Get a life and admit what that he is evil

  32. Disgusted by some of the comments on this web site suggesting that this man could not commit such a crime as he is a good Christian. The girl who was murdered was from a Chritian family in rural Ireland, her only fault was that she extended a hand of frienship and trusted two strangers. You should have more sympathy for the victim of a violent sexual assault.

    • greg

      Agree. But she was drugged. Both were. Its come out now in trial that he strangled her over several minutes and that she fought for her life. A towell with blood on it was found. Hidden.

      Im glad this happened in Japan. Their system is fair and just.

      People should stop defending him now.

  33. I, like the other most recent posters to this blog, firmly believe that Hinds is guilt of this most apalling crime- based on the released evidence. I, too am shocked at the earlier posts which seemed to completly ignore the devastation of the Furlong family and the tragic loss of a young soul at the beginning of her life. Finally, I am struck the absolute silence of the pro-Hinds posters on this blog since the evidence of him pushing a drugged girl to his room in a wheelchair became public!!

  34. The "Pro-Hinds" are coming to terms with the fact that their friend murdered and molested an innocent young woman. They are still praying for this not to be true. They are struggling with evidence that shows is must be true. They are questioning their ability to judge other people. I don't believe in any way they mean to be disrespectful to Nicola's family and friends. This is an awful situation for everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is hurting over this tragedy.

  35. hang the rapist murdering nigger

  36. There is a girl dead! The last person to see her alive was this "good christian boy." I'm not saying he did it, but I'm from philly where they are currently prosecuting another bunch of good christians, for the most dispicable of crimes e.g. pedohilia, destroying evidence, and ignoring yeeeaaars and hundreds of felonies against the most defenseless of us all. Calling someone a good christian doesn't mean shit, I'm sorry! Just ask yourself what would Jesus do. I think if he were alive today, he would probably die of embarrassment from all of the ignorance, self serving actions and rhetoric spilled in his good name. I dare you find any good christian in recent history that fell on his sword, admitted to their guilt and asked for forgiveness before they exhausted every single angle to get their coward asses out of a sling. Don't be so gullible!

  37. Three is CCTV footage of the guy pushing an UNCONSCIOUS girl in a wheelchair to his room! Now why would he do something like that? He's obviously not the innocent boy you seem to think he is.Whatever about Japanese police and their method of getting a confession I think in this instance they have the right man – good Christian and all that he is. Nicola Furlongs parents deserve to see him serve a lengthy sentence.

  38. delusional americans , believe anything you here ,, he is a murdering rapist and is going to be hung in japan .. a life for a life … karma

  39. What exactly do you know about the Japanese capital punishment laws? While they do use hanging as their method of enforcement, it is used primarily for serial killers. Hinds is more likely going to live out his life in a Japanese prison. But carry on.

  40. If what we are hearing is the true story, I totaly agree. It's just horrific.

  41. So now your good christian musician has admitted to strangling Nicola Furlong, but he did not mean to kill her…

  42. I am shocked that so many "Christian" friends of Richard feel the need to continue to defend him he has admitted that he strangled her I'm sorry he didint mean to kill her though!! So do you friends and defenders of Richard and choir boy persona still believe that someone else did this? He murdered Nicola he brought this girl to his hotel room in a wheel chair. If this was my brother friend cousin I would not dream of posting on a blog to defend his good Christian nature I would be ashamed mortified and extremely mad people reading this blog outside of the USA cannot understand the mentality behind these pro Richard comments one of the ten commandments is thou shall not kill do Christian Americans from Shelby county Memphis not believe this commandment

  43. What's the full story he strangled Nicola but didint mean to kill her! ! Enlighten us what do you mean ure not out of the woods yet? How can you post comments like this do you not feel ashamed admitting that you know Richard Hinds? Not very Christian behaviour don't bother with the innocent until proven guilty BS or his good Christian character he obviously isn't a good Christian he admitted strangling Nicola

  44. Tamara I realise you didn't have the facts but you should be careful what you write about. I was amazed to see how many there were supporting this guy. Is this what you people really think? This guy is about as evil as they come – a father's worst nightmare.This is one of the most disturbing things I've ever heard of – premeditated and predatory. Anyone reasonable should be very happy he was caught. Do you still hope he gets off like Knox?

  45. Not only did I never say I hope he gets off. I never said that Amanda Knox should have "gotten off" either. You guys make a lot of assumptions. I follow a lot of cases and I always try to look at all the possible scenarios before jumping to conclusions. At the end of the day, the details don't matter. A 21 year old girl has lost her life. Yet the why and the how will haunt those who knew her forever. I find your admonishment to "becareful what I write" rather odd. I write about what I choose, as I assume you read about what I choose. Why do you insist on criticizing the author rather than discussing the topic?

  46. "This kid appears to be a great person. As a trial watcher, I am sad that Memphis has to go through another battle for a young man falsely accused." At this point its clear this is incorrect. From the start Nicola's family and friend have had to read negative stuff on some places the web – comments and articles about how this was rough sex gone wrong etc (some comments here on your blog even about this). This tends to provoke a strong reaction in people – especially people from Nicola's community. Still though – probably is driving lots of traffic to your site eh?

  47. Indeed it does. Please click on all the revenue generating ads you see. Oh wait…

  48. Speaking to RTÉ News today her mother Angie Furlong said that no justice would make up for the loss of her daughter: ”I hoped that nobody actually hurt her and then when we heard what had actually happened to Nicola that was worse than hearing that she was dead.“That was just horrendous, the circumstances. It’s not going to bring Nicola back. Any justice we get now she’s just not going to come back. It just really doesn’t make much difference to me.”Something for the people defending this thug to think about

  49. The christian church is the most corrupt fuk up in the world. Rapists and pedophiles. Christian devoting their lives to the church. Good people. Hahahahahahahhahahahah shut the fuck up with the christian bullshit. Hes a murdering piece of scum. Christian or not who gives a fuck if he goes to church or plays in choirs. As I said priests are to blame for fucking up so many lives pedophile bastards. "men of god aka priests destroyed lives of young boys for years. How can any human with a heart try and defend this piece of shit. String him up and let him die the longest most painful death available. And I'm RC before anyone asks.

  50. Unfortunately for your beliefs… a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department told ABC News that Hinds has admitted strangling Furlong, but told investigators he had no intention to kill her… Pretty much means he did it. He acknowledges it.

  51. are you all nuts!? who gives a shit what "kind of guy" this is? if he fucken killed the girl, he killed the girl. who cares if he's in a christian band or a punk rock band? "he's a nice kid so let's bring him home"?! what if he killed someone in your family? you still wanna let him free cause he's a "nice kid"?

  52. OK, he admitted that he strangled her, but didn't mean to kill her? That you can even write about this "poor guy" who got busted ON VIDEO TAPE in a taxi sexually molesting one girl along with his friend. Later, is seen on hotel video pushing an unconscious (drugged) girl in a wheel chair into a hotel room, afterwards is found standing over her dead, bruised and broken body, and insinuate that its okay is sick and sad. Let me guess, deep down you are happy becuse she was white. These parents have to bury their child, and you are trying to throw a party for the murderer. Maybe his friend encouraged him, but ultimately he can say no I'm not gonna grope or strangle anybody. If he goes along with the crap, he is still responsible for what je does.

  53. He drugged this poor young women, wheeled her into the room unconscious (she couldn't walk because of the date rape drug), raped her while strangling her… but he claims he is Christian musician….. 15 years in jail is not nearly enough

  54. "Musician killed Nicola for refusing sexual advance"…..Hope this evil, murdering, drug raping piece of shit gets the death penalty.

  55. I hope they hang this c*nt up by his balls. That lovely decent Irish girl so brutally snuffed out by this inbred darkie.

  56. This is a horrific case, first and foremost my thoughts and sympathies are with the poor girl's family. At the same time, however bad it might look for Mr Hinds he is innocent until proven guilty in a court, and his friends and community have a right to speak to and defend his character as they know it. Understandably, the emotions are high from some people who will have heard about this case in Ireland and found this page while searching for information about Mr Hinds. However, that does not excuse the nature of some of the comments made. It's worth pointing out that the google searches that brought me here also showed that this case has been highlighted on stormfront, a white supremacist site, so I fear that you're getting some comments from racist scumbags who really don't care about the case at all beyond point scoring for their own wicked agenda. As much as the sympathies of Irish people are bound to be with the victim, as mine are too, please understand we have due process here too, and I'm sure I'm not speaking just for myself as an Irish man when I say some of the comments here do nobody any good, nor do they honour the poor girl's memory. RIP

  57. String him up by the neck,evil like him deserve to die.

  58. Hey I'm from shinjyuku area in Tokyo. This case is simple for japanese police. The day they were arrested at the hotel it was already confirmed Richard tried to rape her and then killed her. Even if Richard is good person in his town the fact is one he killed her. They are super childish they did drop lots of evidence at every place.There are lots of case good person did bad act suddenly one day.It is no meaning even if he is good or bad. Important thing is only what he did.Now Japanese police is trying to fix about James guilty. He will be gotten more high guilty. It depends on some evidence Japanese police is trying to get and Richard.Some American media they always mistranslate and skip some important sentence from Japanese media source.So…we need to check original Japanese media.Blog is…most of people think blog is no rules. But not true. Someone can sue to them.Every blogger and the blog site owner must have more responsibility for their comments.

  59. You are racist son of a bitch!! Really Tamara you allow racism on your blOg??? I thought u were better than this! Im done with your blOg amd Im telling everyone in here how you really are!!DisgustedBio Teacher

  60. WOW… I am totally disgusted by all these raciest comments. The question is those who has not sinned let him cast the first stone. I wish everybody would stop judging, and making false accusations. I ask that you would investagate the story for yourself, before giving your unasked opinion.

  61. Sunday June 17th 2012 @ 12.20am irish time…….. I quote “ Richard Hinds (19) has admitted strangling 21 year old Nicola Furlong in a hotel in Tokyo but denies that he meant to kill her, Hinds from memphis Tennessee, spiked Nicola's drink & sexually assaulted her when she refused his romantic advances. CCTV footage taken from the five – star hotel where she died shows the student unconscious & being wheeled in a wheelchair. A second man arrested in connection with the murder is no longer being treated as a suspect.” the court case is in 6 months time, justice for Nicola will hopefully prevail then….. May she RIP

  62. Well Said!! I'm from Nicola's hometown and we share many mutual friends and everyone here is devastated by her death. Hopefully Nicola's family will get justice and this animal won't be able to drug,rape and murder anymore young girls. This young man obviously is not the man alot of people think he is, and anyone writing things in his defense should wait to hear all the evidence of his case.Something tells me they will be shocked and appalled by his actions that night and there is alot more evidence to come scares me to think how many more girls he has done this to….I'm sure Nicola was not the first.Men that prey on women in bars with Rohypnol type drugs are the SCUM of the earth and deserve everything they get!!

  63. Why not wait until the toxicology report is back before you all decide whether or not she was drugged. Maybe she just dranked too much and passed out, could be the reason why he carried her to the hotel room. Question: If she was already unconscious, what need would there be for him to strangle her if was not accidental? Maybe she woke up and consented to having sex with this guy and maybe the accident occurred during some freaky sex act. The young lady was very small in statue. It is all very sad, my condolences go out to both families, especially the young lady's family. May she RIP???

    • well that has been proven now from the medical evidence that she has been drugged

      • Actually Irish new sources report the opposite:

        The doctor who carried out the autopsy on Nicola’s body gave evidence this morning on the second day of the trial in Tokyo, during which he said he believed strangulation was the most likely cause of death.

        Nineteen-year- old American musician Richard Hinds has admitted strangling the 21-year-old from Wexford in a hotel last year, but denies killing her intentionally.

        It is being reported that remnants of Xanax were found in Nicola’s system, as she took it for exams or when flying, and the presence of another drug was also explained in court.

        Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, was applied to a tube when it was put in to Nicola’s trachea when she was brought to the hospital on May 25 last year.

        The doctor has ruled them out as the cause of death and as date rape drugs.

  64. "I wish the media would give this case as much attention as they did Amanda Knox" – yes, b/c she was guilty too."This kid appears to be a great person" – Maybe so, but he also appears to have accidentally killed a girl"I feel bad for almost everyone involved" – But mostly for the girl who is no longer with us"I hope that the media and the government will defend this young man" – me too"and bring him home" – don't know him, but if he acts anything like James Blackston does on Japanese trains, no thank you, leave him there"a young man falsely accused" – does he know this, because he confessed. Thanks for informing us, now I can assume he was being a good Christian and assisting a helpless young girl with his handy wheelchair

  65. He has admitted strangling her so only he can answer ur questions!!!! And she wasn't carried anywhere, he pushed her in a wheelchair unconscience into his hotel room….

  66. I put no value on his confession. Japan does not have the same sort of justice system we have. They can abuse and berate those they hold in custody without representation. Google "Japan Police and Confessions" and you will see this is an issue human rights workers have been trying to rectify for years. Here is a brief exerpt from a NYT article:By NORIMITSU ONISHI Published: May 11, 2007 SHIBUSHI, Japan— The suspects in a vote-buying case in this small town in western Japan were subjected to repeated interrogations and, in several instances, months of pretrial detention. The police ordered one woman to shout her confession out a window and forced one man to stomp on the names of his loved ones. Multimedia Slide Show Pressed by Police The New York Times Shibushi was rocked by an inquiry into allegations of vote buying. More Photos » Enlarge This Image Ko Sasaki for The New York Times Toshihiro Futokoro, left, Yasuyoshi Fujimoto, center, and Sunao Fujiyama were all arrested and pressured to fabricate confessions about buying votes in Shibushi. All three were acquitted of the charges. More Photos > In all, 13 men and women, ranging in age from their early 50s to mid-70s, were arrested and indicted. Six buckled and confessed to an elaborate scheme of buying votes with liquor, cash and catered parties. One man died during the trial — from the stress, the others said — and another tried to kill himself.But all were acquitted this year in a local district court, which found that their confessions had been entirely fabricated. The presiding judge said the defendants had “made confessions in despair while going through marathon questioning.” The Japanese authorities have long relied on confessions to take suspects to court, instead of building cases based on solid evidence. Human rights groups have criticized the practice for leading to abuses of due process and convictions of innocent people.

  67. Nicola's parents are fundraising to attend any proceedings in Tokyo about their daughter. If you would like to contribute here is the info.Nicola Furlong Memorial Fund. Branch: Bank of Ireland, Custom House Quay, WexfordAccount Number 97382577 Sort Code 90-67-18

  68. Indeed Tamara Japan does not have the same justice system as the US. Perhaps you should google Guantanamo, waterboarding and torture. I believe 8 people have died there while in detention.

  69. Seriously are you guys on drugs or what??? This christian boy wouldnt hurt a fly??? He murdered an innocent girl who was also a Christian…. and has admitted he placed his hands around her neck.. or did he only mean to strangle her a little bit????? Get real people an stop defending this murderer ms xula you should be thanking your lucky stars that you had a lucky escape…

  70. Just cause on paper he looks like a good person doesn't mean there isn't a side to him all of you didn't know. Everyone has a dark side and this low life covering himself up as a 'Christian' deserves to rot in hell for what he did. You feel sorry for his family? At least he's still alive. Nicola's life was cruelly ripped from her family in such horrible circumstances and no matter what Hinds and Blackston are involved in someway or another & for that I hope they get everything that is coming to them. Our entire community has been torn apart by this horrible crime & I hope you self absorbed bible bashers pull your head out of your arses long enough to realise just because he goes around shouting about God and loving Christ doesn't make him a good person. Murdering and sexually harassing a beautiful girl in a vulnerable state are the actions I am judging him on and I wonder how well it will fair when he goes to walk through those shiny fucking gates up above.

  71. as a wexford person i want to see justice done for the late nicola furlong and her poor family …if hinds is innocent why did he admit to the murder? i hope he rots in jail for life and fair play to the furlong family for asking the japanese government not to bring in the death penalty mr furlong said hinds has a family aswel and he would not wish any family to go through what he has gone through ..

  72. He's been caught on CCTV and has admitted to 'unintentionally' strangling Nicola Furlong. You do not put your hands around someones neck for any good reason. don't understand why he can't be named in Japan under their law because he is 19.

  73. I agree…are these ppl for real?christians they call themselves..there just as bad as this dirty hinds scummer i hope he rots

  74. I'd hope he hangs, only, a black American in a Japanese jail (notoriously racist against both blacks and americans) is going to understand better than anyone what it feels like to be a rape victim every day for the rest of his life. It's almost unfortunate that his life expectancy is around the 2-year mark, so he'll probably be dead before he's really earned his punishment.

  75. I am so grateful God doesn't judge us like some of you do, we all will look for GRACE & MERCY on judgment day, in the God will have the last say so, My prayers are with both families

  76. greg

    And now. Please follow up with the facts. A beautiful young, highly talented Irish University student. Drugged and strangled. How does being a Christian change this? The facts are now out with a video of the Christian discussing the doseage given and that he was going to f**k her up. I have seen the video from inside the taxi. Both girls had 4 drinks. Yet the kindly Hinds took them to his hotel. Transporting both girls by a wheelchair he got in his hotel. Both girls were unconscious

    So please.asthe Dad of daughters. The brother of sisters. Uncle of nieces.

    Tell the true story. Warts and all

    Thank you

  77. Conor

    These are the facts so far:

    the 4 people met and went to a bar. They all drank and left. The girls were unconscious in the back of a taxi where at least one was assaulted. Nicola was helped to the room of R Hinds in a wheelchair because she was unconscious.

    The japanese coroner testified that Nicola died by strangulation. She had scratch marks on her neck where she had struggled.

    R Hinds said he did put his hands on her neck.

    Chances of being acquitted in Japan from a murder case after pleading not guilty: 3%

  78. jake

    Fry this sack of fucking shit.

  79. Observer

    If Rich Hinds is such a nice guy, why did he try to tarnish the girl’s name . He wouldn’t be the first religious zealot to commit rape and murder. The evidence couldn’t be clearer . He is also clearly a coward and cannot take responsibility for his actions . Clearly not a very nice guy after all???

  80. Jenny Curran

    If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, its a duck. – From Ireland.

  81. Mike Fagan

    Richard Hinds & James Blackston, two kind, sweet God-fearing Christian musicians and dancers who would never hurt a fly are innocent of everything be it past, present or future – the whole thing is obviously an anti-American X-file conspiracy. The nasty Japanese flew in two American moronic sociopaths specifically for the sexual assaults/murder, who just happened to be Hinds & Blackston lookalikes, soundalikes & DNA-alikes (so good they even fooled Hinds & Blackstons own families & friends) and who are nothing but twisted, evil sociopaths with no morals, conscience or remorse and obviously have no problem consistently lying under oath about their victims, be they dead or alive The fiendishly devious Japs even got the Blackston lookalike to also casually date rape a Brazilian girl, and “dance” like an aggressively demented dope-head on a Japanese train, a few weeks before the night of the sexual assaults and murder, just to drum up irrational and unjustified anti African-American feelings in Japan, Ireland and Brazil. Worse still, the nasty Japs also rigged a CCTV in a taxi and deliberately got the two lookalike lowlifes to talk really nasty & dirty about what they were going to the two unconscious girls after they’d wheel-chaired them into their hotel rooms – something we all know the saintly Richard and James would never, ever do ‘cos of their amazing Christian faith and pious sense of morality. I hope the two lookalike-scum rot in a Japanese jail for the rest of their useless rotten, filthy lives, and that the sweet, decent women-caring and women-respecting Richard and James can soon return to America to lovingly mind and care for their obviously blind and retarded families, friends and supporters whose only interests, seemingly, are in The Flat Earth Society, The Flying Pigs Phenomena and The Falsified Moon Landings Conspiracy.

  82. Mike Fagan

    In fact, with a bit of luck it looks like Amanda Knox could be the next Richard Hinds!!!

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