RHOA Kim Zolciak is EVICTED

Guess who is spending this weekend getting evicted moving? Someone is loading up the truck and moving to Johns Creek… Movers have been inside someone’s “dream home” for a couple days. Show is filming. Wonder how they will spin the eviction? Someone will be out by Monday and it is supposed to start raining like hell for a few days tomorrow. That can really ruin a good wig!


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27 responses to “RHOA Kim Zolciak is EVICTED

  1. Kendra cannot evict Kim for not paying decorating bill. Kim must be late on rent. Maybe they will stay in the Projects with Sheree for awhile. NJB

  2. Um you don't get a pass on not reading the blog. Kim's lease ended May 31, she gave notice and NEVER MOVED. SHE'S A SQUATTER.oh and thanks for the RT on the serious story. I kinda don't want to write about anything else.

  3. Well, she can always find something in Sugarloaf CC – there's a ton of Real Estate for pennies on the dollar in there right now. I hear rentals are going for a song in there as well.

  4. But if the owner Kendra is also the decorator, and the decorator bill caused a problem because it was higher than Kim liked, and Kendra said it was because she, (Kendra) fronted Kim furniture-(NOT just decorating services bill!)…I am just thinking that MOST of the stuff in that dream house goes with the house? So they only need to move Kim's storage stuff, or not everything in the mansion?(and yes I have been keeping-up thank-you Tamara for posting it all)

  5. LOL I'ma go see what she is posting on twitter about all this. I wonder what awful things she will say about her "dream home" once she's out? You know she going to try to spin it and make it someone else's fault why she left….Girl I think your wig is too tight. You better get your mind right..

  6. RT reported that Kim and Kory couldn't qualify, for a home loan. Sorry to hear kim has to move, when she's expecting. Kory has a nice home, they could just move their,it's empty.

  7. Of course Kim is avoiding and/or trying to put a spin on it. Check out this conversation:#Manic @TrayvoneB@Kimzolciak why it says on Mediatakeout.com you got evicted?9:42 AM – 10 June 12 via Twitter for iPhone – DetailsKim Zolciak-Biermann @Kimzolciak@TrayvoneB lol!!!!!!! Rumors baby!10:45 AM – 10 Jun 12 via UberSocial for BlackBerry – DetailsThankks,Tracey

  8. @Anon 12:48 I took a look at the link you provided and Kroys house is beautiful, but we all know it's not up to Kims standards.

  9. @Anon 2:19 The same thing I said… She Too High Society for that house…. Too Mediocre… Beautiful house Tho

  10. pictures or it didn't happenthanks for the link to the house anon.. i was wondering about that too

  11. Where is she building her new dream home Tamara? That she claims is bigger than kendras which is pretty darn huge

  12. Hi, Tamara.What do you make of this tweet from Kim and I ask the same as Anon 10:19pm, where is she supposedly building? If this is the case, then why would she move in such an elaborate home to lease while you are building your dream home? I guess I just don't understand why she would uproot her family like that. She's expecting a baby and the kids have to change schools, etc.It seems you would be saving money to decorate your dream home exactly the way you want instead of spending money to decorate someone else's home. It seems that she is trying to save face with her fans because Kendra always put Kim on her tweets related to this situation but Kim never add Kendra. #myobservationI cant help but lmao! NO we have NOT been evicted! I have ALWAYS paid my rent, my lease was up on the 31st & cuz we r building a home that will NOT be finished for a few months we were trying to extend our lease however our asshole landlords emailed June 1st at the last hour & said they were not extending our lease & went 2 the press with lies but yes WE R MOVING! We didn't buy the home due to the all the faults on the inspection report & the appraised value being 2.1 million and homeowners mandating 3.25million. I am not stupid with our money and have bought a better quality home and bigger! A Tweet by @Kimzolciak2012-06-11Thanks,Tracey

  13. one more thing, there is noooo way she just started building a house that is larger than kendra's (larger than 15,000 sq ft) and it would take a few months….no way, it would take at least a year if they were building on hyper speed….

  14. Lies, and more lies here is her quote about the new house. "I am not stupid with our money and have bought a better quality home and bigger!" unless she is remodeling the house seems as through she is yet again buying someone elses house. Ok which is it you bought a new home or are you building the "dream house" This chick just needs to GO AWAY. Who the hell tells their mom you can't pee in the house bathrooms. This is stupid at the highest level. Stick the fork in my I'm DONE!!! Well DONE!

  15. Kim is a compulsive liar and a user. They could easily move into Kroy's old house. That is a nice house but probably not in the right area code or up to snuff for her delusional self. I really feel bad for him.Everything that comes out of that trash boxes mouth is a lie. If you believed her bs in the reunion that house was just baisically waiting for the signing day. You don't move towards finalizing a house purchase and just get the value/inspection on it. When I purchased my meager priced home, we had the inspection done even before I signed the contracts. The bank had it's appraisal done right after I signed the contract. We had a whole lot of time to discuss and negotiate everything before getting anywhere near closing. Kim is a liar and a damn cheat in every part of her life.

  16. Kim keep saying that she is not stupid with money, well she is correct. Kim is ignorant, when it comes to money. Since meeting Kory she act like she has won the Lotto. She is such an habitual liar. She seems to think no one is listening to her when she talks. She is so wasteful with money, it is sicking. She isn't putting her family first, all she care about is what she wants. She seem to be constantly trying to impress others, by pretending she is rich. She doesn't realize, no one care about how much money she haves. All this bad publicity is not good , for her family. Especially her husband, because he is in the public eye. Can you image what his team mates are saying about him and kim. I like the old kim. Kim Briemann is so trashy and vile. She is a complete idiot. I hope it is just because she's had back to back pregnancy, and it is effecting her judgement.

  17. cns

    Actually I really feel sorry for her daughters. They will never experience stability. Just in the last few years they have seen their mother go thru at least 3 lovers. Those girls loved that house, especially those bedrooms. Heck I loved the house and I was happy for the kids when Kim said that she was closing on the house. The sad part is that they will be moving again in about 2 years from now if the marriage doesn't work out. I hope not for the kids. I hope those girls are smart enough to get a scholarship and get as far away from their mother as they can. I believe the girls may actually do opposite of Kim.

  18. CNS I love your comment I don't like kim AT ALL… but you hit the nail on the head with the most sense on this blog..look at what sick mother they have… Kroy, I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR HE IS NO VICTIM JUST AN IDOT WHO THINKS WITH THE WRONG HEAD… ANY SANE PERSON CAN SEE THIS BITCH IS TWISTED. CRAZY PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BREEDANOTHER CHILD DRAGGED INTO THIS SHITWHY DO I FEEL SORRY FOR THIS BITCH SMDH?I was hoping that she would change and Kory would straighten her out but he is just as stupid as she is…

  19. Kim has issues, and I feel sorry for Kroy. I believe that he too believes that Kim is rich. Kim is definitely living outside of her means – she hasn't been able to keep up with the Joneses since Big Poppa – her and Kroy's money is not that long. Kim – dumbass – if you are renting a house, and you want to extend your lease – and the landlord tells you NO – they want you, your husband, your kids, and nannies to GET OUT – then u are being EVICTED!

  20. It's not Kendra's fault that your house is not ready – another bad plan on your part. GET OUT of her house. She doesn't want you and your family there any more. You said on the RHOA Reunion that you were buying the house – you wrote another check that your mouth couldn't cash. GET OUT USER – put your shit in storage – where it came from – and go stay in a hotel while your dream house is being built.

  21. Kim is not Building a Dream home in 4months she wanted to extend the 4mths til end of filming this season of RHOA 5…

  22. I hope she get an extension. I believe Kory will pay. I don't believe he wants any problems. He has the baby due, football camp has started, and there moving. Hope they get's it.

  23. If you want to extend your lease, you do not give notice. Kroy gave notice of their intent to move on March 29th. The owners may have already had new renters lined up. Kim always claims to be a business woman, then she should know that is not how you conduct business. She has admitted,she has not paid the required $600 per day charge. There are numerous grounds under which you can be evicted, not just non-payment of rent. Let's see if Kendra and her husband ever get the monies they are owed.

  24. My question is… why not just move into one of the 2 homes you already own and add on later if you want to make them bigger? Would that have saved them both a lot of drama? Just sayin.

  25. This doesn't look good at all, all this relocating with the kid's and another baby on the way. I would like to say "KORY" please get a divorce as fast as you can, take your children from her because she's getting ready to really drain you dry. I bet If "BIG POPPA" ask Kim to leave you Kory, she would do it in a heart beat because Kim isn't stable. Leave that old hag Kory, she not worth your kindness, she's already making you look bad with all her low life worthless baggage. Kory your to young and to attractive to be tied down to a whore that will boss, and dog you around then put you out when she want's BIG-POPPA again.

  26. A comment left with nothing but what they think Kim's address is was deleted. If I wished to provide addresses to the RHOA home I would. I do not. Also, Kim no longer lives at that address.

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