Why Does Kim Zolciak’s Mom Get Thrown Out of the Wedding by the Police?

Ya’ll are asking about the wedding and why the cops get called. I’ve got an early morning tomorrow. But I’ll tease you tonight.  You’ll notice that the whole show they have spent a lot of a very short amount of time talking about the port-a-potties.  They’ve got armed guards to keep people out of the house, remember? Let’s just say, Kimberleigh refused to let anyone pee in the seven bathrooms with indoor plumbing during her wedding. It caused an incident. The previews seem to indicate someone was trash talking Kim and Kroy at the wedding, but that’s (as usual) not the whole story. Even family was not allowed to pee inside. This caused some… issues. And a scene. And hurt feelings.


Edited: Just to be clear, this is  not an actual port-a-pottie from the wedding. I just pulled the picture off the web. Based on what we saw on the show, she went with large “nice” trailers for the event. Not that that changes anything.


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33 responses to “Why Does Kim Zolciak’s Mom Get Thrown Out of the Wedding by the Police?

  1. Kim needs to show her mother a little respect… And the way Kroy talked to her was very rude.

    • Chrystal

      My goodness, I finally saw this episode, and Kim and Kroy did the right thing–her mother was talking bad about Kim… I know so what about the bathroon, but talking like that about your daughter and all the “f” words…classy, now we know why Kim swears so much.

  2. Now, now Tamara, don't tease those of us who have no connections nor inside scoops! Tell all now….

  3. Ivy

    So she wants everybody to pee outside. Like a dog. At a wedding. I also find it two weeks past weird that she's so preoccupied with this kind of stuff.Snazzy-looking port-a-pottie, though! :)

  4. I guess the only news you seem to have is on the boring Kim Zolciak. It's very sad Tamara….poor thing. You're trying but it just ain't working.

  5. I couldn't imagine disrespecting my mama like this – she would have knocked my ass down like it needed to be… The only folks Kim shows any respect for is the one holding the money… Maybe her mama had a hard time saying sorry for the text because of how she's treated by Kim… Seems everyone is treated this way…I'd like to know if Kim is an only child – does anyone know?

  6. I understand why she wldnt want 200 people traipsing through her house but she cld have done WAY better with the portable toliets. She spent all that money on the wedding and then used construction grade porta potties?! Not the place to skimp. Not very gracious hosting. Check out pictures of the outdoor bathroom trailers that chelsea clinton used at her wedding. I think handled this badly. No matter what rules applied to other guests, I wld have pulled my family aside, explained the potty situation and allowed them access to indoor toilets.

  7. it would make sense that most of the recent blogs are about Kim. RHOA is over, they aren't in the news much these days. Kim's show is winding down and as such there'll be heightened interest in her show and the countdown to the wedding is on. In my opinion i don't think tamara is "picking" on Kim…Kim's kept herself relevant in the public sphere in recent days, what with the twitter war with kendra and eviction brouhaha playing out now.is she perhaps generating interest for her show's season finale?

  8. If Kim didn't want her guests in the house, she shouldn't have had her wedding there. That's a big house, I am sure that there are plenty of bathrooms downstairs for her guests to use. Also, since I'm just catching up on this show, did Kim ever pay Kendra for her work on decorating or has she totally stiffed her? Kim spends money like there is no tomorrow (on herself) so it would really piss me off if she hasn't paid Kendra. This would indicate a pattern of non-payment and I would never trust her for anything.karen

  9. That just speaks volumes about Kim. I have a very nice house in a very nice part of town. Even if I have workers at my house I offer them refreshments and my facilities. Something is very wrong with Kim if she won't let invited guest into her home. You may witness my wedding but you can't pee in my toilet. WOW!

  10. I don't understand why Kim had the wedding at the house at ALL. She had her wedding shower – or was it a baby shower??… at a separate location … and seeing that the house didn't belong to her and she didn't want anyone in the house – why have anything there at ALL?…and I agree with everyone else. I'd have at least let my family go inside … but to purposely humiliate her Mother…then you know she has no respect for ANYONE.She needs to pay what she owes to EVERYONE – Kandi, Kendra and anyone else. If she has money to spend buying Kroy a car … she could have long since paid what she owes to "friends".Tamara – on the theme music for TFTP – is that Kandi singing background vocals??…if so…I'm wondering if BRAVO paid her – I bet they did….and I am also thinking that Nene is probably not the only one getting the last laugh … I'm sure Kandi is laughing too. I know people keep calling Kandi stupid for not pursuing the money – but I truly believe Kandi thought Kim was really a friend to her – and that hurt her more than anything. I think getting producer credits on her show and possibly getting royalties from her vocals being used on Kims show (Tamara can you check that out) is nice for Kandi after getting dissed by Kim.

  11. I wonder if she lets the Bravo crew used her restrooms while they are filming her?

  12. ANON 11:40Really good point – where do the film crew pee… they probably carry a cork if anything else needs to come out… What about Jen- Derek- Sheree- Kandi- etc… If Colin Cowie had to go mom would probably frame it…ROFLMAO

  13. Some of you guys are missing the point of the portapotties. It's not so much Kim doesn't let people use her toilets. It's a plumbing issue. Hundreds of drunk people needing to pee could back up the whole system. It doesn't mean no one is allowed to use her bathrooms.

  14. i own a portable toilet business in california and most of the time the porta potties are for the men to pee, the men drink too much beer and just need to take a leak, also Kim used the VIP trailers, its a smart choice to have porta potties for any party

  15. cns

    Having a wedding at the house was not the problem, the problem was the reconstructing of the grounds of a rent home that does not belong to you. Was Kim going to pay out of her own money to have the grounds put back the way they were before the wedding or was she just going to leave everything undone? This is why upscale neighborhoods have HOA's because of individuals like Kim. Kim could have had a smaller wedding with about only 100 people. I doubt she even has 5 real friends and this is not her 1st marriage. With only 100 people the crowd would have been easier to maintain. I have been events at person’s home with large crowds and there was never a problem because the invited guests were respectful people. Btw if you have to have security at your home for crowd control, you should rethink the guest list. I doubt that any of Kroy's family would have been a problem. They seem like really nice, polite and respectful of another person’s home type of people. I was thinking with the entire drama been played out in the public and you are only 7 months into you marriage, I wonder will they still be together on the 1st year anniversary. I hope so the kids’ sake. At this point they are the innocent ones and the only ones I care about. I hope they last a year considering what Kim said about another newly married couple on the show. The irony. Btw, I can’t stand Peter of Cynthia and I am surprised they made to a year as well

  16. In one of the last 2 episodes, I forget which one, she explained to security that no guests – including her mom – were to be allowed inside. She said that KJ would be upstairs napping throughout most of the ceremony. I think that it makes sense to keep people out of the house and away from the baby. If the security guards have a list of "special" guests to let in for the restrooms then it'd cause SO many more problems because the people not allowed inside would throw a fit! I can just see Sheree causing a big ol' scene because she's friends enough to be in the wedding party but not to go inside the house. Then you'd have others that try to convince security that they really are on the list. Once you open the door for some, you really have to open it for all if you want to avoid offending people. Also, Kim went ALL OUT on the port-a-potties, I was impressed. Another thing about her mom… We've seen how she isn't the best with boundaries. An example of this was when Kim confronted her about inviting people that Kim didn't even know to the wedding without asking first. I have no doubt that her mom would have let any Tom, Dick, or Harry into that house to use the restroom against Kim's wishes. If I were Kim, I wouldn't have been ok with having every guest have unfettered access to my living quarters. I'm sure some people at the wedding aren't in her inner circle and people (or their plus ones) do snoop!

  17. One if you don't want 200 ppl tramping through your house then don't hold a wedding there!!!Kim gave the security guards instructions that nobody was suppose to be in the house except for her girls, her and Kroy.She specifically told the security guards not even her mother is allowed in the house!!I guess that rule went for your mother and sister too Kroy. Would you allow Kim to disrespect your mother.

  18. Well Fale, liar Kim di NOT pick the nicer porta potties she had a whole episode about! She picked the cheapest one with only one person use at a time. If she didn't allow her own mother to use her bathroom then why are we even surprized? She is mean to her mother and by the looks of her mother-she has issues. Kim Is a mother and should never treat her own mom so horribly on a reality show….and shame on Kroy, the enabler, for chiming in! NOT COOL

  19. How would Kim treat her mother so cold all of the time?Kim's dad And Kroy just go along with it. Kim's mom must really love her to continue to allow her daughter to humiliate her.

  20. I just finished watching Kim's wedding and I must say I hate Kim!!!!! She is a big bitch and karma is gonna bite her in her big fat ass!!!!!

  21. Kim just taught her girls that it's okay to dis-respect your mama. Her girls are entering teen years…….This will come back to back her HARD in her own behind and sooner than she thinks!

  22. Who cares about the porto potties or wutever the issue may be. RESPECT the person who put you in this world and raised you!!! She is screwed up in the head somewhere. Kim will get her karma 100 times over. Why do people cherish the physical thing that don't matter more then family? WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE ONE DAY, THAT IS SOMETHING YOU CANT RUN AWAY FROM. KIM STOP BEING A DUMB *ITCH. YOU CAN'T TAKE YOUR GIANT HOUSE WITH YOU WHEN U DIE.

  23. I think Kims mom should have no acted like that and bad mouthed her daughter at her wedding. I would have kept everyone out of my house too just for the purpose of the baby and safety of the house. if Kim would have let one person in that opens the door for others to think its ok….

  24. As a woman and a bride this was her special day. People should just respect her wishes . Her mom should have went about it a different way and maybe it would have ended differently . I'm not sure why everyone is making Kim out to be the only bad person in this situation and none of us really know how their relationship truly is. And kroy way to go !! You stand by your woman!!

  25. It was so obvious that Kim's mother is jealous of her and can't stand not being the center of attention. It wasn't really about the bathroom. She is very passive aggressive and was looking for a way to sabatoge her daughter's wedding and make it all about her. Her mother's behavior was not only disrespectful but atrocious. Kroy had every right to stand up for his family and be the man of the house. You don't force your way into someone's house and bad mouth them, throw tantrums, and make threats to burn the house down. I especially despised how her mother and Aunt were laughing about making a scene! It wasn't about "going to the bathroom", it was about mom's jealousy and attempts to take her daughter's joy away. Kim was right to kick her mother out. No one has the right to ruin your special day, no one! Kim's mother made a spectacle of herself. She should be the one who should be ashamed.

  26. I am not excusing Kim's rude behavior but it seems to me that her mother has a lot of signs that she is a addict or alcohlic. There might be a lot of unknown issues we do not about. It seemed to me Kroy was protecting his family not being rude. His mother n law was threathing violence.

  27. I would be offended to if I were mother of the bride and not allowed to use the bathroom inside the house. Disrespectful. Kim's mother felt left out of the wedding. Truthfully, now that Kim has moved up in the world (so to speak) she is ashamed of her parents.

  28. I think Kim is fully justified in having to unfortunately kick her mother out of the wedding. It must have been just as embaressing for Kim as to have to do as well. Kim's mother seems very jealous of her as it seems quite clear that she was looking for a way to sabotage her daughter's day. No matter what, the day of someone's wedding, the bride is stressed, and you just respect the bride's wishes, the mother was so disrespectful, and she even repeatedly told Kroy to go f*** himself and even called her daughter an ungrateful b****. Disgusting!

  29. That is your mom! I don't care what she wanted, you should never disrespect your mom!I can only imagine the hell you put her through growing up. I feel bad for her (even though she had a meltdown) because your parents and Kroy's should have been allowed in your house whenever. Yes, your mom was rude, and she should not have talked to security that way….but really? …a police escort? You are a piece of s..t! Never would I disrespect my mom in front of people that way! What goes around comes around! :)

  30. Is she high?. I mean it isnt enough she has this great guy who follows her around like a puppy dog . If she stops short he will fly right up her ….she has to throw her mom out of the party? puuulleasse this girl is spoiled a coward too. Has everyone doing everything but wipe her ….. yet she is complaining . wants her girlfriend or bff to watch her get body painted?. Why didnt she call her old girlfriend up for that one? weird just weird

  31. I know Kim did not want anyone to use the house bathrooms, but when her mom and aunt wanted to use them, they should NOT have been sent home. Her mom is wanting some attention and unfortunately needed to show bad behavior to get noticed by her daughter. If Kroy's family had tried to use the bathrooms, you can be 100% sure they would never have been kicked out even if they used foul language. That NEVER would have happened. It appears her mom's feelings have been hurt as she was not included in any of the planning and Kim has rubbed her nose in the fact that her parents did not pay for the wedding. Well who could afford a 7 figure Colin Cowie wedding? I guess Bravo must have pitched in for some of it. But Kim should be kinder to her mother and not send her parents and aunt and uncle home, that is a NO-NO.

  32. OMG the old lady should have just peed in the bushes and stopped making a scene at her fat ass daughters wedding. Her Daddy was so drunk he was probably peeing in his beer bottle. Come on people these people are worse then tailor trash and Kim is a joke and Kroy is a wimp. Poor little KJ looked like a sack of potatoes being carried with men's shoes on his feet and a black skull cap. The two daughters were dressed like Mrs. Astor's horse and done up with make up to look like little trolls. This whole wedding was a joke and as soon as she pops out the second eligite kid I'm sure Kroy will wake up and be out of there quicker then you can say KIM KARDISIN 😉

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