19 Year Old Suspect in Death of Irish Exchange Student in Tokyo is a Well-Known Christian Musician

Local Memphis news stations are reporting that the 19 year old held in Tokyo on charges similar to sexual battery in this country is Richard Hinds. He is described as a well known Christian musician  with a good reputation in his community. It seems perplexing to those interviewed that he could have anything to do with the death of Nicola Furlong. Japan it seems has a law specifically against drugging someone and molesting them, and charges people with the law somewhat frequently. It is beginning to look to me as though if toxicology reports (which have not been released) indicate that the victim had drugs in her system, the presumption will be that she was given the drugs by Hinds without considering the possibility that the victim may have knowingly ingested them or been unknowingly given them by another person at the club the foursome went to together prior to Furlong’s death. Initial reports out of Tokyo indicated that the cause of death was strangulation. Accurate information on this case is very difficult to ferret out. I’ll keep you updated as the story develops. Meanwhile, click the Nicola Furlong tag below this post to see all previous posts on this topic.


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2 responses to “19 Year Old Suspect in Death of Irish Exchange Student in Tokyo is a Well-Known Christian Musician

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  2. hope his family can hire a private investigator in that country, something don't seem right about this case. I am wondering what really happened? He do not seem like a person whom would murder someone… This is sad for both families may she rest in peace. Hope they get justice in this case but I know it is hard to get a fair trial in a foreign country. He is looking at some really hard years.

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