Kim Zolciak’s House is on the Market Again

Breaking news. Kendra has just placed the house on the market. It’s a brand new listing with Harry Norman Realtors. The new asking price is $2.999 million. Click here for the listing.  Is it too soon to say I told you so? Kendra ain’t playing. This ain’t not PR stunt. The house has been moved to active listing status just today.  I know y’all thought the house was for sale before, but it was removed from the market when Kim leased it. It has just now been placed back on the market. She’s gonna be evicted y’all. Watch for it.

Oh wait, within minutes of my posting this, Kim says on twitter. “Due to a horrible inspection report with many defaults, & an appraisal done that came in 1.25m less then asking price Kroy & I didn’t buy the Roswell house its that’s simple #notstupidwithourmoney”

Reek of I’m not fired I quit to anyone else?  A horrible inspection report on your dream house that you have spent the last year crowing about? Now it is just not good enough for you so you are suddenly calling 2 guys with a truck?

Mmmmhmmmm. Even I don’t believe you Kimberleigh, and I’ve been one of your biggest supporters to hear my readers tell it.  You got put to the curb by Kenya. Own it.


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50 responses to “Kim Zolciak’s House is on the Market Again

  1. cns

    Let the games begin. Payback for treating Sweetie like a slave. LOL. I guess Kim and Crew will be staying the Four Seasons on Kroy dime. LOL. See Kroy if you had have married a nice southern belle instead of this Trashbox, trashing talking tart you wouldn't be behind out with a wife and 3 1/2 half kids. If he could turn back time(Cher's Song). See Kim not every black woman going to let you walk all over them like you did Sweetie and Kandi. LOL

  2. I hope next time Kim moves she considers the school her girls will be attending. At least Sheree is smart enough to put her kids in Riverwood!

  3. Kim is a liar, she rathers move her kids to another house than to pay Kendra what she owes her. I hope Kendra takes her to a small claim court and get her money back.

  4. That trick said she is not stupid with money, what do you call all of that photography of you and your husband around your house and what about all the money you spent decorating your daughters bedrooms..ohhh wait Bravo probably paid for that!!!!LOL

  5. This just strikes me as so much made up bullshit to drum up support for another season of Kim on her own..(not from you Tams, from Kim)..She rented that house as a Set for her tv show, now the show is over, she has to make up some excuse why she doesnt need it anymore.. and so she attempts to throw the homeowner under the bus, to do it…Stay classy KIm… SweetnessnBubba

  6. That house isn't worth 3 mil. I know the area…and if the construction is cheap (apparently so at that appraisal) Kim was wise to not purchase it. She can custom build for less.

  7. Hmmm…I wonder if Kendra can sue Kim for saying to the world about the supposed defaults during the house inspection and the appraisal. That could hurt her selling it.Kim being the liar she is won't actually post the reports for all to see.If Kim is so happy then she needs to get off the air.I'm so overher 15mins of fame.

  8. Wait, you are so over her, but you believe that after she lied about every single detail regarding this, that she is being truthful about a home inspection?Sigh.I'm not over her and like the show and still see that tweet is total bullshit. Should I have mentioned that in the post? Lawd.

  9. 570 Stonemoor Cir, Roswell, GA 30075$2,208,240 *est. value | 5 br, 5 ba per… it is worth the price…

  10. cns

    For those who know the area, what are the comps in the neighborhood? That would also determine the true value of the home. I would not believe anything that comes out of Kim’s mouth. Every business deal she has been involved with results in the other party being short changed. White ain't always right. Kroy will find this out really soon. Sweetie if you are reading this, you better not even think about helping her move especially after she told the world she had to fire you because you were lazy. Even if she offers you a boat load of money. She can get Sheree to help her move, she ain't doing nothing. LOL.

  11. Just did a little research, as of today's date, that house has appraised at under 1.38 million. Kendra was/is trying to sell it at 3 million. She's dreaming. Kim and Kroy, build…I knew that house wasn't worth the asking price.

  12. tmz has a juicy update with supporting docs.. wow!

  13. There is another house on the exact street asking 2.5 mil. From the photos it appears to be nicer than the one Kim was renting.

  14. I work in real estate and let me tell you it's very possible the house didn't appraise. Look at the listing…only $16000 in taxes means the property is probably over priced.It would be interesting to get the tax value.

  15. cns

    Why should they build when Kroy current home has 5 bedrooms which should be enough bedrooms even for their growing family. Oh I forgot Kroy’s home might not be fancy and upscale enough for Kim. Oh well I guess they will have to build them. Anything for his precious Kim. Because we know that all hell will break loose if Kim doesn’t get her way.

  16. I understand and appreciate you yankees with real estate experience weighing in with tax info and stuff. However, things are different down here. Both cost of living and property taxes are WAY LOW. It's not the same situation at all as you experience up north. That is why all you people keeping moving down here! lol. Can you imagine what a house like that would sell for in your town? As for the house not appraising. A house is worth what someone is willing to pay. Comps in the area are around 2.5 There is no better buyer than someone who is already in the house and loves it. Kendra is not playing games.

  17. I'm southern born and bred. You know, we aren't ignorant to our own real estate. Kendra bought when the market was high, the recession had not hit, and now she's over invested in this house. A house is only worth what someone is willing to pay CASH for. No one will LOAN 3 million on a house appraised at 1.38 million. I think everyone knows better now, "bail outs".*cns – "White ain't always right." Seriously?

  18. I knew that you would be on top of this one Tamara. Even-if the property doesn't appraise at 3 mil. what about the rent that has already been paid?I don't even want to do the math, but in a lease-purchase deal, the rent money counts towards the purchase price or the down payment usually.Also-if Kim stays there can you imagine her co-operating with the Realtor© if a buyer wants to see the property? Ha ha–Bet this will end-up in court.

  19. cns

    *cns – "White ain't always right." Seriously?Yes, seriously. Kim has been dishonest about everything in her life, i.e. wearing wigs because she had cancer, bragging about being in love with a married man, throwing Nene under the bus even though Nene pull strings to get her on the show, cheating Khandi out of money, dumping are of her parental responsibilities on Sweetie then when she became overwhelmed labeled her as lazy for all the world to see. Now this debacle with the rented Davis home. Did I forget anything else? But every time Kim finds herself in a pickle all of her fans come and rally to her defense, always believe her version of the story only. Every person that Kim has had bad dealing with it is always the other persons fault. Soon she will turn on Kroy and her fans will turn on him as well. So riddle me this, why does her fans always take her side of the story when she has a history of lying? Could it be that perhaps, just maybe you think deep done in your heart the "white is right"? This is just my opinion based on behavior observed.

  20. First, I don't have any info that he house is appraised at 1.38 I think y'all are assuming in your "research" that value is the same as Tax value.Also, was it not me that said I house or anything else is worth only what people will pay? I think Kim is the perfect buyer SHE WANTS THE HOUSE what I am telling you is that Kendra wants her out. So it doesnt matter what she wants to pay, these two are legit fighting and Kendra wants here OUT.She was likely not in a lease purchase agreement. Because Kroy was a not locked into a contract. Now that he is… they want to buy.I'm telling you she will be out soon. This summmer soon. Wait and see.

  21. cns

    So is it safe to say that if Bravo rented the home for a year for the tv show that now that the year is up Kim and Kroy are on their own if they want to continue to lease or buy the Davis Home? Just curious.

  22. I find the constant need of some people to draw race into this offensive. I don't normally moderate comments. But this is a financial issue. Let's not bring race into it. Thanks.

  23. cns – Then just say Kim isn't always right if that's your gripe. Why are including an entire race about a comment directed at her behavior? This is why racism still abounds.Tamara, I want Kroy and his family out of that house quicker than Kendra. The sooner they're out, the quicker their money can be put to good use…on a house priced accordingly.

  24. This mess just confirms to me that Nene was right about Kim: she does lie and she seems to have a habit of using people and discarding them. At the reunion show she gave the impression that she had purchased the house. Not in the process of purchasing, not under contract, not submitted an offer but done deal – house is mine.

  25. cns

    cns – Then just say Kim isn't always right if that's your gripe. Why are including an entire race about a comment directed at her behavior? This is why racism still aboundsThis is my observation based on Kim's fans. It seems to me that every time Kim has a problem with a black person on the show her fans, which I will assume are mostly Caucasian, will always rally to Kim's side even if she has a history of lying and deceit. I would like to know if you are fan of Kim's do you believe everything that comes out of her mouth? If yes, why? If no, why? I think that is a fair question.

  26. Not exactly true, if you are getting a bank loan you CANNOT get a loan for over what a home is appraised for. That's simple real estate 101 so if they were planning yo finance instead of pay cash no bank will allow a contract paying 3 million if the home is appraised at 2. The appraisal value must be higher than the financed amount or the risk isn't worth it to any finance company. 😀

  27. I see that Tamara stated above that she wants this to stay on topic, so I respect her rules. I'll just give a quick general reply…I don't believe EVERYTHING that comes out of ANYONE'S mouth.

  28. Tam

    If the appraisal came back at a lower value and the owners wanted to unload it, then they would compromise at some point. An appraisal is good for what four months according to guidelines.I am sure Kendra and Antonio would have made arrangements to allow the Biermann family to purchase the home in spite of the appraisal. Whether it be drop the price, rent-to-own, or re-appraise at a later time. We (I speak loosely) have all purchased a home and had to negotiate. Kim liked the fact that she lived in a mansion. Moreover, it is hard for anyone to conceive that a pregnant woman in her third trimester would want to move especially in the Georgia heat.Let's just agree to disagree and know that Tamara was right!Sidenote: Tamara, sorry to hear about your dog.

  29. TMZ just reported about 5 minutes ago that Kim confirmed that she will be moving out asap.

  30. Wise girl but I am sure that came from Kroy who is not use to this kind of mess. Kroy you should have done your research and 'googled' her before you dived in. This one is going to cost you alot. Sorry bud!Thanks!Lannette

  31. The house on the other side of Kendra' with the similar square footage and upgrades sold within the last year for 1.4. If the house doesn't appraise for the agreed upon price then a bank will not lend you the money. It is becoming common practice on a home that is unique to have the home appraised before you agreed to purchase. That way you can negotiation with more knowledge. I think that there is a little truth in what both of them are saying. Kim lease ended 5/31 but who ever wrote the lease filled out the paperwork with both a 30 and a 60 day notice that the tenant must give when they decide not to renew. They gave notice at the end of April. Now was that a 30 day notice or a 60 day notice. Kim and Kroy do owe for any day in June that they still have possession of the property. I am sure that Kim and Kroy have a very large security deposit on the home that all of the hold over money can be deducted from before the balance is returned to Kim and Kroy. Kendra can not use that money for any items other that repairs and hold over money. Either way if Kim and Kroy had been paying rent Kendra could have filed to get them out earlier. She also had no right to blast Kim on Twitter. I also noticed that in the middle of Kendra's rant she managed to tweet her new business logo.

  32. For god's sake. The deal didn't work out because it wasn't what either lady wanted. Kendra thought she could advertise her drywall monstrosity while being paid and hopefully end by offloading it. Kim thought like a lot of people with McMansion's they were palaces until doorknobs and taps start breaking off in your hand. Kim has done some things I may not do but the absolute venom people seem to have for her is just so out of proportion. At least the house existed! Unlike Sheree who built a nonexistant house (im all the way in Australian and i know about the damn empty lot) and Nene who is what the police would refer to as 'not of fixed abode.'

  33. Nah not really, its appropriate to what she put out there.Thanks!Lannette

  34. Remember on the reunion show she was about to close on the house but now it appraised too low!!! Yea right Kim!!! Please quit lying!!!

  35. Ivy

    And to think buying the house was the one thing I thought she might NOT be lying about at the reunion LOL! And btw, who needs Bravo when you've got this? Thanks, Tamara! :)

  36. Good morning, Tamara.Kim posted the following comment. Can you confirm?@princessTRACYA says: @Kimzolciak But it sure can pay your RENT!!!!!with all that money you have Kim, you shouldn't be renting.Kim's Reply: @princessTRACYA we own two homes and simply rented due to Kroy being a free agent this year. It's truly that simple.This still does not make sense to me that she says they were renting while Kroy was a free agent but OWN not 1 but 2 homes. If they own homes, why would they waste money renting? Sounds like a waste of money.

  37. Can someone PLEASE answer this question for me. Why has Kim been LYING all these months? When the reunion was taped in march she said she was closing on the house the end of March. Then on Wendy Williams show she said she was closing in two weeks that was in May. So Wendy Williams is lying when she said that Kim told her on the show that she would be moving. If that was the case why be a part of the lie and ask Kim on national tv if she bought the home, only for her to say they will own it in 2weeks. It just makes no sense, I really thought she was changing but a leopard never changes their spots.Correct me if I'm wrong but I have purchased 2 homes and on both occasions when you say that you are closing on a home within a month or two weeks of actually owning it. That means that the purchase price should already have been negotiated and agree on, and that the apprasail would have already been done. The apprasail was one the first things I had to get. So I don't understand Kim saying the house is overvalued that seems like something you would have known in the beginning stages, not finding that out within two weeks of the home being closed on. I'm just sayin.

  38. Last I checked, Kim still owned her townhouse. Kim has also said that Kroy owns a home somewhere as well. That is coming from Kim, so… who knows. They rented the house because of the show. Remember all the housewives everywhere try to appear as wealthy as possible. ")

  39. cns

    They should just move into Kroy home.

  40. TamaraCan you work your magic – if you have time – to see if Kroy does own a house as Kim says…How is you "very bouncy dog" doing? Much better I hope…

  41. Let me ask a "dumb" question. The appraisal amount only affects the maximum amount the bank is willing to lend you. Kim is supposedly rolling in cash. So why wouldn't she just pay for the house with more cash if she was already willing to pay 3+MM if she truly likes the house?…the only thing that has changed is the amount that the bank is willing to lend. Between her and Kroy, I'd think that they could come up with the cash if they truly, truly wanted the house for 3+mm and the lower current listing must look like a bargain. Something doesn't add up.

  42. Why would anyone buy a house for more than double the appraisal? I believe they re-thought that deal when their financial assistants picked this purchase apart with a fine tooth comb. Kim and Kroy had to weigh whether or not it was worth it in the long run to buy a house they loved, or be sensible and buy a house worth it's asking price in this market. Is this a site for the latest news on RHOA, or a site dedicated to trashing people and their families?

  43. I know it does seem that way if you just tuned in but really its just Kim's turn for all the MESS she put out there to finally get SERVED! simply put.Thanks!Lannette

  44. I'm not so sure. I read on another article here that her daughter's twitter account is being scrutinized for any information related to Kim. Seems malicious to me. *shrug*

  45. Okay yeah anon 5:37 I feel you on that one and this is NOT something I endorse and maybe if Tamara thought more about it she would recognize the need to respect that boundary and pull back. Totally leave the kids and their social community/life out of it. Dont even look them up but if you do definitly do not publically comment. But that's her decision.Great Point!Lannette

  46. A house like that would go for like, 3x that up here in Beaver Gangada.

  47. How long will Kendra's house sit vacant once Kim vacates? No one in their right mind will buy a house that's valued more than a $1 million less than the asking price in today's real estate market.

  48. Ivy

    Another thought on this: Won't this HAVE to be part of Kim's next story line for RHoA? Kendra's already a player on the show so she'll probably will be on again (I hope!), and there's no way Bravo's going to be able to spin this to make Kim look good. Or are they going to try to pretend that none of this ever happened lol?

  49. Take heed Misstresses Karma is a b*&%h! What goes around comes around! Now that she has found so called true love she wants the world to forget about her indisgressions (as Tiger Woods would say)! So sad that the world glorifies Trash! The fact that Bravo has given this hideous wig wearing slut a platform to display her whorish ways blows my mind. She claims to be such a good mom but yet and still she constantly lies and allows her daughters to be party to her cunning ways. I can't stand Kim and she will get what she deserves! If her mom were mines shed get a good old fashion beat down! which we all know she needs!

  50. IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION HERE THAT IS A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL? I AM!Seriously, lets look at this another way. They most likely did a lease with option to purchase pending Kroy's signing with the Falcons again. Since then, the appraisal may have gone down and the owners, ( who, if this home is a DREAM, why are they renting it out???) know this inherently, thus, the deal did not go though, and the lease may be up. There probably was no room for a holdover clause in the tenants favor, and the owners want to sell asap. Don't let the media fool you. It is hard to find a million dollar renter these days…anywhere. (Even in La Jolla where I live!) Count your blessings, landlords. You received FREE ADVERTISING, Nationally, and Internationally. Don't believe the hype. Bravo could have paid the bill here too to shoot here for the new series. Its not about Kim and Kroy, people. Stop the crap and think like an Adult.

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