Sunday Night Questions Answered about RHONJ, and the Kendra Davis and Kim Zolciak Wars

Lord knows I love it when y’all email, DM and tweet me but my goodness. I’m going just do a quick mailbag to answer some questions. Before we get into the Kim/Kendra thing. People are going ape shit because I suggested Gia on RHONJ had lip injections. Actually what I tweeted was “please tell me she did not.”  I would not put it past Teresa though and so the Theresa stans went insane on my twitter. One chick who I have never noticed before “blocked me on twitter.” Well, fuck, now I can’t read the twitterline of someone I never knew existed in the first place. How will I ever go on. But I was sitting here looking at a ten year old discussing tampons and bras and her mother’s fight with her brother with a full face of makeup on and some really fat lips.

Next issue, I really like lots of bloggers. I wish I had more time to read them. One of my favorite bloggers is @atlien from Straight From the A.  She is a great person with a great blog and my homegirl. That said, blogging takes a lot of time, and if I am not blogging it is because I am busy with real life issues, like right now my dog, who though doing better is on steroids and pees like a fucking Russian racehorse all the damn time. I’m busy. I go days without reading my timeline even when I am tweeting. I don’t have time to keep up with @atlien all day long. You guys have to understand our blogs are not related other than we both blog from Atlanta. She has a hugely successful blog, I have a brand new blog. Sometimes we link each other just like I do with Reality Tea or WetPaint. or any other sites that I link to. I do not have to agree with someone to like them.

So can we stop with the whole “But Straight from the A says she thinks it is a PR move for Bravo” emails. I have my own opinions and my own blog. That is what makes the Internet fun and there is room for all opinions. Y’all can read hers at Straight from the A and mine here. My opinion is that  it’s ridiculous to think that  in the week before the LAST EPISODE of  Tardy,  that Bravo would instigate some sort of campaign in which they bribe Kendra Davis who has more money than most of the housewives anyway, to act a fool on twitter. In fact Kim is busting at the seams trying not to tell us she is renewed for another season. Her ratings have already earned her another season.

Next, but, but but, this was filmed in November? Why would she let Kim live there if she didn’t pay?Answer: because Kim has a lease and she pays it. That is why if you check Kendra’s twitter that I asked when the lease was up, because I knew it was soon. Kendra answered me it was up on May 31. So now she can evict. Another question was about putting a lien on Kim’s house for the money. Well she could do that, but she would have to take Kim to court first and she hasn’t done that. It’s a pain in the ass to sue people. I imagine Kendra would think that Kim would not want the publicity from not paying yet another “friend.”  Also If Kim paid the 15K she claimed to owe on the show, then that whole scene would have to be proven in court. Basically, Kendra needs to seek a judgement. It takes people awhile to get around to suing people and I think Kim badmouthing Kendra on national TV was the motivation Kendra needed. Clearly she is pissed.

Also I tweeted Kendra the TMZ story about the fire in the garage. Did I think she already knew? Of course, but there is always the chance she did not. We are overly obsessed with this stuff and Kendra runs a business, and has two kids that are very active. One of her daughters is about to go to college or went last year…I don’t feel like looking it up, on athletic scholarship. She’s very busy.

I think that is all the mailbag for now. Sorry for not answering individually. But there were a lot of the same questions.


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15 responses to “Sunday Night Questions Answered about RHONJ, and the Kendra Davis and Kim Zolciak Wars

  1. Special Thanks to Kendra D. for airing her chest with wit, humor and real talk on Twitter yesterday; Reality moments at its best. I enjoyed everything about how you laid that sit-che-ation out. I love people, like you, who don’t strike-back initially but in the end ‘check-mate’. Interested to see how this plays out. I’m sure Bravo has to be kicking themselves. I turned off RHONJ 5 minutes into the recap of last season, so I don’t know what Gia’s lips look like but I wouldn’t put it past Teresa, in certain sitautions something does not seem right about her.Lannette

  2. Gia has always had full lips. Bio Teacher

  3. I think Kim is a punk for having her "assistants" or who ever deal w/ Kendra, Bitch, u aint that damn busy. I love to see a successful Black woman. Go Kendra! Tam, was Kendra's husband a BB player or something? Public Figure? Name sounds familiar.

  4. LMAO@ Kim stupid ass. I said once and I'll say it again, that bitch ain't got the thought brain of a fruit fly or the process of a damn flee. The only thing that she is able to doniz lie. She LIED about big poppa not being legally married. Not only was he legally married and with his wife when Kim was sleeping with him, but he's still with her. They were on MTV Teen Cribs together in the house that Kim was screwing him in. Not only did she take her trashy ass there and have with a married man in his house she toon her two daughters along for the foolish ride. Who in the hell does that. And now that she's gotten that flunky Troy, who feel for probably because it was his first swimming in an adult pool, she thinks she legit. BITCH TRY AGAIN. Shes a liar an opportunitst and a delusional whore. That's why she hated Marlo so hard. Not because Marlo bad men giving her shit, but because Marlo had them giving her shit and coming out inpublic with her. Kim didn't think that a black woman should have that. I believed everything that Marlo said at that reunion, especially that stuff about that ring, if you pay attention, the ring that Kim tweet was not the same ring that she got out that bragging was her engagement ring to big poppa. If anything she tweeted a pic of one those CZs she wearing around like the chicks from the OC. Difference in her and them is that they have a man to go with the CZs.

  5. I dont think kims ratings r good her never trends and i dnt hear talking abt it. Kandis show had 1.4 & hers was trending worldwide. Plus i heard they were phasing her out.

  6. wow tam, i expect kim to be coming hard for you any minute. i was at reality tea, and they are giving you full credit for exposing, explaining the entire rental/purchase mess. and everybody knows"snicker" what a liar kim is. so about the time she figures out how to spin this to put herself in the best light, she will start coming for all the *haters*. get ready! lolchitown shelley

  7. Sigh. I was waiting for the "you're hating on Kim" comments. I am usually accused of loving Kim. lol. I'm just telling you what happened and that in my opinion Kim really screwed the pooch on this one. I posted way back on RHOA that Kim seemed to be talking down to Kendra THEN. Kim even addressed that comment in her blog, I believe. I still find Kim fascinating. Stuff like this is why. :)

  8. @ TamaraWould you pay someone whom you have hired for a job and then they add on extra shit to the job ? Then, they start billing you without any of your consent? Kendra is just as wacky as Kim … If you add any extra bills towards any job you do for a client , please tell the client first … Rule number one in business get it in writing and make sure the customer knows exactly what they are paying for. Kendra did basically admit that her bill for the ‘decorating’ wasn’t in alignment with the quote. She said—–>”she was expecting to be repaid for furniture she bought. “Well if the furniture wasn’t included in the original quote then it should have been added without approval? How would you feel if any contractor did this to you?” Hair dressers and contractors try to do this to me all the time. Let be for real HOW MANY OF YOU GOT THIS DONE TO THEM?People just judging on Kim charter and it is really shifty and shity but i f Kendra is basically admitting she changed the final bill price – shady both of them… I don’t like both of them it’s like a rat stealing cheese from another rat LMAOMeanwhile, in LA LA LANDThe Wedding Ok, let’s say Kroy got 3 million dollar signing bonus. W hen you take out taxes and agent and management fees, he probably had walked away with only 1.6 million dollars. LMAOLOL, Kroy bought her a $400,000 bracelet haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. I FEEL SORRY FOR PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE EVEYTHING THEY SEE ON TV. I have much respect for people writing these blogs exposing the lies they put on television.. LOL in my Phaedra’s voice ‘’ Everybody knows that Kim is entitled and doesn’t feel the need to pay her debts’’ … AND KENDRA KNEW THIS LOLYOUR TRUTH MY TRUTH THEN THE REAL TRUTH …..

  9. I don't get how Kim said in the last "Tardy" episode Kendra and Antonio should wait because she's busy with her wedding. No one cares about her wedding but her! Why should they be expected to wait for their money? And if Kim could supposedly spend 400k for a BRACELET at the last minute, she can pay for whatever furniture Kendra bought that her family has been lounging on…

  10. I totally understand what y'all are saying and agree with the concepts. But you are missing the point. Antonio was there because she had major construction going on in the back yard. NOT because of the non payment. Her admitting to not paying was a cover for the fact she did not alert the home owners that she was going to build shit in the yard like she owned it.

  11. ok, you are 100% right on that Tamara, I post on the wrong article LOL. However,in my Phaedra’s voice "Everybody knows that Kim is entitled and thinks that she can do what ever she wants to do.. Thanks, for all the work you do!

  12. Thanks for reading! And especially for commenting! I appreciate all my commenters, but you know, some more than others. :)

  13. Did you see the TMZ article about Kim not being evicted but is moving out? Sooo funny. Straightfrom theA is saying that this is a pr stunt but no based on kendra's twitter, this is real talk.

  14. First comment here but I've been reading your blog for the last couple weeks. Great stuff you got on the Kim and Kendra situation. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. And I know you'll keep us informed! :)PS – Kendra's daughter Kaela is one of the top High School girl's basketball players in the country. People will be hearing a lot from her in the future. I've seen her play and she can ball!!!

  15. I just heard on the radio that Kim Z. says it all stems from Kendra wanting $3 mil for the house and when they had it appraised it was only worth around $2 mil so Kim and Kroy backed out on the deal to buy it. They said that is why Kendra is so mad (because she didn't sell her house) Kim Z. says they pay their rent every month. I heard this earlier on Kidd Kraddick show.

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