Kendra Davis is Threatening to Kick the Biermanns To the Curb. Literally.

The hostility between Kendra Davis and Kim Biermann on twitter continues to escalate. Kim and Sweetie have been BFFs again on twitter and seem to be hanging out. Kim also seems to be hinting that the inevitable second season of her spin-off is a go because ratings have been great. She also seemed to be ignoring Kendra’s tweets to and about her. But then she tweeted, “I think police mug shots speak for themselves!!!!” some folk took it to Kendra. So Kendra has a whole lot to say.  Here’s the story on Kendra’s prior arrests. I know she was found not guilty of at least one of them.

In addition to confirming what I have been reporting that Kim did not buy the house, she said they never even made an offer. Kendra says the main issue, and the reason that Antonio was there was concerns for the liability of the construction and holding such a large event on their property. She is tweeting about evicting them, and saying they have 48hours to get out. So I asked her when the lease was up, and she said May 31st.  I responded with  ut-oh, because now the Biermanns according to Kendra are month to month tenants. And Kendra is implying that she has or intends to file serve a 48 hour notice to vacate. I think legally Kendra can evict the Biermanns, particularly if she refused to accept rent for June.  Kendra is also saying that she doesn’t need the rent money and just wants Kim out. I don’t think she is playing. It won’t happen in 48hrs because it is a pain in the ass to evict a tenant in Georgia. Next, she will give a 30 day notice, even then, things drag out around here. But don’t be surprised to hear that Kimberleigh is moving soon. 

Also, if you are like me and wondering how one spends $54,000 on one room of “interior decorating”, Kendra cleared that up too. Kendra paid for the furniture that that was used in the room anticipating that Kim would reimburse her.  Kim still has not done that, and Kendra is headed to the courthouse.

Personally,  I think Kim was a moron for insulting the property owners of her “dream house” on national television.  I said that when she did it the first time on RHOA in this post. I also told y’all I thought it was about time for that lease to be up and it looks like I was right. Y’all know I have no problem with Kim, well not as many problems with Kim as the other ones, lol, but she is up the creek without a paddle in this situation.


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33 responses to “Kendra Davis is Threatening to Kick the Biermanns To the Curb. Literally.

  1. Wow! Kim really burns bridges with everyone she encounters. Kim lied on Lisa after the first season, fought with NeNe throughout, never paid Kandi and it seems every man she has hooked up with has money. Is there any low this woman wouldn't stoop to?

  2. Well, given that Kim's jewelers are in Buford (Gwinnett or Fulton) she might live in one of the counties where you only need 30 days to evict. We own rental properties in Gwinnett & Dekalb. Both have different eviction laws. There are different eviction laws in cities as well. It also requires the use of an attorney. The only kick-out clause I've ever seen is where there's legal evidence (meaning pictures & testimony) submitted to a judge. In rare instances that judge will kick out a tenant in 30 days – not 48 hours. UNLESS Kim signed a lease that had an additional condition written in by either the homeowner or the property management company. Just an FYI from someone who deals with these issues.

  3. Oooohhhh My, I dont believe what I am reading in tweeterville. Thanks Kendra!!! Kim's business is straight out there on front street. She done NOT paid and LIED on the wrong person. Kendra aint having it!!!Now this is REALITY….Thanks Kendra for Spillin the best tea ever…"FIRST HAND from the horses mouth" LOVE IT!!!. Kendra's tweets are telling the whole story. This chic (Kim) is just plan STUPID. And my dumb butt was rooting for you, honey No longer, you have proven to be nothing more than an idiot and a hopeless user. Here are some of Kendra's JUICY tweets: kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@whoopibella @tamaratattles I have not said a WORD up until this point! But the lies and her attempts to discredit us has to stop!-32m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@Anastasha784 Thanks Judge Judy.-35m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@mike0243 when it gets to court you can hear all the details then!-36m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@ctnl4life there was NEVER a purchase contract!-37m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@LadySuzanne @williamgmccray @gq2021 my kid transferred schools. We bought another house closer to their school.-39m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@TamaraTattles Her lease was up May 31st -39m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@amy73423638 SHOT! LOL! Not shots! Hahah!-41m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@weloveandycohen NO! I'm going back to my peaceful existence! I would have never said a word had she not lied& tried to discredit us!-49m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@sukie_tawdry @kimzolciak yeah! That's what she said. Let's see what her answer is!-50m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@mike0243 Good thing I turned it down then huh?-55m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@ajdavis3 We just got home Bud! You are the sweetest boy ever! Mommy loves you! Muah! GREAT JOB! I'm super proud!-57m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak a Judge & jury of 12 of my peers told me I wasn't wrong! Can you find 12 people on Earth to tell weren't?-5:33 PM – 3 Jun 12via Twitter for iPhone · Details-46m Nikki Wilson‏@Nikki_C_Wilson@IAmKendraDavis @kimzolciak: am I missing something? Is Kim even responding? Or you just going on and on?-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak I threw coffee at a lady's CAR for calling me the N word. You bragged about sleeping w/a married man. Who should be ashamed?-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak and if you take one thing out of my house that doesn't belong to you I'll have you arrested & add you to the mugshot tweets!-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@NYCNYI @shellznellz The High road had officially come to an end!-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak how bout I tweet the real photo op of you and your crew retrieving your belongings off the curb?Thanks!Lannette

  4. This chic( Kim) just got interesting enough to watch. Thanks a bunch Kendra, you are speaking "THEE Truth". Now Let's see how this idiot tries to spin this crap around. If she dont own it, I am officially through. LOL, I betta save time, and call it quits now, what yall think? Nah, I'm hopeful kinda gal, so let's just see how this plays out.Thanks Kendra for spillin it!Lannette

  5. Does anyone find it interesting that Kim has NOT responded to any of Kendra's direct tweets? Normally Kim has a lot to say.

  6. Looks like scripted drama for RHOA Season 5….too.convienient that this falling out is occurring during taping…but hey America loves it so who am I?

  7. Is it me or does Kendra seem a little pressed. She said some mean stuff on a tv. Big fucking deal. If they are paying their rent on time and are taking care of the house, then really she has no right to evict them. I mean there are 3 minor children (and another on the way) involved here. I mean what right would she have to evict them exactly? And what grown ass woman has a meltdown on twitter? Girl bye. Pick up the phone or better yet GO OVER there and hash it out.

  8. Kendra is a criminal just like her FRIEND Marlo Hampton. Remember in the Reunion when Marlo said Kendra is her friend?

  9. Yeah, 'BIG MOUTH, BIG SPENDER' need to realize her kids are her responsibility; next time she start in on lies and skipping on bills and shopping her hearts delight, somebody need to remind Mrs. STUPID she got not 1, not 2 but three mouths to feed and one on the way. Like Nene said, "close your legs to married men", STUPID I got one more for you 'Shut yo trap and pay your bills to the one holding the title'. I am totally feeling Mrs. Kendra, the girl is witty, gutsy and she gonnna finish this mess Gangsta style. "stuff on the curb, "48 hour notice" LMAO….'YOU DA REAL GANGSTA BOO', LOVIN it!!!! Who knew you had it in you the way this unfolded. YOU go girl!!! You need yo own show!!! You served STUPID up JUST and so deservingly. YOU definitely got my attention and following which aint easy to do. Kim gon take yo azz whippin like a real grown lady…'Dont utter another word about this woman or her husband' and get the heck out this lady's house ASAP!!!Lovin it!!!Lannette

  10. LOL, taking a pic of your movers gettin your stuff off the curb, Mrs Kendra aint playin, Kim gon call the UHAUL movers and like she said, DONT TAKE NOTHING THAT aint your unless you want a Mugshot, LOL!!!GON MRS. KENDRA, its yo SHOW!!!Lannette

  11. Yeah Anon 10:38, when you are totally in the wrong with no cards to play, the guilty will usually resort to silence (the wise-ones, lol). Mrs. Kendra is holding the TRUMP card here, and Kim has no recourse. By Kendra's tone, if Kim opens her trap, Kendra will blast her even more. Simply put, silence is her only option at this point. Bravo has to be kicking themselves for not having made Kendra a housewife season 4 instead of Marlo, this would have been great on the show. She turning out to be another Pheadra: likeable, witty and very relatable.Thanks!Lannette

  12. I need that tea pot.

  13. If they pay no rent you much evict!!!!!No lease=no reason to be there. Kim and her lies SMH

  14. Leslie,So Kendra should be concerned about Kim's kids when Kim wasn't concerned about Big Poppa's kids? Please. As for for her buying the house, I knew when she said it that it was a lie. One can usually tell when people are lying and with Kim, Sheree, Danielle, etc. one can always tell when they are lying….I wouldn't be surprised if Kim milked this out for season two, the reason reason she got knocked up – to secure a second season and paycheck from Bravo. I personally, wouldn't put on display my mother's dysfunction or our dysfunctional relationship for some damn show. But, this is Kim. In other words, she's a entitled, lazy opportunist that is willing to do anything. I think Kendra should evict her. Kim portraying her as just her interior decorator, when in reality she had a much more important role, LANDLORD……….I also wouldn't be surprised if the ratings drop off either. The real hair revealing, dysfunctional mother and wedding is all people want to see…….Of all the housewives to get a show, they give one to a home wrecking whore with self-esteem issues. Peace and Blessings,P

  15. LOL I'm amused by whoever is posting as "Lanette" tonight. Where did our kind hearted church lady who was naive and saw the good in everyone go? :)

  16. Tamara not sure but in one of your ealier Atlanta posts did you refer to some of the housewives as living in homes that Bravo rented? Was wondering if Bravo has a hand in the lease on Kim's house (with Kendra)? Also some leases have automatic renewals or usually auto opt outs for renewals so many days before lease expiration. I lived in an apartment that worked like that once, I have to give notice 60 days before lease expiration of my intent to terminate at lease end to avoid an automatic lease renewal. Something makes me think that part of Kendra is fronting for the cameras, drama, press coverage, Bravo ratings. Just seems strange that she and Kim would go to such fast beef, I mean Kim was a pain in the butt for the entire home decorating experience I would think. And if one room was $56K than think about how much the house had to be and since Kendra isn't beefing about it I would assume Kim (surprisingly, lol) paid those bills :roll:

  17. LOL, Tamara! I give everybody a chance just one though. And I gave Kim her one-time pass for humping Big Poppa after marrying Kroy. She had a new start with me. As Kendra is telling it via twitter, Big SPENDER all da way wrong and has definitely not converted to the image of bad-girl transformed. STUPID got a new man, new kid(s), living in an upgraded house and access to new money; Now she wanna stiff Mrs Kendra, sitting in corner knitting kids clothes, being a dutiful wife and a hardworking good citizen. Puhleeaassee! This chic aint no convert. Kim aint interested in changing nothing but the men in her life. When you're at the bottom and stuff going crazy, I can kinda understand games but Kim got it good, the best she ever had, how Bravo tell it, and she choose to continues to lie, shop and dont pay her bills on someone else's dime. Puhleeaasee! This heffa aint changed, Nene was so right about her! I am softy for anybody being a Registered Nurse this is who I am, this is what I do, but I dont stay well with people who outrageously use others. And that's what's got me pissed. And yes, LOL, I am still a church-lady but that in itself doesnt preclude me from seeing and speaking 'THEE truth' as it is revealed. Furthermore, it is really not my nature to speak on or in the negative about anyone even when I have an ingling/inclination it is likely a lie still unless I see it first-hand and/or all the pieces of someone's else's accounts adds up by "my" calculator and Kim's Bullcrap aint addin up, I tend to verbalize the neutral. How ya like me now, lol?LOL!Lannette

  18. I like you just fine. I just want you to pick your own name. I'm just saying…that's not nice.

  19. Great you like me just fine! What's not nice about my comment? I dont attack people and I am not rude to people, especially in their own dwelling. I am being nothing but nice, gloating humorously about a liar being blasted, YEAP, but still being nice. I define myself more than anything else as "fair and very patient" willing to give others more than the benefit of the doubt kind of a person. Definitely I am not above gloating and being happy she finally got SERVED her JUST DESSERT and I am going to front-row this one! Kim disappointed me in her bad times and in her good times. Doesnt seem to be any moral foundation or much growth in her that I can see. I am being totally nice to call it as I hear it as it is coming straight out of the horses mouth wlthout adding any additives lol, That's being nice in this situation. Kendra aint lying therefore I aint lying. Kim has stayed usually off topic and quiet now that Kendra blasting the real TEA on the MEGA phone. I am most irritated that STUPID is still lying, irresponsible, selfish and taking advantage of hardowking people and havent thought anything about her children accesssing this garbage on twiiter. YUCK!Disappointed!Lannette

  20. OK Tamara…ANON / LANNETTE 2:09 AMSaid Kim hooked up again with Big Pappa after marrying Kroy – I've not heard this. Can you please tell me about it…

  21. No critter, this "And I gave Kim her one-time pass for humping Big Poppa after marrying Kroy" should have been better worded better to say " I gave her a one time pass for humping a married man because she got it right, became morally legal/acceptable, when she married Kroy. I have no knowledge and dont believe she ever started up again with big poppa.Lannette

  22. I know Kim see that woman tweetin her. If kim and big poppa called a sweetie a black bitch 'just joking around' imagine what she and kroy are calling Kendra!!!! That bitch don't fool me. Somebody said on twitter that Kim was racist, Kendra co signed like a mutha on that. I told y'all that you gotta watch the ones that proclaim to be black harder than you gotta watch the regular white folks. I know it sounds ignorant bits it's the truth. I had a friend growing up that was white, you couldn't keep her from a black man, she lived everything about black. Then I found out her parents were racist as Hell and she was doing it piss them off. When she found out that I married white, I was put off about her thoughts on white men being with black women. Mind you this is the same girl that stayed in my dorm room when her parents didn't pay for her to her room our freshmen year of college. Then she stayed with me again during my senior year and she had dropped out of college. Kim is just like that 'friend.' it's ok to use us to help them out, but then they give you their nasty ass to kiss. She's done it with Nene, Kandi, Dallas Austin, and as soon as it's time to leave kroy phadrea will be next- my bad phadrea don't work without that retainer fee. But this bitch will find a way to make you feel sorry for her and will swindle phadrea black ass too. Nene shouldve left her ass in that trailer park they met in and not told this producers about her.Lol Kim take your own advise: 'dont take anything For granted because it could all be taken away from you.'

  23. Tamara, I told you a few days ago that it wouldnt be hard to find dirt on trashy ass because she's a liar and loyal to no one. I also td you to watch your computer screen for someone with keyboard muscles. Kim is ringing sweetie back in because she can't take sweetie and kendra coming for her at the same time. Give her a chance, she's gonna let sweetie go again and when she does you'll be able to get the tea from sweetie at the warehouse in the breakroom. Kim is a pathological liar. She is lying about her age, the amount of time she knew sheree and sweetie, her career credentials, big poppa martial status (he's still married to the same woman he's been with for over 20 years), hell I think she's lying about sweeties age too. Kendra Davis said if you take anything out of my house that is not your…. It'll be interesting too see what furniture that doesn't make back to kims townhouse. Of course that nice patio furniture won't be there her be bedroom furniture nor the dining room table and nothing in brielle's room will make it either. LMAO, nene called it about your dream home. Nene also said you're so stupid and you lie so much you believe it. Maybe Kim is staying off her own timeline while she's looking for another dream house. I'm like Lannette, I'm loving this. Tamara I'll take back all those things I said about you playing favorite to trash box hooker Kim. Keep it coming.

  24. Normally I don't wish ill will on people, but after seeing Kim use or mistreat so many people in the past (NeNe, Sweetie, Kandi, Big Papa, DJ Tracy, Derek J, etc) I would LOVE to watch her get evicted on season 5 of RHoA.

  25. @Elkaye, OMG that would be ratings bonanza, I hope Bravo is listening, Kim and her wigs on the street, LOL.

  26. How would it be a 'ratings bonanza' when her show was just renewed for a second season? Not everyone is as inexplicably angry with Kim as the commenters around here…..

  27. Well we all know she would never literally end up on the street lol, she still got way more money than me and I do alright. Anon 11:03 question: Do you get or understand why so many and not just 'around here' either, read any other blogs in the last 2 days? Why her name is dirt in the mouths of many and why so angry with her? Because its really not fair that you would think that the masses all of sudden, without cause just turned into a bunch of hungry vicious wolves out for her blood when she has baby cubs to care for. Just a few month back, the blogs were mostly neutral and or scattered-positive especially around the time of the reunuion. It hasnt dawned on you why such an acute shift that people like never before are all on one accord wishing/chanting for a live eviction, BigBrother style….not a clue huh? Thanks!Lannette

  28. Guess who just got blocked by Mrs. Biermann. :(

  29. Wow, well you must have hit a nerve with her, for her to block you. If this was Kim's first go-round with this tpe of crap -I'd give her the benefit of the doubt…but it's a pattern with her – non-payment of "friends" …. where there is smoke – there's fire…

  30. lol @ "Kim and her wigs out on the street."I always said the commentaries between scenes are scripted (except maybe NeNe…I think they are her own words). Why else would Kim make such a dumb comment as saying she looks better in someone else's house than they do? That was just beyond dumb.Did the pychic Rose miss all this or didn't she? Maybe they edited it out.

  31. Rose did mention Kim was going to have a 'difficult pregnancy ' on one episode. Odd coincidence.

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