Kim Zolciak Receives Some Harsh Tweets From Kendra Davis

Based on Kendra Davis’ twitter timeline it appears Kim has not paid her for her interior design job.  Kendra also seems to have taken issue with Kim saying the house looks better than ever since she moved in. Read what Kendra has to say in her tweets here. The summary is that Kim and Kroy did not buy the house and don’t seem to be in negotiations to do so.  In fact, Kendra seems to be threatening to evict the Biermanns  in her response to one Kim fan  she was tweeting with.  There is a great comment on this post dated June 2 at 2:53 am that I think explains exactly how the problem likely started. 

Antonio was not there to ask Kim to pay the money she owes. Just like the security guy said he was there to inspect the property. We can’t really believe Kim’s version of anything, but I think the security guard was honestly relating what happened. The backyard of the property has lots of expensive features, the pool, the basketball courts, the Jacuzzi, and the nice landscaping. It doesn’t seem like the Biermanns cleared the construction with Antonio and Kendra and they didn’t find out until they received an invitation to the wedding. Antonio was not trying to stop the wedding because of the outstanding bill, he was in fact trying to inspect the massive construction occurring on his property.

Seems reasonable enough. Sure he consented to RHOA filming the show in the house, but it seems he did not consent to all the port-a-potties and huge tents and major construction happening in the backyard. As of today, it appears that Kendra has not been paid, feels her friendship with Kim has been betrayed and to add insult to injury feels that Kim insulted her on national television. My guess is the Biermanns will be looking for a new dream home soon. If they are current on their rent, they can’t be evicted, but as I said in the previous post, when the lease ends, and I believe that will be soon, Kendra can decide not to rent to extend the lease. What a mess! In other news Kim’s spin-off drew over 2 million viewers. We could be looking at a sequel. Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction maybe?


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  1. I should be sitting here finishing up some paperwork for work, but as usual Ms.Tamara has drawn me in with her latest tweet about The RHOA, Kendra should just shut up. She is getting free publicity for a home she can not unload. It's a beautiful home but who in there right mind would pay so much to rent such a place, only Kim. As far as Kim paying Kendra, well good luck with that. We all know Kandi is still waiting to get paid from Kim for that G*d awful song Kim recorded. NJB

  2. Why should Kendra just let it go and be quiet? That is what Kim wants, for Kendra to do what Kandi did and just let it go and there she goes KIm not paying for what she owes. Nene was right, Kim is a user, she uses a person and tosses her up when she has no more use for it. Tamara, I do have a question for you though, didn't Kim said in the reunion that they has just close on the house and she was buying it? Kendra is deniying it, so what is it, did Kim bought the house or not?

    • Marcie

      Kim did not buy the house. Kendra wanted way more money for what the house was really it seems to me that kendra got mad because they would not pay more for what is was worth. so you tell me?

  3. The Davises should have never got involved with Kim in the first place. Kim can't get a loan on a 3 million dollar home. Her money probably don't hit the bank long enough to even get a damn credit score. You can see all she does is spend her money on material thing. The only reason she have what she has is because someone else bought it. Kim doesn't know the value of money. She kills me when she says she's living her dream. What was she doing all these years. Oh I forgot, laying on her back or on her knees', for money. Nothing but a trick.

  4. Sheree would have paid her bills!

  5. Anon, Kim implied that she was in contract negotiations to buy the house when she was on the reunion. It seems that was a lie. As I reported several times since the reunion and researched again as recently as yesterday, the house is owned by Kendra and Antonio. I do think Kim can get a loan though. I don't believe she is actually buying all the things she pretends to buy other than house related stuff. She is pretty good with her money. And even if she doesn't have good credit Kroy could qualify for that house based on his new salary. That said, I don't think Kendra is interested in doing any future business with Kim and would much rather evict her than sell to her. We shall see.

  6. I only saw certain parts of the show b/c I really don't care for fake people….I am starting to understand why Kim and Sheree got along so well. They both feel entitled. Well, none of what Kim says makes any sense. Kroy's annual salary, up until this season (he hasn't even played that many seasons), was the cost of that bracelet. Also, I don't know how much his new contract is for, but how much of that new contract is GUARANTEED money? Yet, we are supposed to believe they are going to go out and spend 400k on a bracelet, purchase Kendra's home, buy a boat, a beach house (or some shit), buying cars, AND purchase a BIGGER home on his salary? Please. They couldn't spend that type of money with his AND her salary combined! She might be married to a Falcon but, she is married to Kroy Biermann, NOT Matt Ryan! In fact, I highly doubt a Boston Alum such Ryan would even look at trailer trash like Kim. Then too, not to many men – aside from lost country boys – would be impressed by a wig wearing, chain smoking, switch-hitter like Kim.Speaking of wig, I think she wears that wig as a some sort of security blanket or for self esteem reasons. She's hiding something. I mean it's hot as hell outside. If you have natural hair, why wear a wig? I bet she has alopecia. Anyone else would just put tracks in their hair to fill it out. No, she goes for the WHOLE damn wig. If her hair looked like that for real, there is no way she would stage such a big production at unveiling her hair nor would she keep it covered with cheap obvious wigs. Blessing,P

  7. @CaliLOL. I agree….nothing but…. Peace,P

  8. All I have to say is WOW!!!!Tamara you spilled this tea all over the world LOL Good job

  9. Seems to me is all Kim does is use people, especially African American

  10. I said this last night, Kim has a MAJOR character flaw known as lack of loyality. I knew that you would not have a hard time finding someone who knew 'the tea' on Kim's rental issues. And the way this idiot flexes her 'keyboard muscles' I'm almost positive we haven't heard the end of this. I'm so glad that this coming out on her ass. This plastic heffa is always hoofing around like she's so real, and down and stable, but every chance she gets she stabbing someone in the back, usually a black person. And then Tamara is always giving her a damn pass, and writing positive things about her; show that support for someone who would at least pretend to appreciate it. She did similar things with Dallas Austin, and we all know about Kandi, and now Kendra. I know this broke hussey didn't pay Sweetie either, and does anyone remember on Season 3 Reunion when Nene spoke about how Kim and Big Poppa were talking to Sweetie and calling her a black bitch (I found fault with Nene for not saying something THEN, but she probably thought that Sweetie liked it).From Kim's refusal to pay other people, I have serious doubt that she could secure any kind of loan any quicker than Sheree. She is delusional if she thnks that the public believes that she came into her lifestyle by birth or from working as an CNA, LPN and then RN (which I doubt she ever achieved RN status) for two or three years. Yeah right. I own my own private practice for providing health services to elderly patients in a home setting, and I know the payscale for nurses very well, as I employ three CNA's and I myself is a MSN, and have been employed for the last eight years. Nurses in the hospital setting at the time that Kim was working (at least seven years ago), $50,000 to $65,000; and that is on the higher end. She got her money from her hole, sound familiar? I said it last night, and I will say it today, there is so much talk about Nene renting, Nene not having good credit, and other things that could be called into question, two things are very clear about Nene: 1) she got evicted at the end of season one, and got her shit together one way or the other; 2) She is WORKING FOR HERSELF- everybody should respect her for that. And yes I am a Nene fan; I will always show support and respect for any woman doing it for herself. So yes, I like Cynthia, Kandi, and Phadrea also.

    • Terri

      “Tamara is always giving her a damn pass, and writing positive things about her; show that support for someone who would at least pretend to appreciate it.”

  11. sigh.First let me say thanks for the comments here today, they are on point and on topic. I appreciate you guys making the effort to make comments here of such high quality. In many ways far surpassing my original post. So thank you.Secondly, I'm not a fan or a hater of any of the housewives. I just give opinions as I have them. I have said nice things about Nene and nice things about Kim. I think the confusion began because when I started this blog, Kim was planning her wedding, so a lot of posts were about speculation surrounding the wedding. Personally, I don't find anything in any of these women to be a "fan" of. Lastly, I have no special access to anyone's credit scores. What I do have is access to the same public records you can all avail yourselves of. Nene has had some financial judgements, including an eviction, Sheree has had MANY of those, Kim has not. Kim has had people giving her things her whole life. It's hard to fuck up your credit when your Johns are paying your bills.That's it. Just facts. When it comes to credit scores. I do have a bunch of opinions. And I am not nice to trolls. :)

  12. Oh and one more thing. I get WAY LESS sourced info on Kim than any other housewife. She really does just stay at home a lot. Based mostly on her twitter, Kroy's and the occaision glance at her kids, it seems she really is pretty happy. For now.

  13. The problem was not that she didn't pay rent, it was that she didn't pay 54,000 to Kendra for decorating a room. The budget was 15,000. I don't know what type of agreement they had, but I would be reluctant to pay someone who went that far over budget. We would have to come to some type of settlement.

  14. TamaraYou have brought so much entertainment with this tea on Kim… Thank you…It seems to me Kroy is in over his head… Kim reminds me of a black widow spider – collecting victims & draining them dry… Kroy doesn't seem a low life or one to not pay his bills… And I hope he's wondering how to get out of this mess… Child support lasts 18 years but eventually she will go away…On the other post about Kim someone said the sports blogs are talking about Kroy – wish they would give us a link to that…Thanks for the tea…

  15. Kim is living her dream right now…famous husband, money,babies, she is in a fairytale. BUT, real life will hit and problems. especially raising 5 kids these days — THAT is when I think Kim will dump and run. I really think Kroy is not the last man in this woman's life, and his bank acct will not be enough for her tastes and raising such a large family. I think Kim is extremely insecure and shares whatever issues her mother seems to have. After reality tv-I don't see Kim ever "working" a real job. She will not be famous, not a singing star, she will be fat with babyweight and I feel eventually Kroy will tighten up the reigns on the speending spree of high mainteance for her. He has too many kids to try to educate. I think hard times will be ahead and Kim will never handle hard times.

  16. Pam

    Just have to laugh here too. :high 5s NeNe:

  17. Considering Kim's record with paying people for their services (Kandi), Kendra should have been reluctant to do any kind of business with her scheming arse.

  18. Kim is the most disloyal, sneaky, & manipulative housewife. She is a pro @ gettin wat she wants whether it's from her married johns or naive friends. Hopefully, 1 day ppl will wake up & see Kim 4 who she really is: an amoral opportunist!

  19. On the AA women and Kim: She used Kandi to make the song and then didn't compensate her properly. Did I hear Kandi agree to sing at her wedding? WT…? She had a problem with Sweetie (I have my own theory on that and it involves Kroy), she now has the problem with Kendra and past with NeNe. I think something really deep happened with those 2 that we don't know about but if it wasn't for NeNe Kim wouldn't have been on the show so in a way she betrayed NeNe also. I didn't like when Kim's oldest daughter referred to NeNe as a moose. That may have been Kim's name for her but her daughter should not have been caught up in that especially since NeNe was so close to the girls.

  20. @Gloria I think Kim is user and will always be a user. The word moose should not be used when refering to an African American woman whether you are an Adult or Child. As an African American it sends a racist undertone which is not attractive.

  21. What about heffer? We can still say heffer right? I'm going to need a list of all the racist animals. Please and thank you.

  22. OOOOOOHH Tamara,I am reading Kendra's TL and had to rush over here…(blame a lazy evening)Do you see Kendra's tweets talking about Kims stuff will be on the curb?Spill the tea when you get it girl! Love the site!

  23. Welp, Kendra tweeted that Kim's lease was up on May 31st & that Kim & Kroy are not in negotiations to buy her house. Wow……

  24. Hi, Tamara.I saw this tweet from Kim on Friday. Do you find it strange for her to mention NeNe?"RT @Teresa_Giudice: My #FF: Housewives who go big & make us all look good! @NeneLeakes @LisaVanderpump @DinaManzo @Kimzolciak @Bethenny @AdrienneMaloof @Kandi"A Tweet by @Kimzolciak2012-06-01Thanks,Tracey

  25. Oooohhhh My, I dont believe what I am reading in tweeterville. Thanks Kendra!!! Kim business is straight out there on front street. She done NOT paid and LIED on the wrong person. Kendra aint having it!!!Now this is REALITY….Thanks Kendra for Spillin the best tea ever…FIRST HAND from the horses mouth, LOVE IT!!!. Kendra's tweets are telling the whole story. This chic (Kim) is just plan STUPID. And my dumb butt was rooting for you, honey No longer, you have proven to be nothing more than an idiot and a hopeless user. Here are some of Kendra's JUICY tweets: kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@whoopibella @tamaratattles I have not said a WORD up until this point! But the lies and her attempts to discredit us has to stop!-32m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@Anastasha784 Thanks Judge Judy.-35m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@mike0243 when it gets to court you can hear all the details then!-36m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@ctnl4life there was NEVER a purchase contract!-37m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@LadySuzanne @williamgmccray @gq2021 my kid transferred schools. We bought another house closer to their school.-39m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@TamaraTattles Her lease was up May 31st -39m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@amy73423638 SHOT! LOL! Not shots! Hahah!-41m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@weloveandycohen NO! I'm going back to my peaceful existence! I would have never said a word had she not lied& tried to discredit us! -49m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@sukie_tawdry @kimzolciak yeah! That's what she said. Let's see what her answer is!-50m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@mike0243 Good thing I turned it down then huh?-55m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@ajdavis3 We just got home Bud! You are the sweetest boy ever! Mommy loves you! Muah! GREAT JOB! I'm super proud!-57m kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak a Judge & jury of 12 of my peers told me I wasn't wrong! Can you find 12 people on Earth to tell weren't?-5:33 PM – 3 Jun 12via Twitter for iPhone · Details -46m Nikki Wilson‏@Nikki_C_Wilson@IAmKendraDavis @kimzolciak: am I missing something? Is Kim even responding? Or you just going on and on?-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak I threw coffee at a lady's CAR for calling me the N word. You bragged about sleeping w/a married man. Who should be ashamed?-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak and if you take one thing out of my house that doesn't belong to you I'll have you arrested & add you to the mugshot tweets!-1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@NYCNYI @shellznellz The High road had officially come to an end! -1h kendra davis‏@IAmKendraDavis@kimzolciak how bout I tweet the real photo op of you and your crew retrieving your belongings off the curb?

  26. Ivy


  27. Me too IVY, gurl, this drama showed itself just at the right time cause I can be abit of a sucker for the perceived transformed turning over a new leaf. I needed that reality bite cause the truth is, Kim aint about changing nothing but her men. Bills and the truth she could care less. Those are her children with access to twitter while she sttin there spouting lies gettin blasted, why the heck should Kendra care? All she had to do was the " pay her bills and shut her dorn trap" she just STUPID, in my book…well for now anyways, lol…maybe just the nurse in me, but I always have a little hope for the hopeless:) Gonna go check twitter and see if Rock-thrower- STUPID-girl, kept her lights off LOL, after waging war with the wrong somebody LMAO. That's another thing lol, I am soooo happy STUPID picked somebody with more smarts, more guts and way more money than her to act stupid with…I am really Lovin STUPID being on blast. Gurl Nene was all the way right, Again! Okay, on my way to twitterville.Lannette

  28. No not normally just dont like to be duped or like hardworking people getting manipulated. Then I speak the thuth they show me, that's when it can get kinda ulgy. So I guess you are right I can be a bit hateful to the actions of the liars and manipulators but NO I dont hate any person. And that's the truth!Thanks!Lannette

  29. what ever happened to "I don't like living in other peoples houses?" LOL I want everything brand and my house is so Bigggggggg and beautiful… Kim is a epic liar and pretend like the house she was renting was was made just for her and kroy LOL EPIC FAIL

  30. I thought that was Teresa giudice who said that. I could be wrong, they are all stupid enough to say things like that on these shows.Also I know that we white people look the same to you and that you probably didn't get what the big difference was with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, but this Kory is actually a KROY. It's Kroy, rhymes with Troy, or boy. Or toy boy. There…. Now that shouldn't be too hard to forget now

  31. It's not illegal or unreasonable for a tenant to shoot down a surprise inspection. (Assuming it was a surprise, and that's not just the magic of editing.) Landlords are required by law to give 24-hour notice of an inspection, if only to give tenants a chance to pick up their panties and ensure someone will be present. Intentionally announcing inspections so they're inconvenient to the tenant–like the day before/of their wedding–can be construed as harassment and interference with the tenant's right to 'quiet enjoyment' of the property.Yes, Kim's out of line with the construction. And dumb–she should have had the landlord do a walkthrough with her before anything began, because now any damages or changes can be blamed on her wedding, and could come out of her pocket. But landlord shenanigans can backfire if things go to court, so Antonio & co. should be more cautious about that in the future.

  32. Wow!!! What did Kroy get himself into by getting married to that woman? Poor Kroy. I was shocked to see on the front page of life&style that they got evicted because like many of you I saw the Atlanta reunion when she lied about purchasing the house. The silly part of this is there was no need for the lie. So what if you are renting

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