Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding: Some Thoughts

Well, we got to see Kim Zolciak’s hair last night. I guess. Am I the only one that thought it still looked like a wig? I’m not saying it wasn’t her hair. I’m just one of those people that questions everything. Reality show editing especially. You know what I’m saying? So for me, showing what is under the wig means taking off the wig without taking it off in one room and then moving into another room for the big reveal. If Derek J and her wig person have seen her hair before, why couldn’t they just sit there when she took it off? Why make them leave the room? Why said, “I just need five minutes” and then come out with a hair style that looks professionally styled to show your two stylists in  the other room?Am I the only one who felt that way?

That said, I loved her “real hair.” It was sort of a cute soccer mom look. Appropriate for a mom of three with one on the way. I don’t know why she insists on wearing big ole hot heavy hooker hair every single day. It’s HOT in Atlanta. But enough about the hair. Let’s talk about the important stuff…her apparent falling out with Kendra.

Wait, first can we talk about the jewelry guy for a sec? My bullshit detector was having huge issues with that scene as well. I get that the little shopping bags all had the jeweler’s name on them and it was for advertising, but that is not how high-end jewelry arrives at the home of a prospective buyer. They come in with a secure briefcase without the fanfare and often with armed security. We are supposed to believe that dude just waltzed in with over a million dollars in diamonds, in little paper bags?

Which brings us to the “$400,000 bracelet.” Seriously? Do people actually believe that? That bracelet would not bring that unless Elizabeth Taylor once owned it. I was going to give you guys some comps on that piece in particular, but I’m thinking either you know something about diamonds, or you don’t and probably believe it. I just don’t see how anybody believes that in one scene Kim is talking about being over budget for the wedding, and in the next scene her husband has given her unlimited spending on jewelry. My take on that whole scene is this guy was willing to let Kim wear some of his jewelry, which sells well below the price range he stated, in exchange for him getting to advertise for free on TV. That whole scene was an advertisement and not to be taken seriously.

But it wasn’t the wig, or the ring that blew up my blog stats last night. It wasn’t the fact that Jen quit her matron of honor position at the last minute. To me Jen’s storyline was the only sincere thing on the show. It was Antonio Davis who drew everyone over to the blog.

This was also the thing that really caught my interest. I’ve posted a lot about Kendra Davis.  It was very interesting that we see Antonio at the end of the driveway last night demanding to see Kim. First of all, Kendra is not the type to send Antonio to fight her battles. But, Antonio is the type to jump in to defend Kendra. I’m not sure what really happened, but the important part is there is a problem between the Davis’ and the Biermanns. I find the fact that Kim of all people wants to challenge a bill kind of suspect. She doesn’t seem to be overly responsible with money and tends to want us to think “money is no object.”  Kroy has a contract for just under ten million over three years. She makes low six figures for RHOA. They do not have endless wealth. And they claim to be wanting to buy the house they are living in.

Remember when Kim said on the reunion they were in the process of buying the house?  Well I triple checked today and the house is still in Antonio and Kendra’s name.  If Kim and Kendra had a falling out, not only will that affect their contract negotiations to buy the house, it may make the deal impossible. Disinviting the homeowners of the house you live in and want to buy from your wedding could very likely insure that you will never be allowed to buy it. I found Kim calling some realtor instead of Kroy about the situation very staged. What is the realtor going to do?

So it makes me wonder how long the lease is on the house? If it was a  one year lease, it should be up any day now. Did they renew the lease? Are they really trying to make an offer? Will Antonio and Kendra decide not to rent to them when the lease expires? This should be interesting to follow. I’ll give you the tea when I get it. But I will warn you, of all the RHOA, Kim is most isolated from the rest and sources are much more scarce than on the other girls. Kim has become sort of a homebody. And I don’t see her wanting to change homes during a pregnancy. Stay tuned.


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  2. According to what Kim claimed on the reunion, they were in the process of buying the home since Kroy received a multi-year contract with the Falcons. I don't believe much of what she says though.

  3. Personally, I couldn't get over how good Kim's real hair looks. I mean, I think it looks really, really good!! She really should ditch those wigs. If it's extra length she's look for, I should she try extensions.

  4. 400k for a bracelet but she's renting a house. Okay. Also, I think folks left the camera so her hair could be blown out for the reveal

  5. Where are all the hens today to talk about all the money Kim spends. On Wednesday the entire day was about Nene. Let's make today the day that we sit and drink tea and talk about Kim Z, spending all of Kory's money. A 400,000.00, for one barcelet, that's more than he bring home, for one season.Haven't paid the interior designer her money. But buys Kory a 150,000.00 Porche. Kory doesn't have the kind of money Big Poppa had. I really hope he has a good relationship with his parents, because he will need them, once Kim get's threw with him. Let the talk begin, the tea is ready.

  6. Ok – on the last reunion Kim made a show of it – even asking Kroy to back her up – that the only time she wears the wig is on TV… so yeah it would seem Derek & everyone else would be in on the big secret… I'm starting to wonder if Kim thinks we don't pay attention or if she just thinks we're stupid & believe everything she says… Is she not smart enough to keep up with her tales – the truth always fixes that problem…

  7. The braclet was worth Kroy's reported annual salary before his new contract and he told said she could have whatever she liked and price didn't matter. Yea right!!! I loved her hair if it was her real hair. I think she should wear it.

  8. I thought the same thing when I watched the "real hair" clip just now. I'm thinking there was still some sort of extension piece in the back of the hair to add length to that layered section.

  9. kim you are ripping off another person like you did Kandi, for that song. You owe the Davis 54,000.00, for the interior design on the house, not 15,000.00. A blind man can see that, Kendra work is more than 15,000.00. Just because you found a fool to marry you doesn't take away, from what you really are.Poor kory, you are thinking with the wrong head.

  10. The back of Kim's hair looks like extension were added. Her real hair looks like it stops at her chin—the back just doesn't look and flow like the rest of the hair.

  11. All I could think of was – "another Kandi situation". Didn't we all talk about these "renovations" she was doing to a rental?? … she is shady – and once again stiffing someone who prob did her a favor thinking they were friends.Her hair – didn't look as if it just came from under a wig … but it looked WAAAAY BETTER THAN THOSE WIGS!!!! For a split sec, I thought it was another wig too!!!…who knows with her.Jewelry – TOTALLY STAGED BY BRAVO. I laughed through the entire scene. Kroy doesn't strike me as the type to shell out 400,000 for a bracelet but now pay a 54,000 bill.

  12. Quoting wendy williams now…. ran out of original comments?….

  13. Anon 3:24pKim said the $15k was for the renovations that were done to the one bedroom that Kroy's parents were staying in when they came to visit…Not for the whole house.Kim said Kendra agreed to fix that room up for $15k, but then sent her an invoice for $54kSeems like KENDRA is the one trying to cash in. o_O

  14. The whole hair thing was so obviously staged, but I didn't mind. Half of these shows aren't "real" anyway. i was surprised at how good she looks though. WAY better than that polyester hair she insists on wearing. Mess.Now, what stroked me about the Kendra drama was that Kim was dumb enough to televise that. Doesn't she know that now people will investigate on it and all that madness that ensues. It's crazy to me that she allowed that to be shown. As always, adore your blog, Tamara.

  15. Kim's hair was giving me Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on Friends, for real. I like her hair. As I was watching the the scene with Kendra's husband, I instantly thought "oh no, it's another Kandi situation". I believe that Kendra did agree to renovate the room for $15k, but the invoice could be for the entire house. In true Kim fashion, she used Kendra. I was also side-eyeing that jewelry scene. If you have 400,000 for a bracelet, that invoice should be like chump change.

  16. whether this is a wig or not, it looks 1 million times better than the stripper wigs she usually wears. she actually looks kinda classy……in her own way. to me though, it doesnt look totally natural…just better than usual!

  17. Just to be clear on a few things. That was not a 400K bracelet. Also while most all scenes are staged, I think the Antonio scene happened spontaneously while they were filming. Then of course they wanted use it. So they had to fake the Kim scenes afterward. Like the weird phone call to her realtor.I do think there is friction between Kim (and Kroy) and Kendra (and Antonio) based on the show last night. And I think it will have a signifcant effect on their Kim and Kroy's home. Kim did a good bit of positive press for Kendra not too long ago, so hopefully it is smoothed over.

  18. Kai

    No lovelies, THIS is Kim's real hair: seems like a nice guy. Why is he with that pathological liar? Remember, she lied about the reason she wears wigs in the fist place. Lazy. Liar. Greedy. Oh Kroy, see that Raymond vs Raymond custody battle? That's your future!

  19. I also saw Kim's real hair pictures with DJ Tracy. So, I am like you, Tamara in thinking that this is probably another wig. The way that whole scene went was too staged. Either way, it sure is an improvement over her other wigs.

  20. Someone needs to do a financial intervention on Kim. I would like to see her credit score. As far as the 400k barcelet, I will take a look at the reruns, but I was pretty sure Kim ask the guy how much the barcelet and he said 400k. Just watching the show was a bit sicking. Kory better grow some balls, quickly before all his money is gone. The guys on the sports blog was even taking about him.

  21. Ivy

    I've seen pictures of Kim's real hair, too, and it's much thinner than this. I also agree with ElleBee that it looks like a '90s Jennifer Aniston wig.How are the ratings doing on this show? I haven't watched it (I swear) but I've tried to find blogs where they're at least talking about it; in the few I've found they all say the same thing: 1) Kim lies, and 2) Baby BJ is cute. It doesn't sound like I'm missing too much lol.

  22. The real conflict with the Davis’ and the Biermanns’ is the misuse of the home for the wedding. The Davis’ got wind of the wedding being held on their property when they received their invitation from the Biermanns. They were not having it because it was not part of the original lease agreement when they rented Kim the home, and they were promptly uninvited to the wedding. Kim was renting the home, not buying the home, to be used commercially by Bravo as a set and backdrop for her family on the RHOA. The Davis’ did not mind having the house featured on the RHOA because this could generate interest from other potential buyers who could afford the home. Kendra did not mind redecorating her home to Kim’s taste and style because showcasing the property could help her with her interior decorating business.Kim has continually stated that she does not want anyone in the home during the wedding, which is an absolutely rude absurd thought, if you want to host your evening wedding at your dream home. The Biermanns wanted port-a-potties, hundreds of guests, and tents on the grounds, which could damage the landscaping, pool, and basketball court. The Biermanns have an obligation to make sure the property does not get destroyed, and they probably lack any insurance or huge deposits to cover the damages they may have done to the house, like the recent fire in the garage. Clearly the Davis’ left a lot of expensive personal property in the home as part of the lease agreement. So, Antonio Davis showed up to inspect the house because he wanted to ensure none of their personal property was stolen or damaged by all of the visitors coming to the house. The dispute that arose between Kim and Kendra about the cost of decorating the one room probably came about because Kim wants whatever she wants without considering the actual price of what she wants, ala the fake jewelry scene. Kendra most likely ordered some customized pieces of furniture for Kim, which is not cheap. Kim does not want to pay for it because she is not use to really paying full price for anything. Kim thinks everyone is supposed to give her anything she wants for free, and she should not have to compensate them appropriately. I hope the Davis’ evict the Biermanns once the lease comes to an end because disrespecting Kendra was uncalled for and completely out of line. Kim the selfish ingrate does not realize the Davis’ never had to rent her the house to begin with. Marlo Hampton was right, “Kendra painted those walls,” and has not been paid for the work by Kim. Nene Leakes was also correct because you do not rent your dream home, you would buy it or build it. The Biermanns have not done a damn thing to own their dream home other than sign a rental agreement. The Davis’ are not going to just give them the house or take a huge loss on the sale of it to make Kim and Kroy happy. The Biermanns need to rent a new sound stage sooner than later.

  23. Tamara you did a whole piece about Nene's credit history (which i believe is inaccurant- unless you have Nene's social security number) and why she cannot afford many of the things she proclaims to wanting, and then you let this monkey face heffa skate on by. What's up with that? I can say that Nene is working, and not using pregnancies for security.I have a problem with Kim. She strikes me as an opportunist, and not to pull the race card (because I hate when it's done), but she has had a problem with using black women for their services and then stiffing them when it comes time for payment. Call an apple an apple, an orange an orange. This is the second time, that we know of, that Kim has used a "friend" and decided not to pay. And she always has the same excuse, "we discussed a different price." I am a businesswoman who is in business for myself, and I have been for five years. There are plenty of times that I've discussed prices at the beginning witha client, and then after it's all said and done, the price is different, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. It's called a quote. But since she's spending money left and right on braclets, cars, ugly too little clothes, etc., she should have no problem with paying the woman what she is owed. Next, it will be the black stylist, that "has been her friend for years," that she'll conviently forget to pay. You're always calling Nene and the other housewives out (with fabricate evidence), call this heffa out, and don't try to skate around the issue with "Kim is a homebody." She isn't loyal to anyone, so there should be no problem finding someone to talk. I'm sure Sweetie is at the warehouse talking about how unstable, delusional, and broke this bitch really is.

  24. Whoa! Anon @ 2:53 am, I thought about that too. Did they ever get permission to build all those structures on a property that they do not own? No! That's why Mr. Davis came up there. Kim is fun to watch but she comes off as such a user.

  25. Anon 2:53am – THAT sounds like the story RIGHT THERE….and I wondered if Kendra and her husband gave permission for all that wedding construction. I'm surprised at BRAVO though – I would have thought they learned their lesson with other folks properties with the Bethenny debacle.

  26. @ Andrea D, I agree Kim seems to have a problem paying black women. She lies all the time, so that is no surprise. I think she may have already shorted Derek J. When he was asked about doing business with Kim on her wig line, he just shrugged his shoulders and laughed it off.

  27. Hey kay tee, what Bethenny issue with Bravo are u referring to?

  28. What's up with the twitter beef between Kendra and Kim. Kendra posted, "Someone just told me you said I should be thankful for YOU becuz my house looks so much better with YOUR stuff! Really?"She also posted,"You earned ur notoriety bragging that you live a lifestyle someone else paid for. I'm not your Big Mama! #Beclear"

  29. Hey Anon 6/2 12:19 … I don't watch Bethenny's show, but I remember BRAVO getting into a bit of trouble with the new place that Bethenny and her husband bought/rented??… I believe it was the same thing – they did renovations, and the owner never gave permission. I didn't follow it too closely – but I remember it being discussed on Reality Tea.

  30. My recollection is that Bethenny did not secure any sort of filming permissions from the owner. Nothing to do with rennovations and that the owner sued Bravo for filming the property without permission. I'm relying on my incredibly bad memory here, so take it with a grain of salt.

  31. You're prob right Tamara…like I said, I don't watch the show…only remembered BRAVO/Bethenny/rental property drama … I thought it had to do with renovations – my bad :)

  32. first of all wigs are hott!!! winter, summer, spring or fall…second that aint dat bitch real hair….like tamara said why did the bitch have to go snatch her wig off in anotha room? let me take yall back real quick or dont yall remember when kim had kandi that big ass wig made….lmao well ok dont yall remember when she was rehearsing and that wig fell off…ok well bravo should had invisible string dropp down from the ceiling and hook that bitch wig that wuda been the only way i wud have believed that shit… dat being said ask yall selves who in the fuck wud wear a wig and not have to? and anotha thing i didnt like the statement the bitch madeabout ne ne i believe kim said something like " how does ne ne walk around all day with dat glue in her head" well bitch it aint nothing like having on a hot as wig….nite nite wig…

  33. Ok We all know Kim is a big fake but for her to univite the Davis's and then deny the owner access to his property is disrespectful. If kim had it going on so good why was her dad asking Phaedra for a job at the baby shower? If you are doing so well and you have this and have that why is your dad trying to hustle up a job from your cast mate? Kroy just really doesn't know the pile of shit he has stepped in. I guess he won't figure it out until he smells the shit he has tracked all over his life. That $10 million is already spent so he better get a night job cause that bitch is a golddigging hoe. Why do you think she popped up preggers for the second time in less than two years? Hello people that's money in the bank for her (child support checks so she still won't have to work.) she better hope her townhome hasn't been sold so she will have somewhere to go. I'm just sayin… I am so over Kim at this point and I wish she would just go away. She never has the sme set of people around her(probably because she doesn't pay them) I just want somebody to pull the carpet from underneath her and expose all of her pathetic lies! #sickofthisdizzybitchalready

  34. I am betting Kim has lied so much to Kroy about EVERYTHING-like the big papa stuff was for bravo and drama. Remember this is a guy that claimed at the reunion he never googled Kim or watched the show! This is a guy who thought he had 2 livers. I would bet Kim is hiding money knowing is he gets hurt, God forbid, or when their big money train stops-she can leave and have her nest egg. She didn't waste time having 2 babies for the insurance of future child support. She may love Kroy now, but I don't think she is capable of a long, hard, maybe "middle class" life with him. His financialOutlook will not be secure or big enough, especially with four kids. I think she is lazy, a liar, and oor role model for her children. Can you imagine her poor sons and the crap they will have to face because of her actions! I really feel for Kroy's parents. When Koy, the public speaker came to visit-Kim says most people weren't supportive of their relationship because of her "CAREER" which I choked laughing-she has told the football team/wives, his family, and poor Kroy all her slit behavior has been for her "career." karma will be coming after Kim.

  35. Pam

    Sitting in the corner with NeNe laughing our asses off.

  36. Anon 10:24Well said & 100% right…Reckon even hookers call it a career huh – except they don't pay taxes or get retirement…Hope someone opens Kroy's eyes before he ends up as a door greeter at wally world – of course this would be long after Kim left with another big papa…

  37. I was surprised at how much hair she had at the big reveal and then i looked at it closely again. First of all, whose hair is that done after taking off a wig? usually its all rumpled or something right? I dont wear wigs but i would think so. Second, its completely layered with extensions in the back. You can totally see them! Kim, please! who are you fooling!

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