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Fire at Lisa Vanderpumps Old House Interrupts RHOBH Filming

The cast of RHOBH was filming tonight at Adrienne Maloof’s house when the entire crew had to be evacuated due to a massive fire. The fire was at Lisa Vanderpump’s old house!  Lisa doesn’t own the house anymore but it is still a distressing situation. Think of all the pink going down in flames right now as Lisa probably watches!

The fire started in the attic about 6:30 pm and ran across the entire roof before burning down to the floor. It’s a total loss for the house that was sold last year for $19 million. It took nearly 100 fireman and hour and a half to get the fire out. One of the fireman was injured and taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

First, Vicki’s BF is exposed on primetime national TV, now this. It’s a banner night for all the California housewives!
Go here for a gallery of pictures of the fire.

Starting to doubt TMZ’s report of filming going on at the Maloofs tonight as Paul tweeted he was home with the family and smelled smoke. Didn’t mention being evacuated at all…Lisa and Kyle weren’t there, Adrienne has not tweeted. I don’t think they were filming at the Maloofs. We shall see.
Update: It appears to me that if indeed there was filming going on at the Maloofs last night it could only have been talking heads for Adrienne as everyone else was accounted for elsewhere on twitter.


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Vicki’s Gunvalson’s Boyfriend Brooks Ayers on 20/20 Tonight as a Deadbeat Dad

RHOOC-vicki-gunvalson crying
Brooks was featured on a 20/20 investigation about cheaters. Brooks told this chick that he had a vasectomy, then she got knocked up. She took this as a sign they were destined to be together and the vasectomy had failed. As soon as the baby was born he took off. She had no idea where he went. Until she saw him on RHOOC. He was supposed to be paying the bills but never did. She didn’t find out until the power was about to be shut off.  He left her behind on rent, and utilities, and she never heard from him again.

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Ann Curry Leaves the Today Show

Well Matt Lauer, I hope you are proud of yourself. You too, NBC. Your treatment of Ann Curry was one of the biggest unprofessional blunders in the history of broadcast news.  Matt Lauer balked at his contract until he got a big raise and the stipulation that he would get a new co-host.  Leaks from NBC have been reporting that Ann Curry would be replaced for weeks and yet she had to show up on national television and do her job in a hostile work environment. And then she had to tell the world she was fired while sitting next to Matt Lauer as he patted her back and pretended to be sad. At the end of the video you can see her literally cringe as Lauer goes in for a hug. The whole thing is just outrageous and unbelievable. Good Morning America should just open their show tomorrow morning by saying, we’d like to welcome all our new viewers who are boycotting The Today Show over their crappy treatment of Ann Curry.


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Real Housewives of OC Finale

So what did you think? I skipped a lot of this season. Heather seems way too normal to be on the show, however she is sort of the Lisa Vanderpump of the OC. Gorgeous home, and employed. She has the sense to keep here kids out of the spotlight for the most part.  Tamra and Gretchen, are annoying as hell together. They are like carbon copies of each other,  can only tell them apart by their boyfriends because I can somehow remember that Gretchen goes with Slade. I don’t watch enough to be able to remember which is which in their talking heads. I find their giving each other symbolic jewelry and professing their love for one another, kinda creepy. I sort of like Jesus Barbie, but bless her heart she is always on the wrong side of the argument. Vicki, who has spent all the previous seasons trying to convince us she is a successful business woman who stands on her own to feet in now getting the pathetic doormat edit. Could this be her last season? Jesus Barbie is choosing to follow traditional gender roles (of the 1950s,or biblical times but still) and I respect her choice and ownership of her decision to be a submissive wife. Vicki however, is not married, and seems oblivious to the fact Brooks is kinda shady. She needs to either grow a backbone or admit she is in a relationship where she is in the submissive role. Denying what we all see is cray.  So what do you think the reunion will be like? Apparently someone attacks Andy. I imagine it will be a verbal attack and likely come from Brooks, or someone else who doesn’t have a Bravo paycheck.



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Will RHOA Get Their Very Own Idiot Named Pam Just Like RHOBH?

I’m back! Sort of. LONG day of travel yesterday which didn’t really end until the wee hours of this morning so I’m going to be sputtering along for a bit until I get settled back in to my ghetto life again. Meanwhile, Y’all are asking me about this story over at Straight From the A.  Pretty much everything you need to know is over there but I’ll break it down for you from my perspective.

It all started with an email sent to @ATLien from “Jensen Gayle”.  I googled and found nothing but some mug shots for some girl in Florida with a cocaine record and some chicks with that name in Utah. I admit I didn’t really try too hard. I get random emails from people want me to run blog something about the housewives now and then. Most of them I ignore. Had I received this one, I would have ignored it.  It reads to me like it is from the Pam chick that Gregg is supposedly cheating on Nene with.  Didn’t we just do this last week with someone claiming to be fucking Apollo?  What the hell is wrong with these people? Pam claims to be a publicist who is “covered in the blood of Jesus.”  I know from experience on twitter that all of y’all you run around talking about whose husband you are screwing always do so while telling us all you are most favored by God. So, Pam, God’s favorite little snowflake is all over twitter talking about how much she loves Brice, Nene’s 23 year old son. Pam, by the way claims to be 38, but looks mid-forties and acts 12 on twitter. And she is a mother tweeting about arguing with Nene on the phone in front of her children. God sure has weird favorites. Pam Gayle Jensen claims that Pam is spending Mother’s Day with Gregg and Brice rather than with her own children. And Father’s Day the same way. I bet her kids understood that they could not see their own mother on Mother’s Day because she had to spend that time with Nene’s man and family.

One more thing. Some people are saying Pam has a boyfriend who is a foot doctor from Macon and an online talk show host. I have no idea if that is true but they do tweet each other a lot. In his twitter profile he calls himself a socialite. A man calling himself a socialite is right up there with a black woman calling herself a southern belle. I know lots of y’all think socialite is a gender neutral word, but it is not. Nor is the term southern belle racially neutral. End of pet peeve rant.

Pam looks like a silly bitch. But so did all the other women who have pretended to sleep with the RHOA men. What is odd about this story is that Nene is throwing gasoline on the fire. It makes you wonder why she is breaking character on twitter to adamantly deny that Gregg is cheating on her. Isn’t she supposed to be pretending that she and Gregg have divorced and don’t have that sort of relationship anymore? This twitter spat is really going to reinforce what everyone knows. Nene and Gregg divorced so Gregg could claim bankruptcy. They remain as together as they ever were.  Brice has a picture of him and his mother as his avatar on twitter and his description begins by saying he is Nene’s son. It’s pretty clear he’s not looking for a new mommy as Pam seems to want us to believe. So why Pam, who tweets about God and Jesus and positivity in between trying to break up Nene’s family wants to look so foolish is beyond me.

Oh wait. Idiots make for great laughing stock on reality shows. Without Sheree for Nene to kick around on RHOA, Nene needs a new punching bag. Looks like we might see this Pam character on RHOA for a hot minute. I hope God is okay with what Pam will do to be on TV.  Of course He is. Pam is covered in the blood of the lamb and all that. She better hope the blood of the lamb is the only blood she finds herself covered in.


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Now I am Here…

This picture must be old because the palm trees are much bigger than shown. This is the right end of the beach, I’ll go check on these trees tomorrow. Meanwhile if you need me,, I will be under the third palm tree to the left after you enter. Just in between the bar and the beach. Please bring your own towels.


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