Video of James Blackston, American Dancer Arrested in Japan Dancing on Train in Japan

This Youtube is going around social media of “King Tight” dancing on a public train in Japan. Check out the poor passengers’ reactions. The person who posted the video says this was days before the attack and murder of Nicola Furlong.  However, the person posting the video got a lot of information wrong on their description of the video so there is no way to know when this video was made. This wasn’t funny then, but it’s really not funny now.


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15 responses to “Video of James Blackston, American Dancer Arrested in Japan Dancing on Train in Japan

  1. What a dick. Is there no security in Japan? If he'd been arrested then, it might have saved a life.

  2. No, not funny at all. Except for maybe two people, the rest appear to be frightened. Two seconds of this foolishness would have been a little funny….minutes of it is intimidating and he is clearly loving being intimidating. There is something wrong with this person. Normal people do not act this way.

  3. I lived in Japan for 5yrs. Let me give you all some context on the Japanese subway:The Japanese subway system is the antithesis of the New York Subway. It is clean, quiet, efficiently run and almost always a quiet ride. Of course people have conversations quietly with the person sitting next to them, but there’s rarely any shouting, loud-talking or anything like that. In fact, people generally refrain from talking on mobile phones on the subway simply because there are signs asking them not to. The subway cars are clean (inside and out) and free of the homeless, street performers and—for the most part—criminals. In the video, this jackass just starts jumping around like a fool and (intentionally or not) intimidating the passengers because they have no idea what he is doing or might do next.To be clear: The dude in the video is NOT the one currently suspected of murder. In Japan, people under age 20 are minors, so the 19yr-old murder suspect’s name is not published by the Japanese press.

  4. btw….here is a different link to the video. The one in the blog entry appears to be down:

  5. I noticed that this story is virtually un-covered in the US media? What's up with that?As a blog post on another site stated: Will Obama say: "If I had a son, he would've looked like James Blackston."?

  6. T Sorry to be off topic,but I was wondering if you've heard that Phaedra and Apollo have allegedley separated?

  7. This dude is a back up dancer for Japanese female R&B star AI who is currently in the middle of the tour called AI INDEPENDENT.19Y boy is also one of musician of her band.

  8. Somebody should have pushed the emergency button so that the train conductor would know about it. Of course, the coductor would only plead, in Japanese, with the fool to stop. The next recourse would have been to alert the police.With any luck, he'll get deported with a long ban from returning to Japan.

  9. you guys dont even know shit, so i wouldnt be talking. all you guys heard are rumors you guys dont even know wassup. this video was just used against. so what if hes dancing and being loud. let him be. there are no rules that say you cant be loud.

    • Wilfred

      Yep, there are no rules about being loud, even if you are annoying and terrifying everybody else. You know why buster? Because sometimes it’s common decency that is mean to restrain people, not police officers.

    • Dermot

      Can’t you see that this guys is scaring passengers and enjoying intimidating them? Would you like it if someone did that in a carriage where your Mom was

  10. dc-anon

    As an American living in Japan, this is the kind of idiocy that I do not miss in the USA. By flinging his body around on a train and invading the personal space of others, he’s committing assault. He’s also intimidating people he doesn’t know and it’s a terrible and arrogant way to behave as a guest in a foreign country. Show some respect. It’s not a surprise that he’s involved in criminal behavior, I hope they show this in court to expose his character.

  11. Phil.

    James blackstone jailed for 3 years labour today in tokyo.See irish times .

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