Two Men Likely Part of Nicki Minaj Tour Arrested In Japan for Rape

James “King Tight” Blackston

Nicola Furlong, a 21 year old Irish foreign exchange student, was murdered in an upscale hotel room in Tokyo in the early hours of Thursday morning.  Nicola along with another female friend attended the Nicki Minaj concert Wednesday night.  Details are difficult to confirm but this is how the story is shaping up for me. Nicola and her friend met James “King Tight” Blackston, a backup dancer, and Larry Perry, a 19 year old musician at the concert. It is looking likely, but as yet unconfirmed, that the two were working on the Nicki Minaj tour. The girls were wasted. They had missed the last train out and decided to go to the hotel rooms of James and Larry.  In the car on the way to the hotel, the girl that lived, claims she was sexually assaulted. Both men are arrested on the sexual assault charge. UPDATE: There are conflicting reports on who the 19 year old is. Because in Japan you are a minor at 19 the police are not releasing the name. Most credible sources in the UK are reporting that it “Larry Perry”. Other sources have mentioned a young drummer who is on a tour unrelated to Nick Minaj. However that person is still tweeting and seems highly unlikely to be the correct 19 year old.

At the hotel the foursome paired off into two different rooms. The girl who went to James’ room lived. The girl who went to Larry’s room appears to have been strangled to death around 3 a.m. Other guests reported a loud disturbance. When security checked on the room they found Nicola strangled and Larry standing next to her. She was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Update: Reports are leaking that the deceased woman was sexually assaulted AFTER she was strangled.
Some international reports indicate that the Japanese often arrest on a lessor charge while building a case on the higher charge. It appears that one or both may be charged in the death soon. James has done previous backup dancing for Chris Brown and J-Lo in the past. Not much information on “Larry Perry” yet and the Japanese are not even officially identifying him because he is 19. Blackston is 23. Both are in deep shit.

UPDATE: The two men arrested were not affliated with the Nicki Minaj tour but were working with Japanese Hip Hop artist Ai.  Ai has not issued a statement with regard to the arrests.


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32 responses to “Two Men Likely Part of Nicki Minaj Tour Arrested In Japan for Rape

  1. you may want to spell Nicki's name right

  2. Really? That is what's got you disturbed after reading this story? Nicki of Nikki or whomever… !!! Save your energy next time.

  3. I agree it's weird to comment on the spelling of a name and not the fact that no one is mentioning this in Nicki's camp. Or that fact that a girl was murdered. Or that another one was raped. That said,I appreciate the edit for search purposes. :)

  4. Glad to see you back posting Tamara :). But I know Nicki wasn't apart of this foolihness, but it doesn't stop her name from being associated with this. I love me some Nicki though.

  5. Eww. To engage in necrophilia…that is repulsive and sick. Disgusting.

  6. I know all are innocent until proven guilty, but, if this is true, we have got to come together as a community to put a halt to this thug, gangsta, hoodlum mess. If this negative caricature of black folks goes global, we will be, as you say, in deep shit!

  7. It would be a good idea to wait until more information is available before you post blogs…Nikki Minaj is not associated with this…her name only came up because they were at her concert.Bad journalism…sad story though.

  8. I am not a journalist. You are not very literate. "Likely" means that the reason the two men who are professionals in the American music industry were at a concert appear to be because they were working the tour. They were at a very expensive hotel in Tokyo and at a high profile concert venue. They also left the venue very late. So the word "likely" is similar to "probable" which are terms used when one is trying to determine a cause based on a set of facts. In addition, "not confirmed" means that no one from the Minaj camp, or the Tokyo police has come forward to state whether or not the two men, with two seperate hotel rooms in the very expensive hotel were affiliated with the tour.Does the term, "likely but not confirmed" carry some meaning for you now? It is interesting to note that Nicki Minaj has made no comment about either the death or assault of two of her fans. I'm not really sure someone of your intellect should read here, because it is tiresome to do the literacy education with you. Perhaps you could find something else to do with your time, or just post repetitively that you hate my blog and never read it over and over like some other trolls. I'm not sure reading and intelligent discourse is your thing.

  9. hey t! glad to see you back kicking ass and taking names! lol. glad to hear banjo is on the mend. and this is about as sick a story as i have heard in a long while. please stay on it. take care.chitown shelley

  10. I hope your trying to berate me makes you feel better.I'm not trolling your page.I just happened upon your blog looking for information on this case because I know someone closely involved.I know exactly what the phrase "Likely" means! You're just trying to get attention with your play on words.If it hasn't been confirmed,you shouldn't try and make connections if you don't know.That's all I said.Your choosing to try and attack me as illiterate without provocation only proves my point.You're a bad journalist,blogger,or whatever you claim to be.Whatever you are,you're bad at it!Everything you posted is purely SPECULATION!! Just like you SPECULATED that I hate your page…I don't even know you! I just know you're appearing as an immature,insecure,amateur!Not bad for an illiterate person trolling your sorry page huh?Have a good day…you just helped mine get that much better!

  11. lawd….what is up with comment above?? dude, dont forget you came here to look for information. if you dont like this blog then dont even bother to comment. BTW who is this so called person you "closely" know that is involved? you are such a loser

  12. I love how people just happen by, take the time to leave a rude comment and then the second I respond they just happen by again.If I go to a blog and find their information to be non-factual, I go to the next one. Even if I decided to waste my time leaving a comment, I sure would not come back to argue with the blogger about her her content. I certainly wouldn't then make up stories about knowing someone closely who was involved. Especially since the only two people one is LIKELY to know are the ones in jail on rape charges, who LIKELY murdered and raped a couple of young Irish girls. Trolling is exactly that.

  13. It would be a good idea to wait until more information is available before you post blogs…Nikki Minaj is not associated with this…her name only came up because they were at her concert.Bad journalism…sad story though.That's my original post verbatim.If you can show me what's rude about what I said,I'll be big enough to apologize.I did NOT call you illiterate,I only said get more information first.The bad journalism phrase is NOT a rude comment.It's an opinion.Maybe you mistook my saying the phrase,"sad story", as an insult.I said sad story because a person DIED in the incident!Now,let's look at your reply…you called me illiterate, unintelligent,put down my intellect…which one was the rude statement?This will definitely be the last time I write on your blog because you can't even take constructive criticism.I never slighted you in any way until you came at me.And even then,I didn't berate you as a person.And to the person trying to blast my credibility,one of the persons is from my hometown and I know him personally.That's why I know they're not involved with Nikki Minaj.And, I know this isn't what it seems.I know the band involved,and they're all good friends of mine! I got a call from Japan when it happened! That's the only reason I was on this page…because it came up when I googled it.You need to find your information as well before you make rude statements! I am most definitely not a loser and I don't need to prove that to you!

  14. I'm a professional musician and I helped groom most of the members in the band,including the unnamed suspect! I know for a fact that this is not what it seems! I'll be more than happy to show my connection once they are proven not guilty…if your blog is still up and running by the time they finish this.I can't do it now because of what's at stake.What reason do I have to make this up? This doesn't get me any fame or glory….especially not here! Of course you should be smart enough to understand that.If not,I can't worry about that,I'm more concerned with my friend involved!

  15. I called you illiterate because you failed to understand that because they were two Americans in the music field, in a nice hotel, with seperate rumors they were likely not there to go to a Nicki Minaj concert. A LIKELY explanation would be they were somehow part of the tour given that the named suspect is a very experienced dancer and the unnamed suspect is in the music industry. Apparently you are freaking out because you are an associate of the unnamed suspect. The one who was in the room with the dead girl when hotel security showed up, alone, with no signs of forced entry. If you have read half as many sources as I read before writing this story you know an autopsy has been completed and the cause of death is strangulation according to Japanese media. So we have two possiblities here (1) You know the prime suspect in a murder and are freaking out and decided to go after me saying I needed to wait until I comment. or (2) you are just trolling.Either way, you are someone here, IN MY HOUSE who wants to argue with me about my research and my commentary on a very unfortunate incident with a mere "sad story" for the victim. If my associate had just been arrested after being in a hotel with a dead woman, who the autopsy says was strangled and he made no attempt to call for aid, if there were taxicab videos sufficient enough to have both him and the guy in the next room called in for rape, and they were both sitting in a Japanese jail, I think I would have better things to worry about than whether some random chick with a blog in ATL was saying that it was "likely but not confirmed" that they may have been part of the NM tour. Or maybe you are just in a bad state due to circumstances. I can understand that. I hope you find the closure you need to this situation but I will be discussing it here, in my house as I desire. So again, it's best that you don't stick around and find a place whose facts you find more palatable.

  16. I on the other hand am a close friend of nicola, the kind, generous, sweet and stunning girl who lost her life. Your petty and immature arguing disgusts me. Grow up and have some respect. Heartbroken, curracloe, ireland

  17. To Tamara,again,I never came at you! I just said get more information.Did I really sound like someone freaking out?? I fail to see the problem in that but,I can't make you side with me…big waste of time.You came at me with all the nastiness about my intellect and that's not necessary even if it is YOUR HOUSE!And for the last comment,I'm not arguing with her,I'm just trying to figure out how Tamara found my comment as being rude! If you are a indeed a friend of the deceased,(notice I didn't say you were making that up?) I'm sorry for your loss.NO ONE deserves to die like that! But you came at me as if I were lying about knowing a person involved.I'm just merely responding.There's nothing petty about that.You both have a good day!

  18. It's like some people don't understand that websites that have site meters that tell me exactly where you are commenting from. ALL of you.Your first comment to me was that I shouldn't be blogging about this topic that is all over the Internet and that they had nothing to do with Nicki Minaj. That seemed to be your point. Now you want me to "side with you" or feel bad because you know the dude that strangled her. Chile please. Have a seat.

  19. Yes it's me again :-)first of all,you're very wrong Tamara…I didn't post to your page because my friend is involved.I posted on your page because I knew,first hand, your information is incorrect.I didn't say you shouldn't be blogging,I said it's a good idea to get more information before you post.I know you used the word likely but,that doesn't make it valid.All media does that but,I just happened to post on your page.I don't need you or anyone else to side with me because I have actual facts.I'm not copying a report from some other site like it appears you have done.This is why I came back to your page.Either someone has copied your story or you've copied someone else's which makes one of you a fraud.They even went as far as to name the 2 as if they have positive proof of the names and that they are,in fact,affiliated with Minaj's camp!You seem to have decent writing skills so you shouldn't try and get extra hits on your page by copying another story that you have no clue about.Yes,I'm upset that my buddy is involved in this case and if for some reason he turns out to be guilty,I'll be even more hurt but,your trying to make me seem incompetent and illiterate is clearly off base!.Here's the link of the site you copied or they copied from you.Somehow,I don't believe they copied it from you.I think you both copied it from another source to make it seem you're in the know.'s horrible that someone has died while in another country while trying to further their education and it's a shame people like you are trying to get more people to read your blogs.(I'm guilty as well because here I am on your page).You were way out of line to try and attack me but hey,that's your choice.I'll never call anyone out of their name or try to embarrass them for stupid stuff.It's ok that you have my posting info,I'm not doing anything illegal.I have to much going to do dumb stuff.I was once told,the best way to argue with a fool is silence so,on that note….

  20. I didnt read all of the comments because it is childish for two supposedly grown people to argue like this however Id like to say Tamara you dont take criticism well. And you are rude to commentors and you make generalizations. And the name calling and attacking someones intelligence is completely unwarranted when you do not know them. That is definitely something that should not happen at the age I suspect we all are. Everyone does not have to agree with you. I read other blogs and its not neccessary to even comment about what others are saying. Its your blog there is no need to defend yourself. My two cents….:)Biology TeacherOh and I would love to know more facts about this story because it is very disturbing and Im upset that this will just perpetuate negative stereotypes about African Americans abroad.

  21. Oh, my trolly friend, it keeps coming back to your ability to read. The article you link to clearly cites me as there source. In bright pink no less. Many sites copy my blogs, this one at least gives proper credit. As for biology teacher, I am indeed rude to commenters. But mostly ones who come to comments and complain or criticiZe and then ask for more stories. I'm not interested in meeting your expectations when in comes to interaction with readers or story content. This is my blog, which I bear the costs of running and it will be done precisely at my pleasure. You are welcome to enjoy the benefits of it, or not. It doesn't matter in the slightest to me either way.

  22. Tamara I will still read the blog because it is entertaining I just dont understand why you would choose to engage in petty arguments with people you dont know. And I definitely dont understand the name calling I guess its your thing. I just thought we are all adults so there are better ways to handle this than that. But you are right your blog your opinions and your choice. I just think that if it bothers you to the point where you feel you need to defend yourself than to me that would take the fun out of writing the blog. Bio Teacher

  23. I am from Curracloe Ireland I knew Nicola Furlong I know her family it's clear what happened I'm sure it's not the first time that Larry perry and James kingtight blackston lured young women like this however this time it went very wrong for them how ironic it happened in Japan were shit like this hits the fan big time To Larry Perry's anonymous so called friend I'm afraid his looking at the possibility of the death penalty and who could argue and Tamaras details are correct so congratulations u certainly did groom him well scum

  24. Lorna, I am so very sorry for you loss. Please don't let the person claiming to have "groomed" Larry Perry bother you. I have many trolls on this board. I find it amusing to poke them from time to time. Generally, however this is a blog about mindless entertainment drivel. I regret that any jousting with trolls here may have cause you further pain.Sincerely,Tamara

  25. Hi..I love the blog…I read it alot with that said..I too agree that you don't take constructive criticism well. If 5 people say it walks and talks like a duck it probably is a duck. With that said some people and their comments are better left ignored than to respond with criticism and hate. Be well!!

  26. I just can't understand why people are worried about niki minaj and her so called career when one of her fans was murdered after her concert and the other sexual assaulted these guys are involved with her entourage she has made no comment on her website or offered her condolences is this what she thinks of her fans who are lining her pockets her friend little Kim has this on her twitter page so she goin have to say sometin and I hope she decides to cancel her tour to Ireland and refund tickets

  27. Thank you. This is so much the sort of conversation I would rather be having. Nicki Minaj's lack of comments has been telling. No one is saying she had anything to do with anything at all. The guys may not have even been a part of her entourage. We don't know. But either way, she has to have heard by now that it happened. I tweeted her and I am sure many others on the story have as well. But because there is no coverage of this in the US except bloggers, she has not even bothered to release a condolence to the families. Even if it is just that all four were there as fans, I would have expected to see that.

  28. This is indeed a tragic story and Nicki not issuing a statement is definitely suspect. I've been reading your blog for a while but never comment. My thing is- who says bloggers have to follow any specific rules? If you don't like the way Tamara spills the "tea", get your tea or better yet news reports elsewhere!

  29. Did I just read where someone said "Tamara glad to see you back here kicking ass & taking names". Lord, talk about my giggle for the day. Is this what you call "kicking ass"? OK, she's real tough behind a key board. And Tamara before you try to step to me with some witty, bad-ass comeback, heffa just know I come here when I'm bored shitless and want to read how many people take your blog as a joke, LOL. It's a great past time, actually. I think there's some bi-polar issuses going on myself. I've been working in the mental health field for a little while now; don't need to ever meet you in person to determine. Seems as if when someone disagrees with you, you go on this immature tangent. Golly, I've never seen anything like it….but carryon, this shit is too comical.Oh yeah, so just because the poster up top described this white Irish woman, who was ALLEGEDLY killed by these two brothers' as only a "sad story", you have a problem with that huh? Hmmmm, wonder if there would be as much concern if this were a woman of color that was ALLEGEDLY murdered by two white men?

  30. Look, I enjoy playing dick,dick,fuck,fuck with you. But this is not the post for it. Take your jumping up and down begging for my attention self to another post. I see you. I'm not much in the mood to give you the type of degradation you so desperately seek today. And certainly not in this thread.

  31. That is so tragic,prayers for all involved

  32. This guy looks ridiculous. What a shame he would go to another country and be so direspectful on their commuter train. His behavior is just so immature and bizarre. Seems like he need some type of psychiatric intervention. I dont have any comments about his part in the murder. It is very sad that it happened and a very good reason for people not to be so drunk that one puts themselves in a victim-type situation. Predators are out there just waiting for moments like these. Very important to drink responsibly, your life is at stake in more ways than you probably know or could grasp hold of in a drunken state. Everything in life comes with a price and you did NOT deserve this. I am really saddened young lady that you lost your life. Blessings to your family and I just hope you were ready to meet our maker.Blessings,Lannette

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