Pat Houston and The Billboard Awards Part 2

There are a few interesting updates from the Billboard Awards. First, Bobbi Kris and her boyfriend were gambling at the MGM. Which is fine for the boyfriend but illegal for Bobbi Kris. The main tea is that Pat Houston tried to have Ray J throw out of his seats. Apparently, they were sitting on the same row and Pat was unhappy with that. One of Pat’s body guards (because she’s very famous and needs them) told Ray J he had to get out. Ray J had a ticket for the seat he was sitting in so he just sat there. The body guards involved the hotel security and the police. This was all just before the tribute to Whitney was set to begin. It seems that someone convinced Pat that she was making a huge scene and that cameras were present so she needed to stop.  Pat’s assistant (because she is very famous and needs an assistant)  told TMZ that it was all Billboard’s fault because they suddenly wanted her to move to the seat that Ray J was already sitting in. That would not even be believable if this family had not done the exact same thing to Bobby Brown and his family at the funeral. Ray J was upset by the altercation and had to be taken from his hotel room to the hospital the next morning. He was treated for “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Pat is doing a great job getting that publicity for her reality show.


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5 responses to “Pat Houston and The Billboard Awards Part 2

  1. I can understand the bodyguard, there are many idiots out here who think they "allowed" Whitney with her grown azz to do drugs and kill herself in the process. Seating issues, really? Who gives a shyt? I haven't read this blog in months, can see I didn't miss a beat….

  2. I am over Pat Houston and her attention whoring, fame chasing a**! The fact that she always looks like a flucking CLOWN only adds to the humorous train wreck that has become of this family….shameful

  3. Pat rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Ray J cared about Whitney. She's dead now. So wtf is Pat tripping about? Ray J dont care about her ass. Even if he was a bad influence, Whitney is gone now so he has no connection to her. Pat needs to sit her old ass down somewhere.

  4. Can't Pat make an honest buck? This woman is vile.

  5. Why is Pat Houston so controlling? Telling Ray J where he can sit? What did he do to them? Is she the producer of the awards or something, she trying to call shots like that? NOT!I think it's crazy that she's up on the stage with Bobbi K in the first place.So yeah Tamara nice catch connecting the Bobby Brown seat drama with the Ray J seat drama. That lady is on something and I know what it is. #inheritance Hope your doggy feels better soon.

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