Big Day For Nene Leakes on TV!

Nene Leakes was on a couple of shows today. First Wendy Williams, then Glee. Let’s discuss. This morning my damn yard guy shows up RIGHT DURING THE NENE INTERVIEW!  le sigh.  So I had to take enough time to say, “yes, please do everything”  (well we know that is not what I really said, but anyway, it all got done). So a few of you wanted to know what I thought about Nene saying that “Kenya Moore is not a new housewife” on WW today. So here it is. She didn’t say that. Nene continued with her whole “I don’t know her” thing which is a lie. Then she said ” I still haven’t seen her” in response to WW asking if she was on the show. None of that is important. My source is golden. My source says that Nene has been campaigning for Kenya for ages. I have never been let down by this source. Also, I know other sites are saying filming has started, but  … I don’t think much if any shooting has happened. I’m still saying you will see Kenya who just very recently followed and is followed by Nene on twitter. Y’all believe what you want.

On Glee tonight, Roz had a short scene with Sue Sylvester but what really impressed me was seeing her name in the opening credits of the Glee finale. I’m not “team anyone” but it did irk me that WW referred to Nene as a “guest star.”  She is not a guest star, she has a recurring role which is way better. Sometimes you need  to just recognize. I think WW is jealous of Nene and I was surprised that Nene came bearing gifts and being all professional considering how WW seems to slam Nene when she is not around. I honestly think that Nene not copping to the Kenya Moore thing was her getting back at WW. We shall see. At any rate, it’s clear that Ryan Murphy loves him some Nene. Nene said on WW today that she did not have to audition for the role of Rocky on The New Normal and I do believe that. Nene’s acting still needs a bit of work, but there is no better way to do that than to be on yet another primetime show. She just needs some experience and a bit of coaching. I’m not convinced that she will be a Hollywood star, but she is, and that is half the battle.


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  1. I really wanted Nene to confront Wendy about all the shade she's been giving her but I'm surprise Nene kept it professional and didn't resort to making Wendy look like a fool.

  2. It was rather odd all around. WW has been a shit to Nene lately. But WW NEVER LISTENS AND IS THE WORST INTERVIEWER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF INTERVIEWERS! I think Nene brought the "gift" to rub it in since she is "rich" well at least richer than WW and she just sat right there and fed her bullshit. :)

  3. I usually agree with your views but you are delusional if you think Nene is richer than WW. Lol

  4. Maybe I am. I know for sure what Nene makes and I really don't know shit about WW. If you know what WW makes, please spill.:)

  5. I really think Nene brought the gift to show WW that she's a bigger person and for one she's not lonely. WW doesn't even research her hot topic facts majority of the time she just believes any BS that comes out of her mouth. Nene usually gives her a big scoop or something and this time Nene kept it mum and basically gave her no juice, I loved it, it proved how inadequate of an interviewer WW is.

  6. THANK YOU! I get hated on all the time for not being a Nene fan, but the truth is I give her her due when she deserves it. Nene is generally an ego bloated twat on twitter so her tweets today were all about the gift which was apparently expensive. I personally find all of the shoes and handbags stuff weird because I am not into that. I just want a purple dyson… but differert strokes, I guess. I've never seen Nene be subtle before but I swear she totally threw WW shade in the most subtle way ever. She didn't give her the Kenya scoop and she well she didn't give her anything except a purse and a REALLY bad interview.

  7. Im not a purse person but it was nice..but was it new? I mean from what ive seen from LV's they come in their own pouch and look newer than that. Dont all designers do that? Ha, ha, what if Nene re-gifted? that would be so funny. lol..anyway, im just glad Nene didnt pull out that snobby breathy voice she uses sometimes. I hate that. it was a crap interview..mostly bc it was so light. Nene answered no questions and WW knew she threw so much shade she wasnt going to get any answers. I did admire Nene's professionalism though cause i would have been like, Wendy, why you hating? (in the How you doing voice of course)Lynn

  8. ive only seen previews of Glee and the New Normal and a small part of Nene in the Game but in all these shows, from what ive seen..she acts pretty much like herself (circa RHOA season 1). No big difference to me. New name, old NeNe

  9. Lynn from above.I know she did not give her an LV bag but i was citing it as an example. Dont most big name bag designers have a pouch that the bag goes into and when you open it up, the bag looks newer. That one didnt look quite as new as I would think a brand new bag would look

  10. I heard Wendy was worth about 20 million. Remember she is a New York best selling author twice, an actress, a business woman and host.

  11. Kyo

    Yeaaaah, Nene handled it a lot better than I would have. I have to admit, Nene has surrounded herself with good handlers– she's got the best jobs, she's got great style (I'm still trying to find that pink nail polish she always wears), and she's learned (been taught?) how to deal with shade throwers.

  12. In a tweet a day b4 the interview, Nene said that her girl Mary J Blige had given her some good advice and I can't help but wonder if it was how to handle WW. Because you know WW was shady to MJB about that BK commercial yet MJB graciously wished WW a happy 500th show in one of her clips.

  13. You ok Tamara? There has not been anything new from you. I enjoy your blog.

  14. I was thinking the same thing Cheryl. I hope all is well Tamara, this two day silence is unusual. I know maintaining this blog has to be fun and stressful at the same time. So I understand when you need to take a break, especially from the foolish criticism. Getting a little concerned though. Blessings to you in whatever is going on, take good care of yourself. I'll check in tomorrow.Praying all is well!Lannette

  15. Wasn't Tamara going on a trip this weekend? Must say though I thought she would say by & maybe do a small update while gone… Here's to hoping she's having so much fun that the blog hasn't entered her mind…Hoping for some word from her soon…

  16. Ivy

    Same here! Hope you're having fun, Tamara! :)

  17. tam have you heard the rumor that phaedra and apollo have seperated? and if so, is this a real seperation or a nene seperation? girl you came back just in time! stuff is jumping off all over!lol!chitown shelley

  18. Those rumors have been floating around for ages. One could speculate that Apollo is not laying it down properly, or maybe just often enough. :)

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