What’s Wrong With This Picture? Pat Houston

Is there some reason y’all weren’t telling me about this picture? Because, OH.MY.


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23 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Pat Houston

  1. Can we discuss those tacky Whitney pins Bobbi and her cousin/brother/whatever were wearing? Mess.

  2. You mean the one tastefully dangling from her right nipple?

  3. How bout the one when she kissed her quote unquote godbrother on his lips before walking up

  4. Well Bobbi's hair was nice–gotta give her that since usually its a messy red streaky thing. I really think she's a pretty girl but please girl, get that gap fixed. I dont understand why people with money have bad teeth! You have money! im unemployed and still make it to the dentist! (hello, yes im calling out Patricia Arquette, Johnny Depp, etc..what is going on???) Sorry, back to show…um, why was Pat's outfit on the Oprah interview way better than this one?

  5. It's like someone made a sausage casing out of a bedspread and added wings.

  6. 5 pounds of taters in a 3 pound sack…

  7. Girllll. This entire picture is just messed up 1st off , wtf Bobby Kris got on? I get that its the Billboard Awards and not like the oscars but that dress is not the business for a little girl. And the black bra….I cant. And that really tacky Whitney pin. It was unnesary. And then theres Pat. Its looks like she is wearing somebody's curtain or table cloth. That flower pattern is so ugly and so NOT FLATTERING. Spanx boo. Spanx. And then the black sleeves…..girl please.

  8. Nothing wrong with a size 22 girlfriend squeezing into a size 6 tablecloth! Quit hatin'Bobby Kris doesn't have a chance, does she?WD

  9. Pat is a hot mess. That ugly dress is too small and she needs some shape ware on.

  10. There's a whole lot of side eye coming from Pat. Someone needs to tell her "don't throw shade to the bitch holding the life insurance check". It's just something seedy about her. I'm not saying anything negative about dear Bobbi for the next couple months to a year. I know I'd b a broke down mess If my dad died, so I'm giving her some glorious leeway for a while.

  11. Bobbi Kris looks very pretty and sweet wearing the same style dress and color her mom wore when she performed with Kim Burrell. This could be that dress. And Pat is doing a really good job of 'standing in the gap' for Whitney. This women does not look to be seeking fame but only time will tell.Thank!LannetteP.S. Where is Bobbi Brown?

  12. Aw Bless your heart, Lannette. You are good people. Unlike the rest of us who see right through Pat.

  13. 5 pounds of taters in a 3 pound sack…

  14. Well, Tamara, I just havent seen it yet and sense it doesnt make any sense to me for her to go in this direction, only time will tell. I just hope it's not true. I dont know how good I am but I do try like most. Alot of times the details of someone's life we visibly see look to be about one thing but actually pointing in a direction we cannot see nor understand. What I saw of this womnen I liked and agreed with and that's where I last left her. So for me, only time will tell. Thanks for the conversation, I love your blog!Thanks!Lannette

  15. Wow Tamara..getting desperate for material by posting fashion critiques…You so need to be voted off the island…Thirsty bitch

  16. i don't think you understand what "thirsty" means lol. But I do love you always give me hits! Thanks for always reading and commenting. More comments are always good for me.

  17. Tamara thirsty? I got lemonade for you. If you don't like the blog keep it moving. Because we all was watching the show and that what the hell. Tamara my english teacher told me "If a rock didn't hit you don't holler". Long story short the person who posted prior to you. Was none other than Pat Houston herself. Don't be mad Pat you really do look a HOT GHETTO MESS ! ! ! SHAPE WEAR. Any brand will be an improvement.

  18. Bobbi needs to watch out for the adopted brother/boyfriend. Cissy needs to watch Bobbi's future money week, too many users are watching it.

  19. I hate when women with big ugly knees have them sticking out. That looks a mess. On the gap thing…someone asked Cicely Tyson why she never got her teeth straightened. She said it was a part of her. Nothing wrong with a gap if you're comfortable with it. Just because some hate looking at them doesn't make it wrong.

  20. Can I just say it…Bobbi Kris looks a MESS! She NEEDS a STYLIST!!! PAT, SIT THE HALE DOWN SOMEWHERE PLEASE!!!!

  21. Just read tmz..apparently ray j had some kind of confrontation with pat at the billboard music awards. Hm. Wonder whats the tea on that. Remember on oprahs interview she insinuated that part of whitneys problem was trying to run after a man half her age?

  22. I read elsewhere that Pat didn't want Ray J sitting next to Bobbi and asked to have him moved. He refused and she let it go so as to not start a scene.

  23. Ray J has just come from China and drove an additional 4 hours from LA to Las Vegas. Why? he hasnt put out anything lately has he? So why even bother showing up? And billboard ppl sat them together on purpose. shady and asking for a scene if you ask.

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