Pat Houston Seems to Be Dying for the Spolight These Days

Tonight’s Billboard Awards will feature tributes to Donna Summer, Adam Yauch and Whitney Houston. It seems that only one of those tributes will be marred by fighting family members. It seems that Pat Houston wanted to edge out Bobbi Kristina from accepting the Millennium Award on behalf of her mother. According to TMZ , the producers of the show asked Bobbi Kristina to make the acceptance speech and Pat Houston is not having it.  Other sources say both women were asked to accept the award together. TMZ’s source is saying this is Pat trying to get publicity for her reality show. Just when you think people can’t get any lower, they always manage to surprise you.


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20 responses to “Pat Houston Seems to Be Dying for the Spolight These Days

  1. Oh Pat! she reminds me of a low budget kris Jenner. BK just needs to get it together and drop all these money grubbers. I kept hearing Cissy was displeased with BK's behavior with the whole "adopted brother" thing but did Cissy ever tell BK to come to NJ or go to GA herself to handle it? Nope. Most grandmothers would–look at Mrs Jackson and she's way older than Cissy.

  2. Sadly, I don't think anyone has been taking care of BK the whole time. This brother/lover is probably her closest ally. Let's hope that he is a decent kid. It's possible. Right?

  3. dear tamara's commuity: i am in chicago, and we are in the middle of nato. all of our tv is being disrupted as well as our lives. could folk please post updates on billboard appearance and the celeb apprentice finale for us tonite, as it is unlikely we will be able to see them in live time. bad actions of a few knuckleheads will screw it for the rest of us. thanks!chitown shelley

  4. I'm not watching Billboards, but I may be able to update on Celebrity Apprentice but not sure I will be posting tonight. I'm putting out fires here and there IRL life tonight and begun happy hour. I'll do my best shelley. In fact perhaps I can start two posts where readers can update?

  5. thanks so much. will appreciate whatever we can get. it has intensified here as the day wore on, getting worse by the minute, we lost playoff and baseball coverage, no network programming is coming thru at this point. thunderstorms threatening right now, we are praying for rain before somebody gets really hurt. thanks again.chitown shelley

  6. I bet they sneak in a little Robin Gibb….

  7. I sorta feel bad that I got celeb death pool points for Robin Gibb.

  8. me three.I had the Stupid Lockerbie bomber on last year. :(

  9. Yes but did you almost have underaged sex with the Lockerbie guys brother? I'm asking for a friend.

  10. You must have me mistaken for that other person who lived in Libya.

  11. I don't believe this. TMZ is not always factual. I believe Pat wants fame, which is why she is doing the reality show, but I do not see Pat being in competition with her own niece for attention

  12. I didnt watch all awards show just wh tribute. jordin sparks cannot sing well and I think she.skipped a verse. I think bks date was her infamous bf/brother. And why didnt gary go up instead of pat? He was her brother! Bks dress was too short.and tight but her hair was nice.and speech.was short. Im not a pat fan…shes like the jackson cousins or jermaine jackson…irrelevant.

  13. Don't they know by working together they can all make money off a dead woman…If tmz has the story right then her daughter should be accepting for her mom…

  14. I saw Pat for the first time when she spoke at Whitney's funeral, the second time when she and the family were interviewed by Oprah. I have not seen or read anything about her since then or read anything about her before Whitney's death. Pat appears far from stupid. Many of us I believe never knew of her before Whitney's death. Why then would someone well into their 40’s suddenly want fame at a time when it looks the worst in an opportunistic greedy sort of way when she could have had it legitimately when Whit was alive? It just doesn’t make common sense. I wonder if somewhere-someone is not getting their facts straight. From O's interview, from what I saw, I believed her to be in mourning over Whitney's death, and protective & supportive of Bobbie Kris. If fame is what she seeks she could have had it before her death and the finances by stepping in-in a very public way taking over Bobbi Kris’s care, sourcing stories and hitting the talk show circuits. We saw none of this. But of course that route would have been more obvious. Her personality does not scream fame-seeker to me so I will just have to watch the show to get more of a feel of her intentions (let’s hope they are fair w/editing) because right now none of this is making any sense to me.Thanks!Lannette

  15. I'm in Chicago and the Billboard Awards were on. NATO isn't doing that much!I was channel surfing and happened to catch Bobbi Kristina making her acceptance speech. I did think it was VERY peculiar that Pat Houston was standing by ON STAGE with Bobbi K. What was that about? The girl isn't a 6 yr old. It's all very strange indeed.

  16. I don't agree. If she is there on her mother's behalf, I find it normal for Pat to be there. It's not an age thing, its only been 3 months, it's a support thing. Think of it like this…had her dad died Feb 11 and Bobbi Kris was asked to accept something in her father's memory…where do you think Whit would have been?…you got it, right at her baby girls side. Bobbi Kris was very attached publically to her mom. She has not gotten use to standing alone and she is still very young. Not everything people in mourning do will make total sense to someone else and will make them subject to all kinds of scrutiny, I just really hate that but that's how it is. Nothing but normal for Pat to be there at this time.Thanks!LannetteP.S. I give people in mourning all kinds of latitude. Thankfully I have not/am not experiencing what they have/are experiencing. If it were me, I would probably look and act twice as stupid and questionable. Thank you JESUS ALL DAY LONG, it's not me!

  17. Wow, now I've seen the lowest of the low. Don't think I'll be visiting this blog anymore. This little girl (Bobbi Kris) and the sister-in-law are still mourning and people are continuing to put them down every chance they can get. Read in the previous thread were someone said that Pat looked a "HOT GHETTO MESS". Okee dokee…did she need some form of shapewear…sure she did, but where does her being "ghetto" come in at? Lord, have mercy on people's cruel hearts.@Lannette…Bless your soul dear, I've read quite a few of your comments and you always seem to be positive & upbeat. You will be blessed for that in life. I just know it.

  18. Thanks anon 2:29. I find the viewpoints of some on this thread a bit hardcore especially having no first hand knowledge other than reported info, to inform their opinion. And I agree, I dont have any either and could be totally wrong here and that's okay with me, but I do try to give others especially those in mourning or suffering the benefit of the doubt. I dont live my life to be right or loved by others ALLLLLL the time. I would much rather be FFAAIIRR with people as I would want them to be with MEEEEE but I can see that many times, that's asking WWWAAAYYY too much evident by the comments in this thread.Thanks!Lannette P.S. I dont know why it seems a difficult task for others to truely stretch themselves just a bit from their way of thinking, perceiving and experiencing life to try and understand the altruistic motives of others. Appearances many times can be very deceptive.

  19. @Lannette I wasn't passing judgement nor saying anything un-towards about Bobbi K. You do have a point about folks in mourning, however age does have something to do with it. Pat H. could still be supportive and wait for Bobbi in the wings off to the side. She doesn't have to be all up on her like she is a child. She is a college aged woman. At some point Bobbi is going to have to start picking up the pieces and live as a strong independent person. I don't think my comment was cruel nor harsh. Actually your opinion can be perceived as admonishing, judgmental and maybe even borderline self-righteous.

  20. Good Point Anon 435! Gratefully all perspective are taken into account here. I live by what I think is right so yeah I guess I was sorta being self righteous and that's okay with me on this point. Fairness more than being right for the sake of being right, is MY game! I can give more latitude on other points of contention. I dont have to look right or be right, ALL the time,lol!Thanks!Lannette

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