Kathy Griffin Talks Taylor Armstrong and Jesus Barbie

Kathy Griffin’s show was great again tonight. First story was of seeing Taylor Armstrong wasted at Wango Tango and she came running up to Kathy screaming, “my lips really aren’t that big in person, are they?!!”  Kathy said Taylor just kept saying that over and over.

Then Kathy went right into making fun of Alexis from RHOOC who she calls Jesus Barbie. She shows a clip of the show where Alexis is having a birthday party for her twins. who are four, and was having them wear makeup and encouraging whoever was troweling it on to put more and more makeup on them. Did I say they were turning four?  So apparently, Alexis gave Kathy the stinkeye at Andy’s book party. So of course Kathy went in on her again tonight.  Twice. In two different segments. I love Kathy Griffin.

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10 responses to “Kathy Griffin Talks Taylor Armstrong and Jesus Barbie

  1. Kathy just DOESN'T CARE and I love her for it. You don't want her to call you out? Don't act stupid or give her the "stink eye". I think she is truly refreshing in this age of celebrity ass-kissing. Sh just tells it like it is, while making us laugh our asses off!!

  2. Ivy

    I love her, too, and have been a fan for years. I haven't caught her show yet, but I definitely will now. It sounds hilarious. :)

  3. Puhlessssssssssssse…..she's not doing anything else that Joan Rivers or other female comedians haven't already done, and for a longer time and better. Wendy Williams often does the same 'stik'. Kathy's just crass about it. Yall are drinking the wrrrrong kool aid.

  4. Ivy

    I appreciate the Joan Rivers comparison, but Wendy Williams? They're not even in the same league.

  5. Kathy has always turned my stomach in ber stand up but for some reason I love her new show… Maybe because she hits so many topics/people – she's spot on about the housewives… never know – I may start liking the other shows now…

  6. I love, love, love Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin. Joan's documentary was great. In it she talked about Kathy Griffin and how she was getting all the gigs and her (Joan) appointment books was empty. But things have defintely turned around for Joan since then with the Fashion Policy and the show with her daughter and the Apprentice.. I saw the Joan River's roast where Kathy was the host. I thought they were a little rough on her but hey, it comes with the territory.

  7. you know what crack me up about atlanta? all faux there. think bout this.the housewives except kim, all of them front like they have something but they dont. when atlanta started to film, nene was living in a middle class neighborhood and only rented the house to front. when that news station went there i was crackin up. greg wasnt even licensed to e doing what he was. then you got Dewayne. lol fool was living wit someone who's house got taken. he dont even have his own crib.then got Sharon who goes by Lisa Wu. that company that she fronted notice it don't be existing now LOL deShawan, she can act like a christian all she want but her man was like see ya you to expensive byee. Nuttin By sh sheree lmaothee black bitches be giving us black folks a bad name.tammie i so glad that you took that off your blog. sitting on the porch drinking tea watching the celebrities go by cuz that is so lame dame.

  8. Ivy – my WW comment (Anon) regarding a comparions to Kathy were that they're often crass and stoop to the lowest level to get laughs. So does Joan Rivers.

  9. I didn't know WW was supposed to be funny. Am I wrong? I see her as more as a shock jock turned talk show host, not a comedian. Do y'all consider her a comedian? Maybe I've just been looking at her wrong this whole time.I think KG and Joan can take it too far, but I do prefer Kathy to Joan.

  10. sammiejane

    Kathy is god in the world of comedy!!!! I can’t even watch a commercial with her in it without wetting myself! Keep up the Raunchy material. It is what makes you so spectacular! I have the same color hair as her and when I dyed it a deeper red my boyfriend would stroke an old picture of me saying, “:You still have the blatant sense of humor, but I need the color of hair back!” *Wonder who he thinks of during sex*.

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