Friday Bits and Pieces

Hey y’all! I’m fighting some sort of sore throat crap today and I can’t seem to get into the blogging mode. But I have a few little things  to say so I am just going to do a little mishmash of random comments. I’ve been sleeping off and on all day so if I missed something major, y’all let  me know.

First of all, I was up around five not able to go back to sleep and then started dozing off during Wendy Williams. So I sort of watched through closed eyelids while Arsenio and Clay were on to talk about The Apprentice.  Previously on The View Arsenio told a story about Aubrey showing penis pics on her phone to Teresa Giudice while they were in a van going to some challenge. Aubrey was allegedly discussing her  love for um, black men, in detail. Today on Wendy he told another story about how Arsenio was asking Aubrey if she was okay with Lisa Lampanelli using the word ‘cunt’ in her act all the time and Aubrey said she was because her mom calls her that all the time.  Frankly, as much as I hate Aubrey O’Day , I’m ready for this feud to be over. I just don’t want to hear  about her  anymore and just want one of these two to win with a little dignity. My guess is that Clay wins because of Arsenio’s comments and Arsenio knows it so he feels like going out swinging. Whatever.

Also today, Nene Leakes retweeted a link to Essence Magazine where they mention “rumors” about Nene and Kenya Moore knowing each other because they met at the Essence Jazz Festival in 2010.  Nene denied knowing Kenya in the retweet. My Nene source is  very close to Nene and I stand by my source. Kenya will be on “team tall.”  I have no idea why Nene wants to pretend otherwise.

Speaking of Nene, some Nene fan tweeted me that she ran into Nene, Gregg and Brentt at Lenox  and her husband approached because he is a fan and Nene was rude.  She wants y’all to know that and for me to stop talking about Sheree. So there ya go.  Nene doesn’t like to do the fan stuff when she is out with her family. I’m gonna just leave y’all with that for today. Have a great weekend.


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  1. Hey Tamara, hope you feel better!Maybe i missed it but wasnt Teresa supposed to be on Wendy last night? wonder what happened there. that would be good tea to know. I suspect Teresa must have been upset with Wendy having M and K on her show two days prior gabbing about her relationship with her family, etc OR Teresa just didnt feel like dealing with Wendy's fakeness after she continually disses her in hot topics. Whatever. Thought it would be interesting to know the real story behind that.Second, Im still #teamnene. You know why? Because i dont feel like Nene has to be "on" every time you see her in public. there are some days you just dont want to be bothered, and people should just respect that. On the other hand if NeNe was at a public event knowing she had to cater to fans, and she was rude, that would be another story. Didnt Dave Chappelle talk about this? how he was at Disneyland with his family trying to enjoy himself and people kept coming up to him with "Rick James Bitch" stuff? He felt like it was rude b/c it was his family and they just wanted to enjoy themselves. I think Nene felt the same way. We all have off days where we just dont want to be bothered. I get it.

  2. Never mind. saw that teresa's coming on next Monday and Nene's coming back? for what? Wendy so fake wit Nene. She needs to stop playing.

  3. Teresa's show was pretaped for Monday. When is Nene coming on? I want to see that, because NENE is NONE TOO HAPPY with WENDY. NENE will run that whole interview.

  4. according to wendy's show website, NeNe will be on Wednesday May 23, i think.

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon. True story…after the first season of Atlanta Housewives, my daughter's friend saw NeNe and Greg at Nordstrom's rack by the Mall of Georgia. This girl was about 16 years old and went over to NeNe and asked if she could take a picture with her and NeNe ran her off with a lecture of how she was out shopping with her husband and did not want to be bothered!!!! This was after the FIRST season. Haven't liked her since. She is relevant because of her fans and nothing more but she doesn't realize it. Too bad.

  6. I'm a very private person. I can't imagine not being able to go to the mall or the Kroger without people accosting me. My former job meant I know a lot of people in my community and I don't like having to feel like I need to put on makeup and trying to look presentable to dash out for a forgotten ingredient. I realize Nene makes her living in the public eye, but I still think she has the right to go to the mall without being bothered. I don't know what she said to the man, but for some people, a simple, "I'm sorry I am out with my family now, please respect my privacy" would be considered rude.

  7. Cosign. Just because you're out in public doesnt always mean that you want to be bothered. I think in some instances, she may try to be nice and cool about it but fans can be persistent–which ends up making her look like a B**tch.

  8. I'm even willing to give her the bitch pass if she is out with her family. That goes for all of them.I'd never approach a celeb with their kids.

  9. Tamara, I totally agree with your statements on respecting privacy. I think it is rude and disrespectful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fans that feel like anon 8:13pm. People feel like since you are on TV,that you have no right to privacy. There is nothing worse than agreeing to take a picture with a fan and somehow that picture ends up on the internet. Fans are complete strangers to them and why do we think we made them? The fact is she got herself on the show and we didn't even know her name. Nene is popular now and one day she won't be, but the truth is she will still continue with her daily life. I have had complete strangers come up to me and ask to take my picture because I remind them of someone. I don't like taking pictures and I always say no!

  10. I guess sometimes they really don't want to be bothered. But I know this girl and she said she seen nene at the airport and nene was nice to her.

  11. Ivy

    I think ripping the heads off of her "fans" is one of the things Nene enjoys most about going out in public.Although someone should really inform her that people who are truly "rich" never, and I mean never, mix with the hoi polloi.Why doesn't she want anyone talking about Sheree?

  12. It was the unhappy Nene fan who didn't want me talking about Sheree. The reasoning seemed to be I spend too much time hating on Sheree and need to spread the hate around more. Or something.

  13. I like Clay and Arsenio so it's all good to me regardless of who wins. Can't wait to see CA tomorrow though b/c I'm curious how Arsenio handled the editing problem. I like my girl Nene but I don't watch everything she's on, especially if I don't usually watch the show. So, someone post an update of the interview please. Thanks in advance.

  14. oh and I also wanted to add: feel better to my anon post above. Blessings,P

  15. thanks for all the well wishes, y'all. I think I am on the mend. :) Sorta. Improving anyway.

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