Trailer for the New Normal Check out Nene!

OMG. Is it me or is this show looking like it’s going to be good? I know it is too early to call, but it looks like Ms. Leakes may have a hit show.


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18 responses to “Trailer for the New Normal Check out Nene!

  1. This looks Gooooood! "Calista Gingrich" hair, bwahaha!

  2. I know right? If Nene keeps this up I may have to become a fan or something. I can hear my friend Pam screaming I TOLD YOU SO from here. :)

  3. Good Lord,does this mean we'll be hearing how RICH,VERY RICH SHE IS AGAIN..Bless her Heart..[you have me hooked on this expression now,I know it's a southern thing,[I'm a boston girl]but it makes me laugh can say anything negative as long as you finish with B.H.H ,AS ALWAYS A FUN SITE.THANKS

  4. Not bad. Not bad at all…. Team Nene!

  5. Pam

    Happy Dance!!I TOLD YOU SO!:p

  6. Looks like a copy of Modern Family.

  7. I'm impressed, the trailer for the show looks pretty good! Who would've thought?

  8. I love this! Can't wait to catch it, but it will probably take like, sixteen eons up in Canadulaia

  9. This show does look really interesting. And possibly very funny.Seems a little edgy for NBC. Good for them.

  10. The "ipso facto" and "she's just like an ez-bake oven" scenes made me laugh.

  11. Stop trying to make Canadulaia, work you ignorant Canadulaian. IT's CANOOKIAN! ! :)

  12. I hope the show does well! Nene deserves it, she is a hard worker. She has taken advantage of every opportunity they have given her.

  13. I'm so tired of the GAY storyline. It.s not and never will be NORMAL!!!

  14. go nene!!!! i'll be watching!! thanks for posting tamara!! :)

  15. Not bad, but I don't see how that show could run for more than a few seasons. Seems like the concept would have been a better fit for a movie.

  16. Tamara whats happenning with Sheree?! Anything new?

  17. Weird preview to watch that didnt get weird until NeNe stepped on the scene. Something about that clip/her part doesnt fit. Could be her attire or that she's not versatile/experienced enough too really embrace her role yet whatever it is supposed to be. I hope she doesnt play 'settin 'em straight black chick', yeah that's going to get boring super quick and irritate the hell out some for being too much of a reminder of what we DIDNT like in her on RHOA. Is this supposed to be a comedy drama? 30mins or an hour? I just knew I was watching a movie preview until she showed up. And I like Nene, just like I like the other women including Sheree and Marlo, and want her to do well, just like I do the other women, but her acting skills arent there yet and the role doesnt fit, something. Looks like she still needs more coaching and practice but passion she has, that came across loud and clear. However, I would much rather like to see her take on then take over Wendy William's job. Nice way to get at her NeNe for all that side spitting she does right in her guest face, Lucky you dont stand for it. Nene is a good listener and understands people well, spontaneous, witty and extremely funny; all the qualities a great talk show host should own. She would be a natural in her natural element. This scripted stuff is too stuffy although she was over the top lively, it didnt feel like her. But I wont be doggedly hard nosed and too opinionated about it; I will watch atleast the first two episodes. The name 'The New Normal' is quite catchy and Tarentino-weird though! That's the draw. Good Job Ryan Murphy!Thanks!Lannette

  18. Loved it – with NeNe's sass the humor should be high – will watch this… NeNe is grabbing all the opportunity's coming her way – smart woman…

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